Friday, May 23, 2014

(132) The whole world bows before Oberyn + links

By Sati. Friday, May 23, 2014
  •  ['Hero' by Enrique Iglesias plays in the background]
  • Chills. Can they just give Pascal all the awards? My God I was hyperventilating during that scene. I cannot believe we have to wait until next Sunday for the next episode.
  • Two weeks of waiting for that -------->
  • I mean what the fuck?! The promo alone is so incredibly exciting.
  • Look at him go with that spear. They even kept Ellaria's 'are you going to fight THAT?' line. This ep is looking so amazing.
  • Do not read the reviews or recaps without spoiler warnings, don't read anything unless you know the person marks spoilers - there is the review of the episode on Playlist (and funny tumblr recap of the episode) that blatantly spoils one character's story arc this season and this is something that the writers are trying to hide, as well as myself in my recaps. I'm constantly bending over backwards to throw non book readers off the right trail. And then some prick just writes about it without warning. 
  • I seriously need to add that promo here. It's like pure adrenaline:
  • I checked out Internet polls among non book readers. Judging from their predictions and how wrong those predictions are, they are going to be collecting the broken pieces of their minds for weeks after this season is over.
  • It also occurs to me - I'm a masochist. The thing I'm looking most forward to seeing on screen gave me nightmares after I read that chapter. Seeing it on screen will no doubt bring them back. It's like the bum behind the Winkies from Mulholland Drive in terms of shock and terror. 
  • I can't with this season. I can't.
  • <----  Also this was literally my reaction when Hot Pie said "the Brotherhood took us prisoner".
  • Is anyone still laughing at that expression Littlefinger had on his face after kissing Sansa? Cause I cannot stop.
  • Look at that shit. Imagine a scene with him, Stannis and Roose Bolton. That would be one hilarious battle of expressions.
  • Someone gifed that scene from Fugitive Pieces I wasn't able to gif because I would die trying. *fans herself* This is great as Stannis wasn't in last episode. I need Stannis. Oh God, Stannis.
  • A sad day. Thrones has its own JLaw - Sophie Turner gave this interview lately where she says there are two scenes in this season more shocking than Moon Door scene. Not only did she confuse the fans who went 'what about this, what about that scene?! It's more shocking, is it cut?!' - either she is overestimating the impact of Moon Door or she clearly doesn't know what the fuck is going on in other storylines, there are easily 10 bigger surprises in last 3 episodes, easily -
  • the bigger issue is this - some of the cast members didn't read the books. I mean it's 5 books. It's their job to portray those characters on screen. I understand the 'I want to play him/her a bit differently than in the books' excuse, but some of them are not even trying to excuse themselves.
  • Perhaps if Turner did read the books she wouldn't be so horribly misguided in her portrayal of snow castle scene. If Turner doesn't know what she is talking about, perhaps she should stop giving interviews and educate herself. I mean take Lena Headey - she didn't read them either but she at least takes interest in the show and other storylines, constantly fangirling over other characters and their stories.
  • Turner also had this to say about finale ending  'It’s a hopeful turn. It’s dramatic but it’s like, for once Game of Thrones isn’t so depressing.' Child, lay off the crack. That ending scene is the fucking definition of depressing - what's happening is good but the price is horrible, just horrible - and had Sophie stopped posing for pictures and bothered to so much as read wikipedia entry, she wouldn't be saying things that are beyond stupid.
  • At least Stephen Dillane doesn't pretend he knows anything. He just walks in, does what he feels is natural for his character and goes home. He is not there to confuse the fans, because he rarely even gives interviews (but when he does, it's such joy). His lack of clue as to what's gonna happen in the future of his character must have been adorable when he was reading his scenes for the current season. My God, what would I give to see his reaction to the biggest surprise in his storyline this season when he was reading the script - 'WHAT? WHERE?! Oh, bollocks!'
  • Have you guys heard of that whole situation with America Ferrera and prankster under her dress in Cannes? The only thing you really have to witness here is Kit Harington's reaction
  • And speaking of Kit (McConaughey tweet is hysterical too):
  • He's adorable. He actually did read the books and I do respect the guy for that. And he has been wonderful this whole season, no exceptions, which is not something I can't say about Turner or Clarke.
  • Neighbors was hysterical. I doubt any comedy this year will top Rogen hitting that ceiling fan. Oh my God. Look for my review on Monday.
  • So how about that Interstellar trailer? I really liked it, especially how subtle it was, I mean they almost didn't give anything away. Matt is looking good too. 
  • Speaking of the handsome devil:
  • Adorable.
  • Check out Eva Green living the dream in Cannes. 
  •  Let's just establish a prayer circle for Jeffrey Dean Morgan's bare ass making appearance in next season of Shameless. Literally one thing that would make this fantastic show even better. No, also - kill Jimmy. He is the worst. Even those boring brothers from last season were better than him.
  •  Come to think of it Eva is almost always lucky when it comes to the people who star with her in movies. Hell, she even got to work with Dillane in Perfect Sense. Look at him with a bunny:
  • I want to trade lives with that bunny. Literally. I'm serious here. *sobs because she's not that bunny* *sobs because One True King* *sobs because it's such a long wait for Stannis* *STANNIS!!!*
  • Speaking of handsome gentlemen, I'm done with Hannibal. They really crossed the line over repulsive shockfest I don't mind watching and repulsive shockfest that is just cheap and ridiculous last episode. They had Mason Verger cut his face but he stopped above the nose. Ridiculous, stupid, trashy looking and completely not in the spirit of what that scene was meant to be - either go all the way or don't show cheap gore at all.
  • The moment when his nose fell off was just too much. Can someone explain to me how did they even manage to show that on NBC? That was the most disgusting thing I saw on television.
  • She has no right to even say the world's most beautiful three words. I feel like someone just defecated on the DVD with the show in front of me.
  • There's also this. The thing she said aside, who let this white trash in Cannes?!
  • Have you guys seen the reviews for Lost River? This is my favorite - "Had Terrence Malick and David Lynch somehow conceived an artistic love-child together, only to see it get kidnapped, strangled and repeatedly kicked in the face by Nicolas Winding Refn, the results might look and sound something like “Lost River,” a risible slab of Detroit gothic that marks an altogether inauspicious writing-directing debut for Ryan Gosling." Don't worry, Gos fans. He's still pretty and whenever he leaves the house you get new pictures of him.
  • Meanwhile, Foxcatcher is receiving stellar reviews. I'm not surprised. Miller's previous film, Moneyball, is among my all time favorites. Can't wait to see this one.
  • Bonjour Tristesse covers each day of Cannes film festival
  • Mark reviews Enemy
  • Ruth and Anna have a great fancast for Sense and Sensibility
  • m.brown reviews Labor Day in his usual hilarious manner
  • Elina shares 20 things she likes about (500) Days of Summer
  • Mariah reviews Godzilla
  • MettelRay writes about the upcoming Gone Girl adaptation
  • and finally Alex has written a truly wonderful post about how the music of M83 influenced his life and art



