Friday, March 1, 2013

(68) 30 days till we return to Westeros + links

By Sati. Friday, March 1, 2013
  • By March 31 it will be exactly 301 days since season 2 finale of Game of Thrones. This is madness. Thankfully, HBO has finally gave us things to make the wait more bearable.
  • Check out this fabulous breakdown of season 3 trailer which definitely didn't disappoint. The dragon flying next to Daenerys's ship! The confirmation of Reek storyline! Jaime shouting which could only be the shot from one of the most famous moments! It took barely few days for the trailer to reach 17,000,000 views on youtube - and I'm responsible for just half of those. HBO is also doing pretty cool job advertising the show with the use of the new poster (see here and here). In addition Mondo is gradually releasing posters inspired by the series and will do so until the premiere of season 3.
  • What's better than 60-second long trailer? 2-minute long trailer which will air on HBO Sunday night.

  • I recently rewatched the previous two seasons. I am currently working on the list of my favorite scenes, I was going to make top 10 list, yeah right, I'll be lucky if I manage to do less than 25. I'm probably going to have to split the post into two parts, as I did with my Ally McBeal list (part 2 coming up tomorrow). Anyways, I'm hoping it will get 2 or 3 of you out there not familiar with the show to watch it. 
  • The final scene of season 1 is still the most amazing finale scene I've seen on TV. Also I wish Daenerys hooked up with Jorah. I hope HBO will use their creative licence to change her story a bit because I don't think Martin himself knows what the hell he is doing there. Exciting news, though - the seventh episode of season 3 is actually written by him, for the first time in the show's history.  
  • Another thing I noticed - every single episode of season 2 has tits in it. I don't mind that, but really? In every single episode? Even before the battle? Still, it's better than actually reading sex scenes written by Martin - Jeyne Poole's wedding night? Cersei and Jaime going at it by the corpse? That was some disturbing shit right there.
  • Now let me tell you I'll take so much sick pleasure after 3x09 premiers - I just can't wait to see that outrage. It will contain the event that was the very reason for HBO adapting the series. The single most shocking thing in the series and probably in any HBO show. I actually know people who upon reading that part in the book, threw it across the room and refused to read on for weeks to come. My only advice to you all - don't wait for the DVD and watch the show as soon as it airs, because there is no way you will avoid spoilers on this one. As I understand it's already hard for non-book readers to avoid being spoiled. Yesterday WinterIsComing revealed the titles for the episodes and I can't imagine anything better than calling this one The Rains of Castamere.
  •  The fact that Kristen Stewart presented an Oscar was met with the wide - and vile - outrage. Do you think Kristen Stewart begged people to let her present? She was asked. She was a good sport about it - she came even though the night before she got Razzie for worst actress and even though she stepped on a glass two days prior. That was why she limped on the stage. And here is the most disgusting thing - she limps on stage because she is injured, people yell "She can't walk! She is stoned! Worst Oscar presenter ever!". Jennifer Lawrence trips and falls on stairs and she is "cute". I don't think she is a bad actress. But even if I thought she was the worst actress the lengths to which people go to, writing that she probably "gave blow jobs" just to present an Oscar...  I may not like Anne Hathaway but I give credit where the credit is due - I still gave her win for The Dark Knight Rises because she deserved it. Even though this is a woman who flashed people with her vagina for publicity, which I don't believe Kristen has ever done. I'm not a fan of Stewart - I don't go see movies just because she is in them. But really, calling her a slut just because she was at the Oscars is taking it much too far for me to write nothing about how gross it is. Everyone seems to adore Jennifer Lawrence. Perhaps they should follow her example:
  • The only way I'm watching next Oscar ceremony live is if both Michael Fassbender and Idris Elba are nominated. I was bored out of my mind last Sunday plus I gotta say if someone sues MacFarlane for the emotional distress over that intro song, I gotta say they would have a good case. 
