Friday, April 5, 2013

(73) My Yorkie doesn't like Khaleesi's Dragons ;( + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, April 5, 2013
  • When Game of Thrones airs it's the middle of the night here. In the effect, I barely get any sleep on Sundays from April to July. So there I was, watching the episode with my glass of wine, weeping during that final scene. Such perfection. Damn that flawless acting, writing and music. Also whatever Iain Glen says is always so magnificent because of his voice. 50% of the time I get chills when hearing his lines. Love his "I saw her first!" look during that ending.
  • I saw that ending like 15 times this week. I fear when Bear Pit scene airs, I won't be able to stop watching it.
  • I didn't think I was going to make it last Sunday. Minutes before the show was pretty much this:
  • Though Episode 9 is my most anticipated event of the year there is no way I'll watch it in the middle of the night. After reading that chapter for the first time I had nightmares for a week and I almost never have nightmares. I heard fucking bells everywhere. When I re-read it along with the epilogue last week I was too scared to go to the toilet. Thank you, George R.R. Martin.
  • Gustav does not like dragons. Few days ago I was rewatching season 1 finale and in the last scene where Drogon shrieks, he barged into my room and started barking. I didn't think much of it, as he barks at whole bunch of random crap - plastic bags, rocks, butterflies. But as I was rewatching the premiere he started barking again as the dragons flew over Balerion. I put him on my lap and when he saw them his expression was hilarious - it was like "The fuck is that? Can I chase after it?"
  • How can Khaleesi not love Jorah?
  • (x)
  • Troubling news regarding Lannister twins - 1) Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has no nudity clause - which is bad for us and 2) there are rumours that Lena broke which is bad for her. How can Sarah Connor and Queen Cersei be broke?
  • Pretty sure everyone already loves Margaery, right? The Tyrells outsmarting The Lannisters are among my favorite parts of the books. And Natalie Dormer is just wonderful, so nice to see her finally getting the recognition she deserves. This Sunday we will get to meet Queen of Thorns, her grandmother - you are all going to love her too.

  • ‘She was sixteen, brown-haired and brown-eyed, slender and beautiful. The people called out her name as she passed, held up their children for her blessing, and scattered flowers under the hooves of her horse’
  • Oh, that image above. I've been laughing whenever I thought of it the whole week.
  • I heard Jack Gleeson who plays Joffrey wants to quit acting after Game of Thrones. Shame, he is really talented. He really makes people hate Joffrey. The image above got over 24,000 notes in a matter of days.
  • There are also terrific "what the hell is charity?!" memes:
  • Season 3 premiere has gathered 4,4 mln viewers (and I imagine 10x more of us on livestreams) making it a record for the show and winning with season 2 premiere by 0,2 margin. The show was already renewed for 4th season! Ah, HAPPINESS!
  • I hate April Fools. It's such a mean spirited day. It was particularly horrible this year as someone literally stole idea from my brain. They put "Victorian Greyjoy --- Game of Thrones" on Richard Armitage imdb page. What?! I thought of that first!! You'll understand my outrage better tomorrow. Also I will feature some of the most meticulously done PS work from me so far in tomorrow's post, so I hope you'll enjoy it. I'm sure most of you won't have bloody idea what it is that I'm writing about in this post, but hopefully you'll enjoy looking at it. Same goes for my Game of Thrones recaps to appear each Monday.
  • Lea Seydoux will star in new Wes Anderson's movie. Oh, damn. I definitely have to see it now.
  • I'm NOT looking forward to Before Midnight. The ending to Before Sunset was flawless and I have a feeling the sequel will completely ruin it. I know people are excited about the film but I wish they would just leave it be and never made it.
  • Chloe Moretz joined the cast of new Charlize Theron's movie Dark Places. It gets worse, as Nicholas Hoult did too. Meh.
  • So, Carrie remake trailer. The producers of this one are such whores - seriously Tywin Lannister should hunt them - dozens of young actresses would be a good fit but they chose the pretty girl who exudes confidence and is well known so will bring in audiances. Well done, ruined your movie right there. The trailer looks really stupid - I laughed out loud when Carrie moved American flag with her mind and at her moronic expression in the last frames of that thing. Even Julianne Moore seems to be doing way too much of camp approach like she knew this is a wreck and she didn't give a fuck. I liked two things - quick look at Judy Greer, who is the only well cast person there and the evil smirk on Moore's face as Carrie tells her she was invited to the prom.
  • I hear talk about Bates Motel actually...improving?! I'd find out but I really don't have the time for that.
  • People started to run away from Girls. Gee, I wonder why.
  • So yeah, about The Great Gatsby. Have you guys seen the new trailer? My God, it looks so terrible. That shot of McGuire screaming made me laugh so hard coffee came out of my nose. I feel appalled Lana and Florence recorded new songs for this and they are playing in this trailer. Though if I close my eyes that actually works out, since I got to listen to them without this chaos play before my eyes. Can't believe I have to wait till 23rd for Lana's single. I swear to God, I spend half of my life waiting for stuff. But overall, for the movie itself:
  • Only God Forgives trailer is pretty great. Cinematography looks wonderful and so does Gosling's performance.
  • Not surprisingly, no movies for me this week. Between writing my dissertation and other stuff that is quite exhausting I just couldn't care less about watching a movie that will in no way be better than either watching Game of Thrones, re-reading the series or playing witch Gustav which is how I spend my free time. I have some potentially good movies to see including The Hunt and Arbitrage (it sounds like Armitage, I NEED HELP!!!) but unless days will start having 30 hours in them, I can't see myself watching those any time soon.
  • OK, so this is for Anna, Nikhat and as always, Ruth:
  • And this is for me:
  • What?! I deserve it. Wrote 10 whole pages of dissertation today.

