Friday, July 25, 2014

(141) Fifi Croissant + links

By s. Friday, July 25, 2014
  • I saw Fargo and it was so dope you guys.
  • It's seriously the best show of the year - it was more fun than True Detective and let's not even comment on GoT season 4 shall we? 
  • The cast was great and the show was both thrilling and hilarious, it was like not mentally scaring Twin Peaks. Billy Bob Thorton as evil hitman who has to pretend to be a goofy minister to fool the cops in one scene was so funny I almost cried:
  • Amazing.
  • The only two flaws - the dog dies and the protagonist is so mean spirited, she was supposed to be sweet and innocent but there was something so mean about her. Colin Hanks was charming enough for both of them, though. Also Martin Freeman's way of talking was adorable - I almost laughed when he kept saying 'oh, jeez!' in between savagely bashing his wife's head in with a hammer.
  • Also everyone is in the show - Bilbo, Derek Shephard's wife, Saul Goodman, Chandler's creepy roommate, Keith Carradine. Everyone.
  • Meanwhile in the world of dumb starlets, Blake Lively reigns supreme this week with this Vouge interview. She is launching her lifestyle website whatever that is and saying things like this - "People want things with meaning. I know that because I want that. This space doesn’t exist, so I’m creating it." and talking about her perfect wedding and eating lamb or some crap in fancy restaurant.
  • I'm sure we can expect the same level of insanity and disconnect from real world from her as we do get from Gwyneth shitting rainbows and wiping herself with vegetarian unicorns Paltrow. 
  • It's like these women are Jasmine from Blue Jasmine but with much worse sense of style, zero class and just so much stupidity. Yuck.
  • Emmy Rossum despite being a young actress is just so lovely and each week I love her more and more. And I feel so bad for her. First snubbed of Emmy nomination and now deprived of touching Jeffrey Dean Morgan on her show. 
  • It's as if I went to work one day and, I don't know, they took my coffee away from me. This is quite literally the only thing keeping me awake there. Although the hospital is like right outside so there's sirens every 5 minutes. And we do get bomb threats quite often. Did I mention my job is just so full of chillaxing?
  • There's a Yorkie with Emmy on that picture but he has nothing on Gustav, who is the recent star of my gifsets. So far I only managed to catch him on camera once - he is way too fast unless he is eating:
  • That dental stick was three times bigger when I left the room to get the camera by the way.
  • Look what happened on tumblr. I've gotta say it's so lovely to see people actually give credit. I cannot even count the times this was stolen from my blog.
  • So I've been reading about the real story behind Foxcatcher this week and up until then I thought that the person you know what happens to is Tatum but now it looks like Tatum is like the person observing all of this which is a very interesting approach. The film looks so insanely creepy - I mean Steve Carrel looks like a sketch of a rapist in this movie. I don't know if you guys saw the 6-minute standing ovation video from Cannes but it's great, everyone's reaction is so cute in it. I'm gonna be rooting for Carrel this Oscar season - he is such a good actor and Michael Scott is one of my all time fav characters after all.
  • It's heading to TIFF and all those big festivals are coming up, so I'm looking forward to reading the reviews for this one and Gone Girl, I finally finished the book and it was amazing, I actually loved the controversial ending and I hope even with all the changes the film stays close to it. I think the reveal made the book 10x more interesting.
  • Another creepy movie is Nigthcrawler with super skinny Jake Gyllenhaal and its poster is awesome. I'm getting such strong 80-90's vibe from it and that's always great.

  •  Another movie which looks very interesting is the horror body snatchers film Honeymoon starring adorable and very talented Rose Leslie from Game of Thrones. Here's the first trailer.
  • Apparently there’s a movie with insanely dashing Matthew Goode and equally dashing Benedict Cumberbatch in it. I’m safe but I think 90% of womankind will die upon seeing this. Me? No, I like my men looking homeless and riding trains.
  • Hey speaking of ladies, you're gonna enjoy this picture of Pedro Pascal with Oscar Issac. I don't know what's happening but I think everyone should be grateful this photo exist. 
  • Comic Con is happening right now which means 1. me being sad I'm not there 2. but not too sad because Stephen is not there 3. tons of good stuff showing up online. 
  • My second main man McConaughey is there along with Christopher Nolan. They showed new trailer for Interstellar - you can read the description
  • here. The trailer will reportedly show up online next week.
  •  GoT panel is today UPDATE - here is the blooper reel that just aired - and the show is strongly represented - I cannot wait for the panel to show up online and I'm hoping for some adorable banter between Nikolaj and Gwendoline. Nikolaj is already there with Natalie Dormer and they are both being completely adorable.
  • Stoneheart GoT SPOILERS Michelle Fairley joined ABC's Resurrection. END OF SPOILERS I mean...seriously.
  • Jesus F Christ, even other networks are laughing at HBO.
  • People go again with how this is yet another bad sign but come on, actors do multiple shows all the time. Hell, even Stephen emerged from his cave long enough to do both Hunted and The Tunnel, and that was after he already joined GoT.
  • The point here is the gigantic irony of what happened. Is anyone else laughing hysterically through tears right now?
  •  The writing on Thrones is so lame now that actors literally need to migrate to other shows and networks to play their parts. Seriously this whole thing...I just read what Michelle role on new show is - the mother that comes back to life - and I almost hope GoT showrunners intended to bring her back and now she fucked them over like this because they really deserve it. And why would she like to play the same character on two shows?
  • These dumb as fuck showrunners, oh my God.