  • There is a good chance both of those fine men will be nominated - Fassbender may finally get in for one of the many movies he has premiering this year and Elba is playing Nelson Mandela in Long Walk to Freedom, which as I predicted was bought by Harvey Weinstein. He kinda dropped the ball this year but hey, Tarantino has Oscar win for Django which shooting script was far from being his best work and Lawrence has her Oscar too.
  • While we are on Fassbender (we are never off Fassbender) Jaime King revealed he is in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. That's simply fantastic.
  • For the love of God don't let MacFarlane host again. Get Hugh Jackman, get sock puppets. Anything but that guy.
  • Here is the casting news I can get behind - the lovely James McAvoy is considered to be the lead in The Crow reboot. Now I find the idea of remaking The Crow only slightly less disgusting than the idea of remaking Carrie, but with McAvoy on board....count me in. 
  • I got myself into a situation - I will go see Oz: The Great and Powerful. Upside: I won't be alone as I'm babysitting. Hopefully the movie won't be scary, though what's scary here is that someone actually entrusted me with their child. Downside: I live in a country that mercilessly uses dubbing for movies made for children. God help me.
  • Another situation, which I avoided with Gustav's aid, is my younger cousin's wedding. Normally I'd say there is 80% chance she is pregnant but since my uncle doesn't even know the groom yet and they are getting married on the 13th (who the hell wants to get married on the 13th?!) I'm gonna say I'm 99% sure I'll have to get out of attending the christening in few months. Someone has to stay home with Gustav so I volunteered. I just can't look at weddings. It's like looking at a pigeon that is about to hit a brick wall.
  • My mother started allowing Gustav to sit on the couch. Guess where he is napping right now. There's more - next week she is planning on buying him a special pillow. Now he just uses her sweater as one.
  • Because of Oz getting released in a matter of days, the three lovely ladies are making their rounds promoting the movie in talk shows. Michelle Williams looks so pretty now, with her short hair that she let grow a little bit longer on one side.
  • AWESOME NEWS - the incredible Kathy Bates was cast in American Horror Story season 3. We still don't know what the season will be about but this is just a brilliant move on Ryan Murphy's part.
  • I just have to share this:
  • This right here is why Jay Pritchett is my favorite character on Modern Family. He has the best WTF faces. And let me tell you, when I saw the above gifset that was my expression for about 5 minutes:
  •  She is coming across like a hybrid between a chick running for Miss America and a 5-year old in a Sunday school. Has she been brought up in a house where they shat rainbows into the golden toilet? Did she have a flying pink pony that braided her hair? I feel like Cartman when he saw that Mormon family. Of all the things to say to the press after you win an Oscar. I think she should hang out with Paltrow, it seems they are both pretty far gone.
  • First teaser for The Conjuring appeared online this week and it was really spooky. The leads in the movie are my darling Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson who usually annoys me. The teaser features Lili Taylor wandering around the creepy ass house. I'm so glad I stopped going to the basement after that pilot episode of American Horror Story.
  • New David Bowie video is fantastic - what makes it so awesome? Tilda Swinton.
  • New trailer for new series Hannibal was released and though it doesn't look great and I think literally every part is a miscast (except Mikkelsen, maybe) it still looks much better than Bates Motel. Also I was shocked when I found out Hannibal's creator is Bryan Fuller, who did Pushing Daisies. Pushing Daisies was the most adorable show on TV and if there is a word to describe Fuller it's "quirky". I'm not sure it makes him the right person for this job.
  • Lee Pace is coming back to TV and just from reading the description of the show I can tell it you that it will either get cancelled after first season or it won't even air. He should be doing movies, this is insane.
  • Alright we got two new stills from highly anticipated movies. First one is from Grace of Monako and the other is from Carrie. While I think Kidman is much too old and too...botoxed for this part, she looks nice on the photo. Very pretty. The problem with Carrie - so does she. Come on, what the hell is that? I said it before, I'll say it again - Moretz is too attractive for that role. She is blood soaked and she looks sexy. And we are supposed to believe the entire school picked on her? Ah, this world is going down the crapper.

