Friday, March 7, 2014

(121) Adele Dazeem! + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, March 7, 2014
  • John Travolta mispronouncing Idina Menzel's name as Adele Dazeem is the single most hilarious thing I saw happen on the Oscars since Bill Murray lost for Lost in Translation and wanted to leave.
  • I spent better part of Monday just laughing out loud. Seriously that was surreal. Apparently something like this didn't happen just this once
  • The fact that the build up to him messing up was so epic and long only made it funnier. 
  • There is a bunch of people yelling "Travolta has dyslexia!" - even if it had anything to do with this situation and it doesn't, since apparently Travolta did show up to rehearsal and said her name right, do you think having dyslexia justifies the fact that he wouldn't even rehearse saying her name right before getting on stage during THE LIVE SHOW? What the fuck? Was Angelina passing her diet pills around or something?
  • I love how Kevin Spacey in real life is essentially like Frank Underwood but he is like in this alternate universe where he is nice, good Frank Underwood. He was so gracious on the red carpet and during the ceremony.
  • I still haven't finished season 2 of House of Cards but I warmed up a little bit when it comes to the show. I still think that anything not connected to Underwood, mainly Corey Stoll's arc in season 1 was cliched and boring as fuck.
  • Buzzfeed asked Spacey some retarded questions that actresses get asked all the time - you should see the video where he answers those, it's fantastic.
  •  I love that whenever he goes to all those ceremonies nowadays he is essentially presenting stuff as Frank Underwood:
  • Before we talk about Matthew on Oscars let's talk about Matthew on Spirit Awards.
  • Actually I don't wanna talk I just want to post those gifs here:
  •  Can Samberg and Hader have a show where they talk about TV series they like? Cause their The Yellow King rant was awesome (my gifset of that is blowing up on tumblr btw). When they got to 'are you all ghosts?' part I was crying. Not as much as during Travolta thing, though.
  • I thought I can't possibly love Matt more and then this week I found out that he was arrested back in 99' for playing bongos in his house while he was stoned and naked. This is the most joyful mugshot I've seen in my life.
  • I read that in this really cool breeds of McConaughey article - they are totally right about the pictures of him with his kids btw.
  • BTW Jared Leto is awesome, I don't even care how ridiculous it is that 42 year old man wears eyeliner and has an emo band. He said that about Lawrence. Rock on, man.
  • Matt's Oscar speech was amazing. I love how he talked for 4 minutes and no one cut him off. No one cuts off McConaughey.
  • Of course people have a problem with him mentioning God and talking about his faith a lot.
  • As much as I wish he did, Matt didn't pull his cock out on that stage yet there is so much hostility - he won HIS Oscar for HIS work and in HIS speech he talked about HIS beliefs. What's the fucking problem?
  • I didn't see any of Matt's pictures during after parties - apparently it's because he announced him and his wife 'will make another baby right away so they won't be staying long'. Normally I'd say his wife is lucky but if someone told me they want to have 4th kid I'd fucking run.That woman has just had his 3rd kid only a little over a year ago. Get off that poor woman, dude!
  • So True Detective. Just how epic is this shot?!
  • You should check out the meaning of symbols used in the show. Awesome, awesome stuff.
  • Check out True Detective pick up lines, too.
  • That Game of Thrones reference in one of he recent Parks and Rec episodes was awesome. Check out the extended version of the scene while you're at it.
  • Turns out anyone can buy an Iron Throne for 30,000$. I need to save up some money...
  • If Emilia Clarke gets any more beautiful I may die. This is a picture of her from Flare magazine.
  • We know the titles of the first four episodes of season 4 - Two Swords, The Lion and the Rose, Breaker of Chains and Oathbreaker. This season is going to be very much focused on the events in King's Landing. I wouldn't be surprised if Daenerys shows up for the first time in 4x03.
  • They made hip hop album based on the series. I'm not kidding.
  • There will be a new featurette - it will air on HBO on March 11th. It's supposed to be a look back at season 3, but considering that we got a final full length trailer around this time last year I'm hoping HBO drops another epic promo along with that special.
  • After Lawrence whispered and talked during McConaughey's speech it now goes 1. Her 2. Dunham 3. Von Trier on my list of the worst people. I'd pay to see her get Joffreyed.
  • Close your eyes and imagine Lawrence saying that. Is she still cute as Lupita, a naturally humble, classy, gracious, genuine person? Or do you hear ugly noise coming from self-absorbed human garbage?
  • People complaining about Matthew's mention of God is shockingly not the dumbest complaint I heard about the Oscars. Michael Fassbender went out to, as he said 'take a piss' during Lupita's speech. Now people are calling him an asshole. What was he supposed to do? With the size of his penis there is a big chance if he tried to hold it in, it would backfire and he'd die. I'm only half-joking here.
  • Angelina Jolie covers EW as Maleficent - there is also a slightly disturbing photo of her in character with one of her six kids (don't expect me to know their names) who plays younger Sleeping Beauty. That kid must have had nightmares.
  • Meanwhile Alfonso Cuaron appeared on very cool Variety cover.
  • Check out awesome poster for new season of Veep, which premieres the same night Game of Thrones does - April, 6th.
  • Conan O'Brien will host MTV movie awards which means for the first time ever, I'm gonna see that ceremony. The nominations are pretty awesome. 
  • So the trailer for Sin City: A Dame to Kill has some good moments but the effects so far make it look like cheap copy of the first movie - they overdid the color thing with Green, she looks ridiculous in the final shot. Also what the hell is Levitt doing in this? He doesn't belong in this movie.
  • Transcendence marketing campaign reached the new low with this awful poster.
  • I saw I, Frankenstein and Winter's Tale this week. They were both retarded.
  • I've been continuing watching Shameless. It's fucking hilarious 

