Friday, June 6, 2014

(134) On a scale from 1 to Oberyn Martell how blown was your mind last Sunday? + links

By Sati. Friday, June 6, 2014
  • Now that is an awesome ending.
  • And for a second Oberyn had wings remains my favorite moment of the fight. Fuck me that was epic. There were like 7 editing cuts there and they made it look so dynamic and awesome. 
  • The reaction videos!
  • I really hope we'll get reaction videos for the next episode too. And definitely the one after that.
  •  So here is my plea for all the non book readers and don't investigate this request- do not watch the opening credits for episode 9. Don't look at them. I know everyone says it is only at the Wall but it's not strictly true and opening credits would ruin the episode - I bet they actually update the map this time. I'll explain what I meant about the credits in the recap, but as you watch the episode for the first time please do not watch them.
  •  I found the whole sequence from the latest episode on youtube and even if you don't watch the show I urge you to watch this one. This is one of the best scenes in the show and the best fight scene I've ever seen. The timing of Oberyn lines and the editing was just uncanny. I don't think that scene could be better in any way and I almost never say this:
  • This week Thrones topped The Sopranos' rating and has become the most popular show in the history of HBO. YEY!
  • I have never seen an actor take his character's fate as well as Pedro. On the other hand that role definitely got him so much ass. I witnessed women cry because of what happened last Sunday.
  • I read that chapter 4 times and I still couldn't believe my own eyes. At the boldness of what was going on and how fucking perfectly that scene was adapted.
  • The next episodes are either gonna become my favorite episodes of the show ever and I'm gonna be the happiest I've ever been or I'm gonna be fucking furious. I mean it's Marshall's episode and I adore Blackwater + I really liked the Wall this year and then the finale has so many of my favorite things. It's funny how those things depend on such quick moments, in grand scheme of things. It's just about those moments when the writers have grand opportunities and not taking them would make me so mad it can actually cross off the entire episodes for me, much like that Mhysa ending did last year. 
  • I'm so psyched I'm gonna be able to share the best GoT bitchfest with you guys soon.
  • SPOILER My God this meets this on Sunday. Pray for me. Pray for me to survive seeing Stannis in his glory. Stannis is sun. Stannis is life. Stannis is love. Stannis is everything. That Jaime gif in the end? This is gonna be me. END OF SPOILER
  • I'd better be happy with how this season turns out once it's over. I had so much work this week and I actually have to go to work tomorrow. On Saturday. I work 8h a day and sleep 4. I didn't even have the time to eat at work today. I also essentially have a different boss every month, because each month I'm helping a different judge, so each time I'm about to meet them or hand them my work I feel like Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada. This is madness.
  •  It's amazing - they barely even started writing season 5 and there is already a major WTF change SPOILERS what in seven hells is Jaime Lannister doing in Dorne? I love the idea, I do, but he better be going to Riverlands right after that. END OF SPOILERS Everything is so flipped on its own ass in the show when you know what the book story is.
  • George R.R Martin is progressively going even more insane - he is now talking about the possibility of book 8th. You still only have 1/10 of the next two done!!!
  • That photo on the left. This is what it feels like to be in GoT fandom. You need to bury your favs. And the pain never goes away
  • BTW it's from tumblr not from my room. In my room there is a heart shaped pillow with the picture of Stannis in unicorn frame on it.
  • don't know that I'm joking, do you?
  •  Hey remember when the best performance in The Hours wasn't even nominated?
  • Ugh I just want to hold him. Oh God, so beautiful. In every way possible.
  • I also began making gifsets of Stannis from each episode. I find it distracting both from real problems and GoT what will they do with Stannis problems. I'm at season 3 with gifmaking now. Oh, the facial hair. And in season 2 - the tongue of doom! Stephen actually does this thing a lot in different roles. It's just something he does. I'm all right. I'm not breathing heavily. *breathes heavily*
  • So that Jonah Hill thing. Look who didn't say something stupid or offensive in their lives? Jesus, I actually slapped a number of people when I was pissed off. At least he apologized. I love Jonah. People call him a douchebag but I think he is funny, sweet and very genuine.
  • The Eva Green Sin City poster story continues - they released the new one and guess how they made it more PG-13 friendly? They reduced her breasts size. This is offensive on a number of levels.
  • I saw X Men: Days of Future Past and Maleficent. I may or may not review them I probably won't - I barely had time to even do RF this week.
  • Both McAvoy and Jolie gave the performances that were worthy of much better films. X Men was just so dumb, also I laughed so hard when it turned out all that fuss is because of JLaw's magical blood. As for Maleficent it's like they didn't even try with that script because they figured no matter what they'll do the movie will earn them money - that backstory with the betrayal had such potential to be really dark and interesting but they didn't even bother to mention it again after she became evil, except for that whole nonsensical thing with the wings. I was appalled at how lazy that script was.
  • I also saw The Grand Budapest Hotel - I liked it and Fiennes and Brody were hysterical. But again, what is Wes Anderson's issue with animals? Why off that cat? Does he think it's funny? This is one disturbed dude and coming from me it's....well there are levels of being psycho that scare even me.
  • Veep was hysterical. Not only is Furlong back but the 'legitimate hole' thing almost made me cry.
  • Elina writes about A Single Man
  • Mark and Courtney review Maleficent
  • Brittani and Anna recap new episode of Game of Thrones
  • Alex lists  Top 10 Unsung Female Roles in Steven Soderbergh Films
  • m.brown reviews the funniest movie of the year so far - Neighbors
  • Ruth returned from her vacation with new 5 for 5th!
  • and another one because this is literally me when I watch the show with non book readers/I'm on twitter and I wait for non book readers' reactions. I'm pacing nervously with 'I cannot freaking wait for you guys to see it!' look. This is gonna be me this Sunday and next Sunday.


