Friday, May 10, 2013

(78) Welcome to Hell + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, May 10, 2013
  • Well my week was...not good. It was a nightmare. Turns out my professor doesn't have the time to read my dissertation so I still don't know whether it's good or not. He told me he will get back to me so it's not cool as he is unpredictable and I'm literally checking my inbox 100 times a day. Plus he is not the most pleasant person so if he doesn't like my paper it will be hellish as I really don't know how to make it better. Hopefully he will go easy on me and I'll defend it in June because I really just want it to be over. Haven't been this stressed out in years. At least with the bar exam if you learn and know stuff - you pass. Here it is kinda arbitrary and I hate the shit out of that.
  • I've actually started learning for the bar exam this week. It's not awful yet as I started with criminal procedure which is the easiest one, since I like it. Also if I don't get in this year, that's not so bad. I'll probably be exhausted by the time I'll actually take the exam anyway and the perspective of 26 more months of this is not something I'm eager to start. I'm always law school graduate so I can find a place to do some legal training. No hurry. I don't get my hopes up, so there is only room for good surprises, not bitter disappointments. And it's still 5 months to the exam.
  • Thank God for Game of Thrones. The only time I forget about all of this mess is the one hour when I watch it on Sunday. Then I'm not here. I'm in motherfucking Westeros.
  • I changed my avatars to Lady Melisandre. Khaleesi's continuous rejection of Jorah and the fact she is about to turn into a dumbass was one of the reasons. Also Melisandre rocks.
  • We didn't get Robb sex scene on Sunday but it's coming up in new episode, so HAPPINESS. Also it will feature my favorite scene from the series - yes! There is like 80% chance I'll explode when I see that.
  • I wonder how they will handle Tywin scolding Joffrey scene. Yep, Tywin hates whores but the fact Joff used one as a target practice will probably be the reason for the "sharp lesson".
  • Also there is potentially a very unpleasant Theon scene coming up as Martin, who wrote the episode, will probably use this opportunity to clear some things out.
  • The most exciting thing this week were the news that Richard Madden is going to be Prince Charming in that Cinderella movie where Cate Blanchett is going to be evil stepmother. Can you imagine him doing all those romantic, fairytale things? I need to get a verbal confirmation from one of my friends that they will go with me to see it. Someone needs to call the ambulance when I pass out. 
  • So let me get this straight - not only is Jenna-Louise Coleman insanely beautiful but she also gets to date him? And do things to his body and face? This is now the very definition of "not fair".
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau made a surprise appearance in recent SNL.
  • Lammies. I made it pretty clear that I'm not exactly thrilled about them but the fact I lost Best Design again, to the same blog, and this time by 1 vote is actually comical. Thank you to 35 people who voted for me, I appreciate it.
  • Parks and Rec finale was awesome. Ron is going to be a baby daddy! Oh God, can you imagine that?! He is going to teach that child his Swanson pyramid.
  • I thought Gustav was spoiled. Then I saw The Big Bang Theory where Raj actually has a stroller for his Yorkie, Cinnamon. I think there are still some levels left to accomplish there.
  • I finally saw Hannibal. It's good but it's not that great. Hugh Dancy's character is extremely annoying. It follows murder of the week pattern which is such a big cliche. It's just an example of how they want to drag out the reveal of Hannibal being a murderer for many seasons and they have absolutely no idea how to do so, without resorting to usual tricks. Mikkelsen is really good in his role but sometimes it's hard to understand what he is saying because of his accent. The visual side of the series is pretty awesome and I'm quite shocked about the level of gore - it airs on NBC and I didn't think they can actually show such things. That angels thing with people and their skin made to look like wings was crazy.
  • Mia Wasikowska and Olivia Williams joined the cast of new David Cronenberg movie Maps to the Stars. Williams will play his manipulative mother, and Wasikowska her disfigured, schizophrenic, fame-obsessed daughter. Sounds great.
  • First teaser for Gravity was released and it's a bit hectic. I mean what the movie is going to be about? Sandra Bullock just floating in space?
  • Let's talk about that MET gala for a second. Oh, my God. Have you seen Sarah Jessica Parker? You can print that and use it to scare kids. Horrific. I really like Anne Hathaway's new hair color and that dress, as much as it pains me to say so. Cara Delavigne's dress was fantastic too. And our Khaleesi! So gorgeous! That earring was amazing. I liked Emmy Rossum's dress and make up as well as Florence Welch's outfit that looked kinda like something out of Game of Thrones.
  •  This week I saw new Iron Man movie. I liked it, it was fun. I didn't like it as much as the second movie, though, which is my favorite out of trilogy. I just loved Sam Rockwell, Pepper and Tony arguing and Black Widow's long red locks. But third part was entertaining, I'll post the review next week.
  • There is new David Bowie video with Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard. This is so awesome. 
  • So last week I had a close encounter with giant hedgehog and 20 boars. This week my friend texted me that a pack of wolves was seen in my town's woods. Oh My I Westeros? Is one of them The Young Wolf? 'Cause that would really turn things around for me.

