Friday, June 27, 2014

(137) Death by Fire(light) + links

By Sati. Friday, June 27, 2014
  •  Queen Elizabeth paid a visit to the set of Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland. She met the cast - Maisie, Sophie, Kit, Rose, Conleth. Lena was also there as were the showrunners proving they will let just about anyone meet her.
  • First of all, let's just look at Kit's face and laugh.
  • Second of all, he is barely taller than the Queen. Oh, this is adorable. He is just staring at her in third gif. And Rose keeps laughing. Why the hell did you kill her off, she is lovely :/ Can you imagine how happy Kit must be he doesn't need to be standing right next to Sophie? She's a giant.
  • And finally why are my favorite 2 cast members, Michelle and Stephen never there for big things like that? Michelle has given like dozen of Thrones interviews lately and her character is dead. Stephen is the king! He should be on that throne! Move away Queen Elizabeth you shouldn't be even looking that that! THAT'S NOT YOURS!!!
  • No, seriously. Does he live in a cave? A lighthouse? A castle shaped out of clouds in Heaven and he descends to grace us mere humans with his presence once every few months so our ovaries could explode and so that we can slip out of sanity by making gifs and edits out of the same interviews over and over and over again? You can't just save the realm, say you wanted to be a fireman when you were little (aww!) and disappear for 9 (!) months.
  • Still not over Stannis' hotness in finale
  • Seriously, though - 'chains', 'kneel'....what the fuck. I legit think they were trying to end me with that scene. 
  • I've been doing Season 4 challenge, you can check it out here.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen - Pedro Pascal
  • This is from The Playlist's article on 20 best shows this year - "the show’s reached a remarkable level of consistency, with Benioff and Weiss continuing to doing a remarkable job of adapting George R.R. Martin’s texts to screen while often improving on them".
  • What are the people working for The Playlist smoking and where can I get some of that? What is that consistency you speak of? Cause that died with Ned back in season 1. 
  • George R.R. Martin gave us some new hints towards what will happen in next book - some of you got very excited about me recently wondering about certain two characters meeting...well....:)
  • Apparently there are going to be marriages, deaths and betrayals. Wow, George. Such thrilling info. It's like me saying well, this Friday there's gonna be wine and movies.
  • I just want Stannis to live and kill those Bolton fucks. And hopefully George getting the revenge for the butchering of his story going on in the TV series and for example putting Stoneheart on the Throne or making her super crucial by killing dozens of main characters.
  • Yeah I'm just gonna put that picture of Stannis here to stay calm through the  following rant. Well not exactly calm just...content.
  • Major news sites are now reporting the interview with certain someone conducted by EW hack based on rumors from director calling this character a 'zombie' as the confirmation for the show omitting Lady Stoneheart. Until I see season 5 I'm not treating anything as confirmation.
  • Can someone tell me what happened to the media? Shouldn’t it be 'above all confirm first' before making statements in your articles? And what happened to people respecting their jobs? Because while David Benioff and Dan Weiss are at least silent on the matter - not spreading false rumors, unfounded 'confirmations' and just insulting the fans - we have a source for the show working for major site acting on rumors. What's worse is that more serious sites are treating this as official news.
  • This is really serious, though. If they don't include her not even naked Stannis would make it up for me.
  • *closes eyes* *naked Stephen in Savage Grave flashbacks* *wonders about it for 30 minutes* *makes pros and cons list* *training montage music plays in the background*
  • Maybe...maybe it would. 
  • But no, no, no I waited so long, goddammit! 
  • As I said - this is really serious, guys.
  • Please sign this even if you don't watch the show, I'll love you forever.
  • My article on the issue from yesterday is rapidly becoming one of the most popular posts on my site. I'm very proud of it. I'm also proud I managed to make just one crude reference. But it's hard to forget about Dany's big event in ADWD, isn't it? Also funny thing - each year after season ends I put this little teaser for next season on the sidebar. I made one alluding to Stoneheart for this year. Well, how the hell am I supposed to include it now?
  • There's one good thing about this outrage and it's how hilarious - and accurate - Lady Stoneheart tag on tumblr is: 
  • "Lady Stoneheart is too absurd for the show."….did we watch the same episode?????? JOJEN REED WAS KILLED BY FROZEN GROUND SKELETONS?????"
     "But I am quickly running out of optimism. Those dumb as fuck show runners, oh my god." 
    "One of the best things I’ve heard about the whole Lady Stoneheart debacle is that “if she had a lesbian scene in front of littlefinger we would have seen her in the show by now” and I think that says a lot"
    "I agree. Lady Stoneheart is too absurd for a show where frozen skeletons fight magic fireball-shooting elf children."
  • My entire tumblr is basically a shrine for her right now - constantly reblogging the comments of other disappointed fans and I swear to God I'll reblog this petition every single day
  • Moving on - my new thing is adding Stannis gifs to tumblr posts about Kit Harington. I give you...JONNIS:
  •  For weeks now I've been saying 'I'm gonna see Firelight this Friday evening'. Firelight is a movie with Stephen where stuff like this happens. I heard of things happening in there. I'm in Dillane fandom and this movie is like what they tell newcomers to see when they ask for other things with him to watch. I've never seen it because it may actually kill me. But I had a long week at work and I just want to see him. I nearly didn't make it during Fugitive Pieces and that scene where he is basically being sex God. In case I will suddenly stop live tweeting this movie tonight it means that I'm gone from this world but I left this Earth very happy.
  • Oh yeah I got my paycheck today so it's one of those days I get to think about my life and how much easier it would be if I had no goals and no soul. I should have gone to private practice. They earn so much money there. Yes, they are soulless vultures who, upon seeing an accident run to the injured to leave their business cards (that's a true story), but man is working for government making you underpaid. Oh, well, at least I get to increase alimony for small children.
  • Moving on, let's talk weekend distractions. Considering how reluctant I am towards big changes in the books I loved and the fact I did love Under the Skin, the novel, I'm getting a bit worried about watching the movie during the weekend. Hopefully I'll still end up liking it.
  • Word is that McConaughey won't be in that Magic Mike sequel because he is worth a lot of money now so he doesn't need to do...anything, really. Pay him the money, for fuck's sake!
  • Look, Dillane is 33 years older than me and I'd climb that like a tree. But 47 years gap between Dakota Fanning and Kevin Kline in this is just really disturbing.
  • I saw 22 Jump Street. I literally laughed twice and both times it was in relation to the same thing - captain's reaction to something and then Tatum's reaction to captain's misery. Also Jonah Hill looks awful. My God he really should stick to being chubby, he looks 20 years older than he is - and not in a good way.
  •  Here's the picture of Charlize Theron in this new Mad Max movie. It's probably going to suck but it's definitely going to be better than that comedy she did lately that failed in every way imaginable
  • Gary Oldman said some stuff this week that got a lot of heat. To be fair he is not wrong about some of the things he said, people are hypocrites. Awards also don't really matter, especially Globes. He then I think unnecessarily issued an apology. I didn't think he was being racist in what he said, he just used a language that was quite inappropriate given that the things he was talking about were already, shall we say risky. I wonder who is gonna be the main subject of controversy next week.
  • Anna and Ruth have a fancast for Mansfield Park
  • MettelRay reviews 22 Jump Street
  • Nika chooses 10 best drama episodes this year
  • If, like me, you don't want to put yourself through the misery of watching True Blood but are curious what's happening in this trainwreck check out Brittani's recap
  • Alex reviews The Rover
  • Elina writes about the nightmare of year's past - The Counselor
  • Anna shares 5 things she loves about Pulp Fiction
  • m.brown reviews enchanting Her
  • Actual cover for pirated DVD of True Detective 



