Friday, November 11, 2011


By Sati. Friday, November 11, 2011
  • See, this is why I don't drive. Let's assume I'm driving my car and then I see this. There are only four possible reactions to something like this - 1) I cry 2) I stare at Rickman 3) I cry while staring at Rickman 4) I yell "Fuck you J.K Rowling!!!". Either way, all four possibilities lead to one outcome - firery car crash and dozens of casualities.
  • Why learn if you can watch "Sense and Sensibility". Again and again...and then again.
  • Watching South Park makes me feel dirty and horrible at times. Like when Cartman says "Guess what I have in my backyard? 30 aborted fetuses!" and I start laughing hysterically for hours.
  • It seems to me nobody on the set of "The Dark Knight Rises" can so much as fart without international media making big thing out of this. Oh look! Christian Bale in his Batman suit! Oh look! Tom Hardy! Oh look! Stunt doubles! Really?! On the movie set?! We must make it into front page news!
  • So sixth season of "Dexter" is awful. Dexter killing some moron with his bare hands on the beach. Really?
  • Saw "A Dangerous Method" tonight. I thought I'm not going to make it, I kept looking at my watch. You know the movie is bad when Michael Fassbender is spanking someone and it's not exciting at all. The last time I was that bored in the cinema was during "Public Enemies". I had this overwhelming urge to leave but as I realized I paid for the ticket I sat through it. It was awful.
  • First trailer for "Snow White" with Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron hit the web today. Looks like a cross between "Alice in Wonderland" and "Red Riding Hood" so I already know it's not going to be anything good. But Theron looks spectacular and some of the shots are quite nice.


  1. Wow, I totally disagree with you on two of your points here. I find that the new season of Dexter is really good! Much better than the third for instance. But I have to say I will be disappointed if Gellar turns out to be in Travis' mind, it is just to obvious.. And I thought Snow White and the Huntsman looked like it would be quite amazing, much better than Mirror Mirror anyway..

  2. I disliked season 3 but it felt more consistent for me than current season. I agree about Mirror Mirror, it looks horrible.