  • Meanwhile, in the land of no showering and no shaving, Leonardo DiCaprio continues to scare the crap out of everyone, this time actually emerging from his house and going for a swim. He is like a male version of Mavis Gary now, isn't he? McConaughey should come over with his Oscar and let him pet it. And you know, bring some good weed with him.
  • On the other side of the spectrum we have perfection - Chris Pratt has been everywhere this week being fabulous and promoting Guardians of the Galaxy, which looks crazy fun. Here he is braiding intern's hair in the middle of the interview. This guy is amazing!
  • I couldn't do a braid like that if I had 6 eyes and 10 hands. I can barely use hair brush.
  •  My thoughts of Fifty Shades of Grey trailer? Well, first of all it looks ridiculous. Second of all Jaime Dornan who is kinda handsome with facial hair looks like he is in his teenage years clean shaven. So...eww.
  • Last but not least here are the new posters this week. Personally, I think nothing beats that Nymphomaniac poster. Director's Cut! What will it be? 30 minutes of worst dick shots ever instead of 1?
  • Anna reviews Vicky Cristina Barcelona
  • Ruth lists best movies of the year so far
  • Fisti shares his favorite shot from Under the Skin
  • Alex lists shortest long movies
  • Candice lists some of the awfulness of Fifty Shades of Grey trailer
  • Brittani has an inspired pick for Women in Film blogathon
  • Mariah pinpoints some flaws of Comic Con
  • Nostra looks at the many faces of the lovely Rebecca Hall
  • m.brown reviews Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


    1. Such a cute gif set of Gustav - a great reminder to do some of my Lola. :P

      Fargo was so awesome, and I missed the first half of the season. Billy, Martin, and Colin were fantastic, and I quite liked Allison too. The show got some well-deserved Emmy noms.

      That six minute ovation for Foxcatcher is crraaaazzy - I'm rooting that Carrell gets that Oscar and can show it off with his Dundies.

      *countdown to Interstellar* cool as seeing Matthew & Christopher Nolan in person at SDCC would be, it's a bummer when new movies only bring a clip or trailer.

      I'm not often impressed with gif sets but that one of Chris Pratt - just how did he do that...HOW.

      1. Thank you! He is having some health problems lately but he has the appetite so I'm hoping it's a good sign!

        Oh you should see the first half!

        Haha it would so funny if he made a reference to that. I still cannot believe he didn't win major awards for The Office.

        I'm just glad they brought at least that, Thrones has nothing for sure, except for what I imagine will be some lame logo and tagline that won't apply to the events on the show yet again.

        I know, this is like art or something.

    2. LOL, there is so much here I don't even know where to start...but I don't think I've ever nodded my head in agreement and laughed my ass off while reading a single post in my life. BAH!

      Freeman for the Emmy...PLEASE!!!

      Foxcatcher is going to be Oscar HUGE.

      1. Haha, thanks! :) Freeman was awesome. He is adorable yet he managed to show the descent in darkness so convincingly, I'm crazy impressed with what he did there.

    3. Fun rambling as always Sati! Thank you for the link love.

      Ahah… *giggling* *sobbing* *giggling* *sobbing* – that sounds like me watching anything w/ Toby!

      Well I much prefer Stephen than anything w/ Channing Tatum! VERY cool that he rides the train a lot. Ha..ha.. maybe he IS running away from having to do promos, can’t say I blame him but that’s a bummer for fans like you. So Stephen is in The Greatest Game Ever Played I take it? Sorry that you have to endure Shia but hey I’ve had worse, Toby was in the WORST possibly Bond movie. It’s quite possibly one of the worst movies ever made in the entire history of moviemaking. Still, he’s a diamond in the rough that remains extremely watchable no matter how bad the movie.

      Ooooh Emmy Rossum has a Yorkie too! But you’re right, Gustav is cuter.

