Friday, April 11, 2014

(126) Are you ready for the Royal Wedding? + links

By Sati. Friday, April 11, 2014
  • Bronn and Tyrion for True Detective season 2 please. Their banter and scenes together are so awesome. Bronn will have a scene with Jaime this week but nothing tops his chemistry with Tyrion.
  • It's been 5 days and I'm still impressed with Kit puppy face Harington showing such charisma. Well done, well done!
  • The amount of hilarious stuff inspired by that inn scene is amazing:
  •  This is from one of my favorite Stannis fan blogs on tumblr - "Stannis gets off his horse all majestic as fuck and splattered in blood, swaggers up and says “I AM HERE. NOW LET’S TAKE OUT THE TRASH”" Reading that generated feelings in me that people who read porn fan fiction must feel. Yes. Do that.
  • This Sunday's episode is gonna be packed. I can't wait for the wedding. Cersei is gonna be hammered out of her ass again and Joffrey is gonna be such a dick. Jack Gleeson should win every award for embodying that little asshole so well.
  • My gifset of Margaery Tyrell's wedding dress is nearing 50,000 notes. I imagine it will only become more popular after the ep. The costume department deserves all the possible praise for this beauty.
  • There is a statue of Joffrey in New Zealand and there is a rope around its neck that tightens when you tweet a hashtag.
  •  Beautiful and extremely talented Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne replaced beautiful and extremely talented Lily Rabe in The Hunger Games, that mock-something movie that's next. Natalie Dormer is already there, it will be fun if these two have scenes together.
  • Christina Hendricks said something about thinking she would be a good fit for the show. No offense to the lovely Carice van Houten who plays Melisandre well, but if Hendricks played that one would be shocked Stannis listens to her. Check out this fanart. Good God.
  • So let me get this straight - not only did fucking HBO Go kept crashing during Sunday's premiere, they also upload promos only for US region? Promos that I have to glimpse via screencaps and gifsets on tumblr until some kind soul uploads them on youtube for all to see? FUCK YOU HBO GO. Anyways here is the new promo, the quality is not very good but it has plenty of new footage and Tyrion's final line is freaking awesome:
  • I saw John Adams, which was great - the ensemble was just insane. At one point even Tom Hollander showed up. The chemistry between Stephen Dillane and Laura Linney was so intense I spent most of the series wondering if Jefferson would hit that. I know little of early American history (here in Europe we pretty much dissect everything about our history to the point it makes you want to scream, half of high school was just about the two World Wars) - so I really kept hoping he will. Then I read a bit of what actually happened in his life and that made me sad. But then I made gifs and I was happy again.
  • I actually got thank you notes for making this gifset. Yep, I bring ladies joy. It's shocking the same person played Jefferson and Stannis. And when HBO refuses to indulge us (really? Showing a scene where Dany gets flowers and including detailed description of those flowers instead of focusing on the most important person from one of the four most important houses? Really?! I mean will it come into play later? Will Jorah use the red poisonous one to poison Daario's soup and start eliminating competition thus when there's only Dany and all of his friendzone glory she will have to choose him? What the fuck?! /endrant), tumblr to the rescue.
  • Lana Del Rey shot new video last week. Word is the single drops tomorrow. It's been too long. 
  • While Transcendence marketing campaign is getting worse and worse, all I can think of is where the hell is footage from Interstellar? Where are the pics of Matt? Where is, hopefully, the confirmation of that zero gravity sex scene? Come on, it's only 7 months away.
  • Jesus, what the hell is happening on Hannibal right now?! That Miriam chick is alive? What, she was in a hole for 2 years? With cut off arm? What is going on?
  •  Veep premiere was crazy underwhelming. That new guy who helps out Selena? Terrible. But I guess when something follows Thrones it will always look underwhelming. Hopefully, next episode will be better.
  • Shameless! I freaking gasped when I saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Oh my God. I hope Fiona hits that. But why the fuck did they bring back the most spineless twit ever, Jimmy? Please tell me they brought him back just so they kill him off again. If they have Morgan's character do it, I'll explode.
  • I keep trying to write an article about Emma Greenwell who plays Mandy on the show but there is so little information known about her. She is so wonderful and pretty. I know there is some creepy cult movie with her showing on film festivals so hopefully once this gets wider release some more info on her will show up. Is she really dating the guy who plays Lip in real life? Damn, he's lucky!
  • Oh, man. I'm gonna love The Neighbors:
  • Um....Cameron Diaz should be locked in a cage. And send into space. 
  • Even Russell Crowe was uncomfortable. Richard Ayoade actually looked like he was having an out of body experience.
  • Remember that scene in Only Lovers Left Alive with Eve and all the books? Lovely Sofia of FillmFlare has details on many of them.
  • Elina loved Noah
  • Brittani wrote an awesome recap for Game of Thrones 4x01 Two Swords
  • m.brown, same as me, wasn't as enamored with new Captain America movie as everyone else seems to be
  • Fisti disliked The Counselor even more than I did
  • Alex reviews Dom Hemingway, which features our Khaleesi
  • Ruth asks about your favorite Nic Cage performances
    As accurate True Detective representation as this photoset is, it's even more accurate representation of me talking about Thrones to anyone who will listen.



