Friday, March 14, 2014

(122) The light is winning + links

By Sati. Friday, March 14, 2014
  • The Game of Thrones photoshoot by Annie Lebowitz and the article in Vanity Fair are gifts that keep on giving.
  •  We all worry that George R.R Martin will not be able to finish the books especially that he seems to be doing everything else (including fanboying over True Detective on his blog) but writing them. I'm not the one to judge, since I am blogging instead of studying, but hey, no one is paying me to study. Anyways one of the show runners - David Benioff has good news - “Last year we went out to Santa Fe for a week to sit down with him  and just talk through where things are going, because we don’t know if we are going to catch up and where exactly that would be. If you know the ending, then you can lay the groundwork for it. And so we want to know how everything ends. We want to be able to set things up. So we just sat down with him and literally went through every character.”
  • Personally,. I think there is no way we are seeing the final book unless his editor threatens to shoot him or Martin actually already wrote it, has it in his apartment's safe and has been trolling us this whole time. I think Winds of Winter is getting released but the Dream of Spring? I think we can only dream indeed.
  • Unfortunately, the plan now is 7 seasons which I think is one season short. Things are going to get cut left and right starting next year and I'm now 90% sure book 3 epilogue will be merged with a certain noble character witnessing something horrific as the final scene this season. I don't like this idea at all as I consider the epilogue of book 3 to be the scariest sequence in the books and merging it with the other character's chapter takes the focus away from my most anticipated character.
  • I just hope they won't cut the Northern conspiracy subplot in the future seasons. I really want to see Frey Pies and the show making the point that the Northerners really never forgot and have so much respect for the Starks.
  • I can actually hear fandom screaming as I look on that gif on the left. A Song of Ice and Fire, indeed.
  • Apparently the screeners for the first episodes have been sent out so hopefully the first reviews will start appearing online soon. I can't wait to read about the second episode. What I really can't wait for, though, are fan reactions to it. I don't think many things about season 4 were spoiled, considering how many plot twists and unexpected events there are in this upcoming season.
  • Winter is Coming has two awesome on the set of photoshoot videos with the cast being all adorable. 
  • Iain Glen''s loyalty knows no bounds:
  • And how about that new trailer? I actually still like the first trailer the most but the new one had some awesome editing. Tywin was a boss in every single moment of it.
  • HBO also released a wonderful recap of season 3 with interviews from the cast.
  •  Ladies and Gentlemen, Betty White:
  • And the person who got her going is none other than Jason Momoa, our very own, Khal Drogo.
  • McConaughey can't sing for shit, but you gotta appreciate the effort. And the visual side.
  •  I saw Ghosts of Girlfriends Past last weekend. It wasn't that bad - Emma Stone was in it and she is always cute and Matthew looked amazing plus he had several very romantic scenes. It was also so much fun seeing Jennifer Garner playing his love interest, considering they were both in Dallas Buyers Club.
  • OK let's talk about that True Detective finale.
  • That moment Rust cried? Oh God. I can't look at shit like that - he cries, I cry. Someone hold him!
  • The scenes with him walking among those branches and looking at that spiral were so beautiful.
  • As much as I liked the ending, I kinda kept hoping they went with Matthew's idea:
  • I'm gonna miss these guys so much:
  •  Lena Dunham may quit acting after Girls. Please go. Just crawl back into whatever trash can you came out of. A world without her face and opinions? Sounds like a dream.
  • How is Hannibal airing on NBC?! Although the most shocking thing about the show is how imaginative gore from season 1 turned into tasteless shock value gore in season 2. That recent episode's opening was nasty but the worst thing about it was how painfully unnecessary it was.
  • Unlike new Maleficent stills the newest poster is impressive. 
  • It's disturbing that when Michael B. Jordan was cast as a white guy in Fantastic Four no one was as outraged as with this whole Mara is Tiger Lily news. So it's perfectly fine to cast someone black to play a character that was white but it's a horrible casting for a white girl to play a Native American character? I see the same people who rejoiced about Jordan's casting now bitching about Mara. Have some integrity, for the love of God.
  • I didn't see recent SNL because Dunham was hosting it and I didn't want to get blinded but this Liam Neeson bit is hilarious. 
  • Occasionally watching Shameless is like a visit to the House of Horrors. The birth scene in 2x11 was fucking horrific - why would any woman do that?! No way I'm doing that, ever. And then the whole circumcision talk in season 3 - America, what is your obsession with that? That procedure is barbaric. Here in Europe you don't see this often. Leave your sons alone.
  • Kevin finding out him and Veronica are having triplets was fucking priceless:
  •  Ladies and gentlemen we finally got to meet little Swanson in new Parks and Rec and it was awesome.
  • I'm all caught up on Conan, I also tried giving Seth Meyers a shot - holy shit that first episode was disastrous. I like Amy Poehler but she has such an annoying laugh. Also she shouted most of her answers. Joe Biden was actually the only watchable person this episode.
  • m.brown reviews charming About Time. He didn't like Harry, though!
  • Chris reviews The Grand Budapest Hotel. I'll see this one for Ralph Fiennes even though I think Anderson is a sick fuck - he hates animals. Just look what he does to them in his movies.
  • Brittani reviews Blue is the Warmest Color
  • Ruth interviews Divergent author Veronica Roth
  • Courtney lists her favorite 2013 movies
  • Alex gives glowing praise to Enemy
  • Katy writes about lovely Chris Pratt
  • Keith asks about your opinion on recent questionable casting choices in superhero movies
  • Fisti reviews 12 Years a Slave