    1. Super happy about GoT becoming HBO's most popular show. Also glad that you liked Grand Budapest.

      And Dinklage + baby is definitely cuter.

      1. I hope they'll give GoT all the money they have :) True Blood and Girls are such a waste of cash.

    2. Oh my, Varys in that last gif! His face just says "Oh God, I know where this is going.."

      That is a good point about the opening credits. I never thought of that! I wonder if they'll alter them?

      That article about GoT beating the Sporanos and rivaling The Walking Dead is hilarious because TWD's producers released their own article basically saying. "They counted differently, our show is watched by way more people." Dude, you're on cable. GoT isn't and they are better quality than you. Fuck off!

      I do wish they would've included the line "You will say her name, Ser. Else I will hunt you through all seven hells."

      Thank you for the link! I can't wait for Sunday :)

      1. Haha, Mace's face is priceless too!

        They will alter them, unfotunetly. That's just so stupid. I understand why they have to do it but it's just...well incredibly stupid! :)

        Haha you're relationship with TWD is so unique - you watch it, you recap it, but man, do you not take any shit from them :)

        That was my favorite line in the chapter, obviously it didn't make it^^

        You're welcome! I'm so psyched! :P

    3. Thanks for the link!

      Glad you decided to see The Grand Budapest Hotel...Fiennes is the man. I'd like to know your thoughts on XMen and Maleficent, but, I too, barely have time to keep up with my reviews. Still need to finish Under the Skin!

      1. You're welcome!

        Also it's that my hands hurt - I type for hours at work and I can barely feel my fingers at the end of the day, when I write GoT recaps I actually need to take breaks :/ I'd love to read your Under the Skin review!

    4. That episode almost killed me, holy shit!

      Dinklage wins easily this time and hahahahahahahahahahahaah yes Jon Snow and Jaime just reminds me of... IT.

      Thanks for the credits warning! I almost never watch them anyway because I watch Thrones first thing after waking up, so I usually spend that time brushing my teeth. I didn't even know they change, only knew people were pissed because of places not being in there.

      The Eva Green's thing is disgraceful and awful! And the shit with Hill? I absolutely agree with you. He seems like a really cool guy and he's been apologising all around, what more do they need? They get away with much worse shit than that in Hollywood all the time. (Refer back to the Eva Green thing!)

      SO. I watched The Hours! Dillane made me cry, Streep made me cry, and I was just hugging my knees and wiping tears for the entire ending. Such a great film, I'm so glad you were hyping it!

      Best of luck with work and all that! Will absolutely understand if you cut back on posting. Just don't disappear from Twitter, you're my ray of sunshine there. :D

      1. They used to change them also every week but they became so lazy this season, I think they only changed them once or twice, which is insane as they have all the animations for some castle that came back this year and still didn't show them.

        Hollywood is freaking nuts, that's really all that needs to be said here.

        I'm so glad you saw it and appreciated it!, don't worry my endless tweeting will continue :)

    5. "BTW it's from tumblr not from my room. In my room there is a heart shaped pillow with the picture of Stannis in unicorn frame on it. don't know that I'm joking, do you?"

      So funny.