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    • and finally m.brown reviews What to Expect when you're Expecting, which I thought was one of the worst movies from the last year.


    1. "uses dubbing for movies made for children" - hate it, hate it, hate it! And I actually tweeted about this to my country's cinema and they said that there's little interest towards non-dubbed animated movies. I was pissed. Animated movies was how I learned my English. Plus, when a black man does the voice how can one replace it with a white man? Not an issue of racism or anything, it's just the fact that the vibe of the character is totally different!!

      1. I'm not that mad with dubbing in animated movies, the characters there don't have the voice to begin with but dubbing over the actual actor is crazy. Voice is such a big part of the craft and they just mutilate the performance when they do that.

      2. Well, I feel as strongly about animated movies because I'm a grown-up without kids, I still want to see animations but not dubbed versions of them. :D

      3. I see :) I watch 1-2 animated movies a year, never got into that genre for some reason.

      4. I'm guessing I'm still a kid then.. though there are only 2-3 good animated movies a year anyway...

      5. I suspected so, Brave got all those accolades and I thought it was pretty mediocre.

    2. Thanks for the link love dahling.

      Sooo much eye candy in Game of Thrones, esp. Nikolaj, if only it weren't so violent. Are you excited for First Class sequel w/ Dinklage joining Fassy and McAvoy?? I presume he'd be one of the baddies w/ Magneto?

      As for The Crow reboot, well I normally don't care for reboots but McAvoy huh, well he's a great actor but I dunno...

      As for Lee, yes I'm w/ you. He should get more MOVIE roles... come on Hollywood!! Come to think of it, he'd make a great Eric Draven for The Crow reboot too, he's got such a lean physique, oh la la!

      1. You're welcome! :)

        Nikolaj is so handsome, unfortunately his character is going to have really hard time this season and I'm afraid it will be even more violent :/

        Oh Dinklage is such a terrific actor, I'm so glad Hollywood finally started noticing that.

        I'm shocked Lee is not getting more roles, he had such a terrific year, hopefully with the second Hobbit movie and his part being bigger things will finally start happening for him!

      2. First time I saw Dinklage was in the British version of Death in a Funeral. He was hilarious and I thought he was a Brit!

        I'm pulling my hair as to why Lee is not in high demand, I mean the guy is beyond beautiful AND he can act. He seems to have all the ingredients of a movie star, maybe he's too nice or something, I dunno. But yeah, can't wait to see more of him in The Hobbit sequel!

      3. Oh that is such a funny movie!

        I don't get it either, I'm still shocked his big break didn't happen back when Pushing Daisies was on TV.

    3. You love the new Bowie video w/ Tilda Swinton?


      I asked myself, why didn't anyone come up w/ that idea so many years ago? She could play Bowie. I love David Bowie. He is my first man-crush.

      Michael Fassbender in the new Sin City movie? PLEASE!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!

      1. How could I not love it?:)

        She would be fantastic playing him! I really hope they'll do that.

        He is such a great fit for that universe. I love that he is in so many movies now.

    4. Since I'm the one person in the world who hasn't read/watched a page/minute of Game of Thrones, I feel like I didn't wear a costume to the party. Or something.

      That said, I really like your stance with Stewart and Lawrence. Not sure why people go out of their way to hate someone, and the double standard is rather obvious, but I guess people just hate her because they hate Twilight, right? I'm not sure myself, and I personally save my hatred for people I actually know.

      For some reason, I wasn't sure where you were headed with the Hathaway gifs, but then the world made sense with the Ed O'Neil's face. Frickin' great.

      I'm personally not sure what's up with Hathaway. That quote seems like something a unicorn would say.

      Thanks again for the linkage and the #FF! One day I will return the favor, but I feel it's a tad silly when I have so few followers. Is that bad form? :)

      (oh, and don't think I'm not voting for you as well)

      1. Oh, you would love it! It's such a great show and there are naked chicks just everywhere.

        I'm just completely at loss here since I actually much prefer Twilight to The Hunger Games which bored me to tears. I think the stuff Lawrence says and does is far more controversial than Stewart, honestly all of those comments about her are just disgusting. Lawrence almost run over someone and her fans yelled it was cute yet Stewart simply appears somewhere and she is accused of being a slut.

        I think even a unicorn would vomit when attempting to say that :P

        You're very welcome, hopefully you will get nominated (and win!) - if you won't it will be yet another Award season tragedy.

    5. TILDA SWINTON AND DAVID BOWIE. that's the best news I've heard all week. About Stewart: people can be so ignorant, and blind, and mean, and just plain dicks.

      Anne Hathaway, dear god... what. was. that. speech. I really hope she's being sincere and that she's a good person, but she really needs to work on her public image, ASAP.

      Damn it, Ben Affleck made me cry with that oscar speech, he always seemed like such a nice guy; and then laugh with such delight during the press conference with Clooney and Heslov. That made watching the oscars worth it for me.

      1. I was just shocked because of all the threads and tweets, it's not like people were just mean they were downright vicious. I think I saw off topic about her presenting on every single imdb board I follow.

        I think it's too evident Hathaway tries too hard. She is coming across as very silly, she is cheerful but it's like she is acting cheerful so that people will like her with every single action, she is not being natural. It's just annoying especially that "I came true *sniff*" moment. Affleck was genuine and so human about his win, Hathaway acted like a robot.

