Friday, January 17, 2014

(114) No Jonah Hill haters allowed + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, January 17, 2014

  • I'm still laughing at that scene. Oh wow, that was so awesome.
  • I was a giggling, wide-eyed happy kitty whenever Dujardin appeared. Sweet Jesus, what a fox.
  • And then I swear I saw his penis. And I'm not the only one. It's like my eyes knew exactly where to go in that scene.
  • During cerebral palsy stage my entire theater roared. I myself cried several times from laughing so hard but when DiCaprio fell into the bushes and then into the pool I almost peed myself.
  • That was Sunday. Well that, watching Globes, drinking lots of wine and missing several speeches due to repeated viewings of freshly released Game of Thrones trailer.
  • Speaking of globes let's give it up for Gabby Sidibe everyone:
  • I really hate it when people make fun of her weight. It's her business, not yours. And I'll take that over skeleton skinny any day.
  • Let's talk about Friday when after publishing the last Rambling post several things happened.
  • First the actual catastrofuck when I noticed Only Lovers Left Alive got moved from February 14th to April 30th. WHY. WHY. For the love of God, why?! There are 3 fucking showings of Nymphomaniac in our multiplex but this one gets postponed?
  • But then a miracle has happened - HBO released some footage from Game of Thrones and we got a band new shiny, awesome trailer 2 days later. 

  • Prince Oberyn rolled, rose, and dusted himself off. He tossed aside the splintered spear and claimed his foe’s greatsword. “If you die before you say her name, ser, I will hunt you through all seven hells,” he promised.

  • Can you sense it? Can you feel it? The waves of fangirls piling up for Pedro Pascal because of him playing Oberyn Martell? It has started already.
  • I love how when he was cast everyone was having meltdowns and now with one line in the trailer - which he delivered in awesome way - and few glimpses of him playing the Viper everyone just shut the fuck up and started shaking uncontrollably in anticipation.
  • Cersei is so freaking fierce in the trailer. Nobody is getting nominated for anything, though. Maybe Dinklage, but he always gets in. I mean if Fairley and Waldau got fuck all this year not even if Thrones starts curing cancer - and if anything could do that it would be Thrones - they aren't getting anything.
  • You know what pisses me off? When I upload my edits on tumblr and someone reblogs it and adds some sort of a comment with their dumbass opinion. I mean people stealing my shit, especially Visual Parallels, bothers me too, but most of the time until I see it on my dashboard, I'm not even aware of that. A while back I made a gifset showing all the different times Cersei showed various emotions on the show. I wrote that Martin gave us a villain and Headey gave us a person. I was astonished that few out of hundreds of people who reblogged this actually disagreed and tried to make a case book Cersei isn't pure evil. I mean, what? Are they forgetting about her smiling thinking about Sansa being forced to sleep with Tyrion on her wedding night (essentially - rape)? Are they forgetting about her sending women to be tortured and mutilated for no reason? Oh and what's that thing she did as a young girl? Right. Pushing her friend down the well. Right, she's clearly not evil.
  • Can someone give Thomas a scarf or something?  IT'S WINTER.
  • Your job is being beautiful, precious angel.And you're doing a super job.
  • In this week's Tom Hiddleston woke up and decided he hasn't ruined us enough news story, Tom made a Jaguar commercial with Mark Strong and Ben Kingsley which will air on February 2nd. He will be wearing that thing on the left. Good God, man. 
  • Also there is this teaser for the commercial. *inhuman fangirl noises*
  • Bad news - David O.Russell is still an idiot. O.Russell compared Lawrence's work on The Hunger Games movies to slavery. His asinine comparison aside - really? Oh, I feel so bad for her. Making 10 million dollar a film. Probably having freaking latte delivered on the set and spa treatment every day. Poor thing. I sit in freezing cold office in the firm in front of a computer for 6hours which makes me feel like I'll go blind and make next to nothing after 5 years of law school. I clearly know nothing of hard work and injustice. JLaw does.
  •  Clooney needs to show up to more ceremonies this Oscar season if only to punch O.Russell in the face again.

  • While we are on the subject of despicable people - let's talk about Lena Dunham. This guy should get a hug. And fucking Girls got renewed for fourth season. Carnivale had 2. Deadwood had 3. The show with jokes about miscarriage and AIDS has 4. I mean Boardwalk Empire and The Newsroom get cancelled and this stays? What did she do? Threaten to walk around naked around HBO headquarters if they cancel it?
  • I hope that pigeon took a massive shit. 
  • I saw The Butler this week. Oh, wow what a massive, sentimental Oscar bait that thankfully failed. Everyone was in this movie. But when they showed footage of Obama in the end....really? I was half expecting him to actually appear in the end with Whitaker. 
  • I also rewatched Tropic Thunder.
  • Robert Downey Jr's Oscar nomination for this one remains one of my all time favorite nominations. He was absolutely mesmerizing and so hilarious. Him opening the toilet door during big explosion? Him saying 'survive' when Stiller is getting shot like a hundred times? "You're talking to me this whole time? Jesus Christ, Man!'. Love it.Tom Cruise and McConaughey are hysterical too.
  • I've been watching Hollow Crown. This thing is a health hazard.
  • Not only is Hiddleston running around wet, shirtless or with his shirt half-opened and reciting poetic lines - he is riding a white horse. While wearing an armor. With wind in his curly hair. And at one point Iain Glen shows up. How am I still alive?

