Friday, August 1, 2014

(142) Please stop. No, don't stop. + links

By s. Friday, August 1, 2014
  • There was a lot of news about the show coming from that panel.
  • Alexander Siddig casting as Doran Martell was announced during the Con and it is great. He is such a fan favorite, there are dozens of fanart depicting him as Doran. It's nice we are getting actual character in Dorne and not just a bunch of half naked or just naked chicks and what I imagine will be Bronn and Jaime drinking, bonding and fucking a lot. Probably not each other but at that point of the show, who knows. When in Dorne...
  • Jonathan Pryce who played Keira Knightley's adorable dad in Pirates of the Caribbean movies joined the cast as High Sparrow, a very interesting character in Cersei's arc. This is gonna be great.
  • I'm sad about the recast of Myrcella. Aimee Richardson is so pretty. Look what she did after they sacked her. I can already sense the new girl will be terrible just from this casting video. Also it's so heartless to recast a person just before their character finally gets a lot of scenes.
  • It looks like George R.R. Martin has had it enough of showrunners at last. He made that comment at the panel and now it turns out he is not writing an episode for the show, something he did once for each season, because he 'is busy writing the book'. This is such a funny excuse considering that he is the master of procrastinating and no way that's a real reason. Good for George for distancing himself from that fan fiction, though it's real bad news for us, given that when he was writing the episode things wouldn't go spectacularly off track at least in one ep a season.
  •  Apparently Sansa will use 'sexuality' to manipulate people next season. Can someone please kill her off? Catelyn is looking down (up? in a different show? on a different network?) on you, ashamed.
  • As much as I despise the showrunners, that cast is just the best:
  • But then Kit said that and I yelled at him in tumblr tags:
  • The fuck Kit, in season 3 you had a butt double because your ankle was hurt. An ANKLE.
  • You are supposed to be bringing that equality to the show, now go and explain to Stephen how him riding shirtless in the cold would show just how badass Stannis is!
  • Everyone is already in Belfast for the filming of season 5, but no one took a picture of Stephen yet. I'm starting to think because he is a divine entity it's actually impossible to snap a photo of him behind the scenes. It wouldn't show and the camera would explode anyways.
  • Comic Con was filled with so much awesome I'm not even sure where to start. How about that hilarious Batman/Superman panel which was apparently 10 minutes long and the teaser was just Batman in his armor? Also look at the faces Affleck is making, this is hilarious:
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron panel went very well. The first footage from the movie was shown and it got standing ovation not just from the audience but even from the cast who stood up and cheered. God bless these lovely people. Apparently the teaser showed the confrontation between Scarlett Witch and Black Widow. Oh my.
  • Ladies and gentlemen Robert Downey Jr:
  •  Samuel L. Jackson:
  • But this moment right here wins the Con:
  • How adorable are they?
  • Also you've really gotta love Paul Rudd. He said that he is Comic Con virgin and he is having his cherry popped to which Michael Douglas, who is apparently also in the Ant Man movie, said I popped a lot of cherries.
  • But not even them or even Stephen golfing, can win with the single most epic thing that I've seen in weeks:
  • This is not for a movie, this is just him.
  • Run, Leo. Be free.
  • The best part of this Bieber/Bloom fight? DiCaprio was there too.
  • We had a whole bunch of trailers released this week:
  • Interstellar trailer is just gorgeous and so powerful. I love that shot of Jessica Chastain so much that I made it into a new header for the blog, which now strikes me as premature as I'm gonna have to change it for Gone Girl header I already made and it gets released sooner than Nolan's new film. Well, I'm just gonna keep it here for a month or so. Anyways I also made a gifset with the trailer's most wonderful quote.
  • Mad Max: Fury Road trailer is actually kind of cool.
  • There is also a new trailer for Birdman which makes it look like a really great film. Can't wait for that one.
  • Meanwhile, Into the Woods looks terrible.
  • The trailer for The Hobbit - Battle of Five Armies was also released and it looks so bad. Not only is this movie unnecessary, and I bet it will be just as boring as the other two, the CGI looks awful! It would look badly animated if it was an animate movie, but it's not, it features actual actors. Why does everyone look as if they were rendered in photoshop and sharpened at least 10 times?
  • First footage from Crimson Peak was shown and apparently it's super creepy. It ends with Mia Wasikowska on the bed and then scary looking skeleton hand grabs her. Can we please not have that in every single horror movie out there? 
  • Back to Stephen because I have to. I'm continuing to make The Tunnel gifs. Then I think I'm gonna gif every single part of John Adams he was in. What's gonna happen when I run out of things to gif? :(
  • Oh God the winking. Oh God.
  • Unacceptable. I added that Rachel gif because that was literally my reaction to seeing it.
  • I finally saw The Greatest Game Ever Played. It was cute, but the moment I saw it was made by Disney I went 'ohh' because that meant no nudity. Still, so hot. All those close ups. My God. Please stop. No, don't stop.
  • Shia Labouf played the lead and he was actually not bad.The movie was as eventful as golf movie could be and boy did they try everything to make it interesting. It was pretty decent though, real adorable story too.
  • I also saw Non-Stop which was not adorable. At all. It was beyond ridiculous. But there are few things in the world more amusing than unhinged Liam Neeson randomly punching people in their throats.
  • Fisti reviews hilarious Winter's Tale
  • Katy saw Se7en for the very first time
  • Eric reviews Mystic River
  • Anna writes about Under the Skin
  • Josh and Brittani review Begin Again
  • Alex looks at the films of Roman Polanski
  • m.brown reviews 22 Jump Street and his Pizza Hut story will scar you for life
  • Jack shares his most anticipaed movies and performances for the rest of the year



