Friday, March 29, 2013

(72) The Great War is between death and life, ice and fire. If we lose, the night will never end. + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, March 29, 2013
  • Look at these fucking dragons go. New promo is awesome, Melisandre's narration is just the icing on the cake. Also LOL at The Walking Dead moment on 0:15. There are character posters promoting the show everywhere on the bus stops. It's possible I hugged few of hose.
  • This week in another episode of Sati is going insane: I caught myself several times singing Rains of Castamere. Oh, I need help.
  • In anticipation for season 3 premiere we should all remain calm. And of course, throw feces at Joffrey.
  • But before I'm calm - 2 DAYS!!! OH GOD, 2 DAYS!!!
  • It's hard to keep my cool when these bastards who saw the first four episodes are unleashing the reviews praising how awesome the 3d series is. I know it's awesome. I read the fucking book. Twice. On the upside I now know what is in the first four episodes. On the downside no one saw episodes 5-10 so in a month I'm going to cry at the top of geek mountain hoping they shot my favorite scenes.
  • This week I found out they actually filmed the sequence with Mad King and Brandon Stark strangling himself. They filmed it and we didn't get to see it! I just hope they make the prequel to the series one day.
  • Which leads me to this conclusion - I have run out of Saturdays. Saturday is the TV special and before I'll start reviewing each new episode of Game of Thrones I have one more thing to do other than my part 2 of favorite scenes. I think I'm gonna create imaginary blog Saturday next Thursday.
  • Another post I had in mind are Game of Thrones unintentionally hilarious scenes. You know this moment in season 1 finale when Dany is all like "I'm Daenerys Stormborn, house Targaryen! I free you, go if you want but if  you stay you shall be my sisters and brothers!" and 80% of her people run the fuck away from there? Never fails to make me laugh. Or all those moments when Joffrey can't figure out if people are making fun of him.
  • I give you Kit Harrington, the pimp:
  • I give you Kit Harrington, the eternally confused:
  • Apparently people over at FOX are "freaking out" because they don't have ideas for Prometheus sequel. Give me Richard Armitage and I'll write 10 movies for you. And I bet my scripts will be better than Damon Lindelof's too.
  • I present the Desolation of my Ovaries:
  • and the memes....1,2,3,4
  • I swear those The Hobbit memes are better than the movie - 1,2,3. Lost Thorin is my favorite one.
  • Seriously, I'm not going to to make it through Desolation of Smaug. Thorin and Thranduil and the hateful showdowns and staredowns? I'm going to have to bring so much water with me and update my emergency contacts.
  • I'm gonna link this now. For no reason at all.
  • Pushing Daisies may be returning! 15 million doesn't sound like much, are you telling me studios are unwilling to give these money to Fuller yet there is money for shit like Giant Beans and Carrie remake?
  • I feel bad for Christina Hendricks. Apparently audience broke into applause when her head exploded in Drive.
  • So Breaking Bad script got stolen from Bryan Cranston. Walt, this is exactly the kind of thing Mike could have helped with.
  • A bunch of new stills from Oblivion was released and you can see Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on one of them. Hopefully unlike Mama this one will be worthy of his time.
  • Let's just take a moment and appreciate how lovely this man is. Here he is personally delivering tickets to some lucky fans at the Seattle premiere.
  • I'm loving the cast promoting their asses off - here is Peter Dinklage on Daily Show and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on Kimmel. Oh, God, the sausage story.
  • As I voted for Lammies I had the most difficulty voting in best community builder category. Knowing all those people who actually deserve the title and seeing who is submitted...Some there commented once on my blog yet I'm there almost on every post. I now mostly just visit blogs using my comment section as blogroll. It's only fair to those who actually spent time here.
  • I'm now catching up on The Walking Dead. That Michonne is badass.
  • At one point this week I almost rewached The Hobbit but the picture below made me so dizzy I figured if I see the actual movie I'm going to pass out and drown in my own drool. By the way Thorin tag on tumblr is riddled with porn drawings. It's comforting that there are some depths of madness I haven't reached. Even though the reason for that may be as simple as the fact I can't draw for shit.
  • I did watch Smashed and it was good, though the main character's recovery was laughably easy and they even threw in cute montage of her getting better, even though she was an alcoholic her whole life. Please. Mary Elizabeth Winstead was great, though.
  • Gustav had tummy ache this week so I took him to the vet. We didn't even have to wait - he was barking and yapping so much the other people in waiting line told me to just go in first because they couldn't take it anymore. Not only it turned out that he was fine - his baby tooth, one that was supposed to be surgically removed, was moving so the vet took it out. And here they were telling me there is no way it will fall out on its own. Gustav was pretty mad at me for the rest of the day so I let him take his nap on my pillow. Actually, "let him" is not entirely true as I turned around and he was already there, I simply didn't interrupt him. Also check out his badass hair - it's like a mohawk.
  • The more I read about Charlize Theron the more I am convinced she is spending time with Fass. She even signed up for a bunch of movies and I'm sure she will drop out of them soon, much like he does lately. Some of these sound wonderful but with my luck the only one that gets made is that dumb MacFarlane cowboy movie.

  • links:
    • Keith and Alex review Stoker
    • Andina shares the fashion of The Virgin Suicides
    • Nikhat is having a countdown to Doctor Who on her blog
    • Brittani shares 10 soundtracks she loves
    • MettelRay shares things she loves about Quentin Tarantino and his movies
    • Mark enjoyed The Paperboy
    • m.brown wrote hilarious review for what he says is the worst film he has ever seen - Stewardess School 
    • Ruth shares her great idea for a movie. Her cast is so...awesome.
    • Stephanie really liked Oz: The Great and Powerful
    • Chris wrote about some things that ruin movie posters
    • Josh chooses best editing of 00s.
    Yeah. I'm gonna break a rib from laughing too much during Lord's Kiss.



