Friday, August 22, 2014

(145) The unicorn and the double rainbow* + links

By Sati. Friday, August 22, 2014
* in the most shocking twist of your lives this is not a reference to Stephen's full frontal nudity in Savage Grace.
  • I can't. I can't.
  • *incoherent inhuman fangirl noises* *space dolphin communication*
  • Wait. This is actually better than the unicorn. On a double rainbow. A unicorn running on a double rainbow. While dozens of baby unicorns fall from the sky on tiny parachutes. (I'm really not high right now, I just really, really, really love love love Stephen)
  • And it's even more rare that that. This photo is as rare of a gem as RF without inappropriate comments. It's a freaking miracle. If Jesus came down on Earth I'd be less surprised than I am by this picture. And I'm not even Catholic.
  • