Friday, August 8, 2014

(143) Gone Girl in Dark Places* + links

By Sati. Friday, August 8, 2014
* I do apologize for porny title. I tried to work in the title of the movie I'm watching tonight and it sounded even worse, believe me
  •  I saw The Shooting of Thomas Hunrdall last Friday. Look at that. Look how sad. Is it too much to ask for him be in, I don't know, a romantic comedy? So I don't have to sit through so much tragedy for some wonderful....visual side? See this is why McConaughey is a hero to womankind. You want to just sit back and look at that man in some silly movies? Take your pick, there are dozens of them. 
  • On the bright side I have 44 Inch Chest to watch tonight which features Stephen as a criminal in the suit and that's the next best thing. First one being him in the armor. Wait, there's the naked option. So the criminal thing is the third best thing then. I've said too much.
  • What I meant was a 'bad boy' thing.
  • Shut up, Sati.
  • There was also some smiling in The at least that's something. Ah.
  • I even managed to make a pervy gifset out of that movie. Where there is will...well, you know how it goes. Can I be that glove? I want to be that glove! But primarily I want to be the bunny from Perfect Sense.
  • This gifset happened and I haven't been able to locate my ovaries ever since I saw it.
  • There it goes, another proof that Chris Pratt is the best:
  • Regarding Leo DiCaprio, I can't believe there are more pictures. But oh, there are.
  •  Clearly Leo's "do not give a fuck" way of living life is something that we all should consider. He looks super happy.
  • This whole Ruffalo/Rudd Comic Con situation is also a gift that keeps on giving. 
  •  Have you guys seen the new Gone Girl posters? They're fucking terrible! How can they have such a good story and, I imagine, a good movie and let this be their marketing? What has happened to movie posters lately? They used to be something I'd actually buy and hang in my room now everything looks so bland and generic.
  • As I was googling Gone Girl set images hoping to get a glimpse at the things trailer didn't spoil, I found those cute pictures of Rosamund on the set:
  • And look what she is holding -  it's another one of Gillian Flynn's novels, Sharp Objects. I think it's so cool that in addition to - I assume - reading the novel the movie is based on she also decided to read author's other books. I'm currently reading Dark Places and it's also excellent
  • They are already done shooting an adaptation of this one and let me tell you, the casting is laughable. The main character who is 31-years old, tiny (which is important; she is very short and this is to suggest what she has been through kinda trapped her in this permanent helpless child mode) and blue eyed is played by....39-year old, tall as fuck Charlize Theron. Theron is a great actress but she played the part of a disheveled woman so many times before. Amy Adams was originally cast and it's such a shame she dropped out. Hell, this could have been her big Oscar win.
  • The rest of the cast is the same level of ridiculous - Christina Hendricks plays the unattractive mother who didn't have anyone to help her. Can you imagine? If Christina Hendricks walks down the street I assume men are willing to give her their souls let alone carry her groceries or give her few bucks. It gets worse - she was originally cast as a stripper. And they changed it. To Drea de Matteo. I really like Drea but a) had Hendricks played a stripper I'm pretty sure unicorns would start appearing in our world b) casting Drea as a stripper is....let's just say not an inspired choice. Also there's this whole thing about her character being sweet looking when she was a little girl and Hendricks has such an angelic face. This is just...a messed up casting.
  • And then there is this little twit Chloe Moretz as adolescent seductress. No. for the love of God, NO. Fortunately Tye Sheridan and Corey Stoll (as Ben) are very well cast. It seems the movie will be pushed to next year, so far there is only one still out with Theron looking like she does in most of her indie films. A shame because the story is amazing - Theron plays Libby who 25 years ago survived a massacre in her house - when, as she testified as little girl, her brother Ben brutally killed her two young sisters and their mother. And now after all these years she starts believing he may be innocent. The book is constructed so well - it's Libby chapter and then Ben's and their mother's chapters, set on the day of the massacre, and yet somehow it all creates linear narrative because what Libby finds out in present day we get more details in following chapters from the past.