    6. Yes ... Games of Thrones goes way overboard on the naked tits. I don't particularly mind, but I'm like "Seriously, don't women ever freaking wear clothes in the Seven Kingdoms?" And my poor 14 y/o son -- it pains him to see these scenes, at least with Mom in the room. :-)

      Love the Jay Pritchett WTF? face. Maybe Anne Hathaway is on too many tranquilizers?

      O.K. ... so which book in the Game of Thrones series am I going to throw across the room because the gratuitous Ick Factor makes my head explode? I just want to be forewarned. ;-) Maybe I can get my hands on some of those drugs Anne Hathaway is on.

      1. It's especially noticeable since there is much more tits in season 2 than in season 1. Had Ned been executed this season the executioner would probably be a naked chick. Yeah and especially since winter is coming you would think they would wear something :P

        I don't know what she is on but it's as hilarious as it is disturbing to witness :)

        Book 3 is the most shocking (and best) but in book 4th and 5th there are some seriously messed up things happening :/ They are bringing one particularly twisted guy this season and he is the sickest fuck in Westeros.

    7. Wow, I didn't know about that Bowie video. Thanks. That was awesome!

      But now I'm going to have the GoT theme song repeating in my head all night.

      1. Really great isn't it? Love the fact they got Tilda to do it.

        That's not a bad thing! :)

    8. I think I'm going to have to set a day aside to listen to the new Bowie album/watch the video in it's entirety. It'll be nice to chill and focus on it completely. Also - I am seriously going to have to slap myself in the face and get into Game of Thrones. I still haven't seen the first season, I am the absolute worst when it comes to TV shows!!!
      I feel sorry for Kristen Stewart - I think if she chooses the right roles *cough*notTwilight*cough* then she could be amazing. As for her public image - so she doesn't conform to the standard Hollywood ideal of a young star. In a way it's refreshing, and I feel kinda sorry for her knowing that red carpet events make her uncomfortable. You're totally right - if it was Jen Lawrence, everyone would be saying how adorable it is. I'm not attacking Jen Lawrence of course - she's lovely.

      In the same way, I kinda feel a bit sorry for the Hathaway hate as well. I like her as an actress (I kinda feel like watching The Devil Wears Prada right now, actually!) and I also think she's genuinely nice. I honestly don't find her annoying! I think she's trying to send a good message, and be a good role model - 'hoping the best for everyone no matter what they feel about me' is I think a really good sentiment - but I feel people are being turned off by her enthusiasm? Is she *too* earnest? Can someone be too earnest? I don't know, but I think she's a bit of alright :)

      I'll reserve judgement on Carrie until I've seen it - but I've seen the original now and OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!! Sissy Spacek, aaarrgghh!!!!

      1. Oh you're gonna love Game of Thrones - with your love for LOTR especially, GoT is kinda like adult and politics oriented version of that.

        The double standard here is really gross, Stewart is a very capable young actress and all that hate because of one franchise is just ridiculous. It's not like with Hathaway who is slowly losing touch with reality and the stuff she says is just begging to be mocked. It's that her enthusiasm doesn't come off naturally, it's like she rehearsed every single part of her appearance in public to be perfect - she wanted to rehearse naturalism and being spontaneous isn't that just ridiculous? In the effect she comes off as oblivious to everyone around her (that horrible moment she cut in to say more stuff when Les Mis won GG)

        The original is such a masterpiece I don't think anyone will ever be able to bear Spacek's work as Carrie.

    9. Haha Peasants :P
      Yeah Oscars blew out of proportion this year.
      I actually liked the Hannibal trailer. ZOMG MARCH ONWARDS IT'S GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN!
      I can't even imagine what it is you are talking about in GoT. Excited/scared. I love Danerys and Jorah <3

      Yes I will watch anything for Fassy and McAvoy. Anne Hathaway is still such a sport. Kidman looks gorgeous. And um Carrie, what?

      1. Good, I hope you're not going to get spoiled! There are actually tons of awesome things to happen in season 3, I think it will be the best one yet!

        I keep waiting for them to announce new Carrie is set in modern times just like Bates Motel ://// O_o

    10. Michael Fassbender in Sin City sounds really cool! I loved the first one, but I haven't really kept on with the other Frank Miller adaptations.
      Like that Anne Hathaway gif - thanks! :)

      1. The sequel will be really awesome if they stay close to the story in the graphic novel.

    11. I felt bad for Stewart, all she did was present and everyone started randomly putting her down.
      I'm so excited Fassbender is going to be in Sin City 2 - he's in everything lately!

