Friday, July 18, 2014

(140) Leo, Interrupted + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, July 18, 2014
  • There's always so much eye candy for girls here, so here's something for you boys. Margot Robbie with a puppy:
  • Game of Thrones Comic Con panel will be moderated by Craig Ferguson! This is gonna be awesome!
  • Keisha Castle-Hughes, Oscar nominee for Whale Rider, is rumored to have joined the cast as Nymeria Sand, one of Oberyn's daughters. I hope she is playing Obara instead. Fuck it, let's be blunt - Nymeria is beautiful and Hughes is not. If they insist on having THREE Sand Snakes can they at least cast them right? Why are the men on this show continuously better looking than their book counterparts and women are the other way around? Wait, am I actually complaining about this? Nevermind then.
  • Sean Bean misses the show and while sharing his thoughts on how he could return (since the writing is a clusterfuck it does seem we are getting flashbacks now after four years of 'we are never doing flashbacks talk', all hail the Emmy nominated writing!) he also spoiled what is probably 1. the most obvious 2. the most important mystery of the series. I'd personally love to see his cameo during Cersei's pivotal scene next season when she actually thinks she sees Ned Stark among others she wronged.
  • Sienna Guillory is basically finished. To those of you who don't know who she is, because well, why would you, she is an actress who stared in several supporting roles and I doubt she gets asked for autographs on the street. Anyways, here she is insulting Tom Hiddleston's fangirls, and I can't believe someone actually defended her awful tweet. Here's another tweet she send out after which I don't think anyone attempted to put a positive spin on her words. She is coming off as a jealous co-star who sees all that adoration Tom gets when she gets none so she tries to have a bit of their attention herself. And her even tweeting about her own children in the same tweet is beyond distasteful.Cherry on top? Criticizing high heel wearing girls while she herself is a former model.
  • If there is one group of people you do not want to piss off, it's Tom Hiddleston's fanbase. Time and time again they have proved to rule the Internet - their numbers are strong, they are loud and they are not forgetful. 
  • Remember that scene in Luther where the goddess of all things Alice told her she will kill her and eat her? Just so on point here. What's really mesmerizing here is not how rude and disrespectful Guillory was - people do that all the time. It's her stupidity. When she will be promoting the movie she will have to watch her back every step of the way. Who knows, maybe someone throws high heels at her. I hope so - not even because of her generalizing and offending entire fanbase, but because, hell, bitch, who are you to tell people what to wear? Who are you to tell me what to do or what to think? Nobody, that's who.
  • My outrage is kinda connected to the fact that I discovered what makes my job less tiring - spending money I get from it. Shopping spree. Half of the stuff I bought is kinda slutty, but in my defense it's a million degrees outside. I wore this low cut top today and the guy tripped and almost fell upon seeing me. I've still got it. The judges don't care either, they are wearing summer dresses over there. Ah, what a fun place to work.
  • So something happened with American Horror Story: Freakshow marketing this week and I'm not sure whether it's more embarrassing or hilarious.
  • What happened? The first teaser showed up online, you know, one of those cryptic teasers that don't feature the cast and just show abstract stuff related to new season. I managed to make a gifset before it was taken down:
  • Why was it taken down? First the network claimed it was fanmade, but then it was took down due to copyright infringement which makes everyone think it was simply prematurely released by someone. Hell, I even saw a rumour Taissa Farmiga leaked it. This is a mess.
  • Check out the first pictures from Avengers: Age of Ultron. My favorite Dillane fandom blogs post a lot of James Spader too (whom I adore, I just don't find him handsome or physically hot in any way, but man, did he carry The Office's 8th season all by himself just being his awesome self) and I can tell ladies will be disappointed. See, times like these I feel Thrones could be worse for Stannis fans. If they had him in a helmet or something. In every scene. Just thinking about it scares me because these people are unpredictable and who knows what they will do.
  • Damn, ScarJo's hair. She has such pretty red hair in those movies. Seeing her always makes me want to dye mine. Also I hope they gave Elizabeth Olsen more than 1 outfit.
  • I saw Edge of Tomorrow. It was fun but I think its massively overrated here in blogosphere. Still, good movie, Emily Blunt was impossibly badass (she is becoming such a terrific sci-fi star with this and Looper and playing such tough characters) but the show was stolen by Tom Cruise's dying screams - those were some of the funniest things I've heard in my life. And it's always nice to see Noah Taylor (never forgive D&D for the way they killed off Locke) - he was so cute here! Also fun connection that he also explained the inexplicable to Cruise over a decade ago in one of my favorites Vanilla Sky.
  • So here is another horrific picture of Leonardo Dicaprio. Can somebody stage an intervention?
  •  On occasion of Magic in the Moonlight first reviews showing up online, people go again with those ‘25 year old woman dating a 53 year old man?!’threads everywhere. I’d hit 58. Hard. and I'm technically not yet 25.
  • Also it’s Mark Darcy you ignorant fools. Why can't society just piss off and let grown ups do what they want with other grown ups?  And why do people think that everyone should find the same people attractive or interesting? I wouldn't touch Ryan Gosling with the end of the mop but I'm not judging people who would want to have hundreds of his babies.
  • Lovely Emmy Rossum shared the picture of Gallaghers from the new season of Shameless which is currently filming. This is overshadowed by the absolutely awful news that Jeffrey Dean Morgan who appeared in the finale of last season to mine, and I guess many other women, delight is not coming back and he was replaced with Dermot Mulroney. Well, this sucks. All we wanted was for Fiona to bang the actual man for once and see Jeffrey's ass and apparently neither one of those things is happening.
  • Brittani shares what happened on True Blood last week
  • Sofia looks at the gorgeous videos of Lana Del Rey from Ultraviolence 
  • MettelRay chooses her picks for Against the Crowd blogathon and I fully agree with her choices. And the reasoning behind them. 
  •   I have no idea what Boyhood is, but Alex and everyone else seems to be raving about it.
  • Ruth features the wonderful music of Alexandre Desplat
  • Keith reviews Snowpiercer
  • m.brown reviews Non Stop
  • Fisti chooses his supporting wins for 2013