  • links:
    • MettelRay appreciates Mr. Beard. So much hotness in this post.
    • Ruth shares Lana Del Rey's amazing Young and Beautiful from The Great Gatsby soundtrack
    • Chris reviews Ruby Starks, which has been on my watchlist for a while now
    • Elena and Brittani both praise Trance
    • Alex reviews Mud which I'm looking forward to seeing
    • m.brown liked charming Seeking a Friend for the End of the World


    1. Sucks about that professor, he must be a dick.

      I do not like Anne's new hair. I hate it. Blonde is not a good look for her.

      I LOVE the new Bowie video. American Catholic League can eat shit. Bowie is my religion.

      You can Reese out of the South but you can't take the South of Reese. "I thought this was America". That video made laugh.

      1. Yeah, kinda :)

        I like it here the way it is styled, but I saw some pics from even recent events and it's not looking good :/

        Haha, yeah it's an awesome video! :)

        Me too, I'm so glad they recorded her.

    2. Sorry you don't like Hannibal more, it's one of the few shows I look forward to anymore, actually most of them are on NBC (Community and Parks & Rec).

      1. It's all right, but it's a little lazy. I love Parks and Rec, so glad we are getting season 6.

    3. Thanks for the link! Can you imagine what Richard and Jenna's kids would look like? They'd be so beautiful you wouldn't be able to look at them directly. I'm so giddy about Sunday's Jaime/Brienne scene. Cara Devigne's eyebrows are the worst. I seriously don't know anything about her. Only that those babies are thick. I love your design, btw, you had my vote..

      1. You're welcome! Oh my God, those would be superbabies. They are both so beautiful.

        I keep worrying if they will include "I dreamed of you" line since the show is doing such an awful job with dreams and prophecies. But really all they can show is just Jaime waking up and that would guarantee that line stays in. I don't have complete faith in the showrunners, but GRRM wrote the episode, so I'm hoping for the best.

    4. LOL @ that gif combination there about Reese Witherspoon. Funny stuff. :D

      I voted for you for best design, for the record. All the nominees have great looking sites, but you've done wayyyy more with the blogspot platform than anyone I've seen elsewhere. Sorry you didnt take home the prize :(

      1. Yeah, so much joy and laughter comes from the stuff she said :P I'm so glad they recorded it.

        I'm not going to campaign next year, it's just not worthy of my time.

    5. I've been looking forward to a trailer for Gravity for so long. It might just be them floating in space (a terrifying version of The Tree of Life?), but I'm excited! Early test audiences said it was Oscar worthy....

      1. I'm sure they did but after the pool of crap that were the last year's nominees that is even less encouraging :)

    6. Hopefully your dissertation goes well and can I just say that I find those people who promise to do something and then not do it very unprofessional. But I had a Bachelor thesis consultant who was much worse, I sent him the paper piece by piece, and he kept sending me the paper back with no remarks and by the time I had about 40 pages, he gave like a thousand comments!

      Jenna-Louise is indeed beautiful.. damn.
      And can't wait for the GOT this week, you've hyped it up well! :D

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Yeah mine either won't read it and will just send me random questions I have to prepare answers for or reads it and starts bugging me about it. I really hope it's going to be the former.

        She is, it's so frustrating! :P
        It's going to be awesome. I don't think Martin will butcher it, especially considering how the episode will have some of the best things he wrote.

        You're welcome, that post was awesome!

    7. That sucks about your dissertation. It can be so annoying when you've worked so hard on something and tutors act so nonchalant about it, as if it doesn't matter. Happened to me a few times.

      I had the exact same thoughts about you on Hannibal. I struggled to work out what Mikkelsen was saying and Hugh Dancy was quite annoying, he was just so over the top all the time. I've only seen the first episode though.

      Thanks for the link :) And you had my vote for the LAMMY!

      1. It's especially awful considering how it's literally the last thing on my studies and I just want it to be over.

        Dancy doesn't get any better in later episodes, I don't think he was the right choice for that character.

        You're welcome! :)

    8. Thanks for the link, I knew you'd love that song. It's so addictive!

      Y'know is it just me or Nick Offerman kinda looks like Garfield the cat? I mean that in the best possible way, I mean his expression is so hilarious!

