Friday, July 11, 2014

(139) Man of my dreams. This man may kill me.* + links

By s. Friday, July 11, 2014

  • YES:
  • Man, I hope Martin hauls ass, releases the new book before season 6 and Stannis kills some of the Boltons in Winds of Winter. But then again there is a good chance it won't be on TV because you know, Missandai and Grey Worm romance! Super crucial! I also hope Stoneheart ends up on the Iron Throne just to troll D&D.
  • Also apparently this happened. These hacks didn't shoot it. Ladies, we should seriously riot, am I right? !I'm not into him but I will, as a sign of solidarity.
  • There's this cool making of CGI on Thrones video which was obviously made into a gifset by someone. I feel you should see my tags because I don't think you realize just how far gone I am:

  • I had a very tiring week. This is now two shit weeks in a row. 'There will be less cases during holidays'. Well lucky me that less doesn't mean more complicated. Oh, wait, it does. This is seriously me Monday to Friday getting home from work ------------------>
  • I literally walk into the office and sit in silence for several minutes because of the pile on my desk, not even knowing what to do first.
  • ....and it is a heatwave right now - God, I hate summer - so it was really awful. 
  • But I got to see a movie this week, which actually didn't feature Stephen in any capacity, so that's a miracle and more on that later.
  • So...the Emmys....
  • Let me get this straight - Lena Headey (who for the record did give my favorite female performance this year on GoT) got nominated this year for what wasn't even her best work in the show (season 2) but last year Michelle Fairley didn't get in for one of the finest performances I've seen in my life? What the fuck?

  • Only the Emmys can nominate a show 20 times in 1 year and omit the person who deserved the nomination the most. Pedro was perfect.
  • But I'm so so happy for Ramin Djawadi's score getting nominated for the first time (what the fuck with that too?!). His work is one of the 3 consistently superb things on the show (other two being Fairley's acting and Dillane's hotness)
  • When I saw this - "Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series – David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (“The Children”)" - I laughed for 5 minutes. Yes, they're such good writers! No glaring holes, no horrible omissions, no elf children with fireworks! Seriously,  there were FOUR Tysha mentions.
  • Super happy for Angela Bassett being nominated - she was the best thing about last AHS, William H. Macy for Shameless, Gary Cole for Veep, and Idris and Matt. Why is Michael Sheen always snubbed everywhere? Emmy Rossum too.
  • Game of Thrones Comic Con panel was announced and Gwendoline and Pedro will be there! Nikolaj is scheduled to appear too, I predict some awesome exchanges between him and Gwen.
  • This is what Mads Mikkelsen did this week:
  • Hot guys surrounded by smoke are like a thing lately.
  • As great as the new Gone Girl trailer is and as much as I like the casting of Ben Affleck in this movie, this is just hysterical and very accurate.
  • My gifset which is hugely unpopular so far is something I'm proud of. Because fuck you, distorted effects and the color of blood and I finally learned how to make words look pretty on gifs.
  • Other than this trailer all the other ones I saw this week were shit - why are people calling Unbroken a sure thing in the Oscar race? It looks awful.  Then there is this trailer for Wild which looks pretty bad too. Then there was Exodus trailer. So Disney is trying to rewrite famous fairytales to earn more cash and releases shit movies and now there is a trend to dig into religion too? It's Scott. I don't have any faith in him left after *vomits* Counsellor.
  • Lena Headey is vacationing with someone I'd equal parts want to 1. be 2. hug 3. be adopted by - Michelle Fairley (here they are, hugging) and also Conleth Hill who plays Varys and Sibel Kekillii who was Shae in Ibiza. They are all being super lovely and taking pictures as well as partying with mortal people not GoT gods like themselves aka fans of the show SPOILER Let's hope Lena gets her rumors straight this time. Though if they fucking make stone hearts together I'm gonna explode. Fingers crossed that the reason for everyone being there together is also because Michelle is not really out of the cast and her and Lena are catching up before big promo tour in s5. END OF SPOILER
  • I wish Stephen vacationed in Ibiza.
  • Shirtless.
  • Anyways...
  • Check out adorable pictures of Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix on the set of new Woody Alllen's movie. 
  • Speaking of pictures, my God, DiCaprio really let himself go, didn't he?
  • Colin Farrell is rumored to be in True Detective season 2. I did not see this coming, as he is Irish. I though it's gonna be all Americans in the main roles again
  • I started watching Vikings. It's pretty good so far. All I can say after 3 episodes - Lagertha, you are banging the wrong brother, girl.
  • So the movie that I finally saw is Under the Skin. I will review it sometime this month and I'm doing my artwork for entire review this time, not just the coloring but a lot of photoshop fun time, here's a little taste:
  • Now I just have to vent about one thing. You know how I can watch any shit, terrible shit but when it comes to animals and babies I break? Seriously, I've seen autopsies of grown ups and I was fine, but boom I read about a child crying because his/hers parents are getting divorced and I can't take it. So get this - there is a scene in the movie where the dog goes into water, it is implied he is drowning, mother goes after him and then the father and they leave the baby alone on the beach. They drown and then in another scene we see the baby at night closer to the shore, still crying and screaming and being terrified and at one point trying to stand up and failing and looking so lost. 15 seconds that moment took. 15 seconds and it was just horrific.
  •  I had to fucking pause that movie for 5 minutes then. It was so distressing. The idea of that poor child being frightened because the parents weren't there was just too much. You know he was going to die there, scared and alone. 
  • I hope someone hugged the baby for a long time after that scene was made. 
  • I thought the movie was very good but this scene took from it - in the book the same idea - that these aliens have no empathy - here they just walked past the baby and left it - didn't need such drastic measures. Well, in the book they did castrate men. Grown men. But a crying baby left to die to get you to understand that? I'm still distressed. Not to mention it's kinda made it impossible for me to feel for Johansson's character, unlike in the book.
  • Seriously that was so awful to witness.
  • Stephen better be all kinds of shirtless in that movie I'm about to see.
  • Josh shares his halfway of 2014 awards
  • Alex features the great Chazz Palminteri in his in Character series
  • Ruth shares 5 for Fifth for July
  • Mariah chooses sci-fi most annoying characters
  • Fisti reviews Under the Skin
  • m.brown and Brittani review Enemy
  • Had over to  Courtney's On the Screen Reviews to welcome new blogger, Derek!