    1. Glad you like the look of Birdman, I'm really hoping it doesn't disappoint.
      Mad Max does look kinda cool, I'm hoping its going to be a lot of fun, I've been so disappointed with action films lately.
      Into the Woods is going to be such a mess, I love it!

      Thanks for the link!

      1. You're welcome! I think Depp's career is gonna hit the bottom with that one

    2. You have no idea how amusing to see you live-tweet that panel once Stannis was mentioned. I honest to God thought you were going to explode at some point.

      1. Multiply it by 10 and that's me seeing him ride in during that finale :)

    3. Leo really needs to get some exercise.

      If Orlando Bloom actually connected a punch of Bieber. I would've gotten some respect for him. Instead, he missed the chance to become a hero for humanity.

      The trailers for Interstellar, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Birdman are awesome. Into the Woods... not so much.

      1. Haha yeah Bloom was pretty close, wasn't he?:D

      2. Yeah if it wasn't for Bieber's bodyguards. Those guys are bitches. They shouldn't work for that little shit.

      3. I think this must be one of the most embarrassing jobs to do. Defending your boss from teenage girls...and Orlando Bloom :)

    4. I love all of the Stephen ramblings today Sati! I don't think I'll ever tire of Stephen.

      I'm starting to worry about diCaprio. Is he like Where's Waldo? Now he's in the midst of the Bieber/Bloom fight?

      I really like Alexander Siddig. He's a very elegant actor. I've loved him since Deep Space Nine.

      1. He's the best, isn't he?:D

        I think DiCaprio just shows up whenever something awesome may happen :D

        I don't think I've seen him in anything, but he seems like a wonderful choice for Doran. I'm sure he'll be amazing.

    5. Stannis is growing on me - I gotta say.
      With the Inception meme, and now the nerf gun - I think Leo is a meme legend.
      So many trailers and so little time - I may return to comment on those when I have a break from my convention this weekend.

      1. YEY! :)

        Oh, Leo is a legend, alright :) Especially when he is on vacation :)

    6. Leo is priceless, and Paul Rudd with Ruffalo are adorable!! I laughed my ass off at that Bieber/Bloom thing, I really wish he hadn't missed. Imagine the cheers. :D

      1. Bloom would be loved by so many if that happened :)

    7. So from a psychiatric perspective, you have about 5 things legitimately wrong with you? Just 5? You're doing well. :-) If I were analyzing myself, at #5, I'd just be getting warmed up.