    1. thanks for the link :D JDM is hot hot hot in Shameless, I was so happy to see him. Plus JIMMY is alive and back! Such a great episode... but it was the season finale, whyyy

      1. You're welcome! That bastard is always hot :) but I do hate Jimmy. He is so weak :/ can't wait for new season, hopefully it won't be as heavy as this one.

    2. Kitties are cuter.

      I missed the season premiere of Veep because I was watching WrestleMania XXX and... well... if you saw what I saw. I'm sure you'd understand since there's a lot of gifs over what happened with the Undertaker.

      Neighbors looks hilarious. I bet Joffrey would make mince-meat out of Justin Bieber.

      Sandor has a chicken place? Where and how much for a 2-piece meal w/ 2 sides & a biscuit?

      They brought Jimmy back.... *facepalm* I never liked Justin Chatwin. I always thought he looked like a douche.

      Cameron is annoying and I will not see that new movie she's in. It looks like shit.

      1. I really can't wait to see Neighbors. I'm very rarely disappointed in comedies with Seth Rogen and the set up of this one sounds like something I can relate to :)

        Not exactly...but he will kill people if he wants chickens and they are in the way :)

        He does look like douche! And his character is such a pussy.

        It really does, what's worse they are wasting Nikolaj Coster Waldau from GoT in this shit.

    3. Stannis looking majestic as fuck..LOL

      Margaery's wedding wig looks like it weighs 20 lbs. I cannot wait for Sunday's ep!

      Russell Crowe looks horrified.

      Thanks for the link! And I love your TD pics. So very true

      1. ^^ :)

        It looks insanely heavy. I have no idea how it stayed on.

        He really was. Kylie Minogue couldn't stop laughing at Diaz. Honestly Diaz went batshit.

        You're welcome, loved the recap!

    4. I think Gleeson's mouth suits Joffrey's character.. I mean, it's very narrow and thin and with lips like his, he comes off very strict and evil and mean and all the bad things. Obviously he helps it along with mannerism and so on, but it's the damn mouth that I want to punch when I see him.

      Shameless was so good.. and sad.. my review is up today instead of the weekend though, good luck reading it, it's like a school essay. :D

      1. That's a good point. And something about his stare. From the very first episode when he looks at Sansa you could tell something isn't right.

        I'm probably gonna be too busy to read in the next few days, but I'm definitely gonna check it out when I have the time!

    5. There's a very nifty plug-in for Firefox and Chrome called MediaHint. I used it to watch previews for HIMYM with that and it worked like a charm. You can try that?

      That wedding dress is GORGEOUS! I watched a long interview with Gleeson and I'm all the more impressed that he can make Joffrey be such an asshole. Fantastic!

      1. I'm not sure if it's able to break through HBO Go, I have a number of plugins and that bastard won't crack, but I'll try this one! :)

        He seems like such a well mannered young man. It's really impressive how well he pulls off that character.

    6. OMG! That gif of Crowe is giving me LIFE right now!

      1. You should watch that episode, he was great!

    7. I actually loved the premiere episode of Veep. I thought the sequence of Jonah getting fired was hilarious. But I do think most shows improve as the season goes on, so here's to funnier times! And thanks so much for the link!

      1. That was a good scene but the whole book signing thing was just so boring. I hope tomorrow's ep will be better.

        You're welcome!

    8. Thanks for the linky dinky, dear Sati. Whoah! So that cute Oberyn guy is getting married? Sorry obviously I'm not watching or I would've known that, I might just find clips of him on youtube ;)

      Oooh, Jeffrey Dean Morgan! Why he doesn't have his own show by now is beyond me.

      I'm not that interested in Transcendence anymore, in fact I'm giving my up press screening to see LOCKE instead.

      Oh and I'm SOOO gonna see John Adams, hopefully soon. Thanks for the fun Rambling Friday, as always!

      1. You're welcome! Joffrey, the king and the series primary villain, is marrying Natalie Dormer :) Everyone is in capitol to attend the wedding.

