Friday, July 4, 2014

(138) Sir, people can see you! + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, July 4, 2014
  • Firelight, oh my God!
  • I made a gifset (obviously) and those aren't even all the moments when I thought I was going to die while watching this. In a good way.
  • Here are some of my thoughts about the movie. Sophie Marceau seriously sounded like she was simultaneously dying and blacking out and seeing know.
  • The whole thing was just so seriously...*dolphin communication possible one more time because of inhuman fangirl noises that I'm making* Stephen played this guy whose wife was catatonic and bedridden and he wanted an heir so he paid Sophie Marceau and he had sex with her (mental note - dream job) and she gave birth (mental note - not dream job) and then years later she managed to find him (because well, obviously...just this good, you can't let that get away) and became a governess for the kid. And at first he was like no but then they started doing it again HOW AM I ALIVE AFTER SEEING THIS?!
  • It was like watching Stannis who has magical sexual powers and he is trying to suppress them but then they are unleashed.
  • At one point he was swimming naked but when he got out they showed him through window that was all foggy. That was a dick move. 
  • No, actually it wasn't and that's my complaint.
  • Lovely movie though, it was like Jane Austen's stories with all that hand touching and gazing and stuff but there were actual love scenes too *makes incoherent noises* *cries because it's so much to handle*
  • So I finally made that gifset I wanted to make highlighting Stannis' titles, ah Protector of the Realm. I also finished season 4 challenge. I think now I'm just gonna do the set of Stephen being adorable in The Tunnel. Don't judge me, I'm only human.
  • As part of the challenge I made 10 funniest scenes of the season gifset. I still don't know what the hell were they thinking with Jaime running like that. It's beyond hilarious. Also there are 3 Davos/Stannis scenes on my list. They should have their own spinoff show!
  • 4th of July is today! You all should see John Adams! Because of reasons! Important reasons!:
  • Adorable ser Davos and the president of Stannis Baratheon fanclub Liam Cunningham went to yet another exhibition for Game of Thrones, this time in Sydney.  As much as I love Liam just ONCE I wish Stephen would go to those exhibition promo things so we could get Stannis on the Iron Throne.  
  • Why doesn't he do the interviews more often? It's impossible for someone this magnetic to be shy, dammit. Kit Harington is gonna disappear off the face of the planet once they start shooting their scenes for next season and Stephen stares him down for any longer than in that finale. Amazingly he can look even more like lost puppy than we thought:
  • Again - this is going to be like watching a lion rape a sheep*.
  • I completely forgot about Comic Con. The showrunners for GoT will be there. Little miss 'can't stop trolling and drinkin' Lena Headey will be thee. I only hope any Stoneheart questions will get 'no comment' answer because otherwise we are in for yet another shitstorm and I can't take this anymore.
  •  I know I was supposed to see Under the Skin last weekend but between sleeping for - luxuriously - more than 4h (the amount of sleep I get on week day, this is me at work) and Firelight the weekend got away from me. This one may not be better in terms of movie watching.
  • Stuff I've seen this week - random moments of Stephen in The Tunnel and entire Firelight. Stuff I was supposed to see and didn't - any of Vikings, Orange is the New Black, Masters of Sex, Orphan Black or The Fall - haven't seen a single episode of either of those shows, The Leftovers pilot, shitload of movies. Can you tell I'm a bit busy and/or tired?
  • Seriously this is getting ridiculous. It's halfway through 2014 and I think I didn't even see 10 movies released this year.
  • So here is the picture of Thor with his baby. I'm not sure whether I should be going 'aww' or be horrified at the way he holds that kid.
  • My little season 5 teaser on the sidebar should just shout NO ONE IS THIS STUPID TO REMOVE THAT, KEEP THE HOPE ALIVE as you highlight it, shouldn't it? 
  • Angry lesbians. Let me elaborate:
  • I'd love to know where all the hits on my Blue is the Warmest Color review are coming from because the amount of ridiculous comments and psycho rants calling the movie porn I'm getting there lately is simply astounding. Let me help you with something - I do not give a flying fuck what someone who leaves me a comment signed as anonymous thinks especially if it's some rant about sex scenes or the director or your personal life experiences. This review is 7 months old so really you may as well just whisper your thoughts to the dead hobo.
  • I find it hysterical that this is the most popular of my old reviews and all those people are writing how terrible the sex scenes are yet they probably found that review in the first place by googling key words to find images from those scenes.
  • Apparently...we're getting flying hookers in Sin City 2?
  • Tom Cruise is 52 years old. That's crazy. Maybe scientologists are on to something after all cause he looks freakishly young and he has all that energy. If I attempted to do 1/5 of what he does in his recent movies I'd die.
  • New Foxcatcher teaser is out and it's super intense and creepy
  • They are really hyping Tatum and based on that teaser footage I am not surprised. I just hope they won't split the votes and push Tatum to lead category - Carrel is someone I really like - he is one of the very few actors that made me laugh till I cried (repeatedly in The Office) and moved me so much that I cried (that end of the world movie I always forget the title of). Tatum I'm not crazy about but he looks great here and he was very good in both Jump Streets and Magic Mike even though, btw he is completely not my type. Not just that he is too young, he kinda looks like a guy who just walks in and you know, murders you.
  • The poster is far less impressive, though, although everything beats that awful first picture of Superman from this upcoming, Zack Snyder-directed fiasco. Did they actually....photoshop Henry Cavill?
  • Fisti updates his Oscar predictions
  • Alex lists 15 unreliable narrators in cinema
  • Alex also joins lovely Chicks with Accents for their new podcast where they discuss their favorite movies with women on the verge of a nervous breakdown. They discuss so many awesome movies like Black Swan, The Piano Teacher, Repulsion and The Hours and lovely Nikhat praises Stephen!
  • Ruth shares some Toby Stephens love (and the fangirl love is the purest love, people) and asks about your favorite movies in June
  • Brittani celebrates 5th bloganniversary!
  • m.brown reviews 21 Jump Street, or as I call it, the one that's actually funny
  • MettelRay and Nika write about The Leftovers pilot
  • Jorah's revenge:


    1. I've already started watching John Adams as I love American history. I'm glad you wrote about it because so far I love it.
      LOL Harrington looks like a little dog.
      Sin City 2 looks like...shit. And if it is good probably those flying hookers will spark more feminist outrage.

      1. It's such a great show, isn't it? I don't know how accurate it is but the ensemble is amazing

        I'm sure we're get some 'that so misogynistic!' articles once SC2 is released:/

      2. It is quite accurate I would say. Jefferson wasn't my favorite American politician but now he is. Ah, they even kept his best line about the tree of liberty being refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants. And they even kept him opposing that damn snake Hamilton on the theme about debt (and of course, Jefferson is right). And my guesses about the series being loyal to history weren't really high. Now I see how it feels to be a fan of a story (real or fictional like GoT) hoping to be kept untouched faithfully presented.

      3. I really don't know much about the history but I liked the show so much, I kinda wish they focused on someone else than Adams as the protagonist, though, the most interesting thing about him was his wife :)

      4. She certainly was. High fives to the producers and the writers and the costume makers. What I really didn't expect is that they did show in a very good way how the mega rich French lived in some sort of a dream, whereas the poor payed taxes and lived in horrible poverty, which sadly, they didn't show us so as so justify why they would execute pretty much 90-95% of the rich in France.

      5. I wish they focused a bit on Jefferson's time in France :)

    2. Good lord, that first gif - some interesting hand interaction going on there. (I apologize, that sounds dirty....).

      I kept trying to figure out what Kit Harrington looks like. If he looks like a lost puppy, I'm ruminating he'd be a boston terrier.