      Nikolaj is on SNL??!?! I HAVE to search that on YouTube!! He's gonna be on Jimmy Fallon too I think, he's so darn charming.

      Oh and yes, sooo much hotness in Mettel's post on bearded men. Btw, I take it you've seen Richard in Vicar of Dibley? I had to include the wedding scene in my top 10 today, nice to see Richard smiling so much!! He's absolutely gorgeous in a tux too.

      1. You're welcome! Lana actually released video for it today and it is gorgeous, it also features slightly different version of the song.

        He really does! His character on Parks and Rec is grumpy and loves food too! :)

        Oh, awesome! he is hilarious on these talk shows!

        Haven't seen this one yet!

      2. Oh I've got to find that video online, or if you have the link would you tweet it to me?

        Btw, I wish you had won Best Design Sati, I voted for you on that one. Oh and for the Visuals Parallels too!

      3. Thank you! I won't be campaigning for Lammies next year, though.

    9. You got our best design vote ;-)

      Is it Sunday yet so I can watch GOT?

    10. Love that GIF from Legally Blonde ;).
      Maps to the Stars sounds great! As does Hannibal, partly... I think I'll watch Sherlock before I start watching that.

      1. Oh, definitely watch Sherlock first, it's much better!

    11. I don't know what the hell went wrong in this year's Met Ball, but it was INSANE: Nicole Richie, Miley Cyrus... WHAT.

    12. That Bowie video is AWESOME! Marion... god, I just love her.

      I'm intrigued by Gravity. Very very curious.

      Thanks for the link, and man did I love those Witherspoon's shots at the end of your post.

      1. So great that he got her to be in this video!

        You're welcome! This really made me laugh, pure gold :)

    13. I am sorry about the trouble with your dissertation. :-( Professors can be real dicks, not to put too fine a point on it. While my father was trying to wrap up his doctoral dissertation, his dissertation advisor actually left the country without telling him.

      Robb Stark and the Doctor's companion. Interesting. And yes, there is no justice. If there were, the universe would compensate you for going through this dissertation debacle by having gratuitous nude scenes featuring both Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Richard Madden in every GoT episode. Come to think of it, that might lift my spirits, too. :)

      FWIW you definitely had my vote on the LAMMY. Your blog is a work of art.

      So what is your all-time favorite scene in the GoT series? The one that will trigger an 80% chance of spontaneous combustion? :-)

      1. This can actually happen here too :) He has times where he doesn't come by for weeks, but since he has exams to conduct in June I'm hoping for the best, I'm too tired of being worried about it. I wrote it, I think it's good, let's hope for the best and painfree A :)

        If the world was fair I'd get them both in my room for 5 years of law school :P

        Thank you so much, that is so sweet!

        Brienne, Jaime and the bear! :)

      2. Oh, the bear pit! :-) Yes, that's a great scene. I'm still trudging through A Feast for Crows. I don't think I've ever made such slow progress on a novel. There are some really great moments here and there, and I like the new characters being introduced. But mostly I'm plodding through this mess so I can get to the next book and eventually finish the series. It kind of irks me, to tell you the truth. :)

      3. I read A Feast of Crows and ADwD pretty fast but I skipped Bran and Sam's chapters. I just don't care what happens there. ADwD has some incredibly character damaging moments but it has some amazing chapters too.

    14. Jenna Louise Coleman also gets to hang around with Matt Smith and kiss and flirt with him on the show. I want to hate her, but she's so adorable.

      Oh Met Gala- Miey Cyrus is going to haunt me. I loved Khaleesi too.

      Gravity pretty much is Sandra Bullock floating in space, but the visuals are supposed to be something never seen before and "out of the world" :P Also it's Cuaron so I highly doubt the story is that simple. I am really really really looking forward to it.

      And shame you don't like Hannibal more. I like the freak Will Graham is and how Dancy is playing him. And I do get a sick pleasure out of seeing Hannibal feeding people :P

      1. Yeah, it's hard to hate her, she seems like a very sweet person!

        Cyrus looked like a demon. Seriously.

        I'm definitely going to see Gravity, but I was a little disappointed by that trailer.

        Someone on tumblr wrote they hope they will do a montage of people realizing they were eating humans all this time, done to classical music. That would be hilarious :P

    15. Excellent post Sati!! :)

    16. What a way to end a great season of Parks & Rec! I knew it had to be Ron, I just knew it!

    17. I voted for you for Best Design, and I was convinced you'd win it. :(

      Ooh, that Cronenberg film sounds awesome!

      Off to watch that new Bowie video… :)

      1. Yeah it sounds really great, the cast is definitely solid!

        Thank you! It looks like I'm losing all 5 :)