    1. I didn't clap when Christina Hendricks died in Drive. That was gruesome. I do feel bad for her.

    2. Though I was disappointed with it, I am in the mood to rewatch The Hobbit. I might just do that this weekend.

      Yeah, Best Community Builder was a tough category. There were a lot of deserving people who were eligible.

      Thanks so much for the link! :)

      1. I found only four that immediately got my attention on submission list. The fifth was someone I'm familiar with but for me doesn't deserve the title. I just hope the nominees are deserving, though Lammies are pretty low on my excitement meter :)

        You're welcome! :)

    3. I think Gustav was just having sympathy pain with you. You're obviously tweaking about the return of Game of Thrones, and the poor pup just didnt want you to go through it alone! :D LOL

      Two more dayyyyyys...

      I want you to tweet through it, just so I can read along as your head explodes! :D

      1. Ah, no. He doesn't give a crap about my feelings :P

        It's gonna be around 6 AM here when it premiers so I'll probably got to see it few hours afte :) My head won't explode, but those unfamiliar with the books who will be exposed to this season's storyline have sympathies.

    4. Is it me or does Kit Harrington always look like he's having a life crisis?

      LOL, who claps in Drive, like *at all*.

      I have to start some sort of a petition to get Dinklage and RDJ starring in anything together.

      I might rewatch The Hobbit actually :P

      CAN'T WAIT FOR GAME OF THRONES! The next 2 days are going to be bliss for me.

      Thanks for the link :)

      1. He really does :) Richard Madden starts to look this way too :)

        That would be awesome! I'm already really excited about him being in X Men, though it will probably be even more mediocre than First Class.

        You're welcome!

    5. I'm giggling because I know exactly what kind of Thorin/Thranduil showdown to expect from the book and plus Peter Jackson is going to extend on that. It's awesome, you won't survive :P

      1. Oh my. If any of their clothes get torn up I'm gonna hyperventilate.

    6. Thanks for the link! I totally think you should do an unintentionally funny Game of Thrones post. One I liked was when the camera was on Gendry working shirtless in the forge, and it pans over to Arya and it looks like she's checking him out. That made me laugh.

      1. You're very welcome! I'm definitely going to work on that one :) - this is supercute :)

    7. Cute mohawk :)

      Yes, Best Community Builder is a tough one, as includes several elements. I was thinking Community award could have been split up into two, with a best commenter award, and best linkage award. As I can think of sites that do frequent linkage posts, and are not busy commenters in blogosphere, and vice versa. Maybe I should say this in LAMMYs evaluation...

      1. ^^

        Oh, than I'd have no idea who to nominate as I barely came up with decent 5 :)

    8. I was just thinking it's been a while since we'd had a Gustav update. I dig the bad ass hairdo. :-)

      1. He leads a very calm life :P And he is busy following me around and barking at me until I give him treats :)

    9. Oh thanks *avoids sentences and tries to squint eyes while passing the GOT images - is it safe now*

      Okay, here we go:
      Funniest scenes for me - Joffrey getting slapped.
      Community builder for me was a difficult task as well but for me it was because I felt like all of them deserved it a bit. I'm a bad comment person myself, I mean, regularly I comment on few sites but I try to make up for it as much as I can.
      I tried to comb my cat this week - I have scars to prove that fact.

      PS: Thanks for the link and the Twitter reminder! :D

      1. Don't worry there are no spoilers in the text, I'd never do that.

        Joffrey getting slapped is everyone's favorite whenever it happens. I hope Tywin and Tyrion will slap him simultaneously this season :)

        As I read other blogs I notice who comments and some of the submitted are nowhere to be found. You are there a lot :)

        You're very welcome! :)

    10. A standing-o for the Hendricks death scene? That's...bizarre. People are weird as shit.

      Thanks for link my friend!

      1. What's even weirder is that Gosling mentions it as an influence for his movie :)

        You're welcome! :)

    11. Thank you for the link, Sati!

    12. Ooooh, THANK YOU for sharing my movie pitch, you are a doll!! The desolation of my ovaries, ahahaha... you're too funny, girl!! Ok, sorry to *destroy* it even further, you've GOT to check this out: [*thud*]

      Great pics here of GoT, "what's a dvr?" Ahah, that's hilarious!! Man, those pics of Thorin... I LOVE that one where his face is all scratched up, made him look even sexier!!

      Lastly, I LOVE the pic of Gustav sleeping, more please! :D

      1. You're very welcome! Oh I know those pics, they show up on my tumblr dashboard several times a week, usually in some sort of elaborate gifset :)

        He is so hot, you just want to run to him with wet cloth and wipe away the blood :P

        I have thousands of pics like that one, sleeping is his favorite thing ^^

      2. Ahah, once again I'm GLAD I don't visit Tumblr anymore, I really won't be able to do anything else for the whole day! :D

      3. This is why I sleep so little - have to make up for the time I wasted staring at this man's pictures :)

    13. I wasn't that excited with Game of Thrones, but i'm really excited for some reason. I have to rewatch season 2 before seeing season 3. Oh, and I loved your Favorite GOT scenes, I agree with number 1 :)

      1. That's a good idea, they throw us right in the action in the premiere so it is useful to rewatch season 2. Thank you, glad you enjoyed the post!

    14. Why would people clap when Hendricks died? That's so mean!
      I'm glad Theron is signing up for a lot of movies, I'm actually excited for the film with her and MacFarlane - Charlize has a great sense of humour and hopefully she'll give a lot of the laughs in the film.

      Glad you liked Smashed!

      1. I know, right? They were probably applauding how ballsy that scene was.
        It was really good, Winstead was fantastic there.