    1. Thanks for the link!

      I agree with you about the Gary Oldman thing. Definitely said some risky things (with very poor word choices), but there was a lot of truth in there too. This whole instant apology thing is so tired to me. You said it, move on, don't feel like you have to go on Kimmel and nearly weep in apologies. After all, they'll be a new fuck-up next week.

      1. You're welcome!

        Exactly, he should have stuck to just giving the interview and that's it. He wasn't being insulting to the readers of it or being racist, him just quoting some stuff people might have said and this getting people upset is not his fault.

    2. Aww, I loved Pedro Pascal's gifs, he is adorable there. I also signed the petition about Lady Stoneheart, though I've no idea who she is. Anyway, I trust you book readers.

      And thanks for the link!

      1. You're welcome! We, the book readers, unlike showrunners are trustworthy people :)

    3. I saw that trailer with Kevin Kline and Dakota Fanning.... creepy indeed.

      That scene where Tatum reacts to the captain's revelation gave me big laughs. Man, it's such a good movie. I'm a Tatumaniac now.

      1. I didn't like 22JS but Tatum might have been even better than Hill who is usually the standout for me :)

    4. That True Detective bootleg is hilarious! I see you laughed at the same two parts of 22 Jump Street I did.

      I'm glad your Lady Stoneheart piece is so popular. Did you tweet it to Hibberd? Because that asshole should read it. lol.

      I tried to find Fugitive Pieces, but it's not on US Netflix :(

      Thank you for the link! I'm glad to be of service to people that have more willpower than me and can actually stop watching shows when they get bad.

      1. I didn't but I bet he has seen it, he was still butthurt I said something to him when tweeting some MTV article about LS :P Jesus, what a tool.

