Friday, February 14, 2014

(118) Drogon intensifies + links

By Sati. Friday, February 14, 2014
  • Run, goat, run!
  • Seriously though, my God, that featurette:
  • When I saw Drogon I screamed. And I was watching that special live, obviously, so it was in the middle of the night. I was not expecting him to be this huge so soon. I mean he is big enough to ride and that's not supposed to happen for a while. He looks awesome too. Smaug has nothing on Khaleesi dragons. They don't talk like they were a cartoon characters and they are seriously scary. That goat is proper fucked. So is whoever is crawling before him.
  • The thing that got me most excited was when Gwendoline Christie was talking about the casualties of Red Wedding- she mentioned Madden and Chaplin and instead of Michelle Fairley she said "Catelyn Stark". SPOILERS That leads to me to believe that she subconsciously chose these words because not only Fairley is back but we will see Stoneheart via Brienne. END OF SPOILERS. That's right. I'm deciphering cast members' subconsciousness now. 
  • Emilia Clarke is so cute. She is not just a Khaleesi. She's a goddess. I love how she answered 'your most badass quote' question. As in 'phh come on, there is no other choice!'
  • Apparently Obama gets to see Game of Thrones before everyone else. OH COME ON!!!
  • I've been catching up with Conan and to my delight Nick Offerman was a guest recently. His book is finally available and I'm gonna have to read that. He is like...a spiritual guru.
  • I love how Matthew McConaughey, even thought he wasn't a guest, was a topic of conversations. Breckin Meyer was one of the guests and he is a big fan of Matthew. He did a spot on impression of his voice. Then he talked about how his cleaning lady walked in on him while he was watching Game of Thrones half naked and it happened to be one sex scenes. Conan told him he should have pretended to be McConaughey and Meyer did the impression again - Ellie if you want to take a seat, come and enjoy the dragon porn. That was probably one of my all time favorite moments on Conan. 
  • Then another night Michelle Monaghan stopped by and talked about him too. McConaughey is like God. He's everywhere.
  • I actually rewatched The Wedding Planner this weekend. I mean come on, I have exhausting legal stuff to do almost every day and it's both boring and stressful. I deserve to watch dumb  movies during weekends just to drool over the main guy, damn it. Even though he was not shirtless, which is always a waste, that film taught me something important - apparently it's worth it to get your heel stuck in the middle of the street and risk getting killed by a dumpster.
  • Have you guys seen that last episode of True Detective?!
  • That final 6-minute unbroken take was absolutely amazing. But the most wonderful shot of the episode was this:
  • Seriously though, Rust's cartel story was one of the most disturbing things I've heard in my entire life.
  • Thank God scenes like this one happened which balances things out:
  • Look what I made today. I'm awesome. But he's more awesome.
  • As you may have noticed the blog has a new header. There are also sections in Rambling Friday now. Why? I don't know - as usual I had an idea and I simply went with it.
  • The first header I made and didn't use was with the most stunning shot from Under the Skin new trailer. What stayed is the quote from the novel.  I really like that new trailer but the praise for the poster baffles me. It's nice, but those colors? No, no.
  • The new Transcendence trailer makes it look like some cheap science fiction from the 90's.
  • The Oscar nominees photo is like celebrity version of Where is Waldo?
  • I've gotta say DiCaprio getting his ass kicked by his own clothes is one of my favorite things that keep happening recently:
  • Time and time again I'm amazed how paranoid DiCaprio's fans are. I mean they actually believe he can win an Oscar this year. They crapped their pants that he won even though that photo was shown before the actual voting started. In what way is DiCaprio overdue for Oscar? He's not more overdue than Brad Pitt. And Brad played fucking Chad.
  • Priceless.
  • The only film that I saw this week and didn't star Matt was Philomena. It was fantastic. I cried so much during this one, such a moving film. Dench was brilliant as was Steve Coogan. And Michelle Fairley was in it!
  • Michelle was cast in the new season of 24. I'm gonna be watching that just for her.
  • Chances are there finally may be a solo Black Widow film. You know what's more sexist than HBO's shows naked female to naked men ratio? Superheroine to superhero films ratio.
  • So many things happened last week that I forgot to write about one of the funniest things that happened in a movie world for a while. I'm talking of course about Jesse Eisenberg getting cast as Lex Luthor. I don't have the problem with his looks - shave off his hair and he will look the part. But the only way his Luthor could be menacing is if this character is mute. The moment Luthor opens his mouth and starts mumbling, this film turns into a laughing stock.
  • Why is the insane shit Shia Labeouf doing newsworthy? What next? Some starlet shits on the sidewalk and newspapers are going to analyze it for weeks as a gesture of...something? This is madness. This is like this blonde actress who used to have meltdowns on twitter. Give them the meds instead of adding fuel to the fire.
  • The filming started on Macbeth set. Fassbender and Cotillard are playing the main couple. This sounds awesome. Too awesome. I'm inexplicably worried about this being a big failure.
  • I'm not entirely sure what Top Gear is but it appears to be a show where they get actors who have tons of fangirls to drive a car and film it. Tom Hiddleston made an appearance and in his eternal quest to be even more adorable - it appears that he wears glasses whilst driving. And that's crazy cute. Glasses are making a comeback.
  •  Gustav is pissed off. He attempted to jump on his favorite windowsill few days back and almost fell from there and I almost had a heart attack. So I put something there - my stuffed animals. That's right - I own a Smurf. Anyways Gustav has been jumping on my bed and growling at them for several days now. I *could* put my law books there but I don't want nightmarish vibes next to my bed.
  • Brittani shares her thoughts on the new episodes of The Walking Dead and True Detective
  • Keith reviews beautiful Philomena
  • Fisti chooses his top 10 Woody Allen films
  • Josh shares his list of favorite performances of 2013
  • Mark reviews Dallas Buyers Club
  • asrap.virtuoso shares a really cool list of his favorite movie couples
  • Alex writes about the work of Barry Levinson and I learn something new because of his post again - I had no idea that one guy did all those films.
  • and finally m.brown reviews You're Next