  • So let's talk about Oscar nominations. I'm not doing a separate post and I'll just write about my joy and outrage here.
  • First of all, I'm so happy for Barkhad Abdi. I've been catching up with Conan's show and he was a guest one day and the next day Hanks stopped by. They were both so adorable. His story is so amazing and I love how Hanks spent so much of his interview talking about him. I couldn't find the whole thing on youtube and I'm too tired to gif both interviews but you should watch that part that's on youtube.
  • I cannot freaking believe Hanks didn't get nominated for Captain Phillips. This is the worst snub since Fassbender in Shame. I the fuck did this happen?!
  • I adore how when Matthew McConaughey and Dallas Buyers Club Best Picture nominations were announced people in the room cheered very loudly.
  • DiCaprio is nominated. Tumblr took a collective shit due to happiness. I don't think he will win but if he does people will start having sex on the streets.
  • And finally I have a message for Jonah Hill haters:
  • All those bullshit articles calling him a douchebag, giving ridiculous reasons for it. He seems like a nice guy and he is super funny. And his nomination is very much deserved. Unlike damn Jennifer Lawrence who gave the most overhyped performance in the most overhyped movie of the year. Go Lupita.
  • This week's battle of who is more adorable:

  • links
    • Josh and Ruth posted their list of top 10 films of 2013
    • Nikhat and KaramelKinema recap Golden Globes ceremony
    • Chris gives great examples of scene chewing in movies
    • Alex wrote a fantastic article about Brian De Palma
    • Andina posts 12 things she learned from Blue Jasmine
    • Brittani reviews charming Her
    • Check out Across the Universe podcast about The Wolf of Wall Street
    • And finally drop whatever it is you're doing. Take your suit, take your dick and move your ass to read m.brown awesome review of The Wolf of Wall Street


    1. That Sidibe tweet ROCKS. God, I just adore her. Such a shame about Hanks. Damn, damn shame.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. She is very cool, good for her not caring about these idiots.

        You're welcome!

    2. Yay for Leo getting the Oscar nod. I love Jonah Hill in The Wolf of Wall Street and I still think his best work is in the small moments he had in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.

      I think Gabourey Sidibe looks pretty good in that dress. Fuck those haters. Let 'em starve.

      There's a reason why The Wolf of Wall Street is in my top 5 films of the year and the scenes w/ Dujardin are one of those fucking reasons. He's hilarious. I fucking laughed my ass off during the quaaludes scene as I wasn't the only one in that screening as the laughter went on for minutes. That's the scene of the year.

      Hiddles and the teddy bears. Could he be anymore adorable?

      1. I haven't seen that one, I'm gonna need to check this out!

        She looks very pretty indeed!

        Dujardin is so damn funny. I saw some comedy stuff he did in France and he can really do it all. His was such a fantastic choice for that part in Wolf.

        I always think 'no'. And then he goes and tops the cuteness.

    3. Fuck the haters! Comedy is every bit as hard as tragedy, and Jonah Hill fucking killed it in Wolf of Wall Street! Well deserved Oscar. Much better than Cooper in American Hustle (who essentially played a less disturbed version of his character in Silver Linings Playbook). Don't even get me started on Lawrence... I feel sorry for the women who missed out on a nomination because her stupid popularity got in the way.

      1. Absolutely. It's a real gift to have an ability to make people laugh. He was miles above Cooper. I really hope Lupita wins an Oscar and they'll immediately show O.Russell's and Lawrence's reactions.

    4. Oh my god that last Leo pic made me think of dogs hanging their faces out of car windows hahah xD Your post killed me every fucking time!!! That beautiful long necked angel *sputtering noises* how the fuck can he pull off that plaid suit looking gorgeous and sexy! that's just inhumane!!! D: Ugh! Feel your pain for Only Lovers Left Alive date being pushed back, i made my peace that i probably have to wait for home media release but seeing as it would be released in Australia in a few days made me want to hurl and kill somebody. How come Indonesia got a week release ahead for blockbusters but these type of films never got release! D:

      FUCK YEAH JONAH HILL!!! He's performance was way better than the entire cast of American Bullshit aka O. Russelll Orgy put together!