  • - Would you be able to abstain from alcohol for 2 weeks? 
    - No. 
    - We can offer you 3,000 dollars. 
    - Yes.

  • Also the little girl who plays Debbie is just sensational - that scene where she went to Steve's family house? Wow. And I love Kevin. He is like Shameless equivalent of Andy Dwyer.
  • Can someone explain to me how Emmy Rossum and William H. Macy didn't get any major award recognition for that show? That's just insane!
  • OK some blog news - the site will cross 1,000,000 views before next Rambling Friday so thank you so much for all your kindness, visiting, commenting and being awesome!
  • On Monday I'll announce my first ever blogathon. I hope many people will participate and hopefully you'll like the idea behind it.
  • There is a new thing on the sidebar called 'in case you missed it' - I'm gonna be linking some older posts there that I'm proud of, so check them out if you, well, missed them.
  • MettelRay and Elina share their favorites from 2013, while Nikhat shares her list of favorite 2013 movies
  • Katy from DramaLama is now blogging from the new place so update your bloglists!
  • Chris reviews Only Lovers Left Alive
  • Alex lists awesome things about Independent Spirits Awards which were so much fun this year
  • Keith reviews entertaining Rush
  • m.brown reviews Blue Jasmine


    1. Thank you Sati! So sweet of you to share my new blog link. I'm trying my hardest to redirect the old url but it was bought through Google and they are a bitch.

      Only at the MTV Movie Awards can Catching Fire be nominated alongside Oscar nominated Best Pictures. So sweet that Conan is hosting - he needs more love! I'm gonna cry through from all the times I'll have to hear JLaw announced as the winner though.

      Kevin Spacey is simultaneously grumpy-ass grandpa and charismatic bad-ass. I don't know how he does it and praying for him to host the Oscars next year. Corey Stoll's storyline might've been cliche in House of Cards S1 but besides the side-monologues by Spacey, it wasn't all that interesting. I'm stuck on season 2 whether to keep going or not.

      McConaughey, McConaughey, McConaughey.

      1. You're welcome! I heard changing url can be a tricky thing.

        I'm sure Lawrence and DiCaprio are going to sweep, there is so much tumblr hysteria aroud these two, but at least DiCaprio deserves awards.

        That's a great way to describe Spacey! He would be an awesome host. I'm still on 2x03, Shameless is really all that gets my attention these days :)

    2. Oh, and forgot to say I completely agree with you about Emmy Rossum - talk about another young talented actress everyone shamefully forgets to worship.

      1. She is so wonderful, she even managed to do wonders with pretty cliched and badly written character in Beautiful Creatures.