    1. I'd hit 58 too! Hot is hot. LOL, and ScarJo's hair (and everything else) is always perfection :-D

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Yeah but her hair is like always so pretty, apart from that wig in Under the Skin :) She looks particularly lovely as Black Widow, although I wasn't a fan of her look in Winter Soldier.

    2. Ha, what the hell isDiCaprio doing in the shot? And where the hell is he, anyway? Some weird ass museum or something. Thanks so much for the link, definitely check out Boyhood when you can.

      1. I think he is on some island...just hanging out :) Maybe it's a pawn shop :D

        I definitely will, it's getting insane reviews!

    3. Oh nooo, not Mary! She seemed so nice! I guess she must be a good actress after all, heh? And she wasn't even funny, just plain mean -- which is horrible and stupid. I can't believe LDC is keeping this up, I hope he's prepping for some kind of Jack Nicholson biopic. And JDM is off Shameless?? This is a terrible day.

      LOL for a moment I thought those were legit SNL graphics.

      1. I think DiCaprio just decided to let himself go :)

    4. Sienna Guillory will be getting bitch-slapped for dissing Hiddles and his fans. You should do the honors.

      I hope you enjoy The Greatest Game Ever Played. Dillane has a great monologue in that film about what it takes to be the best.

      1. I haven't finished it yet but so far I really liked the movie.

        Guillory needs to come face to face with the people she insulted. Let's see if she says any more shit then.

    5. Margot Robbie. We meet again.

      Thanks for the link, Sati. Hopefully you dive into this Neeson-covered ridiculousness at some point, because the movie is borderline hysterical. Or...more likely, maybe it's just me.

      While I'm with you on Edge of Tomorrow being overhyped (myself included), I think when you look at the Cleveland Steamer that is this summer's movies (at least the action flicks, anyway), it's easy to see why people have such a boner for it.

      I wish people where I worked wore low-cut tops. Well, hold on. I only work with men, so scratch that.

      1. No, it's not just you, Neeson movies tend to be like that lately :) Apart from that one where he was lost in some frozen hellhole, that was so boring.

        True, it's not a great summer, film-wise.

        Haha, well it can always happen if the summer turns hotter :)

    6. Keisha Castle-Hughes is Keisha Albert-Hughes now? Man, it's been a long time since I've heard something about her. I think the last time was when she became a teen mom.

      I had to lol about your 25 to 53 age gap comment.

      That AHS promo was actually pretty good! Especially if it was indeed fan made. It certainly was creepy.

      Thank you for the link! and those Maleficent SNL promos are hilarious. :)

      1. Ah, typo. That tends to happen when I write about people who don't really matter.

        I don't think it was fanmade, they most likely screwed up and are now trying to do damage control.