        I'm just hoping he will have his own sex scene :)

        Transcendence just looks like another mediocre sci-fi action movie Depp is sleepwalking in and cashing the check,

        John Adams is awesome, really well acted and shockingly....proper and calm for HBO :)

      2. WOW, that kid from Batman Begins is marrying Natalie Dormer?? :D Since I don't watch GoT that's the only time I saw the actor playing Joffrey.

        Ahah, proper and calm for HBO, well now that's more like my kind of movie then :D

      3. He is actually quitting acting after the show, unfortunately.

        I really think you'd like John Adams :)

    9. I'm ready for the royal wedding! Tomorrow is going to be ace, I can't wait to see the amazing wedding dress in action... amongst other things. Plus I have that picture of Arya and the Hound wearing sunglasses as my phone background!

      Poor Russell Crowe. Looked like he was going to have an aneurism.

      1. Crowe really held his own against all that craziness she was saying :) Honestly Diaz is such a pitiful mess right now.

    10. I just can't wait for tonight's episode! I'm also glad that you're still doring your recaps, I always enjoy reading them.

      Btw, I'm so fangirling right now about Pedro Pascal, they chose the right actor to play Oberyn.
      I'm also impressed with Kit Harrington, I hope he's going to keep up with this standard.

      1. Harington was so good in the premiere, I don't think he is in tonight's episode but it seems like he will have plenty to do this season even before ep.9

    11. Bronn and Tyrion for True Detective 2, hilarious, same as the Hound and Arya memes. I really hope “Kit puppy face” keeps getting better this season. Your gif set of the wedding dress deserves all the notes in the world. What a beautiful thing.

      I love both Conan and Hendricks and couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said about Melisandre. Can’t wait for Mad Men's comeback. And I didn’t know about John Adams, but he's adorable in the gif in the center.

      Do you also watch Hannibal?! I started it last month ‘cause a friend recommended it. Besides, I love Mads Mikkelsen so I was like: why haven’t I watch this before? I haven’t seen yet the episode from this Friday, so I just saw Miriam in the hole in the previous one. Weird as hell, yes.

      Diaz… don’t even know what to say. Just feel like Ayoade right now. The cats and Gleeson, too much cuteness and loved the True Detective’s set, Marty's reaction are the best.

      And The Only Lovers Left Alive post is awesome, thanks for sharing all that great stuff!

      1. I can't wait to see her dress in action :) I think the entire wedding set piece is going to be astonishing.

        I gave up on Mad Men somewhere in season 5 or 6, but John Adams is worth seeing for sure!

        I do, but I'm very disappointed in this season. It's mostly fan service and implausible plot devices now. Mads is wonderful but the writing is truly a let down in season 2.

        Glad you like the links! :)

    12. I could totally get behind Bronn & Tyrion in True Detective. Those two always kill it when they're together.

      I wasn't able to watch GoT on Sunday night so I missed the HBO Go debacle. It was working great on Monday morning though, so hopefully they get it together for tonight's episode.

      That Cameron Diaz GIF... wow. Poor Russell Crowe.

      Bring on the wedding!

      1. Jerome and Peter have such an amazing chemistry together. I'm curious what they will do in the show since they can easily change the book story between the two for the benefit of the show.

        Oh it was fucking horrible. My livestream died at least 5 times. It was overloaded beyond belief.

    13. Dillane was so hot in 'John Adams.' I saw it back in 2008 and I try to watch it every year around July 4th (American Independence Day). His performance is always my favorite. It made me read more abt Jefferson, which was seriously depressing. Watching Dillane was so much more fun. Jefferson lived such a colorful life, I seriously think HBO could have done a spinoff series or miniseries just w/ Dillane as Jefferson.

      More Stannis, less everything else.

      Hendricks would have made a much more seductive Melisandra. She's so beautiful.

      I didn't realize you lived in Europe. Cool.

      1. I'd watch the shit out of that ^^ He was so ridiculously charming as Jefferson. The way he spoke was so delicate, he is completely different as Stannis, it's unreal how one person can play such different people so convincingly.

        I do, HBO Go sucks here as well :)

    14. Motherf--ker. I attempted to post here basically the minute you unleashed this and my phone was like, the f--k, you will... Old man befuddled by technology aside, thanks for the link!

      Wow. Diaz talking to her own naughty-bits? Sign me up for that. Even though I've kind of soured on her, film-wise, she looks pretty hot in that new flick with Giant Man.

      Oh, and those last pics from True Detective? That was basically me, after seeing Daddario's nude scene in episode 2.

      1. You're welcome! :)

        Oh she is such a mess. I was honestly embarrassed for her.

        Those apply to so many situations ^^

    15. Yes! More Interstellar news please.

      Haha, I haven't seen that Graham Norton episode yet. I'll have to watch it soon.

      1. It's seriously hilarious but in a really awkward kind of way :)