    3. I don't like Jared Leto very much and I think his band totally fucking sucks. Yet, he is right about Jennifer Lawrence. The fact that you think that Mein Fuhrer von Trier is a better person than Dunham & Lawrence... that warms my heart.

      People should bow down to McConaughey as of right now because he's Mr. Cool. I would like to try some of his gumbo. That poster for Veep is cool. Julia-Louis Dreyfus is so hot right now.

      Emmy Rossum should have an Emmy right now. She's that fucking good.

      You saw Winter's Tale? OY!!! From the dick-wad who wrote Batman & Robin. I will never ever forgive Akiva Goldsman for nearly killing Batman.

      Hiddles win the adorable thing once again.

      1. Von Trier has many issues, but these two are just bitches.

        Winter's Tale was so bad, but there were many moments were it was so bad it was hilarious. I still cannot believe that Will Smith's cameo. But still it wasn't nearly as dumb as Batman & Robin.

    4. There's so many things I love about this post, I honestly don't know where to start.

      "With the size of his penis there is a big chance if he tried to hold it in, it would backfire and he'd die." - I LOL'd loud enough when I read that, that someone at work "ssshhh'd" me.

      I love those Leo/Matt pictures. Those never get old.

      You didn't know about the bongos? That's classic! I think about that pretty much every time I see McConaughey.

      Leto saying that about Lawrence is funny. His band is playing at our state fair this year. I might go just to stare at him now.

      That Veep poster is awesome. That Travolta gif is hysterical.

      1. Seriously that thing is like a shotgun.

        The bongos bit is excellent, another thing I i wish he did on that stage.

        I can't wait for Veep to return, 30 more days to Thrones!

    5. hahahaha the Lannisters send their regards... nice! And massive congrats on million views when it hits!!!!

    6. Emilia Clarke is gorgeous, I'm gonna start both Shameless and Parks and Rec before next Rambling Friday and Matt+bongo is so so great! This is the End nominations are so great at these MTV awards - "Jonah Hill vs. James Franco and Seth Rogen, This Is the End" for Best Fight! :D

      I miss Johnny Depp from six or seven years ago when I used to love him. :(

      1. Hope you like the 2 shows they are some of the best that are currently on TV!

    7. I was linked! Fantabulous! Thanks so much.

      I gotta say the opening Travolta gifs made me laugh out loud! And as you know I'm 100% with you on McConaughey's speech.

      As for Leto, his photobombing skills need work. He seems to get caught a lot. Perhaps Mr. Cumberbatch can give him some pointers! ;)

      1. You're welcome!

        Good, those who dislike his speech must be some truly close-minded people. He deserved his win, for me he should have reprised his dance from Magic Mike there and hey, fuck the haters :)

        He gets caught literally every time :)

    8. LOL, when I read that interview with Leto I thought of you!

      I take no issue with God talk, especially since I'm a firm believer...but his "me in ten years" bit was a stretch and kind of ridiculous.


      I will forever laugh at Travolta. In fact, I have that bit from the Oscars saved on my DVR, and it isn't going anywhere.

      1. For me it represents a person's quest to be a better self. I see nothing ridiculous in that, if anything someone who has so much still recognizing he can be better is admirable.

        I've seen Travolta's mess up 10 times already, kills me every time :)

    9. Oh yes, his arrest in the nude, whilst playing bongos 10 years ago was epic. That's one of my favorite things about McConaughey. I'm not sure why people are so up in arms against his mention of his religion in his speech? Do we no longer have religious freedom in this country? I respect other people's right to believe as they choose and everyone should do the same. It's his personal belief system.

      I unfortunately missed Travolta's snafu, but I heard it was hilarious. I have been meaning to youtube it, but I don't have the heart to see it. I am not a Travolta fan AT ALL, but I feel embarrassed for people.

      Kevin Spacey is the perfect Frank Underwood. I loved him in 'Midnight in the Garden...' So I love him in 'House of Cards.' Admittedly, HOC Season 2 is a bit far fetched, but it's a guilty pleasure. I enjoy it for it is. I thought Season 2 was good, but not "as" good as Season 1.

      I understand why JLaw and Dunham are on your list, but didn't realize Von Trier was too. 'Melancholia' was good. But I haven't seen, nor do I plan to see the 'Nymphomaniac' series. I've read enough reviews to believe that Von Trier may be a sadist.