    1. I completely overlooked that Cole got nominated for Veep. That's awesome! I loved his flirting with Sue this past season. Hilarious.

      That scene in Under the Skin was so fucking brutal. Holy shit. Devastated me. I read an interview with Glazer and he said the mother was 2 feet off camera the entire time, and picked the baby up between each take (which were only 10-15 seconds each). So that made me feel a little better.

      Thanks so much for the link, love that you dig Chazz!

      1. I think they are doing it, it's just a clever way of not stating it out right, Ianucci loves implying stuff, he did it in Thick of it to perfection :)

        Oh that's wonderful news. Still that baby was an amazing actor! I was really horrified by the whole thing.

        You're welcome! He is so great, he currently has such a fun part on Modern Family

    2. I'm pissed that Emmy Rossum nor Michael Sheen got Emmy nods. What a bunch of bullshit!

      Leo has definitely let himself go. I guess all of that partying and pie-eating contests became too much for him.

      1. It's seriously insane.

        I think he just said 'fuck it'. If I did, I'd eat and drink on the beach all day too :)

    3. I have to agree with you regarding the new trailers...Exodus...Unbroken...Gone Girl...all possibly spectacular movies, but they need to fire whoever is making these trailers. AWFUL shit.

      That beach scene in Under the Skin was bone-chilling. Absolutely horrific without any special effects or gimmicks. Can't wait to read your review on it. Thanks for the shoutout! I miss Tippi, but I'm glad to have Derek on board!

      1. I liked Gone Girl trailer, mostly because I didn't expect it to be anything else, Ficher's recent movies have those strange low-key teasers. But fuck the oscar season movies other than this one look so bad.

    4. Wow, Dicaprio must have collapsed when he lost a 5th Oscar. I wish him luck next time. Otherwise he may grow old by another 10 years due to a nervous breakdown.
      Ramin Djawadi's score this year has the most soundtracks I love, whereas in previous years i liked only several of them.
      I didn't even notice they were using so much CGI on GoT, this shit is awesome!

      1. I think he is just drinking and indulging, he's been partying hard for the last 20 years I guess this is what you normally look like in those circumstances after you told your trainer to fuck off, which he clearly did :)

        That awkward moment when we realize Red Keep ain't real :)

      2. ;d Well, not particularly the Red Keep, but that small boat that Cersei wanted to give to her daughter, and those sets in the North that were part real, part unreal, incredible. I wonder if they used CGi in places where they could have had real stuff because they had no time or it would be less expensive.

      3. They probably did :) I think CGI is becoming cheaper that said the show still has some awful CGI mostly that Bran scene in finale. That was so uninspired and horrible looking.

      4. I actually liked it, it reminded me greatly of Lord of the Rings, although GoT is way better and shouldn't be compared, it made the story line somewhat adventurous and exciting, at least for me. But then again, I am a non book reader which explains why I'm fine with it ;).