      1. It's so great that he is doing all those projects, hopefully they won't suck :P

    12. If I may ask, where did you get your share widget at the top of the page from?

      1. At the top? I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean.

        If you mean the buttons on the sidebar I put them there myself, it's not a widget.

      2. Sidebar, my apologies. How did you do that?

      3. I uploaded the icons on the server and then I put the html code for the image sources to the right place into html code of the blog. I added the code to the links next to them, so that when you click on them they take you to the page.

    13. Ahhhh now you've got me even more excited for Game of Thrones! Really curious what this shocking moment is that you refer to.!

      1. There are many shocking moments in book 3, so there will be plenty of exciting scenes :) But this one particular scene...I just hope nobody gets spoiled before seeing it.

    14. "While we are on Fassbender (we are never off Fassbender) Jaime King revealed he is in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. That's simply fantastic. "

      That makes a girl REALLY happy :)

      I was thinking yesterday about watching Luther (again) on Netflix for an Elba fix - ended up watching the first two seasons of Archer instead.

      JLaw is awesome! I love her backstage Oscars interview. She is rather refreshing; hope she gets to stay that way.

      Nice words from Ms. Hathaway but I still am not fully personally invested, though I am certain she does not care. She does seem sincere though.

      1. Oh God, Archer is so funny, I'm currently on season 3. I can't wait for Luther 3, hopefully it will air soon!

        I think any sincerity is masked by how much she tries to appear sincere.

    15. That oscar statue in back ground with straight face looks out of place on picture with Ben Affleck and G Clooney laughing :)

      Nicole Kidman looks beautiful in image from Grace Kelly, I agree

      The new David Bowie video is pretty unique. I enjoyed the look-a-like idea.

      1. Yeah the statue is a party pooper :P

        I hope Kidman pulls it off, some reviews for Stoker mentioned her face barely moves again :/

    16. I really hope Fassbender gets nominated next year. (Seriously, each bit of news just makes me anticipate Sin City 2 more.)

      Not expecting much with Grace of Monaco or Carrie, but I'm hoping for the best.

      1. Yeah, I hope so too, they snubbed him with Shame so bad he should be nominated every year to make up for it :)

    17. Nice writeup! I watched the first 60-90 minutes of the show, then ditched. I tuned back in just in time to watch Hayek present, which was a pleasure. Some thoughts:

      I dislike Macfarlane from way back because his hit show used to have actual jokes and then became the laziest comedic vehicle I have ever heard/dreamed of. However, I find his love of song and dance to be kind of endearing. At the same time, he wasn't funny here, his face almost never made an expression (that's just creepy), and the opening song (+ Jew jokes) were simply retarded. Tina Fey could/should host everything, somehow Shatner is right.

      I literally cringe every time I hear about Crow sequels/reboots. I'd think that the only way to do it as a franchise would be to have a new actor for each film, but The Crow is the sort of movie I can watch multiple times, NOT a movie I want to see sequelized... Yes, remaking Carrie is also offensive.

      As to KStew: I think you're seeing people leap at a chance to rag on someone they don't like; I think the intensity of the comments reflects that a lot of people are waiting for an excuse to be misogynistic. I haven't seen a single KStew movie, but I don't especially like her - that series of books/movies sounds insanely stupid, and people have shown me photograph proof that Stew does not know how to put any expression whatsoever on her face. That last one is important because it suggests that she really sucks at her job.

      Now plenty of people had to hear (or (shudder) see) more about Twilight than I did, so they might dislike her even more for that. Some of them are just doing the "haters gonna hate" thing, where anything that's popular or successful must suck. Then people hear that she helps wreck a guy's marriage, and they take the chance to call her both talentless AND a slut, as if that director's c--k had nothing to do with it.

      My ire stems from artistic and philosophical reasons. And, in truth, she's sort of not deserving of my attention, ire, or time. Other folks have more vitriol to spare, I guess...

      1. Thanks!

        I agree, he was a terrible host. I don't like his sense of humor or writing and he behaves like a douche.

        Remaking Carrie is a terrible idea, it's a huge waste of talented director and Julianne Moore.

        As for you basing your opinion on her skills on photo...I don't think that's fair.

    18. Can't wait for Game of Thrones! It's coming! Brace yourself! :)

      1. Same here, I'm even reading A Storm of Swords again :)