      That Chris Pratt is a hoot! I’m still not excited for Guardian of the Galaxy but he’s a likable enough actor so it’s cool that his star is on the rise. Leo on the other hand, seems hellbent in ridiculing himself. Does he live in a yacht now or something? Oh who cares, I really don’t care for these movie stars. That’s why I respect REAL actors like Stephen and my Toby who stay out of the limelight.

      Oh that Nightcrawler teaser does intrigue me, wow Jake G looks so skinny in that teaser.

      1. Thank you and you're welcome!

        Ah, I didn't think Die Another Day was that bad. Sure it's not the best, but I don't think any Bond movie is actually unwatchable, there's always something good there. I don't remember Toby well but I liked Rosamund in it.

        I kinda like what Leo is doing. There is so much pressure on them to be in shape and he is like fuck it, living his life the way he likes it. Is it irresponsible? Sure, but at least he is having fun. And I'm impressed he can get in shape for a role. Hell I'm here sipping a drink and eating pizza, let's just have fun when we do not need to be at our best :) If I had his money I'd probably be partying on a yacht too just with....older guys not supermodels :)

      2. Oh I'm not saying Leo is irresponsible, he can do whatever he likes with his life and money. I just don't really care for most super famous movie stars, and that includes him. You're right there's a lot of pressure in the biz but some actors handle things better than others. That said, it's true he usually does get back in shape when the role requires it, though of course it's easier when one doesn't have a 9-5 job and have a nutritionist + top notch trainer at their disposal 24/7 :)

      3. Yeah they can afford all those strange nutritionists and diets. I always laugh at these people, though. Like all those actresses eating organic food every day. Every day. Paying so much money for one bean or something. My God, they can still get hit by a bus and die. The amount of suffering these people put themselves through is something I'll never understand. Nothing is worth that :)

        But Leo cleans up good, there's a shocking difference between his look on these pics and the way he looked in Wolf of Wall Street.

    4. Thanks for posting my link! Also, that Leo pic is still depressing. I love the controversial ending of Gone Girl too! I wonder how they will do it in the movie.

      1. You're very welcome! I hope it stays close to the overall vibe of the novel, it was fantastic and so intensely creepy

    5. Can we all just teleport to comic con? Seriously.

    6. "People want things with meaning. I know that because I want that.''
      The fact that she wants that doesn't mean that others do...good thing she had a wedding to talk about otherwise she would say something like that again.
      How do you know the writing for GoT season 5 is bad? Have you read something inclining you to believe that and if the answer is 'yes' please share it with me. , awkward ;d

      1. It's a joke about how do I know the writing is bad, isn't it?:D

        Well in case it's not, the trajectory is pretty clear as are D&D 'skills'. Also what they plan on including and not including, but bad scripts written by less than great people have been brought to greatness by acting before.

    7. I'm sad that Jeffrey Dean Morgan won't be in Shameless. It would've been much more interesting.

      Blake Lively is an idiot and Ryan Reynolds is also an idiot for trading Scarlett for her. Scarlett's got more talent in her pinky than those 2 combined.

      I know Leo LOVES pie but he needs to cut back on it.

      1. It would. I hate fucking Jimmy so much :/

        That is true. Also she is hotter :)

        Let him eat cake :)

    8. Thanks for the link!

      That Resurrection news killed me. Especially the description of her character. Ugh! (FFS D&D)

      I'll have to read up on Foxcatcher, everyone seems to be talking about it and I really haven't looked into anything.

      I loved the GoT blooper reel! Pedro almost setting himself on fire was my favorite. Followed by Nikolaj banging his head on the book.

      I actually looked at Blake Lively's's exactly like Gwyneth's. Expensive shit that regular people cannot afford/want. It's stupid.

      I loved Fargo too, even though the accents were way over the top.

      1. You're welcome!

        I still hope LS is in. Last night at Con a fan asked about her and they silenced him. So that's good sign. I'm hoping this whole Resurrection news is just a gigantic 'haha two identical roles' irony.

        Either way the outrage about Arianne is a bit worse, since that's just pure sexist. I don't much care about Dornish only about LS and Stannis but it seems like a terrible move to have 3 sand snakes and not Arianne

    9. Great rambler! It sucks that Jeffrey Dean Morgan won't be on Shameless (I hate Jimmy so much).

      The description of Fairley's character in Resurrection is just... wow. D&D can be really annoying sometimes, but the prologue of Winds of Winter is like an enormous middle finger to D&D from all GoT fans (especially George including Robb's wife).

      I cannot wait for Foxcatcher & Interstellar! Love your Foxcatcher gif set!!

      I loved Fargo as well, Billy Bob Thorton is just so awesome.

      One last thing: Gustav is adorable!!!!

      1. Jimmy is the fucking worst. The finale was sooo good and then he showed up :/

        I'm so glad, good for George. But it's bad for all of us. I'm pretty sure George will continue to stray from whatever fan fic they created. The stuff like threats to exclude LS, now Arianne and replacing Tysha with Shae are such a slap across the face for George and fans.