  • links:
    • Check out Alex's awesome FYC Lammy poster inspired by Spring Breakers
    • Katy reviews Oz: The Great and Powerful
    • Fogs chooses 10 best remakes
    • Nostra shares many faces of Ewan McGregor
    • MettelRay wrote a review about one of my all-time favorites - Psycho. That one also gave me week-long dose of nightmares.
    • Nikhat shares screencaps and observations about Only god Forgives trailer
    • Aniruddha wrote awesome review for Game of Thrones
    • Brittani posted the last part of her 10 series
    • Ruth shares beautiful music from The Mission
    • Jack's awesome website LightsCameraReaction turned 1 year this week!
    • Josh shares a list of his all time director winners
    • m.brown wrote very sweet review for The Croods



    1. vol 2:

      So much Game of Thrones! And I can't even get through the first book because I'm now more excited to read John Green's Fault in Our Stars which will be a movie! Hopefully a great movie because the book so far seems to be delightful and I'm only 50 pages in.

      April Fool's is so stupid! I hate that day so much but luckily my friends and family know of this so they don't joke around. I got no jokes this year - yay!

      Bates Motel getting better!? Don't care!
      Carrie!? Don't care!
      Only God Forgives is the first movie trailer I watched at home on purpose because the scene where Ryan drags the dude by his upper jaw was in Tumblr and I needed to see it!

      Last image is perfection because in reality, the winter never seems to leave!! It's literally snowing outside NOW - why!?

      Thanks for the link!

      PS: I tried to reconstruct this comment as well as I could but I'm sure I left out things I had in the first one. Damn.

      1. Thanks so much for commenting again, I'm such a dumbass :P

        Never heard of this one, I'm currently still on GoT spree, re-reading book 4, which I kinda need to remember well for tomorrow's post ^^

        I didn't get any real-life occurring jokes either but Internet was cruel place on April the 1st :)

        Yeah I don't think I'll get back to Bates Motel, it just has too many flaws.

        I have winter here too, I don't know what the hell is up. It's like Westeros - long winters, long summers, nothing in between.

      2. No problem, it was like a brain challenge - remember everything you wrote an hour ago, ready, set, go!
        Oh, GoT books - neeeeeeeeeed to read them! Damn! TFIoS is about a teenager who has cancer.. and it's a love story.. it's supposed to be funny and sad. I know people who have cried their eyes out. I'm gonna have a pretty decent Friday today, I guess.

        Here.. I wonder where.. I have never notice you mention where you actually live - is it like a secret?

      3. I avoid sad books, all GoT books do to me is gross me out at times, but as for 'sad factor' TV series with all the acting and music is much moving. But they are so long, the 5th one will probably take me 3 weeks to get through it again :)

        I didn't mention it, I never do. I like to keep some things private.