      How Hemsworth is carrying his baby shocked me too. But I've seen people at theme parks in 100 degree heat with newborn babies barely dressed, no shoes or hats pretty much baking in the sun. *poor things*

      I loved Moneyball, so I hope the director made another good hit with Foxcatcher. Carrell looks wonderful, however I cannot understand a word Channing is saying. I also feel like he looks like he is trying not to laugh. My fingers are crossed for Michael Scott. :)

      1. Stephen's hand interaction would probably be enough to kill me :)

        Boston Terrier! That's it! and he is the last hope for the realm. The realm is screwed :)

        I think Tatum is playing some sort of brute so the talking thing may be weird intentionally :) Yes, go Michael! :)

    3. Thank you thank you for the link love! Yes fangirl love is pure because we still love with all our might with nothing in return!! ;-)

      "Firelight, oh my God!" Tee...he.. I TOTALLY get your reaction. There's only one sex scene in Black Sails and Toby's barely showing anything other than his bare chest (whilst the other guys are shown full frontal), but I'm glad he wasn't naked as that'd be too HOT to handle for me, I almost pass out just seeing the kissing scene in Jane Eyre where Rochester tries to convince Jane to stay!

      Heh, what's with the way Thor hold his baby?? He looks like he's either drunk or high there, I'm scared for that kid!! Oh and I don't find Tatum attractive at all, not my type either. The older but distinguished guys like Dillane and of course my Toby (even with all the lines on his face) are far sexier to me.

      1. You're welcome! Yes, with nothing! Stephen does like one interview a year. It's like being in a shit monastery with this fandom.

        Stephen had a sex scene while wearing a coat in GoT. Thy discriminate girls who like older guys so bad. Oooh he was hot in Jane Eyre, Ruth Wilson and him had great chemistry

        Tatum really is doing nothing for me. His face is just not this special, he's kinda ordinary looking and lacks charisma when it comes to looks. But he is turning into a pretty great actor

      2. I think Stephen is considered a character actor here right, that's why he's not interviewed often. It's too bad as usually they give the more entertaining interviews! Plus the Brits have such gorgeous accent too. Oh btw, I was thinking of seeing Perfect Sense so I saw the trailer this weekend and saw Dillane there. I immediately thought of you :)

        I think Tatum is watchable in comedies, i.e. 21 Jump Street but I don't really buy him as a dramatic actor just yet. He seems like a likable guy though, unlike Ryan Gosling!

      3. No, he just doesn't like to do interviews :) He only does them when it's in his contract ^^ It's a shame as he has so many interesting things to say, dammit.

        Yes, he's in it! That's the one where he holds that bunny! :)

        Haha Gosling seems a bit pompous ^^ Tatum at least parties with Jonah Hill

      4. Hmmm, is he shy? I know some actors like Christian Bale doesn't like to do interviews, which is too bad for the fans. Btw, does Dillane does theater work also? Just curious.

        Yeah I can't stand Gosling for that very reason. I saw him in one of the talk shows and I wanted to throw rotten apples at him! Yeah Tatum and Hill seem like really fun guys, the two of them together are a hoot in interviews.

      5. I'm not sure, he is just so charismatic why would he be shy...maybe he just doesn't like attention?:) He used to do a lot of theater, he was actually in a play quite recently. I think one time he played Hamlet.

        Tatum and Hill usually tell some 'we got drunk and almost died' stories with Tatum usually ending up laughing at Hill :) They do have great chemistry in those Jump street films

      6. Well if that's the case, I actually respect him more. Clearly he's in show biz for the craft, not the fame and fortune.

        Yeah, it seems that Tatum & Hill are good friends in real life. I really like them in the first Jump Street, haven't seen the sequel yet tho.