      1. I've done some personality test once and I had like 8 personalities so it's not good :)

    8. Your tweets made my day, literally. Thank you for them, you are amazing.

      Rudd and Ruffalo are adorable :D

      I really wish Bloom didn't miss, he would go down as a hero for the general public if he did succeed in punching him. I wonder what my Belieber friends are saying about this... though it might be better to stay away knowing what rage they might be in.

      Leo is just in a whole other league.

      I love the trailers for Interstellar, Mad Max and Birdman, they all look amazing. I ADORE your new header, Chastain is gorgeous and super talented. I actually like the Into the Woods trailer, though that might just be because it is one of my favourite musicals.

      Fantastic rambler!!

      1. Thanks! :)

        I don't know much about Into the Woods, those big musicals are really not that popular in Europe, I don't think i ever actually heard of this one until of recently thanks to the adaptation :) I'm definitely going to see it for Emily Blunt but I'd be very surprised if I ended up liking it.

    9. Thank you for the link, and I love your new banner!

      "I'm fairly certain there are at least 5 things legitimately wrong with me. Ah, well." - LOL

      I'm excited to hear that Stannis will be getting A LOT more screen time next season. It's about fucking time. That's funny about GRRM too. I'm glad he's taking more time off to write his book, but when I look at that gifset, that did seem like a little fuck you to the show runners.

      I cannot wait for Age of Ultron. The cast is so adorable, and omg those Ruffalo gifs!

      1. You're welcome and thank you!

        Well they said 'more' not 'a lot'. With them it can still mean, hey it's not gonna be 10 mins, but 13 or something. I hope they do give him a lot to do because with possible LS cut, Stannis and Cersei are literally the only two storylines that keep me watching.

        Ruffalo is slaying....with adorableness :)

    10. Those Ruffalo gifs are hilarious. I can't tell if he's being serious, of it's a bit. Either way, it's great. Thanks for the link and the insightful comments on my Polanski posts.

      1. I think he was actually being serious there :) He seemed so confused and swept away but also having a good time on Comic Con.

        You're welcome! :)

    11. F--king Mark Ruffalo. I think I want him to hold me like a baby.

      Anyway, thanks for the link! Very excited about all these upcoming good movies, but, now that I'm back in the legitimate working world, (instead of the undead/illegitimate working world I inhabited since Halloween) it's unlikely I'll see any of them. Balls.

      Pizza Hut.
      F--k me.

      1. You're welcome! I'm actually trying to watch everything in Oscar season, trying to find time somewhere. It helps that most of the shows I watch don't air in Autumn. I'm sure you'll get a chance to catch up on everything.

        Pizza Hut is ruined forever now.

    12. Oooh, those tweets about Stannis the Mannis! The love is real. I also really love the fact that now both D&D and the cast are more aware of the Stannis love out here and the fact that they should value him more! Watching that panel was so awkward though because the questions were so much about the shitty changes that D&D have made. If we have a look back to the very first panel for the first season they're getting praised for being so faithful to the book. It's kind of funny, really. They sounded really passive aggressive about it too.

      God, I love that photo of Leo. The pure joy on his face. I can't deal.

      Thanks for the lovely link Sati!

      1. They deserve it. The should be glad I wasn't there. I wouldn't be half as polite as these people. I'd probably send Gustav to take a shit on them or something :)

        Leo clearly has the right way to live figured out :)

        You're very welcome!

    13. It seems like a lot of fun stuff came out of Comic Con this year, except for Batman vs. Superman. I want to get excited about that movie, but it just isn't happening.

      That Ruffalo/Rudd GIF is awesome. Apparently *everyone* is in awe of Paul Rudd.

      Birdman keeps looking better and better. I read that the movie was filmed in a way to make it look like it's just one long take, and that sounds pretty amazing.

      Thanks so much for the link!

      1. I think this movie will be a disaster. It's Snyder after all.

        Rudd is the best. He is the reason I sat through last Anchorman movie.

        You're welcome!

