Friday, January 6, 2012


By Sati. Friday, January 6, 2012
Alexandra Breckenridge and her Yorkies.
  • "Young Adult" is the most unexpected 10/10 I've given in years. It was so good. But If I read one more review where the main character is called a "monster" I'm gonna lose it.
  • I saw "Moneyball" again and I changed the rating from 80/100 to 93/100 - it's just an amazing movie and probably one of the very few instances I actually liked it better the second time around. Brad Pittt's performance is so delicate and yet powerful - he blends into his character completely. And that music!
  • Why is Amber Heard so unlucky? She's in a movie? It's a flop. She's in a TV Series? It's a flop. Hell, even when she is in a movie with Johnny Depp it's a flop. I don't get it. She has more classical looks than Johansson to whom she is constantly compared to and much more talent. Is her agent high? What is happening there?
  • I'm watching "Barton Fink" right now. Boy, am I confused!
  • I am unable to post my annual list of best and worst of the year, because I haven't seen "Shame" yet. This is killing me, I'm sure of that.
  • I saw few episodes of "Masters of Horror". I'm pretty disturbed right now. Damn you, Argento! The man knows no boundaries! It's a really good series, but it's quite...creepy to say the least. It's a good thing, but considerening to overal quality of horrors made post 2000 and the fact it was on TV, I didn't expect to see anything unsettlening. And I've seeen a lot of messed up things so when something surporises me, it's quite an event.
  • Amber Heard with Pistol, her golden teacup Yorkie
  • I see many horny for Alex Breckenridge people come by, via google and they view the post where I posted pics of her on the sex swing in American Horror Story. Now I'm posting less raunchy pic and I'm doing so mostly because of those two little creatures of joy next to her. But honestly, I wish she continued to be in AHS in season 2, she is amazing.
  • So speaking about Alexandra and Amber - not only are they pretty, but they also own Yorkies - the cutest dogs on the planet. Yes, there are Shih Tzus and Pomeranians, but only Yorkies walk ever so proudly and always check if everyone around them sees them. Unfortunetly, Heard owns a teacup Yorkie - I think it's quite silly to make small dogs even smaller. My neighbor's regular Yorkie is more than happy and small enough to hide under the coach and jump into her bag as it is.
  •  I heard they want to remake "American Psycho". This is dumber than the idea to remake "Birds".
  • Jesse Eisenberg is going to be in new Woody Allen's movie. The concentration of neurosis and stress will make the Earth implode. End of the World will happen in 2012 after all, then.
  • "Horrible Bossess" sequel is coming. There, second sign of the Apocalypse.
  • This is the funniest thing I've seen all week:


  1. Enjoying your site, haven't been round here before.
    I agree, pretty dumb to remake American Psycho, can't see anyone improving on Christian Bale's amazing performance. I actually plan to review the 2000 film later in 2012.

  2. Have you heard of the Pantyhose murders? I'm studying criminal psychology and was told that they are going to make a movie on this true crime event. I understand that the victims were all college girls and the killer would only target girls in short mini skirts. He would suffocate them with a pillow or plastic bag then he would remove their pantyhose to keep as a trophy. Sandra

  3. I think the thing with Amber Heard as is with a lot of new talent that is emerging is that Hollywood is trying so hard to make them into big stars.

    Stars aren't made overnight. After all, it didn't take Christian Bale a few years to become a big star. It took a hell of a lot more than that.

  4. @Sandra - No I haven't heard of this event, that's sounds like a great material for a movie. It reminds me of "Sherlock Holmes and the case of silk stocking" a little bit.

    @thevoid - It's kinda weird that people like Emma Stone basically became famous thanks to one movie and Heard is doing films left and right and can't catch a break...I hope she finally has her breakthrough.

  5. I heard about American Psycho too. Cult movies should be left alone, can you imagine a remake of Pulp Fiction or The Godfather? It's the same situation here. The most stupid idea.