        Damn :/ It's such a beautiful movie. Stephen is all kinds of perfect there :) They may add it if Gone Girl is successful, Rosamund Pike is in it :)

        You're welcome! Haha I just can't put myself through TB at the moment ^^

    5. That True Detective dvd bootleg is hilarious! I feel like forever using "Amazing Perform, Full Frontal Action" on every new movie I see.

      I knew Errol Flynn was a cad but no one needs to see a movie about his sexcapades. It looks like they propped Kevin Kline out of his cave, and it's creepy how the trailer tries to pass off their relationship as romantic.

      The first Magic Mike was enough for me...I'm not sure what else the sequel could do anyways. Everyone wanted Matthew for silly romantic comedies, which he accepted. Now that he's proved his worth, people are going to turn on him for not accepting everything that comes his way. Oh well, get over it. The man's gotta right to choose.

      1. It's just a big, big age difference that shows and Kline somehow actually looks older while Dakota looks younger so it's all very disturbing.

        I'm interested in seeing the sequel because I want to see shirtless and hopefully naked McConaughey :) That's it :)

    6. I'm already going through GoT withdrawal. :\

      I had the whole Lady Stoneheart thing spoiled for me the day after the finale. I heard the name being tossed around, but I didn't know what it meant until I saw a picture pop up in my news feed. I think it was from an Entertainment Weekly article someone linked to or something. Oh well -- it just has me more excited to read the books!

      Also, that True Detective cover is amazing.

      1. See this is exactly why they should have her in finale. They are so disrespectful to the fans, they should have seen this coming - nobody can stop the media from voicing the disappointment and EW is just a bunch of hacks who actually use fanart depicting her as MAIN image spoiling it for people. So people got spoiled :/

        It's a horrible situation and it pisses me off so bad as she is my fav thing in the books

    7. I've already signed the petition. Hopefully a lot of people will.
      ''One of the best things I’ve heard about the whole Lady Stoneheart debacle is that “if she had a lesbian scene in front of littlefinger we would have seen her in the show by now” and I think that says a lot" :D :D :D. True story.
      You don't have to be soulless to earn a lot of money. Private practice would give you the freedom of choice of the side you choose to defend, wouldn't it?
      Seeing the writers haven't confirmed anything yet it means that she will be in the show. Had they not included her they would have said something. I'm a lot calmer now.

      1. I'm a judiciary assistant in the courthouse so I have some freedom of choice, but like in any job - I just do what my boss tells me.

        But at least the work is steady, working for government you always have work, while when working in private practice you need to wait for clients or look for them. I want to be a prosecutor but it's still many years of studying for that to happen and it basically means I'll work for government forever, but luckily my expenses aren't this big :P

        I'm just glad they aren't talking. I know Graves and Hibberd got no comment on the matter from them so all of this is basically them being attention whores and the actress giving, what I think, is an evasive answer.

      2. I think you will be a great prosecutor (hell, you destroy it every time you complain about something and most importantly you point the reason).

      3. I know, it's like it's in the stars :) But there are still many years for that to happen.

    8. Thank you for the linky dinky, Sati! Ahah, I LOVE you fangirling over Dillane, and I totally get it. He looks really good in the finale pics, I sure hope he gets more screen time in the next season!

      Those gifs of The Queen visiting GoT set is a hoot! Funny to see Lena Heady looking so prim, ahah. The pirated True Detective dvd is awful, I bet they've been selling like hotcakes though.

      Oh btw, I reviewed The Last of Robin Hood earlier this year. Yep, the 47 years gap between Dakota Fanning and Kevin Kline in that is VERY disturbing. The movie itself wasn't that great, but might be interesting for fans of Errol Flynn.

      1. You're welcome!

        Me too, he should be in several scenes each episode :) There is this big battle that should be in next season, oh I hope they'll show him with his sword :) I also hope he lives since the battle is still unresolved in the books...

        I love how the Queen didn't sit on the Throne, I think she got scared :)

        It's just way too much especially considering how young Dakota is :/

    9. Firstly, thanks a lot for the link!

      Secondly, I haven't commented on the Stoneheart post because I haven't read it yet! I keep thinking, if I read this, I'll be so disappointed in the show because though I know what/who she is and so on, I've yet to experience her in the books so I currently don't feel as passionate - I have less emotion behind her character.. Also, I'm so going to finish the third book soon.. like, I need to write 5 reviews and then I'm able to read it soon.

      Thirdly, it's sad to witness the show grumble with these decisions that seem to make no sense. I have a feeling even non-book-readers will be a bit pissed off because here you have a perfect villain, driven with madness and revenge, trying to kill pretty much everybody. Skeletons and white walkers aside, yeah, it would be a bit out of the box but there are dragons born from the fire whilst a woman hold the eggs in her arms.. I think we've passed the "out of the box" kind of attitude.