  • Still, I prefer Gone Girl, it was just so brilliantly constructed and far more psychologically complex.
  • Gustav news! Every day before I go to work I tell my mother not to spoil him. And every day I found out he got several treats and slept on my bed. On MY pillow. Today he got a new toy too. But within an hour this happened (also he has a new haircut):
  •  This is what always happens with his toys - he bites them until they stop squeaking - but the funniest part is that this week he started taking his ADD medication. Yep. Canine ADD. Welcome to my life. Where canine ADD happens.
  • He is just too lively and he has trouble breathing because of that, so the vet gave us some mild medication. It's some kind of syrup so I tried to fool him and dipped a carrot in it. 15 minutes of begging and him licking it off my finger and he finally ate the dose. Now there's a better way - hide it under his dinner.
  • The vet also suggest we get him...a therapist. Hey, remember that episode of South Park where Cartman was out of control and his mom got him all those TV nannies and one of them ended up in psychiatric hospital smearing her feces on the walls? 'Cause when I heard her suggestion this was the image I had in my head.
  • He's actually watching TV on the second one. I'm not kidding.
  • I rewatched Jackie Brown. It's such an under appreciated movie, I think it may be Tarantino's most mature work to date. Also it's such a lovely romance story arc, I think the best one there ever was in Tarantino's movies, platonic just like in Pulp Fiction, between Jackie and Max. And Robert DeNiro is just hilarious in it.
  •  I also saw Winter Soldier again. I didn't like it any better than the first time, it's a nice movie, but I just prefer the ones with Thor or Tony Stark. That said this one actually had an interesting villain, I loved how they didn't made Captain America and Black Widow into a romantic couple but instead they made them good friends and Anthony Mackie was absolutely hilarious!
  • I saw Guardians of the Galaxy which was tons of fun. I wouldn't rate this movie 9 or 10 as many do but it was certainly entertaining and refreshing. I couldn't believe that Rocket was voiced by Cooper. It sounded nothing like his whiny self, it's hilarious how he sounded most badass while voicing this furry guy.
  •  Richard Madden and Pedro Pascal attended Tampa Bay Comic Con. To be honest I don't have any idea who they are talking about nor do I care. But this is just so adorable.
  • Here's the first picture of Amy Adams in Tim Burton's Big Eyes. Unfortunately, the first reviews of the movie are less than favorable so who knows maybe this picture is actually better than the movie.
  • I have absolutely no interest in this new Hunger Games movie, but the poster with Elizabeth Banks' character is really cool.I'm still gonna need to see this movie anyways, because of Natalie Dormer and Gwendoline Christie.
  • What is this I hear about Shailene Woodley getting Oscar Buzz for The Fault in our Stars (is that the title?)? Is that legit?!
  • I've made another gifset from Interstellar featuring that gorgeous poem Michael Caine is reciting in the trailer. That movie will make everyone cry like a little bitch. 
  • I have never seen a single episode of Doctor Who but I'm definitely tuning in this season. It's like it's sci-fi Malcolm Tucker.
  • There's a cutout of Richard Madden as Prince Charming in Cinderella. You need to see it. Trust me, you need to.
  • The Focused Filmographer and Elina review Guardians of the Galaxy
  • m.brown reviews The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Alex writes about documentaries about Roman Polanski' court case and there is a good discussion going on in comment section too. It's also Alex's birthday today so go wish him happy birthday!
  • Brittani, a fellow blogger who also read Under the Skin, reviews the movie
  • Fisti writes about Wild Things
  • Katy writes about her anticipation for Interstellar
  • Ruth shares her favorite songs from Bond movies