      1. I think in Hollywood Christians are actual minority, though he does seem like a liberal dude with weed and everything, plus he only got married after 1st or 2nd kid. And then there are the bongos... :)

        You should see it, it really was hysterical!

        I'm still on 2x03, I wasn't that big of a fan of s1 so so far they are about the same to me.

        Oh he sure is. He had a donkey killed for a movie and poor Bryce Dallas Howard had to masturbate in front of a camera for a scene for at least 20 takes while he laughed shooting that. But he has some legit mental issues.

    10. Hey thanks for the link!
      Adele Dazeem is awesome.
      I love that Cuaron cover. So cool. #lifegoals
      Even though I didn't like his speech (not the God bit but the way that led to the 10 years later stuff), Matty M being all nice and gracious towards Kim Novak was super sweet.
      Can't wait for your blogathon and the True Detective season finale :)

      1. You're welcome!

        Oh yeah I hope my blogathon is not gonna be a failure (same goes for tomorrow's finale), I hope you'll join in!

    11. I'm still laughing about Adele Dazeem. I put in people's names in the John Travolta name generator just to keep laughing.

    12. Poor Travolta. I mean... what the hell was that? It reminded me of when that poor reporter had a stoke or whatever it was on air: So bizarre.

      Thanks so much for the link! So glad you dug the Spirit Awards.

      1. I think he was probably high and most definitely unprepared

        You're welcome! It was really fun, much more relaxed than other ceremonies.

    13. Great post and links as always Sati. I can always expect a little McConaughey fix when I drop by ;)

    14. I'm finally able to comment.. working on the weekends is brutal but anyway, thanks a lot for the comment! And I can't believe it's just a week after the Oscars because it feels like it was ages ago.. and it seems that it has quieted down a lot faster than last year or maybe it's just me not being on tumblr that much...

      True Detective seems so intense that I can't wait to catch up.. And ever since one of my coworkers went " True Detective. Best. Fucking. Show. Ever" (loose translation) - I've been just waiting for my vacation to marathon through it.. starting with episode 1 again because I feel like I've missed things.

      PS: Glad you love Shameless... I've been watching it since it first aired and it truly is one of the craziest shows ever and being as crazy.. it allows itself to throw ridiculous things at us so we'd never get bored and get away with it because.. well.. it's shameless.

      1. You're welcome! Oh I still see a lot of Oscars stills on tumblr, but it usually gets quiet fast.

        It's a good idea, it's such a detailed show and they really respect the audience - there are no dramatic flashbacks or exposition shots, they just count on you to remember all the data.

        It's such an addictive show. Quite shocking too, I'm still recovering from seeing Karen give birth O_o

    15. Awesome Rambling Friday as always Sati! Ahah yeah, the whole John Tralala Adele Dazeem seems to have had a life on its own, there's now a widget to get your name Travolitized and it's got its own Twitter account!

      Oh you just learned about McConaughey being arrested for playing Bongo naked? I think that was quite famous in its day but it was a hoot to see him being such a good sport about it. He seems to have mellowed out a lot now, but there's still that twinkle in his eye.

      That photo of Leo kissing him at the Oscars seems kind of I dunno, odd, even Matthew seemed unsure how he's supposed to respond. Oh and I agree Emilia Clarke is too beautiful for words.

      Finally, congrats on 1,000,000 views!! WOW, that is incredible!

      1. Yeah I saw those, pop culture really grows in frightening pace these days.

        I'm actually fairly certain the stoned and naked actions still going on, only on his property :) His wedding was a 3 day long party so I'm sure stuff went down there in epic way :)

        Leo has lost the will to live, I think, he really did look defeated from the very opening of the ceremony. Didn't even eat the pizza ^^

        Thank you!

    16. Countless laughs on this one, girl!

      I'm with you regarding the Oscar speech from McConaughey. His speech, his time...critics need to stop throwing shade, because he didn't mention this or that. It was a great speech, and it was authentically McConaughey. And Jared Leto? Brilliant man remains brilliant...what a great performance and speech.

      I used to love JLAW, but I think I'm joining your team on this one...she's become too much.

