Saturday, January 14, 2012


By Sati. Saturday, January 14, 2012
    "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" opening titles.
  • The night of Golden Globes is almost here. I'm so happy Gervais is hosting - he must be the only host I've seen who doesn't care whom he insults and what the consequences may be. Last year he even turned Robert Downey Jr into whiny pussy with his jokes - Downey went on to say how inappropriate Gervais's comments were. Say what you want about Angelina Jolie, at least she took her abuse with dignity. Downey is presenting again this year. I feel there will be an escalation. What else will happen? Jew comments? Mandatory. Charlie Sheen comments? Hopefully.
  • It's pretty obvious who is winning, but I find myself not wanting Clooney to win. It's strange - I love him. But Fassbender, Gosling, Pitt...I have this strange feeling they won't want to live Gosling empty handed.
  • Ah, Fassy will be there. If he wins...Oh Lord, let him win.
  • I had a fucking awful week. And the next one is not going to be any better. There are two things I'd want to be happening on my University - good organization and fairness. Fucking neither of those is the case.
  • There is no saying what I can do, I'm so unhinged. I find solace in artistic creativity - hence the many changes to the blog and in movies - hence I keep watching "Casino" over and over, because I love it so much.
  • So as you can see today's Saturday but I'm posting RF. At least I realize it's wrong day - for most of the week I slept for couple hours daily in the afternoon. One time I woke up at 8 PM, noticed it was dark outside and I was convinced it's another day and I have to run, because my test is on 9 AM. Madness.
  • I'm finally a LAMB, yey!
  • How gorgeous and sexy are "TGWTDT" opening titles? It was amazing. I really hope Fincher does two other books too. The film was so good, much better than the original version and it may have been the only time when I actually found Craig to be attractive and interesting and that is one hell of an accomplishment. Mara was unreal and is my current win in dramatic actress category. Btw she looks so much better in the movie than in real life.
  • I completely didn't recognize Goran Visnjic in this movie. Seriously. The first scene he is in, which I saw at least 100 times in the trailer I had no clue that's him.
  • How amazing is "Frost/Nixon"? Completely amazing.
  • New "The Big Bang Theory" episode was quite disappointing, but I did love Sheldon reaction to Amy's euphoria when he gave her tiara.
  • New "Parks and Rec" was awesome - the dog peeing on Ron and Andy laughing his ass of was just classic.
  • It is almost GG night and I still haven't seen "Shame". It's just awful. If it actually reaches the point when I will have to wait till it goes wide in my country - which is a month from now - I may die in this cinema.


  1. Hmm...where to start? I can't wait for the GG, either, especially for the Ricky Gervais jokes, the Brangelina viewing, the great dresses and Michael Fassbender, which I really hope wins because he deserves it, much more then Clooney (whom I kinda hate right now).
    Shame is fantastic and you should definitely see it when it comes out in your country.
    Uuu, Goran Visnkic, I thought he looked familiar :)
    Congrats on the LAMB, I became one in December, I think!

  2. Ricky Gervais is so funny and he is the best part of the show for me, didn't know he's repeating as host. I'll try and catch the golden globes.

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