    1. Thanks girl!

      I actually love the initial Gone Girl poster...the one with the boat...and the tagline was kind of genius I thought. I still need to read that book.

      BTW, your new blog soundtrack is incredible...could this be our score winner this year?

      1. You're welcome!

        The one with the boat was not bad, but those new ones with Amy's eyes are so bad. The idea behind them is good but the execution is just awful

        I'm not sure about the winner but I think it's definitely getting nominated :)

    2. Oh, Leo - so much entertainment off screen as well as on.

      Goodness, Gone Girl. I cannot get my hands on a copy anywhere. Why does the tagline in the poster remind me of N'SYNC? They're not very captivating. Maybe they're trying to tone it done since the EW magazine cover creeped people out.

      You know I like Shailene Woodley, but an Oscar nomination for TFIOS...The movie sorta rested on the backbone of her chemistry with Ansel; it was a decent performance, but nominations are a little much.

      I'm so looking forward to Capaldi as Doctor Who but the show looks a little too Americanized for me right now...Crossing my fingers for the new season, but the promos make me feel like it's lost the original British charm because of the show's popularity. :/

      1. It did? I love EW magazine cover, but then again it's Fincher photographing all that stuff and he is not the one to make things less creepy because the public may not like it:)

        I haven't seen a single episode, but I think Capaldi will make sure British charm stays in :)

    3. Aww, Stephen Dillane should smile more. Especially when he's playing Stannis. He's overdue for a smile.

      Chris Pratt is hilarious, and I love those Leo pictures. I wish someone would've got this Bieber punching thing on tape. Like, clear tape with audio.

      Dark Places sounds interesting! (and of course all checked out at the library) But that casting does sound laughable. Christina Hendricks as someone that's homely? Really?

      I didn't realize dogs got therapists. Is it like the dog whisperer from South Park? lol

      Thanks for the link!

      1. He has such a beautiful smile <3333

        That would be the video of the year especially if it included footage of Leo jumping around and cheering Bloom on :)

        It's a wonderful book, you should check it out! It's insane. I think they thought her sweet face and red hair is enough to sell this idea and it's really not.

        It's exactly like that :) Apparently it's a whole profession :)

        You're welcome!

    4. I definitely think Jackie Brown is QT's most mature movie to date. Also his only adaptation, so there's a correlation between those two for sure. And that is easily one of my favorite De Niro performances. I love that scene you highlighted... when he goes to punch her in the face but then stops. He's such a madman! Thanks so much for the links and the kind birthday wishes!

      1. You're welcome!

        DeNiro was amazing in this movie, the conversation with Jackson in the car where he explains shooting Melanie was so funny.

    5. I'm sorry but I can't help but laugh at Gustav's face in the second gif. It looks like he's thinking "Don't think I won't do it again."

      You'd think Hollywood would stop casting attractive actresses in homely roles. Yes, it worked with Charlize Theron in Monster, but give it a rest. It doesn't work every time.

      Boy, I'm going to be intrigued as to what you think of Doctor Who. I'm more than certain the upcoming series will be more entertaining to those who have seen The Thick of It.

      1. I'm fairly certain this is exactly what he is thinking :)

        Especially that they really can't do much to make Hendricks look plain - her character has red hair and it's not like they told her to starve herself for the role to lose the curves and thank God they didn't. It will be such a jarring casting to watch.

        Oh I cannot wait for all the clever tumblr crossovers :)

    6. Shailene Woodley considered for an Oscar nod for some lame weepie? FUCK THAT!

      The only reason I'm going to see the new Hunger Games.... oh wait. You already know that.

      Why am I not surprised that Tim Burton's next film won't be any good?

      1. I know, right?!

        Haha, that's a good reason to see the movie - Jena. I'm sure Dormer will make it extra fun for guys too. She has something so sexy about her.

        I believe it's called....trajectory of awful :)

    7. Oooo I can't wait until you start watching Doctor Who! It's one of my favorite shows. I'm looking forward to the new season with Capaldi. It was getting a little tired with Matt Smith.

      Sati-- I think you should seriously try to start designing movie posters. Your banners are a million times better than most movie posters! That Gone Girl poster is so bland. I've said before that movie posters are seriously going downhill. Like the Purge poster and the Ape movie poster are virtually identical.

      I love Stephen, but I didn't really like 44 Inch Chest. He had some good scenes and he looked handsome, but I much prefer elegant Stephen versus cockney Stephen.

      I almost can't bear to see anymore shirtless pics of diCaprio anymore. Sorry :) He looks like he should be hibernating.

      1. I'd love to but I don't have strength or inspiration for career change :) Gone Girl poster is so cheesy too - I don't think they are trying to fool the audience by cleverly making it look like romantic movie, I think the idea was about the control one character has over another and it just looks so stupid on that poster.

        I thought it was all right, kinda like a play. He looked amazing <333

        He's on vacation, let's give him a break :)

      2. Oh I agree. I wouldn't want anyone to take photos of me on vacation, which is why I almost can't bear to see anymore pics of him. I wish the paps would start following someone else now.

