Friday, July 12, 2013

(87) A womanish husband is no use to anyone. And your servants! What a fuss! I think you feed them too much + links

By Sati. Friday, July 12, 2013
  • I've been rewatching Rome, which led me to making even more gifsets. The show is hugely entertaining but I stand by my opinion that it's really nowhere near GoT quality. That said, Atia would have destroyed Cersei. In fact, I'm kinda sure she would make her cry.
  • Polly Walker is just fascinating in the series and I cannot believe she didn't get any big profile roles after the show. I saw her in excellent Dark Harbor with Alan Rickman and she was fantastic there as well. I have never seen a character that is so cheerful while manipulating others as Atia is.
  • Polly would actually make a fine lady Merryweather on Game of Thrones. I imagine we will see that character in season 5, if the writers include her on the show. I think they definitely will as I don't think they will deprive themselves of the joy of seeing lesbian scenes including Cersei. Atia and Cersei conspiring and doing it. That would be something.
  • I'm not just perceptive when it comes to parallels - here are all the bits of foreshadowing in season 3 of GoT that I was able to spot.
  • Game of Thrones season 4 started filming this week. Apparently Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams are in one hotel together, because they keep making those adorable Vine videos. Arya and Sansa reunited!
  • HBO followed Game of Thrones with the show that features fairy vampires. Yes, I'm talking about True Blood.
  • What else will happen on the show? Will they cross fairies with food and Sookie will fight with glowing spaghetti next season? I would not be surprised if that happened. That said the show is still fun and I really liked that Sookie was so badass especially in the ending of the episode. That's so rare, as Sookie uses her brain every once in, like, 3 seasons. 
  • Fav moment of the episode - Rutger Hauer and Jason hiding in the bushes, with one shotgun attempting to kill the said fairy vampire.
  •  I went to ZOO this week. It was really fun, as I'm not there often because I need to find a babysitter for Gustav - dogs are not allowed in, which is wise because he would piss all the animals off with his barking. I really wanted to take pictures with lions and wolves, but it turns out we don't have lions in our zoo and the wolves were either hiding in the bushes or escaped because I could not spot them in their area. But I did see one donkey kick another donkey which was both hilarious and horrifying, a seal and baby kangaroo peeing and a lot of meerkats and those are so cute. I also saw actual black swans which was awesome.
  •   I didn't watch Wimbledon but seeing the gifs of Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler reactions during it made me wish I did. Butler did more acting there than in his last movies.

  • As you probably read already the goddess Michelle Fairley has joined Suits. I'm still hopelessly stuck on episode 1x03 so I really need to rush through the rest of the series. The first promo for new season is a very cool Game of Thrones homage, seeing how Conleth Hill (Varys) is on Suits too. Fairley looks badass and I cannot wait to see the episodes with her.
  • Speaking of promos the marketing for Oldboy proceeded the alarmingly campy trailer with horrible poster. The trailer looks like one of those terrible action movies that they show on TV late at night on week days. The poster I can't even comment about. I'm sure Olsen will be great but that lousy attempt of humour at the end of the trailer is enough for me not to see this movie until I absolutely have to. I'm also not a big fan of Spike Lee, so there's that. 
  • First teaser for Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom was released and it blows. Its just a field for 60 seconds of the teaser. Very soapy, cheesy stuff right there, hopefully the actual trailer will be good. 
  • Picture time - check out Amy Adams on the set of new Tim Burton movie Big Eyes and Cate Blanchett in one of the new stills from Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine. In the middle we have Chloe Moretz in Carrie remake. Hm. Carrie was supposed to be plain, right?? This is just an abomination.
  • EMMY nominations are upon us. I can sense I will be pissed off. I hope Fairley gets in but there is a big chance they will nominate Dinklage over Coster-Waldau because of this ridiculous "he was nominated before" policy. I'm sure Emmy voters do not realize this but the time to nominate (and reward) Dinklage will be for the next season where Tyrion will have his best scenes yet.
  • I don't know why I care, Mad Men winning 4 Outstanding Drama Series Emmys pretty much proves how stupid the Emmys are. Six Feet Under didn't win once and this won 4 times? Please. I'm not saying Mad Men is a bad show, but 4 wins? What? And let's not forget that one time Lost won over Six Feet Under and Deadwood. This is madness. 
  • I would do a post on Emmy screw-ups but I fear I may have a stroke while doing so.
  • In the movie world, Pacific Rim has hit the theatres. Unfortunately, I'm told Idris Elba is not shirtless in it. That is very disappointing.
  • Speaking of, I finally got a chance to see first two episodes of Luther season 3. Bad news is that Alice still haven't showed up. Good news is that season 3 is already better than season 2. The lovely Sienna Guillory has joined the cast and she has very good chemistry with Elba. On the other hand...who wouldn't?