    1. What the hell is up with this Vitalii Sediuk guy? How does he get credentials to these events? What an asshole. Kind of a bummer about Lost River, sounds like a real dud. Pumped for Foxcatcher though. And thanks so much for the link and wonderful comment. That really meant a lot to me.

      1. I have no idea how does he continue to get in and go past security.

        Foxcatcher looks incredible.

        You're very welcome!

    2. Hiddles wins again.

      If they brought J-Law to Cannes, then what the hell are Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Justin Bieber doing there as well? If I ever make it to Cannes and find them there. I'd give them 1 Stone Cold Stunner! 2 Stone Cold Stunners 3 Stone Cold Stunners! 4 Stone Cold Stunners! 5 Stone Cold Stunners!!!! That's the bottom line cause Stone Cold says so! Stone Cold Steve Austin is my 2nd favorite wrestler of all-time.

      I heard Brad's throw to McConaughey was embarrassing. It's not his fault that he isn't athletic. At least he's not Steven Seagal who runs like a girl.

      I kinda wish I was that guy who got look up America Ferrera's dress. She's pretty fine

      I think I want to see Lost River just to see what the fuss is about.

      YES! I totally agree with you about Jimmy. Fuck that guy! They should've whacked him so that Fiona could get it on with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and get herself back on top!

      1. You could really hurt your shoulder doing all those Stone Cold Stunners! Personally I'd go for a Pedigree or Rock Bottom. :)

      2. Jimmy is the worst. He is so spineless and he is an idiot. I really wish they didn't bring him back, that was the only thing in the finale I didn't like. I'm still hoping she bangs JDM :)

      3. @Katy-Oh, I would love, love, love, love to do a Rock Bottom on Justin Bieber and then.... to cap it off with the most ELECTRIFYING MOVE IN ALL OF ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!! THE PEOPLE'S ELBOW!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Why would I not be surprised about my expectations of what's going to happen. I do feel that you're trying to be as vague in your reviews as possible and I thank you for that! I really do appreciate it.

