Friday, May 16, 2014

(131) A Lion and a Sheep + links

By Sati. Friday, May 16, 2014
  • I was literally gasping for breath. Good God, sir. 
  • "We've been waiting here since mid-day", I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU FOR 2 GODDAMN WEEKS!
  •  Stannis' next scene may turn out to be the most beautiful thing I've seen on the show. And that includes Wildfire explosion. And Robb's butt.
  • Friday last week, I'm like OK promo pics will be here soon. Stannis will get a new promo pic! YEEEY!!! Then promo pics drop, there's only 5 of them and Stannis is not there. I understand that Emilia Clarke has boobs but does she really need a promo pic every fucking time she shows up on screen? Monday = a lot of new pictures, no Stannis. No, wait, I'm not being fair. The total number of promo pics for the episode is 70. And you can see Stannis in one of them. This is the third promo pic overall with him in it. Out of 7 episodes, approximately 200 pictures - 3 pics. 
  • I mean I'd cry but this is fucking hysterical.
  • SPOILERS I have to wait a month until he is in an episode again. He's not in 7, he's not in 8, there's two week hiatus between 7 and 8 - a month. 30 fucking days.  Hopefully when he shows up it's gonna be worth all the wait. And torture. And having to put up with people disrespecting and underestimating him. People better treat him like God after episode 9 - I mean the man is pulling a Gandalf from the end of the battle in Helm's Deep. END OF SPOILERS
  • So there is this really cool interview with Peter Dinklage. Everyone is excited because the showrunners got drunk and gave him hints about the ending. Who cares. Go to 2:20.
  • Look at Kit Harington on the set of that new Spooks movie:
  • It literally looks like in the third one he is listening to director telling him 'ok, in the next take let's try NOT looking like a 5 year old girl playing with a water gun'.
  • SPOILERS Very soon Harington will have scenes with Dillane and I think I'm gonna explode from laughing so hard. I've seen Dillane annihilate actual charismatic actors with his intensity - Harington has just developed baby charisma this year. And he is so short. To quote The Thick of It - it's gonna be like watching a lion rape a sheep. END OF SPOILER
  • This was awesome:
  • I think Oberyn got a semi.
  • How awesome is Lena in that gif? This is my avatar everywhere right now. It's like bitchy....intensifies. Pascal and Waldau won that episode. They were so into character, it was insane.
  •  SPOILERS So I was talking about the show on boards, you know as one does, and something came to me - in the books Nymeria pulled the body from the river. There is tons of CGI this season, there were a lot of wolves, people are kinda upset about the lack of Arya's wolf dream and we know that the finale is the most expensive episode yet. What if they have the side of Lady Stoneheart? I mean that would be awesome. END OF SPOILERS
  • God, I'm brilliant. I'm not sure it even happens, probably not, but seriously - I'm brilliant.
  • I talked about promo pics. Look at that promo still of Sansa from upcoming episode. This is stunning.
  • Check out the pictures of GoT actresses without make up. My God they are all so pretty. Lena! Michelle!
  • I was listening to episode commentaries on DVD lately and they really should get Lena to record them for each episode. She is so funny - she constantly refers to herself as 'horseface', drops the F word a lot and she has all of those cute stories - apparently when she was learning the script for Blackwater she kept mixing up the animals in the final tale she tells Tommen. 
  • The next episode is gonna be great. All of you Oberyn fans - he has really great scene with Tyrion and the final thing he says to him, if they kept it, is so awesome. Chills.
  • So Hannibal got renewed. Eh. The show is so bad now - the whole baby thing with Hannibal setting up different events just so that the show had something to use its time on was so lame. The only thing that is consistent is how freaking awful Michael Pitt is. He used to be good, what the hell happened to him? Every time he said the word 'papa' I wanted to punch my TV screen. And then I see those obsessed Hannibal fans talking about how he should get an Emmy. I'm just like this:
  • Channing Tatum is Gambit, Angelina Jolie has make up mishap and Solange Knowles kicks Jay-Z in an elevator. Where are we?
  • The posters for Macbeth:
  • I love the one with Fassbender. Cotillard one? Not so much. What is up with her hair? Is she dark Leia? Is she gonna substitute the gold bikini with the one made out of scraps of her victims? Ooh, that's not a bad idea. Some footage from the movie was screened today at Cannes and the reaction is very positive. Fassbender is reportedly fantastic.
  • Grace of Monaco is apparently shit. That doesn't surprise me. What surprises me is that some people say it is worse than Diana. I cannot imagine anything worse than Diana.
  • The teaser for Cinderalla is impossibly lame.
  • Does anyone know if senator Furlong is coming back to Veep? He was the funniest character in first two seasons. Speaking of Veep - the last few episodes were hilarious. Drunk Gary's idea about what to do with expired sperm was hysterical.
  • Quick blog announcement - there are people, whose blogs I visit/link/leave comments on regularly, and I see them all over other blogs with their comments, yet for some reason they don't ever visit mine (and I mean for weeks), even when they are featured in RF. Frankly I'm fed up with it so you can expect these visits of mine to stop.