  • You all may be impressed by Lupita but Bale is not giving out standing ovations easily.



    1. Thanks for the link! I'm really going to miss Rust and Marty too. People are going to be talking about that first season for a long, long time.

      1. You're welcome! I kinda can't wait to see who they'll cast in season 2. The detectives are supposed to be females this time so a part of me hopes for Winona Ryder.

    2. I'm so going to buy that Vanity Fair magazine if I get my hands on it somehow.. I think we get it in our bookstore.. I think, I'm not sure though and it's making me nervous. Also, is it just me, or does Joffrey look rather dashing. ..? I'm confused, I hate the character and yet, I like the actor, so this is messing me up.

      I want to be like Betty White when I grow up!

      Oh and glad you like Shameless, it has some great stuff! And happy ONE MILLION views!

      1. Jack Gleeson is such a sweetheart, he is so nice in real life and yet so awful on screen. They really cast Joff well.

        Betty is awesome, I can't believe she is so active at the age of 92!

    3. Thanks for the link!

      And bahaha at the Mara bitching and the Jordan loving. I moderately bitched about both, but have no interest in seeing the new Fantastic Four movie so could kind of give a fuck about who they cast (the rest of the casting is almost more offensive).

      1. You're welcome! I don't have interest in this either but this whole racial diversity casting is going a bit far while at the same time same people will be giving Wright and Mara shit for months.

    4. Betty White... coolest lady ever.

      Emilia Clarke is winning me over as I like what she said.

      Ghosts of Girlfriends Past was OK as Emma Stone was one of the reasons why I was able to enjoy that film for a bit.

      Michael B. Jordan as the Flaming Torch... I'm cool with that. Rooney Mara as Tiger-Lily... NO.

      Can Lena Duhnam put on some clothes. I'm tired of seeing her nude and such.

      Hiddles wins again. Shameless is awesome as I enjoyed Frank's speech about bullying. Kids today are pussies.

      1. I don't get why Jordan is fine and Mara isn't. Especially that they got white chick, ironically Rooney's sister, to play his sister. This is all really confusing.

        Frank's speeches are all around epic. "Fucking Obamacare. What kind of a system is it where you have to cripple yourself in order to stay alive?!"

      2. I'm with you Sati. That was the weirdest aspect of The Fantastic Four casting to me. If you are going out on a limb to snag Jordan, why not also make his sister black? Is Johnny Storm now...adopted? Now you're fucking with the whole fabric of the source material!

        As far as Mara is wouldn't take much to make her native american if they so choose. She has the bone structure to suggest she's of another ethnicity, so her casting is far less offensive.

      3. I really don't know what the hell is up with that. They could have bring in Lupita - people adore her. More so than Kate Mara, that's for sure. Or give it a rest and just cast a white guy.

        Exactly - she has very interesting looks and I think she fits the part. There is such an outrage happening around her, it's a very odd double standard.

    5. Thank you for the link!

      They totally photoshopped Emilia's chest in that cover photo. Wtf.

      I actually don't mind seeing Lady SH through Brienne's eyes. I didn't think they would keep it like the epilogue just because they don't seem to get into smaller characters like that, but if they found a way to combine it somehow, I think it could be interesting.

      And yes, there better be hanging Freys everywhere. The North will never forget!

      Lena Dunham should quit acting, and everyone on her show except maybe Zosia can quit as well.

      1. You're welcome!

        Damn I didn't even noticed I was too busy checking out her pretty hair and dragons :)

        Rumour has it the dude who plays Robin is in finale so I'm hoping it's Only Cat and then the final scene with the reveal. I hope it will be badass.

        Zosia is actually the only one I liked :)

    6. Just finished reading Storm of Swords and the first couple of chapters of Feast for Crows. Aaaaaaand I'm up to date on the show so I can start really reading every word of what you write about GoT instead of skimming and then punching myself for catching little glimpses of things I know I shouldn't have seen. I'm so excited for this season... if people loved Tyrion before, wow they're going to love him by the end of this one!