      Let me take a moment to mourn about this years Oscar snub especially for Hanks, Bruhl, and Rush.

      1. He totally looks like cute puppy :P

        Hiddleston will kill us all. He tops the shit he does each week. I'm just speechless.

        Totally, the praise for Hustle is just ridiculous.I don't know why Academy loves O.Russell. He's a douchebag.

    5. i'm not a jonah hill fan, but i think i dress ok lol. american hustle is still a funny but not good movie. and i love gabby sidibe and barkhad abdi! tom hanks was robbed!

      1. Hustle was entertaining but it's just awful how it's getting in instead of people who are more deserving. Hanks was robbed indeed!

    6. Gabourey Sidibe is a badass, love her.

      Also, David O. Russell is a David O. Asshole.

    7. Sorry to hear about Hanks! I know how much you were pulling for him. I honestly thought Redford would snub out Leo. Maybe he'll be there to present. Preach that JHill love - I'm so excited he got nominated as well as Leo and DBC. The only thing that could've made the noms better was if Margot was nominated too.
      Love those Hiddleston and DiCaprio pics - just perfect. <3

      1. Yeah Margot was so good, much better than Lawrence, sexier, funnier, seriously Academy has such bad taste this year.

    8. Thank you for the link Sati, always appreciate it!

      When I saw the title of your post I was like, Oh no, she's not gonna like what I said about WOWS but hey, I don't hate Jonah by any means, as you know I'm no hater :D But yeah the scenes w/ Dujardin is a hoot. "I was a giggling, wide-eyed happy kitty whenever Dujardin appeared." Ahah, I thought you might and I knew exactly where YOUR eyes would go during his bedroom scene ;-)

      I'm so happy for Barkhad Abdi too! It's just too bad he can't celebrate it with Tom Hanks who obviously is snubbed big time!! Same with Emma Thompson as the Academy loves Meryl WAY too much.

      1. I was so happy that he got that scene. It's an enormous waste of his screen presence when he doesn't have a scene like that. Come to think of it, in his latest 3 movies he had shirtless scene on the bed in each and every one of those.

      2. Dujardin was shirtless in bed in The Artist too?? Wait, how did I miss THAT??

      3. Not there :) Les Infideles, Mobius and Wolf :)

    9. Gabby Sidibe is one of my favorite things on American Horror Story. Delia is a wimp (until yesterday's ep), Fiona is a lovable sociopath, Madame LaLaurie is a psychopath, Laveau is also a sociopath, the axeman is a serial killer, Myrtle is fun I guess, Madison is annoying, Zoe is super annoying, the frankenstein boy is useless, Nan is/was under utilized, swamp witch was ok. So yes, Queenie was one of my favorites.

      How did 'Rome' get 2 seasons and 'Girls' got 4? How?

      Oooo what movie was that with Hiddles? Hollow Crown you say? I'll have to do some...research.

      1. I haven't seen last episode, the previous one was so mediocre I'm not even in hurry to check it out :/ Gabby is really good on the show, very fun character.

        I forgot about Rome! Such an amazing series. Though I suppose Dunham nudity is cheaper than amazing sets people actually want to look at and don't vomit while seeing them.

        Hollow Crown, 6h of Hiddles reciting Shakespeare. Oh, see it! :P

    10. I don't find this new GoT guy hot. This show will continue to fail me in the men's department. Thank god for Jorah (and Gendry little bit).

      Jonah is awesome and deserves the nomination.

      If Leo wins, I'm going to forgive the Oscars for not giving Best Director to Fincher for Social Network. Heck, I'll forgive it for all the TSN stuff.

      Hahaha, aww Leooooo <3


      1. Oberyn's hotness is mostly about his personality. Out of all the guys in ASOIAF I'd call him the sexiest guy.

        PREACH!! :)

        Hiddles is love <3

    11. Epic post!

      I was a little annoyed Hanks didn't get an Oscar nom either, that last scene is an acting masterclass.

      Love that Gabby Sidibe tweet, although it made me super jealous that I'm not doing her job!

      Thank you for the link, much appreciate :)

      1. Thanks!

        Well, given how AHS has deteriorated in quality I'm not sure I'd want to be a part of that :)

        You're welcome

    12. Got to give Sidibe credit...I like that tweet of hers. I like the fact she even made a point of the act she was joking. Good on her.

      I also can't believe Hanks didn't get a nomination for Best Actor. That's one of, if not, his best performance ever. What has a guy got to do... Yes, he was great in Philadelphia and Forrest Gump but Captain Phillips was more subtle yet equally, if not more, powerful. The finale to that film is the best acting he's ever done in my opinion.