      Whereas to mine expectations. Sansa's probably gona stick around with LF, Tyrion's champion will win and Pedro Pascal is going to be our avenger taking people down and Cersei's going to freak out because she won't get to kill her brother. I feel that something more will happen to the Lannisters because all I keep hearing is that they will pay their debts (it is their turn to get fucked up). I'd like to see Shae get kicked in the head, that woman is really stupid and annoying. All I hear about Daenerys is that her storyline this season is about ruling and control, and how she starts losing it. Stannis, I simply have no idea. Something has to happen for the Wall to withstand the invasion, the current commander will realize how stupid he is?

      1. I do try to be vague and sometimes sprinkle in some hints that are either real or fake :) Thank you so much for writing you appreciate it, the ingratitude I get sometimes for being protective towards non book readers is insane.

        I can tell you are right about at least one of those :) The current commander is gonna remain stupid, but perhaps Jon's friendship with Mace Ryder, the wildling King, will help somehow?

      2. I think Mace Ryder doesn't give a fuck about Jon anymore, he just wants to escape death. But when I read this post it was very late here, so I didn't pay much attention to what you've written about the final episode(s)-that after seeing them I am going to have nightmares, which makes me wonder what could it be. And Pod and Brienne? They chose that path in the last episode and you said you were yelling, which means I will definitely cut down on coffee before watching GoT, I don't want a heart-attack.

      3. It's a popular opinion among book readers that those of us who will watch the last few episodes with non book readers should be ready to call 911 for medical help :) It's a mixture of really disgusting, scary, shocking and storyline changing events. Of course I do not know for sure if they indeed filmed the things I'm referring to and if they did them justice. I know for sure about several of them being included but still they can tone down the outcome. I'm hoping they won't because the last few chapters or book 3 are just perfect.

        As for Mace the show really didn't give him enough screentime but if there is anyone who can convince him not to massacre the men of the Wall it's Jon.

    4. I'm annoyed about Sophie Turner too. Knowing that she doesn't read the books is such a letdown for me because it does explain the vast difference between book-Sansa and show-Sansa, which I was misguidedly attempting to justify. She also should absolutely not be commenting on the ending of the season! I thought they knew better than that!! Additionally, the guy who spoiled a certain something needs to be kicked in the face. People should know that everyone takes Game of Thrones spoilers very seriously.

      Those LF facial expressions are hilarious. The face he made after kissing Sansa was so funny but also so, so creepy!

      Also I think Dillane caressing a bunny with his face wins the overall adorableness competition!

      1. They do occasionally read their own chapters but that's not enough. And I bet she didn't read that snow castle chapter - her acting in the show was the complete opposite of Sansa from the books. She is so miscast in the part too. I think all of the Stark children don't really look the part.

        Dillane and bunny are my favorite thing ever :) So adorable <3

    5. That's a weird statement from Sophie Turner. I didn't think the Moon Door scene was all that shocking, really.

      That Ukrainian journalist needs to be banned from any media events. I don't know how he feels that what he does is okay. Seriously, fuck that guy.

      On a lighter note, Nick Offerman in Game of Thrones would be badass. Liked that GIF at the end. :)

      1. She thinks she is awesome and so are all of her scenes. Yeah, right.

        I don't know how he even goes past security!

        Offerman would easily take the Throne :)

    6. "What's wrong with having a dick in my mouth?" Um, that's possibly the best thing I've ever heard.

      Anyway, that guy all up in America needs to be the middle piece in an all 'prankster' human centipede. What a cock.

      I finally went to see a movie in the theater (and not Neighbors, despite having a free ticket to it, f--k), and that was my first taste of the Interstellar preview. I thought it looked cool as shit, definitely looking forward to it.

      Thanks for the link, Sati. That f--king movie was ridiculous...

      Oh, I'm going with that dog. That pup is impressive.

      1. Sofia rules :)

        You should totally check out Neighbors! It wasn't as funny as This is the End but parts of it came close. I think as a parent of small kids you'll relate to main couple :)

    7. Either I'm really good at reading between the lines, or I just happen to be on the wrong place at the right time.. no wrong time.. ah, who cares, but I read a spoiler from your GOT list. IT was accidentally, well, or you know the picking up pieces kind of gave it a hint and well, I'm assuming now that.. yes.. I don't like this! But I guess that's Game of Thrones for you.. brutal and mean, mean oh so very often.

      I'm not keeping myself very informed about Cannes but Goslings movie failing, well, I mean... not everybody is able to go from Disney to Director.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Sorry...come again? I have little to no idea what you are talking about, considering that you already do have certain knowledge of what's coming.

