Saturday, January 28, 2012


By Sati. Saturday, January 28, 2012
  • It was a weird week. No, no - there was no rambling post last week, since I was buried in the books so it was weird two weeks, but now that I finally passed that shit I'm actually able to watch movies and relax. I saw so many movies this week, I really don't know when I will finish reviewing all of them. Some of them were just exquisite - Shame, Network, Chinatown
  • Michael Fassbender didn't get nominated for Oscar for "Shame" last Tuesday. That caused an outrage, people pulling their hair, fan girls falling into hysterics and some members of Academy actually trying to justify what they did using the World's stupidest arguments. I think that I know what happened, though. I read somewhere the Academy's members' age is 62 year old at average and it's mostly males. So imagine this - you are a guy who has his best years behind him, you probably need a bucket of Viagra to get it up and then this movie comes along with this amazing performance by a young, gorgeous, talented guy who not only spends most of the movie getting laid but also has the biggest freaking penis you've seen in your life. Of course you are not going to nominate him.
  • Speaking about that - Clooney was wrong. Michael doesn't just have the option to golf with it, if he swings right I'm convinced he could tear buildings down.
  • So in order to cheer you all up I figured some images are in order. Shirtless Fassy, teacup Yorkie in - yes you guessed it - a cup, Snape making fun of Edward and part of "Brutal Oscar truth" series of mocking posters:
  • I got A from exam this week. That hardly ever happens. I'm always prepared, I always learn, I always go through everything that I'm supposed to read. Except this time. I was exhausted and I barely glanced at the book. and I got an A. From the subject that has absolutely no interest for me. This was pure luck and in four years of my studying the only luck I had.
  • SAG awards are today? Or is it tomorrow? You know after Oscar snub, I don't think I care anymore. I mean the only person I would actually love to win Academy Award - Rooney Mara - will not win. If it wasn't for possibility of Uggie attending the show, I don't think I would even bother watching the actual ceremony.


  1. I still haven't seen Shame. Would Fassbender be able to grab the out-of-reach items from the top shelf of a supermarket aisle, using only his member. Cause if so, I'll see if he can come shopping with me.

  2. I don't know about garbbing but I think he would definetly manage to knock them on the ground :D

  3. Yeah, the Oscar nominations shook everyone, especially for leaving out Fassbender, Brooks or Tintin. Congrats on your A, luck sometimes comes in unexpected ways. Speaking of Fassbender, oh dear lord, he looks amazing in that photo!

  4. The Oscar nods were weak this year. I made a list of my complaints in various blogs over what was overlooked with every mention towards Michael Fassbender's penis. My God, that thing is so monstrous. BTW, Vincent Gallo's fake cock in The Brown Bunny isn't as big as that.

    If there would be a movie where a hot actress will perform on that big, sturdy, hunka-beef footlong. They have to charge double the ticket price for people to see that. I'm totally going gay for this guy.

    1. Exactly, I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. i wonder what they fed him when he was growing up, whatever it was it sure worked well :)