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    1. I love Rome, that's a fucking show. I miss that show. All of that sex and violence.

      You look nice btw in those zoo pics.

      Totally agree with you on Chloe Moretz as Carrie... NO!!!!

      1. It's so good! Antony and Atia have insane chemistry and Cleopatra is awesome on that show.

        Thanks! :)

        I cannot believe what they are doing to Carrie :(

    2. If you need motivation to see the Emmys, remember that Idris Elba might get nominated again (I *think he might... I don t watch Luther, but wasn't he nominated for the show twice before?). Thanks for the link!

      A zoo with no lion? That's half the fun gone there already!

      1. That's true! He was definitely nominated last year, but he didn't win :(

        Yeah, I hope they will eventually come to our zoo :)

    3. yeah its such a shame that polly walker didnt appear in anything big after her role in Rome. She was incredible in it and I would love to see her in Rome. James Purefroy as Marc Antony was amazing as well.

      1. Antony is so hilarious, I love his lines. His relationship with Atia is so great and fascinating to watch.

    4. Aww Will.
      I really like the Oldboy stuff actually.

      Man Butler and Cooper were the shizzzzz.


      I didn't know Luther started :O :O

      1. It did, two episodes already aired and there only 2 more! :(

    5. Glad you got to see black swans in the zoo, how perfect is that? :)

      I haven't even seen the original Oldboy :/ I'll probably skip the remake and watch the 2003 film.

      Kind of looks like B Cooper and G Butler are imitating eachother or something :)

      1. Yeah, I was so surprised, I never saw one before! :)

        Original Oldboy is really great, I really don't know why they are doing the remake :/

        Maybe Cooper is teaching him acting :D

    6. Thanks for the link! :) I've never seen Rome. I had never heard of it until people started comparing it to Game of Thrones. I'm hoping both Dinklage and Coster-Waldau will get in. I mean, if Breaking Bad can take two supporting Emmy noms, Game of Thrones should be able to as well! I think I'll cry if Fairly doesn't get nominated. Just like I'll cry if Bryan Cranston gets screwed out of his Emmy again by Damian Lewis.

      1. You're welcome! Rome is really good, plenty of similarities with GoT I'm actually doing Visual Parallels for those two :)

        It really should but award shows seem to hate fantasy series :/ Same here, she has to get in! Lewis is really nothing special comparing to Cranston.

    7. THANKS for the link Sati, sorry I missed this! Oh boy, I LOVE those pics/gifs of Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler at Wimbledon! They're so chummy together, they even had similar suit, ahah. I wish they'd do a movie together, now that Cooper is an Oscar nominee maybe he has some role choice tips for GB, ahah.

      Great pics of you at the zoo! You're so dressy, is it customary to be so dressed up to go to the zoo? I probably would be in shorts and tee :D Awesome post as always!

      1. You're welcome! They could do a comedy of just them doing expressions like in those gifs:)

        Thank you! Actually it's not, but I got a new dress so I wanted to wear it :) Thank God I didn't wear heels cause there was so much walking there :)

      2. Oh yeah, Butler & Cooper should totally do a comedy together, they look like they're having fun. Apparently they didn't actually agreed to dress alike, ahah:

        It's a cute dress! Oh yeah, wearing heels would be horrid. Plus it'll probably look cute w/ flats anyway :D

      3. Hahaha, that first picture of them! I agree with Piven, it looks like they are off to have a wedding or something :)

        Thank you! I don't really know how to walk in heels, so that's for the best :P

    8. Black swans? That's awesome! :)

      Ugh, I really need to go back and finish the first season of Luther. I'll probably just restart it from the beginning.

      1. It's a good idea, first season is still the best one!

    9. Thank you for the link! :)

      It's true that Elba doesn't get his shirt off in Pacific Rim but he's still all kinds of awesome! And I'm with you on Carrie - the whole point is that she's supposed to look plain and not really stand out.

      1. You're welcome! Can't wait to see Pacific Rim, but it's hard to convince people to see monsters vs robots movie :)