      5. I don't know I think it looked pretty horrible for majority of non book readers too :) Bran's storyline for me is absolutely impossible to make interesting, I like Meera but don't care about Bran more than I don't care about Sansa.

    5. For me, the Emmy snub this year was Noel Fisher.. Yes, Rossum was good, but she has had better seasons, Fisher stole the show this year and it's such a shame to see the list without him there. Also, Shameless and a comedy?? I remember you mentioning this somewhere, some time ago, and it still makes me wonder.. yes, it is a bit funny but it's hardly a comedy.. but I guess Americans have a hard time understanding sarcasm and dark humor which is not necessarily comedy.

      I'm not a fan of the summer as well, had a horrid week at work as well - we should form a club! I myself did like over 50 hours this week.. mostly standing in a box for 12hours which is always fun.

      The last image of Joe's tweet is simply brilliant! I love him.. I miss him.. man.. maybe I should watch Skins....

      1. They've been weird towards Shameless for years, what exactly did Cusack do last year and she was still nominated. It's like they pick the nominee and they stick with it. I don't think it's about Americans having difficulty with humor (I don't think they have) more about the fact there is less competition within comedy category.

        Well I am convinced I'm going blind from my job but at least I get to sit down :)

      2. I think they chose Cusack because her name is bigger than others.. cause all the strong ones are not household names. But that's just me..

      3. I'm not sure she is more well known than Macy....but to be fair I only saw her in this and that Addams Family movie :)

    6. I don't mind DiCaprio letting go, but the facial hair....
      Exodus just reminds me of an real-action version of The Prince of Egypt, which slays a lot of Disney movies in my opinion.
      I called Unbroken an Oscar movie, and I don't know why - I think it's the level of shit that is piled up on the main character that keeps escalating. And also the logistics of a war movie coming out on Christmas. Every year has to have its historical epic to nominate.
      I still have to read Gone Girl, I hope I can make it before the movie comes out.

      1. I don't think Scott has the ability to make a good movie anymore. Perhaps if he took a break for few years, but not now, not after the obvious mistakes he keeps making lately. He's like the next Tim Burton with the amount of lazy and uninspired going on.

        It's a terrific book, but I'm sure the movie will disappoint me as adaptation yet again.

    7. Hi Sati! Many thanks for the link! I seriously don't know how you're still conscious after watching both Firelight and Deja Vu. Too much hotness for such a short period of time.

      I'm glad you gave that warning about 'Under the Skin.' I'm like you, I can't handle anything to do with babies or animals. If I see such things, I'm mush. So I'll be skipping this one. Although I heard the film was good and that Johansson did a great job.

      I'm still not over my irritation w/ GoTs and how they abused Stannis' character (and misused Dillane). They gave so much screen time to pointless characters. It made no sense.

      1. Oh it's the best. So much Stephen <333

        The film is good but they should have find a different way to communicate what they wanted without something like this. This scene is too horrific - I couldn't give a fuck about the female character after this

        I honestly consider knocking Thrones down from my all time top 5

    8. The Emmy nominations really pissed me off. I see why people don't take that award for shit. I'm distressed because of Shameless, of course, mostly because of Macy. He does deserve the nom, but he being nominated implies the Emmys saying that Frank, the god-awful shit person Frank Gallagher, should be or even IS the center of the show. Well fuck you very much he's not. I have too many emotions about this.

      I am really excited to see and read Under the Skin! Can't wait to read your review, too.

      Your title is spot on, honestly. And damn! It is unfair that they just get hotter and women have to rot. Makes me very sad.

      1. I don't think you should look at this like that, it doesn't imply anything of the sort.It just implies that his performance was the one they deemed worthy of a nomination. He did have baity moments last year and they go for those.

        See it first, the book is much better - it's better to read it afterwards as the movie spoils little and is more of an abstract adaptation

    9. Thanks for the link! I lol'd at the Vulture piece. Affleck DOES look so confused!

      I read that spoiler for Under The Skin awhile ago, and I'm still not ready for it. I'm such a wuss when it comes to children in movies, I'll probably cry like a baby back bitch.

      I'm bummed for Pedro (and Melissa McBride, but she was always a long shot) I can't believe OITNB submitted all those actresses as Guest Actress though? I thought they were all regulars?

      I want the Veep actors to get the Modern Family treatment in the Supporting Actor category. They're all awesome.

      1. You're welcome! I think there will be plenty of great reaction gifs from that movie :)

        It's seriously a horrific scene. I deal with children being sad a lot in shit I read about for work but this was so much worse.