    1. Hiddles is cuter. Emilia Clarke is a badass and a fine one!

      More of that McConaughey love. I bet you would love to see him and DiCaprio do some oil wrestling.

      Fuck Obama. I didn't vote for him nor the other guys. He hasn't done anything to earn the right to see the show before anyone else.

      Shia is just being stupid because he realizes how untalented he is. Besides, there's only one thing I need to ask him... "Excuse me, can you show me where the mattresses are?"

      1. I'm really interested in how she will play Sarah Connor, so glad she is getting roles in big projects.

        Not really, DiCaprio does nothing for me :) But in this scenario I'd focus on watching Matt kick his ass ^^

        That's true. I mean maybe if someone came up with cure for cancer that would be a reason to see GoT early but not this guy.

        Honestly this dude is so annoying. I don't know why his antics get so much attention.

    2. Sati-- I'm sure you may have seen this film already, but 'Reign of Fire' has both dragons and Matthew McConaughey! It's a win-win.

      In other news, I'm seriously concerned about freaking Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor? You are exactly right, yes they can shave his head, but as soon as he opens his mouth--IT'S OVER. HORRIBLE CASTING, but it's Zack Synder he's not one of my favorite directors. How does one go from Mark Zuckerberg to Lex Luthor? Jesse is not that good of an actor. He just isn't. I'm a big DC/Wonder Woman/Superman fan, so this really upsets me.

      1. I did see it :) It actually wasn't as bad as it sounded :)

        The film was already doomed with Snyder as director but they manage to keep making it worse and worse. I agree, to be completely honest I would never nominate him for Social Network, he didn't really act in this one. I mean he was just mumbling and looking pissed off. That's not acting.

    3. Oh and Shia needs to go away. He's a total "me-monster." I don't know how/why stars having mental breakdowns are newsworthy. I really don't want to know about it. Same thing about stars going into rehab. Some things should just be private.