  • Alex and Brittani review Neighbors
  • Brittani also has a hilarious recap of recent Game of Thrones - she calls it as it was with the witnesses
  • and she also hosts Favorite Movie Titles blogathon so go join it!
  • Chris shares the films that almost made him cry 
  • Jack reviews Frank
  • Mariah writes about Reign of Fire
  • The Focused Fimographer reviews Godzilla


    1. Thanks for the link! I'm so fuckin' pumped for Macbeth, love those one-sheets. Per your announcement, I totally agree. It's different if that person NEVER goes to any other blogs, but if you seem them out there engaging with other bloggers, but not you (who actively visits their site), well that's just rude. Honestly, I feel bad for not commenting on your site more, I'm just not a GoT watcher, yet!

      1. You're welcome!

        Yeah I get that people are busy, I'm busy, so if they were just bloggers who never visit anyone I'd be cool with that - but it's just fucking rude when I see them all the time everywhere else.

        No worries, you do visit a lot anyways! I try to bring a bit diversity with those movie news in Friday's post but there is only a little time I have to write posts so it is very Got-oriented lately. I'd review movies but nowadays I have no time to watch them.

    2. Hey! Thanks so much for the link to my Godzilla review. Appreciated. I hadn't seen that Macbeth poster with Marion. I'm with you on how that one looks. Ha. But I do like the Cinderella tease. Have you seen the cast for that one? What do you think?

      1. You're welcome! They really should have done something different with Marion's hair - it looks kinda odd...maybe it's historically accurate but it actually looks kinda modern.

        I cannot wait to see Blanchett's performance, I bet it will make the movie worth seeing. And it's always nice to see Madden :)

    3. Hiddles wins the cute factor... again.

      I love the Macbeth posters.

      That Cinderella teaser was... LAME!!!!

      Veep is awesome. I can't believe how bad Grace of Monaco. I guess La Vie en Rose was a fluke and was only good because of Marion Cotillard. Right now, Harvey Weinstein is probably in his suite laughing his ass off over how bad it is and is relieved that he lost the battle but won the war.

      1. I actually really hated La Vie on Rose - that movie was schizophrenic. It was all over the place and the editing was giving me headache.Kudos to Marion for managing to create performance this good there.

    4. Great rambler today Sati. Thanks for the link! I'm amazed that Hamlet is being done again. I know it's a classic, but how many different ways can the wheel be reinvented? i'm sure Fassy will be intense.

      Oh Kit...bless his heart. He looks so cute.

      I hear you about the lack of reciprocation out there! It's a problem. There are some blogs I had to stop visiting b/c they NEVER commented on my blog. It's like I know people are busy-- I'm busy, but if someone links to me or comments on my blog I'm going to return the favor. It's common courtesy. It's not like any of us are freaking running Entertainment Weekly. We're bloggers and the whole point of blogging is to interact with the community. Some people think it's all about them.

      1. Thank you! It was actually a while since I saw any adaptations of this one, I hope the language they use won't be too jarring, I unfotunetly have little patience for stuff like that.

        He really does, but they keep hiring him to do badass roles and it's so funny :)

        I think some people would just love to have hundreds of comments, never move their ass to read other people's stuff and just have everything handed to them. It's not how it works.

    5. Oh man, I am loving that Fassbender Macbeth poster. Poor little manlet Harington will never be taken seriously until he starts wearing platforms! Also now I'll be using that #lmao no gif of Cersei to reflect any and all of my sarcasm on the internet. :)

      1. I would be lost without Cersei gifs - they are probably 40% of reaction gifs I ever use on tumblr ^^ Jon Snow is like Tom Cruise of Westeros with that little problem of his :)

    6. Ahhh, you didn't disappoint w/ the Dillane gifs :D

      What's with the lame royal family films, I have no interest in seeing Grace of Monaco, esp considering how terribly Diana supposedly was.