      7. Oh, he's there for that for sure :) I think he likes doing theater more, but he was talking lately about feeling a little lost there so I think he is just taking things easy now. Plus he must have been mad when he read from now on he gets to have GoT scenes in the worst conditions among the cast, surrounded by snow :) And Kit Harington :)

    4. Hi Sati, I hope you eventually get a chance to watch 'Orphan Black.' It's my new addiction, at least the 1st season. I couldn't stop watching it. My husband is addicted to Orange is the new Black, but I thought it was just ok. I haven't made it to season 2 yet. I kinda got bored in the middle os asI was much more addicted to House of Cards. I really did like 'The Fall' with Gillian Anderson. It was a fantastic series. I heard there will be a season 2 so I'm excited for that.

      'Firelight' is awesome though. I remember when I saw that movie how romantic I thought it was. It really is a beautiful film with a beautiful concept. You've made me want to see it again.

      I don't allow anonymous comments for that same reason. The last time I allowed anonymous comments someone spammed me. So I decided go back to requiring some form of ID, although I hate capchas so I will never require those.

      I rewatch John Adams every year or so, so I'm going to rewatch again. Dillane was the best thing in that miniseries.

      1. I really need to start watching all those shows. I have so many to see they may just be enough for me to be occupied while waiting for next season of Thrones :)

        You should totally rewatch it! It's so beautiful as is Stephen <333 :)

        He really was! His performance was so lovely and his character was so interesting

    5. John Adams was just on HBO 2. The entire series. It's a great mini-series as I love Stephen Dillane as Thomas Jefferson. I also liked him in The Greatest Game Ever Played where he basically stole the film from Shia LaBeouf. Then again, anyone could unless it's robots.

      1. The Greatest Game Ever Played is so high on my watchlist, I saw some screencaps of him in tight pants and I was sold :)

    6. lmao. This post. Didn't Stephen Dillane bitch about GoT's sex scenes? It seems like he was in an awful lot of them himself. Also, I need to see Firelight now.

      You should totally change the LS gif to say "KEEP THE HOPE ALIVE" when you mouse over it. That would be hysterical. (and true)

      I love your "funniest scenes" gifs I think those are the ones I would've chosen too, along with "what the fucks a Lommy?"

      Thank you for the link! :)

      1. He said they look like ''70's German porn'. Oh, Stephen :)

        Yes, watch it! :) It's so lovely and Stannis goes wild in this one ^^

    7. First, I'm pretty sure Thor can carry his baby any way he wants to, as long as he doesn't swing him around over his head before throwing him 300 yards into the face if ice monster. Hell, even that's probably okay, too.

      Your first gifs were pretty awesome, though it took me about a half an hour to see 'interesting hand interaction' as Katy put it. For a second I thought she could see in my window. (too far?)

      Anyway, thanks for the link, as always. Get some sleep, huh?

      1. He doesn't even look like he is aware that baby is there :) I think he is more aware of the hammer ^^

        I finally did sleep last night, that was nice ^^ Ah, simple joy.

    8. Loved that GoT challenge gifs. "I demand trial by combat" is this season's my favorite scene.

      The other day I was thinking about movies I've seen this year and I could not remember more than ten films, so I understand your concern. Last year in the first half I'd already seen couple of dozen films.

      And thanks for the link!

      1. It's such an amazing scene, isn't it? Everyone's reactions made it even better

        You're welcome! I hope I'll get to check out the first episode this week

    9. I'm kind of intrigued by Under the Skin.. it's based on a book right? I wonder whether I should read the book first because I sometimes think that when I watch the movie, I won't pick up the book afterwards but I would watch the movie after reading the book....

      2014 movies haven't been that great so far, at least that's my opinion. Two of my favorites at this point are Chef, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Edge of Tomorrow. The rest is rather forgettable but I'm saying this because I actually can't remember other 2014 releases that I've liked a lot..

      Foxcatcher looks so good.. and I'm actually rooting for both men to get tons of nominations because based on that teaser, Tatum has really amped up his game lately. He's come far from Step Up which is actually a pretty decent role of his to begin with so, I'm not surprised he looks this good.