        Thank you! I love gifing trailers :)

        Billy Bob was so great. I haven't seen him in a role for a while and he was just perfect here. So entertaining to watch.

        Thank you! He knows :)

    10. Thanks for the link, Sati. Those damn dirty apes and I appreciate it.

      Oh, Blake Lively. I was going to off myself, because I couldn't find meaning in this crazy, f'd up world. But thankfully, she, the girl with the traveling pants, is going to create it for me. Phew. Dodged a bullet there.

      This post has just the right amount of handsome guys, adorable dogs, and rad Jake Gyllenhaal posters, but I think we need some more young chicks walking dogs, you know? Hmmm...where could we get some pics of that in a hurry?

      1. You're welcome! :)

        Oh yes I'm sure her website will guide many. Much like my own guides people towards mental health and being normal.

        We could tell Leo that's how he wins an Oscar. If he pulls off Margot Robbie with a puppy thing. He'd be on a diet withing next 5 minutes.

    11. Gustav is so cute! Thanks for the linkage Sati! :)

      Ooooh I can't wait to see the GoT panel from Comiccon. Did you see people getting the tattoos of the Hand of the King pin and the house sigils? I saw that they had an option for a 'valar dohaeris' tattoo that was designed like 'VD', and I was like "I don't think that means what you think it means". Would you get a tattoo of Stannis' flaming heart and stag sigil?

      That Michelle Fairley news is the ultimate joke. I would laugh if I wasn't still really sad and angry! Can't wait to see how they responded to that one question at the panel.

      The 50 Shades trailer looks so, so hilarious. I can't wait to see the film because the book was so stupid and poorly written. It's going to be a lol-fest for sure.

      1. Thank you and you're welcome! :)

        I did! I'd never get a tattoo like that, though, maybe something badass on my back either something hardcore like Lisbeth Salander's tattoo or nothing at all :) VD hahaha, maybe they do have it after Comic Con, who knows :)

        They panicked and didn't say anything and Craig Ferguson shouted they should stab the guy who asked, it was hilarious :)

        It looks like Twilight without good actors on the second plan and at least some fantasy shit to keep people entertained. And the main guy looks like such a boy. No, no.

    12. Now I really must watch Fargo! I've heard nothing but good things. :)

      Oh, I can't wait for Foxcatcher, Gone Girl and Nightcrawler!

      1. Fargo is really worth seeing, it's fantastic and very gripping

    13. Many thanks for the link Sati! Great rambler today. I really want to see that Honeymoon film. I like both of the actors. The guy who plays the husband is from Penny Dreadful. He's fantastic.

      I can look at scruffy Stephen Dillane all day. Keep 'em coming. Oh Blake Blake Blake Blake. I can't say her interview or viewpoint is surprising. Many of these starlets are so disconnected from reality. People can say what they want about Angelina Jolie, but at least she's seen enough of the world as a UN Ambassador to not to say stupid materialistic stuff like that.

      I haven't seen Fargo yet, but I keep hearing good things about it. I have to be in the mood for true crime shows. I like to escape from reality so sometimes scifi and fantasy are my preferred genres.

      This is the first I've heard of "Foxcatcher." I have heard of "Nightcrawler" with Jake. It sounds like a film noir. That poster is super cool though. That poster needs to be on my bedroom wall. It's like Andy Worhol pop art or something.

      Chris Pratt braids hair better than I do. He must have sisters.

      And why does Lars keep on about Nymphomaniac? Why can't he move on to his next torturous film?

      I still can't believe 50 Shades is being made into an actual film and not a porno. I also can't believe that "actual" real actors signed up to star in it. It is quite literally the absolute worst book i've ever read. Not one of the worst-- the worst. Why would they want to make a movie out of that?

      1. You're welcome! I still have to catch up on Penny Dreadful but that movie really seems promising!

        Oh, I will :) He is so ridiculously sexy.

        I don't know what is it about these young women in Hollywood. It's like they are actresses but they don't seem to care much about their movies or roles, they care more about diets and landing a semi-popular, metro sexual husband. Gross.

        I think Lars wants to make apocalyptic horror movie next. So that will be fun for sure.

        For the one thing that is always the answer - money :)

    14. Thanks for the link! I'm currently making my way through Fargo and having a blast doing it. What a fun and fucked up show.

      1. You're welcome! I'm so glad you like it!

    15. Blake Lively is terrible and needs to go away. I was happy she's not been in films lately, and then she somehow ends up on the cover of Vogue. Ughhh.
      Glad you like the look of Nightcrawler, I can't wait for it!

      1. It's sad how little you have to do to be on the cover of magazine like that :/

        It looks very intriguing!