      4. I'm always over sharing things. I'm American like that (as I was actually told by my friends - too much info!). :D

      5. Americans share too much info? I suppose that is true in many instances, the OT topics on imdb are...troubling :)

      6. I've been in the States for 4 months.. and well, compared to my nationality, the sharing is a bit more common. So maybe the difference is so big that it seems over-sharing to the Northern Europeans.

      7. Probably, I think Americans are in general more carefree and perhaps sharing comes with it :) I'd love to visit States!

    2. “I hear talk about Bates Motel actually...improving?! I'd find out but I really don't have the time for that.” Yep, exactly.

      Cannot WAIT for Only God Forgives.

      Thanks so much for the link! Glad you like the poster ☺

    3. And again :P

      I can understand Jack Gleeson not wanting to act again. Life must be hard for him. Everywhere people must be wanting to throw shit on his face.

      I heart Jorah and Margaery.

      Oh I'm the same with Doctor Who. Every free moment this week has been spent at rewatching all of Matt Smith's adorable scenes. At least until Only God Forgives' trailer came out :P

      I will give Bates Motel another chance I think. For Vera.

      I am really looking forward to the new Wes Anderson film, Dark Places, Gatsby and definitely Before Midnight. I think people would have thought the same as you when Before Sunset was coming out. No, I don't think it will top Sunset's perfection, but I'm pretty sure it will be v.v.v.v. good. Also Celine and Jesse <3

      Armitage and Cumberbatch :D

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Haha, yeah :) But as many say Joffrey is fun to hate. Several characters to appear in season 3 will just be necessary to hate.

        Trailers and TV series take up a lot of my time too, certainly more than movies as I have piles to see and I just don't :)

        If I ever see it again it will be for Vera too, but I doubt there will be a second season, seems to me a lot of people gave up after the pilot episode.

        I'm sure the film will be good, but the ending of the previous one is so damn perfect I would be happy if their story ended there.

    4. New music in old story seems to be the same approach as Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge. The soundtrack list for Gatsby looks awesome.

      1. Soundtrack looks great, it's the rest of the movie that doesn't look good to me :)

    5. Aaaah... once again, EPIC post!! And I'm not just saying that because of all the RA pictures but they sure don't hurt. OH LA LA!!

      Thanks for the link love, dahling, glad you enjoyed that score.

      Though I don't watch GoT, I really enjoy all your posts on them and all the pics, fun! Thanks for this, very entertaining as always :D

      1. They may hurt, we don't know it yet. On day you see them and BAM. Exploded.

        You're welcome, it's lovely!

        Oh, that's great to read! Today's GoT will have Richard in it :P

      2. Ahah, so true! Though I probably won't feel anything when one day I spontaneously com-bust!

        Some of the scenes from Strike Back are quite gratuitous sometimes, i mean is this SHOT really necessary? But hey, who am I to complain??!

        Btw, you're welcome :D

      3. Haha, this image is in one of the most prominent tumblr gifs:D:D:D

        My favorite Strike Back moment was when he got to prison in Zimbabwe, I think, and they asked him to strip. I was like WHATTTT that scene lasted 3 minutes or something - I was so thankful :D

    6. I would so love to go to the first screening of Only God Forgives... Nicolas Winding Refn & Ryan Gosling put my ass in the seat!

      1. I can't wait to see this one. Certainly has a potential to be as good as Drive was.

    7. Heyyyy... thanks for the linkage. Now I forgot all the things I was gonna say. LOL

      So, your dog doesn't like Dragons, huh? Is that a deal breaker between you two, Khaleesi? :D

      I like your take on the Carrie remake, we'll see if Moretz is good enough to pull off "meek". Deck's stacked against her as you say. My problem with that trailer is they show the WHOLE FREAKING MOVIE! Seriously, that's like one of those "Movie X in two minutes" YouTube clips, I know its a remake, but cmon, leave SOMETHING for the audience to discover! :o

      I dont know if I'd say Bates Motel is improving. It flirts with being dumped on a weekly basis for me. Thankfully, Hannibal got off to a kick ass start though! Woot!