      1. If Shia Labeouf and Lena Dunham had a baby that would be the start of Apocalypse.

    4. Love the new sections to Rambling Friday!
      True Detective is on my list of things to space out with during this semester - after House of Cards of course. I really hope the show brings Matthew and Woody attention, but also Michelle Monaghan. She's been in some B+ movies but have given top rate performances.
      That gif set of LEO - I love how he is like "Mother------, this button.Mother-----, snap already!!!!" Especially in the 2nd and 3rd one.

      1. Thank you!

        I'm not into House of Cards, but I may finally finish 1st and start 2nd just for Spacey and his hilarious stares at the camera. Michelle is lovely, I adored her in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

        I love how in 2nd he notices the cameras and hides :D

      2. I'm mostly into House of Cards for the cast; Spacey is great, Robin Wright is almost scary, and I love Corey Stoll. I'm trying to get through the first season to get to the second one too - but I'm not in a huge rush.

        lol I didn't even catch that before!

      3. I may check it out soon, but I have so many movies to see :)

    5. Great post Sati. Lovin all this McConaughey love. I'm with you on that. Cheers for the linkage aswell. Much obliged.

      1. You're welcome, loved your review!

    6. If I couldn't love Emilia Clarke any more, that gif just intensified it tenfold!

      Almost as much as I love Leo unable to put his tie on or whatever is Marty looking like such a cute little old man!

      1. I think it's a button that is kicking his ass in this situation :P

    7. After seeing both Dallas Buyers and Wolf, despite my love for Leo, I'm rooting for Matt. The difference of performances was a lot due to the depth of the characters, Leo's role wasn't as intense, yes, he had a very physically great scene being all drugged out but Matt had the emotions, all 50 shades of it!

      I'm not sure if I like the sections yet.. I liked the randomness and the endless scroll of bullet points in the Friday posts.

      1. Exactly. People attribute a bit too much of Wolf's awesomeness to Leo. He is not the only one who made this movie great and I think people have a bit of difficulty distinguishing their love for the movie and the quality of performance.

        With new and endless copies of some series I have on my blog I need to keep adding new stuff, even if something works in the first place.

    8. Hiddles times a million.

      Aww I really want Leo to win because I genuinely think he deserves to, but I won't mind McConaughey winning though I wish it was magically for True Detective instead of DBC.

      I can't with Eisenberg.

      I think the Macbeth movie's going to be really good actually. I haven't seen anything that Kurzel has made but whatever I do know about them, I really think he can capture the dark elements of the tale v. well. I swear, I just imagine this Macbeth throughout class. It's scary how perfect the casting is.

      I love everything Woody Harrelson's character says in True Detective. Too funny.

      Top Gear is actually loads of fun, though if you're not into cars, you should watch it in instalments. They get really cool guests too. Hiddles was so cute.

      1. I'm hoping for Globe and Emmy wins for him for TD next year :)

        I'm really hoping it will be good. The casting is awesome and the source material is so good. Hopefully they won't ruin this.

        His terror at everything Rust says is hilarious.

        I know nothing about cars, also they scare me :)

    9. If you've seen the red carpet interviews at the SAG Awards.... I'm just like Jared Leto, I've still never seen Game Of Thrones (I know it embarrassing, but there are too little hours in a day), but I'm in love with Emily Clarke!! She definitely is gorgeous!

      I've seen the Wedding Planner before but didn't realize he wasn't shirtless. I guess I've always assumed most of his movies did. I mean even in a story like Mud, he was shirtless (I chuckled early in the movie why he said his shirt was one of the two most important things too him... just knew he'd take it off). Thanks for the link!

      1. Haha yeah I saw Leto hitting on her, he has good taste :) She really is so beautiful, especially with darker hair,

        Well...Mud was set in a hot climate :P But I'm superglad he took his shirt off ^^

    10. BAHAHAHA, Shia Ladouche is making such a mockery of what could be his career. I don't know what this guy is trying to prove, but someone needs to slap some sense into him.

      I hadn't heard about the Eisenberg casting! OMG! I thought they were courting Phoenix for that. I was kind of excited to see that happen. Eisenberg could work, but he'll have to pull off some serious vocal masking.

      And thanks for the link!

