Friday, February 3, 2012


By Sati. Friday, February 3, 2012
  • I was going to watch SAG ceremony but my knowledge is in rather bad condition, especially since I have an exam in 36 hours. So I'll be watching it this weekend and then I'll post my delayed observations. I just can't wait to see Clooney's face when he loses. I like the guy, but come on. His work in "The Descendants" is barely even nomination worthy.
  • Going to see "My week with Marilyn" next week. I can't wait.
  • "Downton Abbey" is such an amazing show but it is at its best when Maggie Smith is on screen. "I do not know many people who would threaten me behind the laurels!" Gotta love her
  • More and more people are predicting Gary Oldman for the win on Oscars. It's quite insane, if you ask me. Then again I thought there is no chance in the world Bullock will win and now we live in the world where she is "Academy Award winning actress"
  • Have you guys seen the first picture of Jude Law in "Anna Karenina"? When I saw it I laughed for several minutes. The more I read about Wright's ideas the more I'm convinced that movie is going to be a massive failure. I mean seriously if you are casting someone like Law you better have only good ideas to make up for it. 
  • I saw "Bridesmaids" again and I still think giving it a nomination for Best Original Screenplay is a huge mistake. It's a funny movie, but come on. The roommate scenes alone killed any possible potential for good script. They were some of the most unfunny scenes I've ever seen in a comedy. Plus unrated version really is insanely gross at times.
  • I think I'm gonna see "Haywire" by the month's end. It's either that or "Shame" again and I honestly don't have the strength to battle that movie again. It's just too powerful, too much, too great.
  • New episode of "The Big Bang Theory" airs in few hours and I dread watching it. Last week marked the fist truly unfunny episode.
  • I can't wait for Saturday. I will finally get to see "Drive" again and I will properly review it. It's such a great film.


  1. Love the Gosling picture. It's absurd how much Drive got shafted for Oscar nominations.

  2. Downton Abbey! OMG, favourite thing at the moment. When I got back to school I found out that so many people watched it. One girl in my drama class was like "who watched the Downton Abbey Christmas special?" and I was like "OMG YOU WATCH DOWNTON ABBEY?!!!!" Like, every person that watches Downton Abbey is like gold, or something.

    I wouldn't have a problem with Gary Oldman winning, TBH. They've ignored him for so long and he's overdue (that's just the way things work). I'd be more worried about the people gunning for George Clooney - because I still think that win could happen.

    I think Joe Wright's Anna Karenina might be okay. I like Joe Wright as a director, and it looks like exactly his kind of material. Ah well, we shall have to wait and see.

    And as for Drive...ugh, I wanna see that again, but it's not on DVD until next month! For now, I'll just listen to the soundtrack over and over. Oh, and for snub reactions for Drive, you should check out this post, haha

  3. I just found out about the special yesterday, I plan to watch it today, can't wait ^^ I can't believe we have to wait till September for new episodes :(

    I think Clooney is winning, maybe if his previous Oscar was for leading role nor supporting he wouldn't :/

    Thanks for the link, it's so funny and so true


  5. Oh man, everyone is watching Downton Abbey, I have to get on it right away!

    I really do hope Gary Oldman wins an Oscar, but I doubt it- everyone says it's between Clooney and Dujardin, but I still think Pitt can sneak up and grab it!

    1. I'd love for Pitt to win - he starred in so many great movies and always delivered good work. He is certainly much better in Moneyball than Clooney is in The Descendants.

  6. Anna Karenina, its such a long book, tricky to make a good movie from so many pages. Better as a mini-series I would think.

    My money is on Jean Dujardin for oscar glory

    1. Exactly, I'd rather watch BBC series than the feature film based on that material.