      1. I agree, Hanks' work in Phillips was just mesmerizing. I completely agree about final scene, that right there is his most amazing work.

    13. Thanks for the link! All those Hiddles pics/gifs....*drools* I wish the Oscar clip they show for Jonah Hill would be the "Mayor of Fucksville" scene, but it won't be. :( I've been staring at the Jean clip too, and I can't decide if I see it or not. I think I'm seeing it because I want to.

      1. You're welcome! Fucksville scene nearly killed me. He was so bloody awesome in that. The way he kept tormenting Brad and that epic finale of his speech - wow.

        Well I'm sure it's there no matter what's going on with our perception :D

    14. This week had so much.. I don't know, stuff happening that it's nice to recap it here rather than to be overwhelmed by it all in the web. I do agree, Lawrence might be a bit too much nowadays, I still love her, I think she has potential for being great for many years but at this point it seems it's pure, how to say, like almost marketing her to a point where she doesn't even matter but the idea matters. I don't know what I'm saying but I figure it's all for show now.

      Love the Leo thing in the end.. he really is smelling that Oscar.. fourth time the charm?

      1. Yeah her PR is kinda screwing up lately, have you heard of her making fun of Bale because of his weight in Hustle? People call her 'real', she is as 'real' as her PR team decides to be.

        I'm rooting for Matt, but who knows :)

      2. Yeah.. she seems to have a case of word vomit sometimes.. it's nice with THG PR.. but somehow other movies, the PR is off.. a lot. Weird.

        I'm all for Leo.. I have a work mate who's name is Leo and I told him today, I'm rooting for him to get an Oscar.. he was happy about it. :D

    15. It doesn't surprise that people still care about Girls, tv channels are filled with shit shows 24h a day, You'd just think HBO would stick to its standards. That said, I did stop watching Boardwalk Empire after Jimmy's death, though I was thinking of picking it up again, so I really can't blame them for cancelling that show.

      Jonah Hill's nomination was the coolest thing, but Tom Hanks was a shock yes -- I thought his nom was a sure thing. It's true that there were many amazing performances, but his was spectacular. I've never seen Nebraska, so I can't comment on that one, so I'd actually consider replacing Ejiofor with Hanks. He was great, but Hanks really got to me.

      Thanks for linking our episode, and awesome post as always, Sati!

      1. Exactly, Girls just doesn't fit there. Even with all the nudity the shit that happens on Girls is lower than the worst of Judd Apatow's ideas. He is producing it, though, right? So I guess they really ARE his worst ideas.

        I stopped somewhere in season 3,not that it was bad, just too little time, too many better shows.

        Spectacular is the exact word to described his performance/ I don't even nominate Eijofor, as good as he was.

        You're welcome and thank you!

    16. I'm not normally a true fangirl of Tom Hiddleston but that commercial teaser is brilliant.

      There are Jonah Hill haters? Where do they hide? Someone needs to go there and teach them a lesson!

      Gahhh I still need to watch Captain Phillips to be able to judge on these things... anyway, O'Russels commentary on THG was totally stupid. He doesn't know what it's like to come home from 6 hours of high school and then try to be nice to people in the supermarket for another 6 hours. That being said, I do like his movies.

      Thanks for linking our podcast and the other awesome posts!

      1. Jonah Hill haters don't have shame, they are out in the open, talking shit.

        They are such spoiled bitches, honestly, I'm still shocked someone as classy as Adams worked with him.

        You're welcome! :)

    17. I am so glad you thought the same thing about that Lena Dunham/journalist incident! Can't believe they berated the guy for asking a valid question!

      Just saw The Wolf of Wall Street as well and I adored the Dujardin scenes as well, and Jonah Hill is so lovely, can't believe people actually dislike the guy

      Love your posts Sati

      1. I really, really, really despise Lena Dunham.

        That's awesome you liked Wolf and Jonah! I thought he was absolutely fantastic in the role.

    18. Thank you for the kind link, Sati!

      Dujardin was a joy to the eyes, even when he's playing a crook.

      If you don't like your photos reblogged by people, and be claimed by them, you should give watermark to your photos with your name or your blog name. But still you can't control the comments :)

      1. You're welcome!

        Oh God, I hate watermarks. It's just tainting the picture.

    19. I finally got to see The Wolf of Wall Street yesterday, and that whole Lemmon 714 scene had me in stitches, too. That movie was a freakin' riot.

      Love that pic of Leo at the end, haha.

      1. That was hilarious, my God, I completely lost it when DiCaprio tried to explain to Naomi she needs to get Donnie off the phone :P

    20. Thanks for the link! :D

      I'm so happy about the Wolf Oscar nominations, but Hanks seriously should've gotten in, at least over Bale.

      1. You're welcome! The lack of Hanks is unbelievable.