      I just saw Cinderella minutes ago, yeah it was utterly lame. Might as well just call it the crystal shoe, blech!

      1. Diana was not only terrible - it was so freaking boring ^^

        I was hoping they'll show at least a glimpse of Madden :)

    7. The bottom left Stannis gif, that was my favorite face! I love that so much. That IS a long time before we see Stannis again. I didn't think of it like that. I saw a bunch of people in the WiCnet comments freaking out about a possible LS appearance in the next episode because of that Brienne and Pod promo. I still think it's too soon.

      There's so much perfection in that "I demand a trial by combat" scene. Sad Jaime, super bitch Cersei, Semi Oberyn, eye fucking Tyrion/Tywin. (One thing I've always wondered, if Tywin hated Tyrion so damn much, why did he get a "Ty" name?)

      That chick with Hiddles at the end would totally be me. I'd throw the one leg up as well.

      Thanks for the link! I'm glad you didn't think I used the C word too much. LOL

      1. Ah yes, the powerful puppy face! :) I'm fairly sure he is not in the next two, because they are really trying so hard to give people proper shock with each ending this year.

        LS appearing in next episode would be a gigantic waste of a scene - it's a season cliffhanger not hiatus cliffhanger. I think there is no bigger plot twist in entire series, let alone book 3.

        Maybe Tywin needed the reminder to convince himself he really is his son, so that he wouldn't kill him? That's the only thing that comes to mind.

        I'd probably faint ^^

        You're welcome! No, it absolutely applied :P

    8. Thanks so much for the link! :)

      Haha, Oberyn definitely did get a semi! I loved that part, Oberyn is probably the character I'm most intrigued about right now.

      Fassbender and Cottilard? I'll have me some of that! Seriously, they'll probably be enough to make me go and watch it, even if it's terrible.

      As for people not commenting and stuff, it can be very annoying. I always feel bad that I haven't got round to some people's blogs because I'm so busy but I do try and stop by as many blogs as I can. Always try to pop by here though, always need a good GoT fix :)

      1. You're welcome!

        Oberyn is gonna have some amazing scenes in next few episodes.

        I really hope the movie works, it's been a while since I saw decent Macbeth adaptation.

        Thank you! Yeah it's hard to keep track of everyone, on the other hand people just selectively leaving comments and avoiding the site that links you and whose author comments on most of your posts is something that pissed me off enough to announce I'm done with letting it slide :)

    9. I love the Macbeth posters! I've never seen a Shakespeare play made for film as far as I know, so I'm very excited. Fassbender looks great! I love your spoiler system, too, I'm in happy oblivion. I'm so pumped for the rest of the season of Thrones, it will be so great! The actresses without make-up look INCREDIBLE. Wow.

      The only blogs I read all the time even if I'm taking a break from blogging are yours and Mettel Ray's and mr.brown's, but since blogger eats comments, that might not always show. But I am so ashamed to not read other blogs as religiously! I don't understand how someone doesn't read Cinematic Corner, though. It IS the best, and you're the greatest community builder as you're always around. So I completely understand you.

      The last gifset made my weekend, though -- that was exactly what I got from that scene... :D

      1. Oh there are some good adaptations out there you should check out - Hamlet for sure, as the role of Ophelia is usually a chance for an actress to give an amazing performance.

        I wish I could employ some sort of spoiler system to comments sections, the one under recaps is dark and full of spoilers :)

        For me wordpress eats comments all the time, I usually hit copy before hitting send just in case. Blogger and wordpress are both really frustrating when it comes to that but I have no patience to try and import all the comments and try new platform.

        Thank you! I totally get that some people may not have time or dedication, or if they have time they'd do something else, but honestly if they do visit some blogs and avoid others that's just...disrespectful.

        To be fair I think she run because Theon is a lost cause but that scene was just ripe for parody :P

    10. Great rambler! I haven't watched GoT yet, I want to finish to books first :P My favourite characters are Tyrion, Catelyn and Danaerys.

      Ah, those Macbeth posters are just brilliant, but Marion Cotillard's hair does remind me of Leia. Is it just me or does it seem slightly modern?