    7. THAT was Leo? Jesus.

      You talking about work and age gaps were hilarious, I need more of your words in my life. :D

    8. Thanks for the link love, Sati! Fun Friday Rambling as always. Ahah, your Stephen fangirl-ing is awesome as I feel the exact same way w/ Toby. In fact I was hyperventilating so hard the other day when I found a new video interview. Wish I had a pillow nearby to scream into but I doubt that’d muffle the sound of my hysterics, ahah.

      Craig Ferguson is hosting GoT Comic Con panel? Ohhh that’ll be a hoot, he’s hilarious!

      Yeah, Edge of Tomorrow is good but not as spectacular as some people made it to be. But yeah, I LOVE Blunt and that movie was a pleasant surprise to me. Cruise was quite hilarious in the first half of the movie!

      Ahah, very true about those Maleficent posters! I thought she was hosting SNL in full costume!

      1. I think with Edge of Tomorrow it's a bit better given how there is literally nothing interesting this year when it comes to big summer films, well at least for me I head this planet of the apes movie is good but I'm just not into that franchise, at all.

    9. Oh my gosh that scene in Fugitive Pieces was so hot. I can't. I just can't. I may pass out myself.

      I don't know much about Sienna Guilroy. I remember her from Luther. I didn't really pay much mind to her. I was an Alice fan...of course. I think I've seen Sienna in the Resident Evil films. She was ok. I don't know much about her, but looking at her tweets I think she may have been joking b/c she's been in some skimpy outfits herself.

      Yes, that AHS promo is weird. wth is going on there? I always think the AHS promos are so strange. They need to do hire a new marketing person.

      Oh I'm so excited to see Sean Bean come back to GoTs. Especially in a scene explaining Jon Snow's parentage. That would be great.

      I too liked Edge of Tomorrow. I had very low expectations going in so I think that helped some.

      Agreed, someone needs to tackle Leo with a razor and soap.

      1. He has some serious moves that man :)

        No, she was serious. She went on to write more about that. She's done, I mean these girls will rip her apart on the red carpet.

        I really like AHS promos, actually. They are unique and atmospheric, unlike just a regular boring teasers featuring cast members.

    10. Oh man, that 'new' promo image of Stannis is amazing. I wish that had been released, say, when the season was actually airing. #JusticeForStannis

      Did you ever see that video of DiCaprio dancing like a maniac at Coachella or some other music festival? Taking this picture into account I think it's safe to say he's going a bit nuts. Maybe an Oscar will fix it!

      Also I forgot to comment on it but your review of Under The Skin was amazing and I read it even though there were heaps of spoilers and I haven't read the book or seen the film yet. I'm seeing the film tonight and can't wait!

      1. I'm just glad I got it, but seriously he is sch a beautiful man it's just wrong that they are not taking pictures of him all the time :)

        I did! He seems to be...enjoying himself in between movies, which I imagine is a great deal of partying, eating and women on his yacht

        Oh, thank you! I hope you liked the movie!

    11. What the fudge Leo?!!! D: Intervention stat!!
      that AHS teaser made me think of the winged victims on Hannibal, chilling. >_<
      Why can't i remember what ScarJo hair looked like in Winter Soldier? Anyway i always like her Avenger hair best anyway :D

      1. It's almost inspiring how little he cares :)

        Ah yeah, the blood eagle thing. I think they may actually do it on AHS.

        It was straight and just...boring :)

    12. Oh my God...poor Leo, Interrupted...that title itself cracks me up! He certainly looks like a hot mess in that photo...poor thing. On the other hand, Margot Robbie is looking mighty fine in that photoshoot.

    13. Thank you for Margot Robbie with a puppy!
      That trailer for the 4th season of AHS actually looks quite cool. I hope that it will live up to the expectations.

      1. You're welcome :) We cal all use a little Margot...and a puppy :)

    14. "Why can't society just piss off and let grown ups do what they want with other grown ups? And why do people think that everyone should find the same people attractive or interesting?"

      Spot on answer there! I think Magic in the Moonlight looks awful, but I personally have no issue with the age difference. People just complain too much.

      1. Honestly, I can kinda see it why they'd do that if one person is very young but 24-25 is really not that young, I speak from experience here :)

    15. Glad you had fun with Edge of Tomorrow. I was pleasantly surprised by it, but I can totally understand finding it overrated. I hope Emily Blunt continues to get such awesome roles!

      DiCaprio is preparing for a role we don't know about. He's going all Daniel Day-Lewis for it this time... At least I hope that's what's going on. :/

      1. Blunt was fantastic in this, she really should have been a bigger star in America by now!

        I think he's just chillin' :P