      3. Well, I doubt anyone would be as entertaining as Leo at the moment :)

    8. Jackie Brown is my favorite Tarantino movie. I wish it turned out to be the career boost for Pam Grier that Pulp Fiction was for Travolta.
      I love Richard Madden like you love Stephen Dillane and him and Pedro were adorable in Tampa Bay. That Prince Charming cut out though, is not kid friendly. I could not avert my eyes. Jenna Coleman is a lucky woman.
      I am glad you said what you did about Guardians of the Galaxy, it was a very fun and entertaining movie but I would not put it up there with a 9 &10 rating. I thought Dave Bautista stole the show for me, I guess because I expect wrestlers to be terrible actors and he had a great sense of comedic timing. Chris Pratt is a doll and he's so funny. He's also right on the money about the whole Bieber and Bloom thing.
      If Shailene Woodley gets an oscar nod for The Fault in Our Stars, it will just tell me everything I suspected about Hollywood. The movie wasn't bad and neither was she but in no shape or form was that movie or anything about it Oscar worthy.

      1. I think it may be my second fav, after Pulp Fiction. Pam still got pretty big role in The L Word, so that's something.

        Not kid friendly at all :)

        I'm kinda baffled by so many 10s being given out, but I guess it just means people really had a lot of fun with this movie.

    9. Thanks so much for the link love. LOVE your rambling Friday! Oooh look at Stephen's sad face, I love sad faces of handsome men... I LOVE Toby's sad/melancholy face, soooo adorable!

      Ahah, I actually do like one of Matthew's rom-coms, The Wedding Planner, but that's about it tho.

      I adore all the gifs from Ruffalo/Rudd Comic Con situation, they're so much fun!! And Pratt says whatever in his mind, love it, he's a riot!

      Richard Madden as Prince Charming??! YOWZA!! That cutout is practically indecent, my goodness, what kind of codpiece is he wearing? Boy he's gonna give Chris Pine's Prince Charming in Into The Woods a run for his money!

      1. You're welcome!

        I don't find Pine good looking at all - he looks like a I'm more into Richard's prince charming well, I would be if I ever cared about Prince Charming figure characters. But the film will hopefully be fun, Blanchett is playing the evil stepmother after all.

      2. Yeah I usually don't find Pine attractive either, like you said he's too pretty! Oh my, I forgot Blanchett is playing the evil stepmother!! I'd see that movie just for her! Nice to see Madden as pure eye candy as well ;-)

      3. Blanchett is gonna be great, I'm sure she'll do with such role more than Theron in SWATH and Roberts in that awful Mirror Mirror. I'm definitely seeing it for Madden :)

    10. Hahaha! I love that "d&d" is now a verb. That's genius. I think for the next season I might be using that verb quite a bit. We shall see! Also thanks to you I've officially hopped on the Stephen Dillane train after previously just being on the Stannis train.

      It sounds like DiCaprio is really loving life at the moment. First the fun with the water gun, and now seeing Justin Bieber almost get punched and then frolicking under a water feature. Whatever it takes to make the Oscars pain go away!

      Love that Hunger Games poster too.

      Also Richard Madden as Prince Charming. Ummmm. That cutout puts David Bowie's Labyrinth leggings to shame.

      1. YEY! Dillane fandom numbers are growing! :)

        I really hope DiCaprio is just being happy and not...having a breakdown :)

        Madden's cutout is just...not OK ^^

    11. LOL Leo. Chris Pratt is the greatest. I loved Guardians. SOOOOOO much fun.

      I really want to read other Gillian Flynn novels. I loved Gone Girl to bits. I want to reread it before the film comes out but good lord, my last year of college just started and the reading list is sooo long already :'(

      To be honest, I'm wayyyy more excited about Sheridan and Stoll in the Dark Places movie.

      OMG Madden's princely bulge :')

      As crazy as Woodley is in real life, I still think she's a really good actress and I am one of those people who will actually be really happy if she gets any awards for Fault in Our Stars. I thought she was excellent.

      DOCTOR WHOOOOO! I'm so excited, man.

      Also Paul Rudd and Mark Ruffalo <3 So cute.

