Friday, December 14, 2012

(57) How dare you snub the Piemaker?! + links

By Sati. Friday, December 14, 2012

  • The ridiculous travesty that are SAG nominations deserves not one but three reaction gifs. I have no movie to root for during this Oscar season  - two years ago I had my all time favorite movie Black Swan, a year ago I had Shame and Young Adult + The Artist, a rare case of the front runner I adored. Three of these movies stand proudly on my top 30 films of all time. This year, granted, I haven't seen some big Oscar players like Les Miserables or Zero Dark Thirty but I highly doubt I will love them. The only two movies I would genuinely love to see nominated for Oscar best picture won't get in - The Dark Knight Rises and Killer Joe. And you've gotta root for something. So for the lack of movies that stand a chance that I adore, I root for Lincoln as it features Lee Pace for more than 15 seconds (unlike the Hobbit, yes yes, it's no longer just 3 seconds - it's 15!) and it's actually something critics may award unlike Twilight. And then, I see Lincoln got in for ensemble. But wait, where is Lee? He is not on the list! In fact only handful of Lincoln actors are, while the amount of people nominated in ensemble in Les Mis is twice larger. Is this ensemble nomination? Really? Or is it arbitrary load of utter shit? I mean, I can understand how Anne Hathaway forgot to wear her panties for Les Mis premiere (more on that later) but how the hell can you forget Lee Pace? HOW? And if it wasn't enough AHS is not nominated for ensemble while such unwatchable poo as The Office got in. I used to love the show - the first 7 seasons were lovely. But now...Catherine Tate who brought the show to new low is now SAG nominated. I just, I can't even...FOR SHAME SAG!
  • This is literally the worst case of snub so far as it broke my heart. But it's all really unfair isn't it? How the votes for Django Unchained are clearly split between three actors and neither gets in for some of those awards. How these people love Bardem and they will nominate him even if the script didn't really give him the full chance to shine. How these old farts won't ever have the guts to appreciate movies like Hunger, Shame, Young Adult, Mulholland Drive, Killer Joe or Piano Teacher even if the DVD with those films hit them in the ass. But I digress.
  • Another thing that happened this week were Critics choice nominations. Judi Dench got two nominations for Skyfall. Two. Noomi Rapace has nothing for Prometheus so far. The woman ripped proto-xenomorph out of her womb in this movie. Have some decency and at least give her one lousy nomination.
  • Anyways, this week as the list for eligible Academy award scores was announced I finally got a chance to check out the music for Lincoln and Frankenweenie - the latter is especially fantastic. Old good Elfman, but still just as lovely.
  • Fortunately something wonderful happened this week too - a miracle almost, considering how long I waited for that. Pacific Rim trailer is finally here and it features Idris Elba shouting all sorts of awesome stuff. If I was the apocalypse, I'd just fold.
  • I finally got a chance to see Liz & Dick and as bad as it was, hell, it was entertaining. Sure, it was more of parody of the biopic than an actual biopic, but it was watchable and fun. I also saw Recount. Damn, the only thing sicker than voting in award shows is the way voting for President goes in America. Very good movie, but not as good as Game Change.
  • Oh, I passed the test from European Law. But it was on the day of SAG snub so it still sucked. Good news is that apparently if I read something once during weekend while watching The Big Bang Theory I remember it 3 days later and I'm able to circle the correct response on the test.
  • Another thing that I did during weekend was revamping my tumblr - check it out. I know. Sad stuff all around.
  • But back to Anne's missing panties. She showed up for Les Mis NYC premiere in gorgeous gown and highly controversial boots by Tom Ford - many hated them, I love them. Anyways as she was getting out of the limo - oopsie. Normally I wouldn't write about such stuff on the movie blog but I'm genuinely intrigued - how one can not wear panties, especially when 1. it's a premiere 2. you are the star 3. there are photographers there 4. you know you will be climbing out of limo. Not that it's bad or even that embarrassing - it's not like she was drunk and puking or something. Plus she looked so beautiful.
  • And how cute are Anne and Hugh Jackman together? So adorable!
  • Has everyone seen new trailer for Man of Steel? Looks great. Henry Cavill is so perfect for this part. And Amy Adams is such an inspired choice for Lois Lane. I still don't trust Zack Snyder but Chris Nolan is involved so let's hope he didn't let Snyder fuck this up.
  • American Horror Story didn't have its best episode this week, but it was still very entertaining and disturbing. Thank you, Ryan Murphy for including the scene of crucified Joseph Fiennes and making sure when I die I will be placed in the shittiest circle of Hell because all I could think of while watching this scene was "Damn, he is FINE!!". The recap for last two episodes will be posted tomorrow - I'm still so pissed off there is 3 week long hiatus and the show returns in January.
  • This weekend I'll try to watch Trouble with the Curve and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
  • We have very tiny Christmas tree in the house this year. Why? Because Gustav poses a real danger to any decoration. I'm pretty worried because I really need a huge tree. How else can Santa fit Lee Pace, Idris Elba and Jean Dujardin under it?