      1. I really don't know why people feel the need to bitch about someone speech - honestly the gay/transgender communities whining about stuff like that make me lose respect for them. They should deal with serious issues not actors not thanking them in their speeches.

        Her PR team should send her to a cave in space as a damage control.

    17. I am fully on board with any show that Conan hosts. This could be the longest I'll watch MTV since Sifl & Olly was on.

      Your anti-Lawrence stance is hysterical. It's not that I don't agree with you, I just enjoy how much you despise her (and Dunham, and von Trier [who I find to a be a huge douche, myself]). Ah, good times.

      As for a million views, that's fucking awesome. I'll die when I hit a million. Seriously. Well, only 'cause I'll probably be a hundred and fifty years old when it happens.

      Anyway, thanks for the link! And...fuck...I'll go Hiddleston this week. That fucking guy...

      1. I'm actually being forced to see both parts of Nymphomaniac this week. Ah, damn it. Though to be fair I'll rather see that than see through either of Hunger Games again and watch hamsterface hunt rabbits.

        Oh come on, you're getting more and more visitors lately! It will definitely happen sooner than you think.

    18. Oh my god, first you had me at Adele Dazeem but then that Fassbender joke/truth happened. Hilarious. I'm with you on the new Sin City film though, same goes for the new 300 film. Too many cheap sequels nowadays!

      Can't wait to check out your new blogathon - I bet it'll be a good one!

      1. Sin City sequel was actually in works for years, well so was 300 but at least the predecessor to Sin city 2 was good. I think it's still a soulless attempt, they probably just got Levitt to lure in his fangirls.

        Hope you'll like it, the announcement should be up later today.

    19. I really don't get what the negativity is surrounding Matthew's speech, especially about him thanking God. I mean, I do think people who thank God rather than acknowledging their own hard work do themselves a disservice but it's his speech and he can thank who the hell he likes! I thought it was a great speech. Much better than people blabbering and crying.

      I also like how you've made a new verb - Joffreyed :)

      Epic RF this week, top work! And thank you for the link!

      1. I don't think he depreciates his hard work by thanking God - he is not attributing his work to God, I mean he knows it was his work but it's God giving him strength,etc. that helped him. If I accomplish something it's still my effort, but belief it will work and pay off did help.

        It should be a thing. And hitting someone with poop is instantly making me think of Joffrey :)

        You're welcome, loved the review!

    20. I have to admit Travolta mispronouncing the name was one of the funny highlights of the Oscars. I also loved Bill Murray's dedication to Harold Ramis and Jim Carrey doing impressions!

      Although I don't echo your hatred for Lawrence I did think it was a bit rude to be chatting while McConaughey was delivering such a heartfelt acceptance speech. Maybe she'd had a few too many Sherry's.

      1. Oh those were great moments, Murray's mention of Ramis was pure class.

        I think she was already wasted upon arrival.

    21. I have to do a series of film podcasts for University, as one of them will be focusing on the oscars, I'm definitely mentioning 'Adele Dazeem' hahaha.

      Congrats on almost passing 1,000,000 views! I look forward to your blogathon! :D

      1. Thanks, I'll make the announcement today - really hope you'll participate!

    22. Congrats on passing 1,000,000 views!

      Kevin Spacey should host the Oscars. 'Nuff said.

      The effects don't look as good in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, but I can't wait to see it! Not sure how JGL will fit in, though.

      1. Thank you! Spacey would be an amazing host!

    23. All your posts with links are really fun to read! Love the Hiddleston adorable gifs as always. And couldn't agree more about the Independent awesome moment and the Oscars. Have you seen Adam Samberg's monologue from last year? He said some pretty good jokes, and I loved it 'cause he said "f*ck Hollywood at the end" and he said something like "you can keep your McConaugheys 'cause we have Matthew McConaughey!" - he won the Best supporting actor for Magic Mike, and his speech with a little bit of singing was really fun - and there he was with his beautiful smile. I thought about it 'cause the gifs you made of this year reminded me of that.

      Oh and loved Leto saying: I’m starting to wonder if this is a bit of an act. I thought the same about Lawrence, really.

      1. Thank you! Haha that's awesome I gotta look it up on youtube!

        Lawrence is really overexposed, she's facing the backlash already, I mean she is everywhere people get tired of her for a reason.