      The only reasons I'm going to even see Cinderella are because of Cate Blanchett & Helena Bonham Carter.

      It's terrible about your blog announcement, some people can be so rude. I'm sorry that I haven't been commenting more often (this is actually the first time I've commented on your site), since I've been visiting your site for some time now :/

      1. That's a path to frustration ^^ I read the books after season 1 and 2 and now the slightest changes have the power to annoy me ^^ But it's also fun seeing some of the things you imagined while reading the book brought to screen, sometimes extremely faithfully.

        YEY, Catelyn! She's my favorite.

        It does look modern indeed. I'm not sure why they did that to her :)

        Oh, that announcement just applies to people who simply selectively comment on blogs, completely avoiding others - I actively try to build community with links posts and many others bloggers do as well, and such behavior from some people is just discouraging.

        I'm very grateful for each visit and thank you so much for commenting here!

    11. I am sorry you had to make that blog announcement :(
      I agree that LS is an end of season cliffhanger and since she wasn't last years and we are getting to episode 7 now, she might as well be this years. I like your speculation though about who she might be seen with, that would be pretty sweet.
      I really cannot take Kit Harington seriously in action scenes because of his height and his looks (kind of like how I can't believe Tom Cruise in them either)...not that he does bad at them but I have to remind myself to forget what I know when he does the scenes.Someone mentioned platforms and now that I think about it, I think both Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. use them. If Rose Leslie acted him off the screen, future storyline partners will do the same.
      I thought the Cinderella teaser was fine, I would have preferred a glimpse of some of the actors-especially Madden and Blanchett (Cinderella, I truly want to wait to see her when the movie comes out). But I guess for letting people know about a movie that's coming out in 10 months time, it works for, Someone on reported seeing a test screening for this (the CGI is not done yet) and they said that they really enjoyed it and the performances are really good. So let's hope that is the case. I miss seeing Richard Madden.

      1. It would be the high time they show Nymeria, we literally didn't see her in 3 years and now they would have an opportunity to do that, especially since they have this policy that they only show warging when it comes to Bran.

        I thought Leslie was fine, but for me Harginton was really good in their scenes, she is just a very lively character while Jon is a sweet hero. This season his acting improved greatly.

        I saw a screening report too and apparently the footage was gorgeous, I hope they show a teaser with actual scenes soon.

    12. Hope I'm not one of those people that are cut! I'd comment more but I'm not a big GoT fan. :/
      The promo pictures for MacBeth look promising. It's good to hear that it's doing well at least something is *poor Grace Kelly*.
      Love that last gif set! Is it from Game of Thrones?

      1. It's not about people commenting everywhere, it's about simple courtesy and the feedback for RF posts. That Grace movie is really a disaster, isn't it. Kidman looks nothing like that and apparently it's one of the movie smaller issues :)

        Yep! :)

    13. Okay, Fassbender, somehow, looks cooler than he usually does in that Macbeth poster. So, I'm sold, right? Well...then they somehow make MC look less than the hottest woman, not so fast.

      Kit Harington. This guy. I stared at that Rolling Stone for entirely too long at the gas station the other day, and I still can't believe that exists. I can't place the look on his face half the time, but I think he's trying to cry and/or shit his pants. I like the guy's just baffling.

      Still holding strong at the fifth episode of season one. Ugh......

      1. He really does, doesn't he? Hotter too. Marion doesn't look good with that hairstyle:/

        That Rolling Stone cover is legit one of the funniest covers I've seen. It's so simple yet profoundly ridiculous. And Kit looks so baffled there.

        GoT? Well, at the very least you've seen one of my all time fav scenes - Catelyn imprisoning Tyrion in the inn.

    14. You know, I believe I've said before that Stannis isn't my favorite character, but he is the rightful king after all. And the make him far less central to the story and Daenerys gets so much more advertisement and scenes so I do agree that things should be evened.
      The ending of the last episode was really awesome, I am soooo into the Lannister drama right now. The Lannisters get the most awesome story lines it seems to me, look at the Starks, they were interesting and all of them were really good people, but half of them are dead and they don't get so great moments, I was expecting Rob to take Casterly, but...
      So you post a link to someone else's blog, and that someone doesn't even bother to thank/post a link to your blog/at least see what you're writing?

      1. Dany is basically sitting on her ass this whole season. I think she gets all that marketing stuff because the producers figure a pretty girl who does nudity is good for the show.