  • links:
    • This week there were two really cool things that happened in blogosphere - Thaddeus chose my post as his favorite post by another blogger and Cinematic Corner is nominated in two categories over at Rorschach Reviews
    • Check out the SAG ensemble snubs over at
    • Jaina, Dan and asrap review The Hobbit. The word on tumblr is that when Lee shows up you get pregnant just from seeing him.
    • Alex Thomas reviews Les Miserables
    • m.brown reviews trash known as Antichrist with his usual awesome sense of humour. I hope his TV set found peace.
    • In his brilliant "In Character" series Alex features Emily Watson
    • Though I'm not too curious about Cloud Atlas, Diana wrote great review for it
    • Stephanie wrote beautiful and moving post about the grieving process and the bonds between mothers and children.
    • Dave wrote an awesome post about 38 highlights of 2011
    • Courtney wrote fantastic review for Django Unchained



    1. I like those boots Anne wore too and... I've seen her tits, I've seen her ass, and now I've seen...

      If I can see a fully-naked Scarlett Johansson, my life will complete... for now.

      1. Haha, I had a feeling you will like this news :)

    2. This post is good.

      Very good.


      Good as balls.

      (Thanks for the link)

      1. Thank you! :) As always - you're very welcome, nobody writes more entertaining reviews!

    3. I wouldn't stress about the SAG awards but I agree I dont have much to really root for this year either as the only two movies I loved were The Dark Knight Rises and Moonrise Kingdom. I know you didn't like the latter but I'll be cheering for that one to get an Oscar nom!

      I don't know why Anne didn't wear panties either... bit strange haha.

      Enjoy Perks + Trouble, I quite enjoyed the former and not the latter.

      Thank you for the Les Miserables linkage too :) Hope you enjoy when you see!

      1. Yeah it's just so unfair when they include only the most recognizable names :/ They should care about the quality of performance and fairness.

        I saw Trouble just now and it was average, but Amy and Clint did wonders with the material, very good performances.

        You're welcome, I can't wait to see it!

      2. Similar reaction to Trouble, not very good overall, but those two did well with what they were given.

      3. Yeah, it's such a cliched film but they were really good!

    4. Thanks for the linkage Sati! Be careful of that 48fps now!

      1. You're welcome! Oh, I'm gonna catch it on DVD, pretty sure 48fps would make me vomit :)

    5. The SAG nomination rules for Best Ensemble are ridiculous. It reminds me of last year, when Corey Stoll, Alison Pill, Tom Hiddleston, etc. weren't nominated for Midnight in Paris.

      Having seen Skyfall three times now, Bardem's performance has actually grown on me, and it's one of my favorite supporting performances of the year. I still wish he was in the film more though.

      Congrats on passing your test! :)

      1. They really are. If I was in USA I'd protest the Lee Pace snub during the actual ceremony by handcuffing myself to something :)

        I really like his work, but I wish the screenplay was stronger.

        Thanks, thank God it wasn't that hard :)

    6. As a old big fan of The Office, I'm shocked it was nominated. I considered the show over after Steve's great exit from the show. He made the right choice. Now, it's just - dying a slow horrifying death towards its series finale.
      For shame that The Walking Dead hasn't been nominated, even just for Andrew Lincoln.

      1. Steve's exit was perfect, they really should have wrapped the show there :/

        I only saw season 1 of Walking Dead but Lincoln was amazing there.

    7. "Noomi Rapace has nothing for Prometheus so far. The woman ripped proto-xenomorph out of her womb in this movie. Have some decency and at least give her one lousy nomination" Hahahah, well said!
      The trailer for Man of Steel looked awesome! I'm glad Amy Adams is a part of this.
      Hope you like Perks, I was really impressed by it.

      Liz And Dick had so many great lines, "IM BORREED IM SOOOO BORED!!!"

      PS - Love the new tumblr layout.

      1. She was so good in this movie, I can't believe how ignored she is in the award season.

        Oh the lines were hilarious, I especially loved the moments Burton was praising her beauty with some ridiculous comments :P

        Thank you!

    8. Thanks for the link, Sati! I've been reading a lot of nasty reviews on Django, so hopefully people will go into it with more optimism :\ Either way, I know you'll have a lot to say about it!

      1. You're welcome! Yeah I saw a lot of criticism for it, I really hope I'll like it. I'll definitely review this one :)

    9. "Brilliant series," wow, what a compliment! Thanks so much for that!

      I know what you mean about not having a movie to really root for this Oscar season. My favorite, Rust and Bone might pick up a few noms, but it just as easily might not. (sigh)

      Glad we agree on Liz and Dick. Bad but fun.

      1. You're welcome! :)

        I think Rust and Bone will get in for Best Actress and Best Foreign film, that's always something! :)

    10. "Old as balls." *Laughing*

      Congratulations on passing your European Law exam, even if your triumph was overshadowed by the Travesty of the SAG Nominations. I do love your three outraged gifs, though. And if I had a body like Anne Hathaway's, I might prance around in the public spotlight without my panties. Or not. I don't know.

      Thanks for the kind words and the link!

      1. Thank you!

        She is very beautiful but I really don't understand the logic behind not wearing panties :)

        You're very welcome!

    11. I heart the piemaker. But snubs and all, I usually enjoy Globes more than the Oscars.

      I'm a bit irritated by the Man of Steel trailer. The seriousness is weird. More happy Lois Lane.

      Poor Anne.

      I hope you like Perks :)

      1. I enjoy Globes more too, they are drinking there so there is a bigger possibility of something funny and embarrassing happening :)

        I'll see it tomorrow and try to post review this week :P

    12. Thanks for the link, as usual!
      I loved the Man of Steel trailer, too, I totally agree with what you said!
      You must be so happy about Pacific Rim, aren't you? I like Hunman, so I will watch it, too, for him!

      1. You're welcome!

        I'm glad you loved it too! I really hope it will be good. Oh, Pacific Rim looks so epic and unique plus it has Idris in in :P