      1. You're welcome!

        She is in only 2 chapters so far but they are the most atmospheric and creepiest in the series, I'm sure Martin has something amazing in store for her because I don't think he would do something like this if he didn't, so it's just puzzling why the showrunners would so much as consider not featuring her in the series

        The whole 'too absurd' thing is just insane, seeing how they had all of that Gregor stuff in finale.

    10. You know I stand alongside you on Oldman...he just needs a filter. He's got a lot of good points that no one is going to listen to thanks to how he said it all.

      LOL at Fanning and Kline...but Sarandon!!! I'll see that shit for her.

      1. Sarandon is in tons of questionable movies this year :)

    11. The tumblr comments are hilarious and are unfortunately true. I really do think that the pervs on HBO decided to remove Stoneheart b/c they wanted more whorehouse naked time next season. Heaven forbid a major story plot interfere with naked time on Game of Thrones. Oh and Yes to Stannis killing the Boltons!

      I knew that Firelight would be dangerous for you to watch, but I'm glad you did. Stephen was so hot in that movie. I saw that movie years ago before I knew of Stephen. That was the first movie I saw with him and I think it was a good one.

      The more I see of the Mad Max movie the more skeptical I get. They're just trying a little too hard.

      1. I'm sure 1/3 of next season is gonna be Dornish having sex in brothels. I won't be surprised if they make Jaime hook up with one of the chicks there, poor Waldau seems to be caught in the worst of sex scenes lately.

        Oh he was so amazing. He was like....Stannis only Stannis who is actually interested in sex and all of that :) It was so cute the way he kept fighting it and then everything exploded when he gave in, I have no idea how Sophie Marceau survived those scenes.

    12. Sati, where did you read abut those hints George gave about the next book? I'd like to read it too. He could give a hint about the book release. :D

      Can't blame Kit for being excited to meet the Queen, they all seemed so nervous but the choice of actors is bizzare in my opinion.

      Pedro smashing those fruits is just too much for me to handle, I'm still fangirling over him, haha! I wish I could be in New York right now to see him in that play in Central Park. :D

      1. - there you go :)

        They always bring the same people in :/ Liam Cunnigham usually sneaks in to these events, though, so at least someone praises Stannis :)

        I bet girls are throwing themselves at him after his GoT gig ^^

      2. Thanks for the article!

        Yep, Instagram is going crazy with fanpics from the show's backstage. Not being able to be there kills me, haha :D

        I saw that Liam was recently at the opening of the GoT exhibition in Australia. I wish they would promote other actors as well, not only the same set every time but at least we haven't seen Emilia Clarke at that event with the Queen. That would've been just too much.

      3. You're welcome! :)

        Emilia is busy filming that Terminator movie, I think ^^ I wish Fairley was still around for GoT promo stuff she was the most adorable - always concerned if the reporters aren't cold and laughing at the co-stars' jokes in such a joyful way. Maybe I'll get my wish, I'm still hoping :)

    13. HFS I need that True Detective DVD. Man, that show must be action-packed! (and I heard there's a hot chick in it...).

      Theron looks pretty badass, I must say. I'd climb that like a tree. Anyway, I still feel stupid for not hating her in that MacFarlane movie, but I we all make mistakes, I suppose.

      Kit Harrington. Wow.

      Thanks for the link! You're the best alimony increaser ever!

      1. I wonder if I'll ever get to see that movie but I'm not sure there is a way to get me this drunk :)

        Kit is wow indeed. The level of cluelessness on his face is always reaching the levels that blow my mind.

        You're welcome! :)

    14. Thanks for the link Sati! :) My god, that quote from The Playlist. Are they for real? That makes it totally obvious that they haven't read the books. They need to take GRRM's advice from that gif. I love the pictures of the Queen with the Iron Throne so much. I wonder if they had her sit on it, that would have been great.

      I think I need to see Firelight!

      1. You're welcome! The Playlist employs idiots but comparing to people writing for EW they are geniuses.

        I don't think she sat on it, but they gave her a miniature as a gift :)

        Oh, please do, it's....lovely :P

    15. Wondering if you'll be reviewing Under The Skin (the movie) ? Your blog header tells me YES :) I'll be seeing dvd in July.
      Charlize Theron in image reminds me of Ripley in Alien 3

      1. Well I've been meaning to watch it for 2 weeks now and can't find the time, but once I do I will definitely have a lot to say about it.

        That's a good catch!

    16. Magic Mike 2 won't do as well without McConaughey. They should definitely pay him what he wants.

      That Kline and Fanning movie might have a few good qualities, but… Ew.

      I'm kind of excited for the new Mad Max, even if might disappoint. Though, I've only seen The Road Warrior, so I want to watch all of the original trilogy first.

      1. Yeah! I'm probably not seeing it if he is not in it, hell I wouldn't see the first one if it wasn't for him :)