      1. You haven't heard? Twittersphere was bitching about it along with most movie sites, it's a hugely shocking casting choice, not to mention a ridiculous one :)

    11. OMG that poor dog at the end! I'm actually behind Eisenberg as Luther. I think he's capable of doing a good job. Unless the script is awful, then who knows.

      I LOVE your Under The Skin banner! I like the one you chose too, but that UTS one is awesome.

      I was shocked Drogon was so big too, but I'll take it, he looks scary as hell. I hope you're right about Brienne.

      True Detective is blowing my mind right now. I think I figured out who the actual killer is. I wish it was more than just 8 episodes!

      Thanks for the link!

      1. It involves Snyder so the script being awful is kinda a given :)

        It's just such a stunning shot, my fav out of the trailer and there are so many good ones there.

        I'd actually prefer epilogue reveal, that way the audience has to focus on LS and is not distracted by Brienne being in danger. The punch would be stronger with this being so nightmarish and bittersweet, since she is not at peace after all.

        Me too! I want to see Rust every week <3 :)

    12. Thanks for the link! Love the new header by the way.

      I don't think DiCaprio will win the Oscar, but I refuse to give up hope that he could win, even if it's a delusion. ;)

      So pumped for Macbeth! That movie can't come soon enough!

      1. You're welcome and thank you!

        I may die if Matt loses :)

    13. I almost always fast forward the celeb interview section of Top Gear, but not for Tom. Even if it was all fairly unimpressive....

      Poor Leo, done by a tie. Reminds me of Arsene Wenger's battle with his coat zip.

      1. Leo continues to have issues, if it's not a tie, it's a pocket :P

    14. Matt Mc is on fire! Love all the attention you gave him in this post. And yeah, that 6 minute shot in True Detective was sensational. Blew me away.

      Thanks so much for the link, glad you liked the post!

      1. Oh there is so much attention for him here recently, I'm actually working on big McConaisance article :)

        You're very welcome!

    15. I would have read these words about GoT even with the spoiler alert, but since you made them more transparent I could easily avoid them. So thanks for your thoughtfulness for the likes of me. :)
      Is it just me, or there is something really wrong with Dicaprio's face. I am not sure, he looks prematurely aged with and it always seems to me that he has a lot of wrinkles and his face looks kind of...fake.

      1. Yeah I try not to spoil people, it's already bad with my tumblr where I just reblog everything related to the series that I like, even depictions of things that are yet to happen on the show.

        He looks bloated, he actually has been looking like that for years now. I'm not sure why that is, even if he loses weight his face still looks odd.

    16. I've not watched anything about the fourth season of Game of Thrones, I've made sure of it. Same with the trailers for Under the Skin.
      Really hoping Macbeth will be good! More excited to see Cotillard's performance than Fassys.
      Glad you liked Philomena! I was pleasantly surprised by it, wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did. Dench was wonderful in it.

      1. Really? I feel like a freak, I read so many scripts last week from upcoming movies :)

        Oh same here, Lady Macbeth is much more interesting.

        Such a great movie. Cannot believe some are calling it the worst among BP nominees.

    17. Wow, those dragons are getting huge! Cannot wait for GoT.

      I realllly want to watch True Detective, but we just lost our HBO Go subscription. I'm hoping we can get it back by the end of the week because all of this praise is killing me. :D

      Poor Leo. He'll get his award someday!

      1. I know, right? HBO must have finally increased the show's budget!

        It's truly a terrific show. Amazing, tense, atmospheric. I hope you'll like it when you get a chance to see it!

    18. I'm pretty much late to the world, but the wife and I watched the first episode of True Detective and I'm f--king pumped for what's next. I'd burn through them.. but she wants to watch too, so maybe I'll finish them by 2017.

      I really wanted to see Philomena, good to hear you liked it. Now I know to watch it solo, so I can sob all by myself.

      I'm pretty excited for that starlet taking a dump on the sidewalk, honestly.

      ( Thanks for the link... my vote is you watch the movie, even though it is retarded)

      1. It's so good. Such a great atmosphere, I'm so sad here are only 8 episodes.

        Philomena is a beautiful movie, I think you'll like it!

        I'm sure sooner or later it will happen :)