    14. Yeah RDJ and Mark Ruffalo won Comic Con for me. Why do they ever send RDJ out first? No one can compete with him!!
      Omg Leo :P
      I LOVED the Mad Max trailer and the new Interstellar trailer finally looks like what I'm hoping for the movie to be. I liked the Into the Woods teaser but mostly 'cuz I'm super psyched for it. I couldn't even finish watching the Hobbit trailer. So done with this shit.

      1. The Hobbit trailer is a challenge to sit through, cannot even imagine how boring the film will be. I don't think I'll even attempt to see this one, the first two bored me so much. It really is mesmerizing someone managed to make a boring movie with Armitage and Pace both being in it.

    15. I think it is a good thing that someone mention LS at ComicCon and Fergeson (I probably mispelled the name) said that the guy be stabbed, having being told sth about spoilery stuff, which means that she is in! Let's hope it is some sort of corporate greed from HBO that drives everyone crazy about it. :D
      Scarlet witch vs Black Widiw? A must watch.
      LOL, there is sth beautiful in DiCaprio's don't give a fuck anymore behavior.

      1. Well, I hope so, because if she is out it's gonna be pretty difficult for me to recap next season when there will be 2 storylines I care about. May turn it into some sort mockery series with a shitload of Stannis gifsets to even things out.

        Yeah it sounds crazy hot :)

        There sure is! I think we should all try to be like Leo :)

    16. Ahah, your fingerling over Stephen/Stannis is a hoot!! LOVE it!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s going nuts over a talented, handsome Brit who’s so criminally under-appreciated. That’s so cool though that the GoT cast mentioned him, I could just picture you hyperventilating over hearing his name mentioned, I’m exactly the same way, practically euphoric even just seeing every little thing related to Toby!!

      Oooh I just saw the director’s cut of Kingdom of Heaven and Alexander Siddig is a fine actor!! Nice to see him cast in GoT! For some reason I don’t find Kit Harrington attractive at all though, I mean he’s cute but he does nothing for me. I think Stephen is far sexier, yes I think we both have issues :P

      I LOVE LOVE those gifs of Rufallo fanboy-ing over Paul Rudd, that’s such a hoot!! His expression is truly hilarious! Ahah, and those picks of Leo cracks me up too, I think I saw several memes of that one. Can’t say I blame Bloom for wanting to punch Bieber, wish he & Leo would team up and punch that ridiculous kid.

      That latest Interstellar trailer is amazing, now the wait is absolutely agonizing! Love your new header btw, Chastain rules!! I’ve missed seeing her on screen this year but she also has The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby out this year too, yay!

      1. It was actually a fan dressed as his character who mentioned him :) The showrunners responded that there will be more of him, they actually said nice things before about him being a great actor but those were empty words considering how Stephen had 25 minutes of screen time all together in season 3 and 4 :/ I hope they will do his book story from now on justice, it's such a great storyline and his character is incredibly complex and also hilarious in a very sarcastic, dry way, just like Stephen :)

        Oh he was in that? I remember the way he looked in the movie but cannot remember his performance. He seems like a nice guy and good actor so I'm very happy he got cast. Kit looks like a dog that escaped from some pink doghouse :)

        I don't think Leo has much strength now from overeating and, you know, scaring everyone :)

        I switched it to Gone Girl now because it's getting released sooner but then I'm definitely putting Interstellar header again, Chastain really chooses great roles for herself

    17. I'm glad we're getting more Stannis next season (I think Jonnis will be my new fav thing next year), I love the casting of Doran Martell but what the fuck were they thinking with cutting Arianne?! This is such a holy shit moment for me, it's almost as terrible as cutting LS. I think now it's finally official that D&D have serious misogyny problem.

      I loved that comment George made about Talisa/Jeyne. I'm just hoping he's going to make LS crucial character in the next book.

      1. It has not been officially confirmed yet, but hell they are filming already and no news of her or Greyjoys. But the worst part? Where the hell is Manderly?

        I hope she ends up on Iron throne just to fuck with them.

    18. Thanks again for the link! :)

      Mark Ruffalo is starstruck! Love it!

      Can't wait for Interstellar and Birdman. I've only seen Mad Max 2, but Fury Road does look intriguing.

      1. You're welcome!

        I hear Birdman is good, got amazing reviews in Venice