Friday, December 2, 2011


By Sati. Friday, December 2, 2011
  • I noticed that after "Shame" opened in US today most critics who give movie lower grades are men. No wonder. Fassbender is naked there.
  • December brings in the glorious time of watching possible Academy Award contenders. If only I had time to do that.
  • The ending to the recent episode of "Boardwalk Empire" is all kinds of awesome, while the ending to new "Dexter" is lame, predictable and boring. Is there anyone out there still thinking Showtime is better than HBO?
  • Brad Pitt won numerous awards last week. I'm quite sure he will get nominated and if he will, the Academy will probably pull the old "he is such a huge star, but he doesn't have an Oscar yet? let's give it to him although he doesn't deserve it this year!" trick.
  • So after I passed big test from merchant law my teacher informed me I failed little test we had few weeks before. Apparently I am capable of learning 100 pages but I am not able to summarize one tiny regulation. Gee, I can't wait for those exams!
  • For the last few months I've been saving on everything apart from movies and cigarettes because I want to buy a dog in March. My mother, who has imaginary allergy, is trying to postpone it and suggested she will pay for the dog if I agree to get it...after I pass the bar.A. It's in two years B.  As for this moment, I'd say the possibility of me passing the bar is as likely as me having threesome with both Michael Fassbender and Robert Downey Jr tonight. So yeah, I'm buying little Gucio in March.
  • It's December. Where the fuck is all the snow?
  • Why does every animated movie has to have stupid humorous moments? "Brave" teaser was great, but the trailer...why do these people have to put ridiculous jokes everywhere? Kids aren't stupid. Still I'm definetly going to see this movie, it looks pretty amazing and the visual side is stunning.

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