      1. Awesome! Tyrion's last chapter in Storm of Swords is my favorite in the entire series, I really hope it was faithfully adapted for the show.

    7. Good stuff, Sati. Can't wait for Game of thrones now that True Detective is done and dusted.

      And what's Bale all about there? That's awkward but I can see where the guy's coming from. Standing ovations are given out too lightly sometimes.

      1. They really are, I mean they stood up at least 5 times this night. Bale makes them earn his ovations :)

    8. Thanks for the link! I don't remember there being any animals in Budapest Hotel so I think you'll be alright on that front!

      I'm just getting started on True Detective and can't wait to get into it!

      1. I heard there is a cat and something happens to it. I'm sure it dies a horrible death.

        Oh yey! Hope you'll like it!

    9. I would not be surprised if they had a central character witness the big event in the epilogue. Considering that in the books that someone that knew her begged for her life (as it were) and that person knew her & they will need someone who knows her to beg for her life. As long as they don't cut the character. And the North Remembers with the Frey Pie special better be a focus of future seasons--that better not be cut for more dragons and Dany or invented stuff with Tyrion. I would be so mad.
      I would watch the Rust and Marty romantic comedy that Matthew suggested. Going to miss those characters.

      1. I don't think they'll cut her - there is even talk of Red Wedding 2 happening in future books, this time for the Freys. If they cut her what to do with Brienne and Jaime? I'm 99% she will be on the show.

        Exactly, the priority should be book material not invented material. It already isn't fair with how much they are ignoring some aspects - Stannis and direwolves, mostly.

      2. Oh yes, Stannis and the direwolves are criminally underused in the show. Personally, I'd rather see more direwolves then dragons. Please let Red Wedding 2: Even Redder happen. I want the Freys and Boltons to get theirs in a big way.
        I forgot to add earlier, I agree with your point about Michael B Jordan and Rooney Mara. How come the casting of one is okay and the other is not? I think Michael B Jordan is a good actor but if they were so gung ho on having him as Johnny Storm, why not make Sue African American (also have to agree that Lupita would have been a good choice too)? And if it's okay to cast Jordan as Johnny Storm, then it should be okay to cast Rooney as Tiger Lily.

      3. I was actually just called racist for my tweet on that double standard - this is such a ridiculous world we live in where Jordan casting is all right but Mara will now face backlash. They should have just cast a black actress as his sister, that would be one thing. But just casting him is odd and as much puzzling as Mara's casting is.

    10. I know Angelina's thin, but I think they photoshopped half of her face off in that poster... Pumped for Game of Thrones!! The last photo here made me not only smile, but laugh out loud. Happy weekend, Sati! :D

      1. She has cheek prosthetics in this movie :)

        Bale is a badass! Lovely weekend to you too! :)

    11. Hey thanks so much for the link love, Sati! Are you gonna see Divergent? I really like Woodley, I think she is beautiful and humble.

      Whoah, that is a great Vanity Fair cover!! I just might snatch that next time I'm at Barnes & Noble!

      Oooh that Malevicent poster is gorgeous! Jolie is just perfectly cast in that role.

      Great gifs on McConaughey, you bingeing on him is rubbing off on me a bit, ahah. He's getting better looking now I think. But Hiddles!!! Oh his expression in that gif is priceless, LOVE him!!

      Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

      1. You're welcome! I don't think so, I have a huge watchlist as it is :/ I may see it for Winslet some day.

        I think Matt looks better now too. His face has character now, in more interesting way than before. He is just so hot :)

        Hope you're having great weekend!

    12. Holy shit - I love the atmosphere and style of Anderson's films but I had no idea how much he tortures dogs. Makes me look at his filmography in a whole new light!
      Somehow managed to escape all True Detective spoilers - just haven't had the time/energy to stream it yet.
      Thanks for the link!

      1. Yeah it's like whenever I watch his movies something happens to animals in them. A dog bit him once or something, but that's no excuse.

    13. Excellent links Sati.

    14. Omg those Betty White gifs had me LOLing. Just watched one of the new Maleficent trailers, and I'm starting to get more eager for this one...I just hope it lives up to our expectations! Thanks for the link :D

      1. You're welcome! I just hope Maleficent is at least better than Oz and SWATH.

    15. I've no problem with casting Jordan and Mara in those roles. I'm dying to see Pan, and I'm curious to see how the new cast does in Fantastic Four.

      Woah. Did Bale not get up at all? He really doesn't give a standing ovation easily.

      1. I don't think he was standing up for anyone :)