        You're welcome

    8. Gosling's Lost River sounds as if I don't have to rush out to see it.(curently 25% on Rotten Tom) Interstellar on the other hand I'm on board for.

      Those mean tweets videos are funny, thanks for linking to the latest, which I hadn't watched! David Blaine tweet was my favorite from that.

      1. 25% seems like it's pretty high considering how awful the reviews were :)

    9. Another fine post, Sati. That teaser looks great but it's a bummer we need to wait. Just can't get enough of GoT just now.

      Thanks for the linkage as well. Much appreciated :)

      1. America ruins fun for the rest of the world again, like every year :)

        You're welcome!

    10. These Dilane gifs are killing me. I only think of him as Stannis, so I forget he's in other films doing completely un-Stannisy things.

      American should've stomped that dude, that's ridiculous that he's even allowed into events. I remember when Will Smith slapped him. I hate Will Smith, but I thought HE was actually right in that scenario.

      I'm going to have to look for that Tumblr review now...

      1. He's just so.... <3333 He definitely looks like he knows what he is doing in sex scenes, whereas Stannis would probably need a text book or something. Or Davos providing a helpful advice :) And as for the bunny - well, who knows, he did love Proudwing :((((

        That Will Smith slap was hilarious. He is the worst but yeah, he was totally right there.

    11. I am going to vote for Stephen Dillane and the bunny for most adorable. Sorry Tom Hiddleston and cute dog & cat. I kind of feel bad for celebrities reading mean tweets but I thought Kit Harington's reaction was perfect and funny. Gary Oldman and Sofia Vargara were good too. Nice to see that they have a sense of humor.
      I do like Sophie Turner's work this season (ducking tomatoes) but some of the things she has said in interviews are head scratchers.
      Did you see the trailer for Lost River? Totally bizarre. I am not surprised that it was booed at Cannes. I love Matt Smith and Christina Hendricks and they are not enough to make me want to see that.

      1. Stephen! <3

        Gary Oldman's reaction was so adorable! :)

        She had some really good scenes this year but occasionally she acts like she completely doesn't understand her character and mixing that with her ignorant statements...just a disaster.

        I love Hendricks too but this just looks like another Only God Forgives.

    12. Thanks for the link Sati! Yes, I too am looking fwd to that fight scene, although I don't know why! I just love Paschal and how he has played Oberyn. He's been fantastic. I think he's actually been my favorite thing this season, besides Stannis. Not nearly enough Stannis this year.

      Can someone make Jlaw stop talking. Whenever I see her name trending, I brace myself. Now she says that she threw up at the Oscars with pride? It's the Oscars. Come on. She needs to take some lessons on decorum from Anne Hathaway. Now Anne is a class act.

      So jealous of Eva Green in that photo. Those mean tweets were hilarious. I think Ethan Hawke's tweet was the absolute best.

      1. You're welcome! I'm really hoping for more Stannis next year. It's such a freaking waste of Dillane. Did he even have 15 minutes this whole season? :/ Pedro is amazing, such a terrific performance.

        Anne's super proper and classy demeanor is a bit much sometimes, but I'd take that over that train wreck any day. It's not cute, it's just disrespectful.

        Hawke's tweet was actually fairly accurate :P

    13. Not gonna lie - I squealed a little at that video of Pitt and McConaughey.
      It's interesting to see the different reactions when it comes to that prankster guys. Cooper and DiCaprio laughed it off despite his face was in their crotches, but Smith and Cruise looked like they would beat the hell out of him.
      My eyes imploded a little with that Hiddleston gif set. :)

      1. Adorable, right?:)

        I think Cooper and Dicaprio had so much....attention in that area they don't even care anymore :)

    14. TV standards are weird. Like with violence they allow almost anything,but anything more than a hint of sexuality is too much for them. It's strange.

      1. Funny thing is that there was tons of sex on Hannibal this season, most of it pointless. But yeah - nudity is something they can't show but the awful, gruesome imagery? No problemo.

      2. I've noticed it on other shows too. Violence seems to get policed much less than sex on tv

        oh,forgot to mention i haven't had a issue with Sophies performance on GOT so far.

      3. It's the same with movies. They actually have people have sex in their clothes in sex scenes in films nowadays.

        Well it's different for book readers. I think she is good when she is acting just with her face but when she has

      4. Why do I have the feeling that you're complaining that in season 2 when Stannis had sex with Melisandre he was with clothes on? :D :D :D

      5. I'm ALWAYS complaining about that :P

    15. "Can they just give Pascal all the awards?" Yes, please! I even rewinded that scene, he’s doing a terrific performance. The promo looks really promising. The Ellaria line, the passionate kiss and him with the spear… can’t wait.