      1. It really was! cannot wait to see it again and I can't wait for Parks and Rec to return for more Andy! :)

        Oh you should totally read Dark Places, I hear Sharp Objects is amazing too.

        They are very well cast, they may be the only ones who are :)

        I haven't seen this movie yet but it just looks so horribly cheesy to me I cannot imagine anyone actually pulling off Oscar caliber performance there.

    12. Totally laughed at your Jackie Brown gifs...totally underrated and one of my favorites from Tarantino!!!

      1. It's such a fantastic movie! I could watch it all the time

    13. I wrote a really long comment that disappered because I'm a doofus and so I'm just gonna say -- Chris Pratt and Leo are awesome; I think Woodley getting nominated wouldn't be the worst thing since she brought that film to life and saved the adaption for all of us John Green/TFIOS fans, and if anything about that shitty film will be nominated, it should be the best performance in it;

      and thank you so, so much for the link! I really appreciate it.

      1. You're welcome!

        I'm not sure if I can handle both her and Lawrence on the I am sure - I can't :)

    14. I've finished Sharp Objects which I thought was pretty great and am halfway through Dark Places which I think I like even more. I probably will wait until after seeing the movie before reading Gone Girl just because I'm anticipating the film so much and want to stay in the dark. It's pretty impressive though that Gillian Flynn seems to be improving with each novel after starting with something as well written as Sharp Objects.

      With the Dark Places casting... yeah none of those people are who I would have pictured. I can see Charlize having the right attitude, but I picture someone small who people might think was years younger. Someone you wouldn't expect off the bat to have such a bite. Hopefully the movie is good though!

      1. I'm reading Sharp Objects next, it's sounds great! Flynn is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors, I love the way she structured narrative and the complex psychology of the characters.

        I hope Hendricks is given a lot of scenes, I think her character is the one with biggest potential, her chapters were so heartbreaking at times

    15. Next Doctor Who looks very interesting. I've never watched it but as far as I know about the new season it should be intriguing.
      A therapist for a dog? :d :d I imagine she said 'Miss, your dog ain't okay, I know just the right therapist.' ;d
      Leo might have given up on trying to win an Oscar, perhaps leaving his dream/main purpose made him happier? Cause 5 Oscars to slip through your hands is tough. But on the other hand, he's a millionaire.

      1. Oh dogs get everything these days. Spas, hotels etc. :)

        I wish people felt bad for Amy Adams more. She seems to be in the same situation as Leo and she doesn't look like she is having as much fun as him :)

      2. I didn't know about her situation, but maybe next time they'll give them Oscars because 6 nominations is just too much.

      3. It's starting to be a bit ridiculous, especially since it was so close with Leo and Aviator, if only they didn't give it to Jaime Foxx....

    16. Glad you think Dark Places is excellent! I read the book couple of years ago. Don't worry, I won't spoil :) What impressed me most were the first few chapters in how we are introduced into that world. Also, the author did a good job in maintaining the suspense.

      1. Oh yeah the suspense was great, I like how in her books everything builds up and the tension is constant with all those clever narrative tricks and cliffhangers. I thought the final reveal was disappointing but overall I really liked the book.

    17. My phone refuses to allow me to comment on your site. It's such a dick, sometimes.

      Anyway, thanks for the link. My dog does the same thing. He's excited about a new toy, but only until he destroys it. But ours doesn't stop there, then he wants to eat the damn thing.

      Oh, and everything you said about the upcoming Dark Places is FACT. Even the bit about unicorns. In fact, when if I saw Hendricks, I would create my own personal unicorn. (in my pants)

      Sorry, but I'm really a child.

      1. No worries, I think it's more to do with blogger than the phone.

        You're welcome! Gustav wants to eat them too so we hide them and he is pissed off :)

        If I were a guy I'd have my own personal unicorn upon seeing her too :)

    18. LOL. That Chris Pratt interview was awesome!

      I forgot about Dark Places. That should be… interesting.

      Yay! Jackie Brown is my favorite QT film! The casting is brilliant, the pacing is flawless, and it's hilarious. Very underrated film, indeed.

      1. Glad you liked Jackie Brown! It's such a fantastic movie, for me PF is still the fav, but that one is a close 2nd