        Ironically the best moment of this upcoming episodes will be Sansa's, well at least her storyline. Lannisters are always interesting. Cersei is such a mess, Tywin is cunning and Jaime and Tyrion are such dynamic characters.

        It would seem so. Most of the bloggers are awesome but there are exceptions.

      2. Then it's a good thing that measures are taken towards those exceptions. :)

      3. In true Thrones fashion, cutting them loose :)

    15. "It's the morning" haha loved that, and Yara's scene gifs. And poor Stannis, I still don't get why the show doesn't give him more love.

      LOL at your comments about Kit looking like a little girl there, so true.

      Lena is really funny, loved the pictures of the actresses, they're gorgeous, and loved that Sansa still.

      I haven't seen yet the latest episodes of Hannibal but I'm afraid to, with all I'm reading and how the plot is evolving on the latest I've seen. The lines were laughable at some point, wasting Mikkelsen’s talent.

      I also loved Fassbender's poster of Macbeth, I'm really excited to see what they've done there, specially knowing that Adam Arkapaw is the cinematographer. I loved his work on True Detective, Top of the Lake and Lore.

      And the Hiddleston hug, I saw it the other day too. What can I say? I'm starting to think he's the most adorable thing on Earth.

      1. They really need to start doing that soon. I'm so sick of all those added Melisandre scenes, one of them tonight, this is not her story. This is his story. She is supporting to him, not the other way around. And I feel they just go 'ok we showed her, that's enough Dragonstone'.

        I really wish they chilled with all that psycho nonsense between Hannibal and Will. Their lines are so ridiculous. They are trying to sound smart and they come off as hilarious instead.

        Oh, I had no idea! I really liked the cinematography in True Detective.

    16. That Cinderella trailer made me laugh when I first watched it. Reminded me of how hilarious casting the foot double for the slipper was.

      The blogging community can be weird and quite fickle to be honest (I feel you on this). But you've got a great readership and really supportive readers who always come back for your great content.

      1. I do indeed! I'm very lucky to find people who actually visit the site and I always try to reciprocate.

    17. I seem to have missed so many things while my computer is down.. this will take forever to catch up with blog reading except yours, ha!

      Hopefully I'm able to pick up GOT soon, I mean, I have the defense thingie on the 6th so after that, I'm done! and can solely focus on GOT, I already dragged all the books with me from home. Can't wait to get to the spoiler thing you talked about, it sounds eeeeery awesome!!

      And the blog announcement thing, I mean, I can relate in a way that I went to hiatus and after I came back, I think I lost readers.. even with two posts I didn't get as much traffic I usually do. Oh well, I've never spiked a commentary discussion in my posts as well so, I'm not sure what has happened. It's summer as well, I mean, May and June are generally the lowest of lows anyway.

      1. Use RF to find links! I usually link at least 7 so you'll find some posts there :)

        Good luck on 6th! I'm sure it will go great! Stoneheart? Stoneheart better be coming this year, I expected her last year and was so disappointed. Hope you don't know anything about her, other than name, or the plot twists in the endings to third book - it's amazingly shocking.

        I'm sure as soon as you post regularly people will come. My blog has the most traffic in GoT season - I post on fanboards A LOT and they usually visit through that, which I'm very grateful for.

      2. Will do!

        I know Stoneheart and who she is/was... I mean, it's almost impossible to not see spoilers on tumblr but luckily, I don't actually care about GOT spoilers. The books and the series is too good.. spoilers don't ruin it.

        I always have the slum time during summer.. I mean, it's actually a bit sad to look at that massive drop but meh, I can soon pick up (I get my laptop back tonight!!) and post .. if work doesn't kill my motivation. :D

      3. I'm glad you think so! I'm actually still going to be freaked out since they must make her look a bit differently than in the books and I'm dying to see what they came up with. Either way - chills.

        It's probably because people are on holiday or something :)

    18. In response to the MacBeth posters, it has my babes Fassy and Cotillard. Flawless king and queen in real life and on screen remain flawless no matter what.

      1. Well Cotillard is maybe less flawless than usual with those buns on her head :)

    19. Yay! Macbeth posters! Let the Oscar campaign begin. :)

      I still haven't seen Diana, but I might wait to do a double feature with that and Grace of Monaco. ;)

      That's the best Disney could do for Cinderella's teaser? Blah.

      1. I think this double feature has a potential of sending a person into a coma :)