        Really they did that? i don't watch the show but it looks like it's kinda a set in stone ensemble cast to me

        They are so good. Kevin Dunn and the dude who plays Mike really deserve nominations

    10. Yeah, that scene with the child in Under the Skin was so extremely sad. Didn't get as much to me as it did with you (probably because I was too shocked by all the other weird things happening in this film) but completely understand you would need to pause. Couldn't imagine that happening to my own child.

      1. Oh my God if I had kids I don't think I'd continue watching after this. Also knowing the book that scene was completely disproportional measure to what they were trying to show and it made me not care for heroine, so that's the opposite of what should have happened.

    11. Massive thanks for the link love [btw it’s July m’dear, yeah I know, time flies!]

      Again, I LOVE your fan-girling over Dillane. “Men are such bastards. They just get better looking.” I totally agree! I always like my crushes when they’re older. Toby’s 46 now and I think he looks sexier than in his 20s or 30s.

      Btw, sorry to hear how hectic your work is. So do you work in a big law firm or something? I actually work in a company that makes legal resources for law professionals. I know I’m definitely not smart enough to do what you do.

      WOW, Pedro was snubbed eh? Was Mads nominated? I’m so surprised Michael Shannon wasn’t nominated either as I’ve heard lots of great things about his performance in Boardwalk Empire. Glad Ramin Djawadi got a nod, hopefully he wins!

      Ahah, very true that Ben looks confused in the entire Gone Girl trailer! Oh my, Leo is barely recognizable in that pic! Sheesh maybe he’s so stressed out about that Oscar but seriously dude, get yourself together!

      1. Fixed, I don't even recognize months anymore :)

        He's 46? Oooh he looks younger! I thought he wasn't even 40 yet. For me they always look sexier than when they are in their 20s. I think it's more manly, they still look like kids when they are 20 year olds. That's not hot :)

        I work in appeal court, assisting judges. So it's lots of work, lots of reading and lots of writing. It really doesn't require great intelligence, just being able not to kill yourself after a week of tedious, tiring work :) It's just a great deal of the kind of writing where you have to choose every word carefully so it's very annoying.

        Mads wasn't nominated :( Hannibal is really bad now so it didn't deserve any nominations but Mads getting in would be nice. I think Shanonn was nominated once or twice in the past, I saw 2 seasons of the show and he is outstanding in it.

      2. Yep, my Toby is 46. He does look younger but not boyish. I like men who look like they've lived y'know, all the lines add character. I can't stand men who look like boys, hence I don't care for Gosling.

        Oh wow, that sounds like tremendously hard work and time consuming! Doesn't require intelligence?? I doubt it, girl, I mean I know I can't do what you do even if my life dependent on it!

        Hannibal started out good wasn't it? That's too bad it's not anymore but I always think Mads is still outstanding.

      3. Gosling is also always so polished, he looks like he spends half his life staring in the mirror. Ugh. I wouldn't trust a man who probably has more skin products than I do :)

        Well most of the time it's just a lot of thinking what to write in each case and then writing it all down, or in case of my last week - trying to decipher the notes my boss wrote, 40 pages worth of notes :) So maybe some intelligence is required ^^

        It was full of potential in the beginning but they seriously overdid it with gore this season and most of the storylines were so silly. Mikkelsen is always great, though :)

      4. "Ugh. I wouldn't trust a man who probably has more skin products than I do" AMEN! I feel the exact same way about guys. Heh, poor Eva Mendes carrying his baby, ahah.

        Well one thing for sure I don't think I could handle Hannibal. I mean if YOU think it's very gory then I know it's not for me, ha!

      5. I don't like her this much, but she is basically set up for life now, she is just gonna need to dodge his crazy fangirls.

        It's seriously gross and in a very ridiculous way, not only is it bloody but it looks fake at the same time while the show tries to be super serious so it's so jarring.

    12. I swear I left a comment on this post a few days ago, but if I didn't let me just say thanks for the link again. Or the first time. I'm sure what I thought I typed was really witty and thought-provoking, or just stupid and banal as usual. One of those.

      I'm really looking forward to your Under the Skin review...but I gotta hold off until I get the chance to see it first. Probably 2021 at this point.

      1. Blogger is such a bitch lately, it keeps crashing when people want to leave comments.

        Oh come on, Fisti managed to watch it! It's one creepy movie so who knows what your home entertainment system may do in order to prevent you from seeing it :)

    13. Thanks again for the link!

      Hey, maybe Leo can win an Oscar for playing Jack Nicholson! :)

      That scene in Under the Skin was quite disturbing, but at least it was short. I don't know how much more I could take of that.