      1. Haha, you're welcome! :P

        Nah, he has done worse things than that and I still love him :P

        I remember seeing the trailer for the original and they spoiled a lot there too. Of course the original was a brilliant film so it was awesome to see it even if you knew what will happen and this one looks like something that can only scare 13 year old girls.

        I heard some people say it's much better now than the pilot episode. I can hardly imagine anything worse so I'm inclined to believe them :P Haven't seen Hannibal yet but I will soon.

      2. Getting better, I guess, yeah. Still slow and odd, though :(

      3. And still with Freddie 'where's my chocolate?' Highmore...

    8. I'm so far behind on GoT. I'm five episodes in (series 1) and I keep telling myself I must not come here and see all the pics that will spoil bits. Unfortunately I can't help myself and the hypnotic, spellbinding gifs always suck me in! However I cannot read most of this still but I did see some mention of The Hunt. It's brilliant, I hope you get round to seeing it soon!

      1. Oooh, 5 episodes? Jaime and Ned duel in the end? God, I know this show too well :P

        I hope you'll catch up soon enough, but it also mean you will share the agony of waiting for Sunday to see new episode.

        I already have it on my desk so all I need to do is find 2,5h :) Harder than it sounds, unfortunately :(

    9. 10 pages in one day ... kudos! :-)

      1. Yeah and then nothing for 2 days, I work in a funny way :P

    10. I can't say I am on the up and up with Game of Thrones, but that meme at the end is hilarious. :)
      I'm actually looking really forward to The Great Gatsby. It looks wildly over the top like the 1920s was, and I like the modern soundtrack. Plus, Leo. Carrie Mulligan just ain't my cup of tea though....
      Bates Motel...I kinda konked out after the first episode. I thought the series was going to be about how crazy Norman and his mother are, but now it's shifting to the whole town's dysfunctionalities(?). Uegh.
      Thank you so much for the link! :)

      1. I actually like Mulligan a lot, especially after seeing Shame. I'm definitely going to watch the movie, but I'm not thrilled about that prospect.

        I saw 3/4 of pilot episode and didn't have the time nor much of an inkling to watch more.

        You're very welcome!

    11. I love GOT excited to see it back on the air. I have read the books so I know this going to be a interesting season. I am curious if they are going to have a certain someone keep all of his body parts or if they will stay true to the book.

      I watched the whole first season of Girls and then I realized its just a show about over sexed hipsters trying to get laid. I am officially not a fan of Lena Dunham.

      1. It's awesome! Sunday is my fav day only when it airs :) Oh, the body part is definitely going away, it has been confirmed by those who saw first 4 episodes.

        Girls is just the worst.

    12. I agree on Before Sunset's ending, but I'm hoping the third film manages to surpass it (unlikely).

      Only God Forgives looks awesome! Can't wait!

      Thanks for the link! :)

    13. You're making my heart jump with all this GOT lovefest, I am jumping on the wagon :)
      Oh, and I've been listening to a lot of Lana del Rey recently- I love Million Dollar man and Ride

      1. Awesome!! :)
        Those are so great, the video for Ride is one of my all-time favorites.

    14. So....I never thanked you for the link.

      But, in my defense...I've been avoiding this site like an overly friendly hooker. I'm curious. But I'm afraid, too.

      Translation: anti TV m.brown? Oh, that fool started GoT. (watched first, episodes)

      1. You're welcome! :)

        Haha, that's cool! I really hope you like the show so far!!!

    15. I am loving the Ron Swanson gif haha. I'm on season four now :)
      As for Carrie, I have to see it in the cinema purely so I can laugh at it haha.
      Also, I'm just wondering, what are you doing your dissertation on?

      PS - Thanks for the link. You're very kind.

      1. Ron is the best, his reactions and general disinterest in stuff is so hilarious :)

        Yeah, same here, I bet it will be a laugh riot!

        My topic is 'expert witnesses in criminal procedure', could be worse as it's not horribly boring :)

        You're welcome!

      2. He's just the best character haha.

        Best of luck with your dissertation! I start mine next year.

      3. He keeps me watching for sure :)

        It's not that bad, but it's difficult if you get stuck and can't find any data. Legal topics are kinda hard since you can't find things too easily, the whole idea of writing dissertation on those is a bit silly. But if you study something normal I'm sure it will be easy :)