Friday, February 10, 2012


By Sati. Friday, February 10, 2012

  • TIME magazine's great performances - I love that they included Uggie.
  • So I'm pretty sure I failed the exam I wrote on Saturday. There were 3 questions and I have 2 correct. 3rd one not so much. And it seems you only pass when you have at least 51% of EACH question correct. Seems pretty unfair since the person who has 2 questions correct and 0 correct will get the same grade, but hey, that's how things are on my University.
  • At least my new plan is cool - I only have classes from Monday to Wednesday and every two weeks Forensic Medicine lecture on Thursday, which is actually something I really look forward to.
  • I have to decide which subject to chose to write my dissertation from. I already decided I want to write about History, to be specific the witches trails. One thing that is worrying me is that nobody else seems to be choosing History. Are the books scaring them? I much rather read all of History books on the subject than go through countless, incomprehensible verdicts and Supreme Court rulings - seriously reading those and I unfortunately had to read many - that's like a slow death. And honestly If I read law books with as much interest as wikipedia articles on various historical events, I would only get best grades. Which I do not get.
  • One of special posters for  BAFTA five BP nominees - The Artist
  • I had no new TV series to watch so I caught up with "The Office". To my giant surprise, the new episodes are hilarious. "That baby is a Schrute. And unless someone taught Mose sex, that baby is mine".
  • BAFTAs are this Sunday. Fass is going to be there so I am watching.
  • I was going to see "My Week with Marilyn" but...remember how in December I kept wishing for snow? Well my wish came true. Only it's February. It's freezing cold, the snow is everywhere and I can't see it ending any time soon. Global warming my ass.
  • It's particularly amusing since Valentine's Day is upon us. Blah. I hate that day. But I will do something special on my blog. I won't devote entire week to it, but one day seems to be appropriate.
  • I noticed my new hair cut looks exactly like the one Scarlett Johansson has as Black Widow. Damn. I was going for Vera Farmiga in "Up in the Air". Except my hair started to become curly for some reason so they look like something birds may like to nest in. I had very long hair and I decided to have them cut - it's always an impulse. In few weeks I will start to grow them again, it's a vicious circle. BTW Scarlett and RDJ are the only reasons I'm going to watch this movie. The trailer was loud as hell.


  1. I hate Valentine's Day too. It's so mushy and feely. Blech!

    1. I even avoid big stores nowadays - freaking teddy bears and hearts everywhere.

  2. The one thing that always annoys me about Valentines day is when I see tween girls handing fake roses to each other (happened alllll the time when I was in high school. Thankfully the people at uni seem to share my distaste of the day). I wish my timetable looked as good as yours seems to - I will definitely be having a Monday to Thursday timetable, and if the classes fill up to quickly, I may have to go in on a Friday as well!
    I'm going to watch the BAFTA's for Miss Piggy on the Red Carpet :) As well as Fassbender of course! :D

    1. Well, unfortunetly on my university people are actually excited about VD (I love that abbreviation of Valentine's Day :D:D:D) so I'm afraid to go there on Tuesday. Classes for 4-5 days a week suck, especially if they are scattered and there are 2h gap in between where it is too little to go home and too long to just hang out in the hallway.

  3. wow what an awesome bunch of randomness.

  4. Berenice Bejo looks so beautiful in those interviews. Just effortlessly beautiful. I NEED TO SEE THE ARTIST!!!!

    Eh, Valentines Day. I'm going to watch Crazy Stupid Love that day and cry over the fact that I don't know anyone with Ryan Gosling's abs...but that's it. Just another day to me. It sucks though, because for Valentines Day last year I did a post on the actors I'd like to spend Valentines with, but this year I can't think of anything to 'celebrate' it with.

    And I can't wait for the BAFTAs. I'm so lucky that I have my computer class right when they announce the big awards. I just hope the internet is actually working tomorrow. It's just a shame I won't be able to watch the actual show. I need to see Fassy.

    1. I'm sure there will be clips of Fass all over the internet tommorrow, I think he attented some sort of Irish awards show last night and tumblr is just bursting with stuff about that :)

      I'm gonna look for your Valentine's post from last year, I'm intrigued ^^