      1. It is! It's the fact that I read that book that's holding me back, it was so thought provoking and apparently none of that made it into the movie.

        Have you seen Enemy? You should if you didn't, it's amazing. I can't wait to see Edge of Tomorrow

        Tatum is slaying it, I loved Moneyball so it's very possible I'll love this one too

    10. Thanks for the link!!

      Please please please watch The Fall! I really want you to go crazy over Jamie Dornan :P Oh and Masters of Sex, Orange is the New Black and Orphan Black are all amazing. The second seasons of the last two weren't as good as their first but gosh, still sooooooo good! Try to check out Fargo too if you can. It *might* become your new favourite show. I definitely love it more than True Detective. So funny and so dark.

      1. You're welcome! That was an awesome episode and Stephen praise was lovely!

        Jamie may be about 20 years too young for my taste :) I have all of those on my watchlist and as soon as I'm done with my annual Friends rewatch I'll check them out!

    11. There is no doubt that Kit has that puppy face and it's not like he has some amazing acting skills but I just grew so fond of him during this season, I have no idea where is it coming from.

      That pic of Thor and his baby just made my day, haha!

      1. I think it's because he is the only non-annoying Stark child :)

        It's one scary pic ^^

      2. Hm, I think you might be right! :D Robb was not that annoying either and damn hot but he was making stupid-ass decisions.
        But on the other hand, Jon is not exactly a Stark *winks* :D

        And yay for your new GoT sidebar!

      3. Robb was...what's the nice way to say this...blinded by...girl's....shapes :) Just as lord Frey said it. I'm still pissed off they made it into a romance instead of him marrying him to protect her honor like in the book.

        Who the hell knows what Jon is anymore, I bet Martin actually surprises as here since it's the most obvious of books' mysteries :)

        Oh thanks! I just hope it actually happens ^^

      4. I hated that change, because the honour is what the Starks are known for and it's silly to take that away but it's just another damage done to Martin's story.

        I'm hoping for both LS in next season and Jon reveal in the book. :D

      5. I think he needs to reveal Jon's parents in next book, saving it for final one would be odd. I just hope Stannis makes it to the end and finally finds some happiness :(

    12. Thanks for the link!

      I'm with m.brown on Thor. LOL, I held all my babies like that :-P

      I am so ready for Tatumania, and the comments on your Blue review are kind of amazing. I wish some angry lesbians would blow up my review!

      1. You're welcome!

        Oh God, you guys! :) You don't hold a baby like that! :)

    13. Apart from Tatum looking like Shrek, I quite like that poster. The new teaser for Foxcatcher really impressed me and I'm really excited for it now. What did you think of the trailer for Birdman?

      1. Haha, he does look like Shrek :) Birdman trailer was pretty good, I think it may be a great movie, although I wasn't impressed with Inarittu for a while now.

    14. Hah, I didn't know Stephen Dillane was in John Adams. Aside from the obvious reasons, is it worth checking out? I dig history, but 500 minutes is quite the commitment.

      I am way behind on this year's movies, too. I think I'm at 12 right now. There are a bunch I still want to see, but I'm finding it harder and harder to get to the cinema these days.

      That Jorah GIF made my day! So great.

      1. It is very long, but worth it. The ensemble is amazing and it's very well made, if you like history you'd enjoy it!

        I don't even have the strength to simply watch a movie at home anymore, I'm gonna try to see several in one day next time I have some time

    15. Oh, you just reminded me Sin City 2 is out next month! Bring on the flying hookers!

      I think they might put Tatum in lead and Carell in supporting or vice versa. Either way, I'd love to see both of them nominated.

      Yikes! Somebody show Thor how to hold a baby!

      1. I hope it won't be terrible, the promo material is not too encouraging.

        I hope Steve is leading if he is leading and they won't choose Tatum over him just because of popularity