      1. It's definitely true for my tumblr, though :)

    6. Dinklage & baby wins. Man, the Internet exploded over that fight.

      In fact, I think this is one of the best videos about the fight:

      After all, anything with good ol' JR's commentaries makes it even better. Fuck the WWE for firing him all because Vince McMahon doesn't like him.

      Reducing Eva Green's boobs.... BAD!!!! Jonah Hill's apology... I accept because he is a good dude. Veep is awesome. I love it when the gang takes a shit on Jonah.

      1. It really did, even imdb was down.

        Veep has been so funny lately, I heard tonight's finale is 2h long so that's awesome news.

    7. I'm glad to read your post b/c I thought I was the only one who didn't like the new 'X-Men' movie. You're super heroes...we get it. The best scenes in the film were Quicksilvers. Yeah, that's about it. More Bryan Singer absurdity. I'm going to see Maleficent this weekend.

      Jonah Hill. I'm not a fan. I thought he was good in Moneyball, but I don't like him in his over the top roles. That said, people are going insane. What he said was completely wrong. I hate that word and it's not a part of my vocabulary, but he made a mistake and he's apologized and the apologize was sincere. He was being harassed and hounded by the paps. Everyone has said something they shouldn't have said at one point in time. Everyone. Most of us have the benefit of saying things off camera so we're not called to the carpet.

      As for Eva Green's boobs, I'm always amazed that people have more issues with boobs than violence or with guns being glamorized. The poster has a woman in a negligee holding a cocked pistol. In fact most movie posters have someone holding a gun. Violence bothers me much more than boobs. That said, I don't like the poster. I think they could do femme fatal way better than that.

      Peter Dinklage carrying his little daughter is pretty darling. So my vote is for him.

      I don't get Wes Anderson's desire to hurt animals. So I'm on a Wes Anderson boycott.

      Stephen Dillane gets my vote for everything. I can't wait for you to see Firelight. I can't wait for the giffys to come out of that.

      1. Quicksilver was super fun but there was just too many characters and the future ones especially were so boring.

        I really hate it when people treat those poor celebrities like some horrible savages when they do the human thing and react like a lot of people do. Is it all right to react like that? Well, he should probably ignore the douche, but is this a common and understandable reaction? Yes. Jesus, celebrities are just people too and they need to deal with this paparazzi crap so much.

        The one thing about sexism in Thrones is that at least no one can say the show has issue with boobs :) I don't like the poster, Eva is a bit too..not sure how to say that. Rachel Weisz would fit the role, someone with subtle looks. Someone with such features as Eva in a role as loud like that with this poster is too much.

        I may see Firelight tonight! It does look like one hell of a treat for Dillane fan.

    8. Oh my God! I LOVE that reaction video. Priceless! I love it when people go like "Did you know that?" or "Is he really dead?" He crushed his fucking head! Off course he is dead! It is Hilarious. Though I can totallu understand. Even I was like "Don't waste your time. Kill Him!" for a second and I knew all that. My personal favourite was that Black dude in sleeveless Blue shirt at about 6-7 minute mark. I imagine my reaction would have been exactly the same if I didn't know about this.

      P.S.: They need to show recap before next episode. Who remembers that letter from last season? (Well, I didn't.)

      1. Haha there were like 5 threads on imdb asking if Oberyn was dead this week :)

        NOOOO!! I saw the recap - they release it mid-week - and it's not there, that's the whole point - they are counting on people forgetting or assuming they are not doing this. Every scene was a red herring. It's a brilliant plan - all people need to do is pay no attention to opening credits and their minds will be blown.

    9. I had the same issue with Maleficent. There was so much potential and it just got wasted! They really did market is as "see Angelina Jolie looking like the awesome character Maleficent is".

      Fiennes was great in The Grand Budapest. That cat death was just gruesome.

      1. Yes, it's really only Jolie that's holding that movie together. I hope she at least made tons of cash on that one.

    10. It was about time this show officially became 'the best'. And if HBO is smart they will load it with more money, I hope.
      Soo, your advice to non book readers is not to watch the opening credits?

      1. My advice is to leave the room when they air, but not looking at the screen will work too :)

      2. Okay then, thanks for the advice!

      3. I hope you'll like the episode!

    11. Hey thanks so much for the link love, Sati! Y'know even though I don't watch the show, but from reading the recaps, esp yours, even I am still mourning Oberyn!!

      Ahah, the hullaballoo over Eva Green Sin City poster is just preposterous! I actually think it's a gorgeous poster. Glad you enjoyed Grand Budapest Hotel but yeah, what is up w/ the animal violence! That poor cat!