      I love Mulholland Drive but just thinking about the bum behind the Winkies still frightens me, so I’m already afraid of whatever is coming next in GoT haha.

      The tweets were so funny. Kit Harington’s growing on me, he’s been pretty good lately. And Pitt and McConaughey at New Orleans, really funny. I loved the vibe of the Interstellar trailer, can't wait for it having McConaughey and Chastain on it.

      Lawrence… I can’t with her. She's reaching a new level of being annoying. And Eva Green definitely is really lucky with her co-stars. She and Mikkelsen were great at Le Grand Journal, and Dillane was really cute in Perfect Sense, I've totally forgotten he was in there too.

      And Hiddleston wins. I’m quite impartial though, he always wins for me, too adorable.

      1. The duel will probably be at least 15 minutes at the end, it's gonna be amazing!

        It depends of how much suspense and build up they'll have but the thing that is being revealed in that moment is really shocking. Proper buildup may push it to horror territory.

        Kit is definitely improving as an actor. He did such a good job so far this season and I'm sure he'll be fantastic in the battle episode. I think this may be his best work on the show yet. Hopefully he'll be extra sassy towards Thorne too :)

    16. Hey thanks for the link love Sati! Fancast, now that's the term I should've used for future post in that series :D

      Oooh that Oberyn guy is super hunky, I sure hope Pedro Pascal gets more roles post GoT. I don't even know if he's British or what, his IMDb page needs more info!

      Ahah, I so know how you feel about missing Dillane and wanting to trade w/ that bunny, I feel that way w/ every female co-star of Toby's ;)

      Awww, that's tough to choose between Hiddles & the cat hugging the dog, I saw that on Tumblr, simply adorable!!

      I'm off on holiday, *see* you in a couple of weeks, Sati! :D

      1. You're welcome! Fancast is a word we use a lot in GoT fandom so I'm used to using that :)

        I don't think he is British..I don't even know that much about him, he appeared out of nowhere and stole the show :)

        Some women - and bunnies - are so lucky ^^

        Have a wonderful time! :)

      2. Just FYI Pedro is Chilean, like I said, I'm fangirling like crazy. :D

      3. Ah, mystery solved! Thank you :)

    17. Sati,I totally agree with you disapproval of GoT actors who haven't read the books. Surely the series is only based upon the book story but come on if all of them would've read it could have enhance their performances, just like you said about Sophie. I mean I generally like the way Turner's portraying Sansa (she was incredible during Purple wedding for egzample) but sometimes she's terribly misguided but I wouldn't call her yet GoT's own JLaw. She still far from that shit.

      I used to appreciate Jennifer as an actress and I thought she might be a nice person, she seemed funny during her interviews but now I think she is dangerously close to become one of the most vulgar and ridiculous girls in Hollywood. She really needs to change her image.

      AAh! and Pedro, I'm fangirling over him like crazy! :D I've heard that Dorne scenes will be shot in Spain this Summer, yay! Even though I kind of imagined it would look more like India than Spain, but who cares, I'm just happy we're going to get Dorne storyline.

      1. Exactly. Hell, I'm busy and I read the books. This is some of these people's livelihood. I do appreciate when they say 'I want to approach it my way' and they don't read the books but some of them just don't care. It's also not enough to just read the POV chapters. It's a pathetic shortcut. Well, she is very shallow, judging from her interviews but yeah JLaw is kinda the highest level of awful.

        Really all those puke because of being so drunk happens to people, sure, but why on Earth would she volunteer such an information? She's just so tacky.

        I kinda always imagined Dorne as Spain so it's really cool that they are doing that. I'm just hoping they'll still have enough screentime for my Stannis :)

    18. CELEBRITIES READ MEAN TWEETS!!!! Yay! I love that thing. I wanted to say that June Squibb wins here, even with Kit and Matt being super+, but holy jesus, Sofia Vergara really went for it. She seems so great.

      Eva Green is lovely, I can't wait to see more of her -- and man, I'm jealous he gets to hang around with those people. I watched A Royal Affair today and dammmnnn, that guy. Shame Hannibal is such bulls--t.

      And thank you so much for the link, I appreciate it a lot!

      1. Sofia is so direct, I love it about her. She never gets shy.

        A Royal Affair ripped my soul. But Mads was so gorgeous in it.

        You're very welcome! :)

    19. Ouch. I hadn't read any Lost River reviews, but that doesn't sound good. I'll still be first in line though. :)

      1. I bet it's Only God Forgives 2 :)