      Well, I look forward to your next GoT recaps :D

      1. You're welcome! :)

        I'm usually bother with animal violence but him using it for comic relief is just disturbing. That scene, just like in Moonrise Kingdom, was completely unnecessary.

        Oh the one for tonight's episode is gonna be....interesting :)

    12. JHilll seems to be pretty broken up about what he said to the paparazzi. Although what he said wasn't appropriate, it's his first "public scandal" and apologized for the words he chose. I'm willing to give him some slack because at least he's not like Alec Baldwin repeating the same insults and always getting away with it.

      I don't even know what to say about that Eva Green poster ridiculousness.. It's just ridiculous and good ol' sexist Hollywood.
      Not only from the Brian Singer controversy, but how terrible X-Men seemed to look in the extended trailers, I couldn't bring myself to see the downfall of X-Men First Class. Happy to hear there were some saving graces with McAvoy, and Jolie in Maleficent. How was Fassy in Days of Future Past?

      I honestly loved Grand Budapest Hotel, but like you said, Anderson has some serious issues with animals.

      Nothing against the rabbit but Dinklage carrying his child wins this week's round.

      1. Baldwin is genuinely insane. He's super funny on 30 Rock but he really has issues.

        Fassy was..ok. I don't think he does this much with Magneto, I thought he was better in First Class, though.

        This is just such a horrible thing to have a movie and for no good reason at all. Just horrific.

    13. Thanks for the linkage Sati! I've been wondering all this time about what could be the spoilery bit in the credits sequence and so far I've come up with nothing. Big fail, I need to read the books again. Or actually watch the episode!

      All this fuss about Eva Green's beautiful figure is so ridiculous. I remember there was some sort of kerfuffle about Emma Watson's chest size on a poster for the last Harry Potter film, or it might have been the chick who played Ginny (can't remember which), which was so dumb. Seems like everyone in Hollywood is afraid of boobs which really doesn't make sense considering all the guns on those posters. I'll never understand it!

      Dinklage officially wins most adorable this week! :D

      1. The names of the actors. I was lying with the map not to spoil people. But fuck it, they wreck everything in the show, didn't they.

        Oh they are horrified of nudity. Makes me wonder how the hell is GoT doing so well over there :)

    14. Grand Budapest! I can't wait to see it. I can't believe you'd bother with more Anderson after Moonrise, and the um, incident.

      What person on this planet would willingly put time into reducing the size of Green's breasts on a poster or otherwise. I'd assume this was done at gunpoint, though what kind of madman would have such ludicrous demands? I'm actually shaking at the mere thought...

      Dinklage. Goodness. That rabbit could be nestled atop Rose Byrne's head and it still doesn't have a f--king chance.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Well it's only after I made sure there are no dogs in the movie :) It's really a hilarious film.

        Haha, whoever that mad man was he probably works for MPAA - lunacy is a job requirement there, I think.

        Dinklage wins everything lately, he is so awesome.

    15. I'm with you on the Hill thing. When I heard about it, my immediate thought was why do so many people kick up a fuss when he drops that word in public, when damn near every other joke in his comedies is a gay or gay-bashing joke? I'm not at all criticizing his comedy and of course I know comedy is comedy and real life is real life, but I suppose I'm not shocked that he would say that in his everyday life. I mean, let alone the fact that the guy was pestering him all day. I wouldn't use that word in any context - in real life, for a character in a film, as a joke on Twitter - but Jonah Hill uses it all the time for one reason or another, so should we be surprised that he says it in real life? An interesting thought. Either way, thanks so much for the link!

      1. I think it's because he used this word so often at work it kinda must be at the back of his brain as one of the words his characters use in jokes when being mean, not as a slur. So in a moment of tension he just lost control and used it

        You're welcome!

    16. In my defense...I did think I commented here, or at least wanted to.

      I'm with you on Hill for sure! I haven't seen X-Men, but it appears that they were basing that on fact, since how else would you explain JLaw's success if not for magical blood. I didn't hate Maleficent, but I agree that Jolie's performance deserved a better movie!

      1. Seriously they only made the plot about Mystique because little miss pukes a lot plays her.

    17. Team Jonah all the way! Anyone can make a mistake, and he handled it the right way.

      Yeah, Maleficent needed a better script, but Jolie was perfect. I loved the ridiculousness of X-Men. They basically just hit the reset button on the entire series, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

      1. Jolie certainly deserves all the praise she is getting, she really did wonders with the role and this script.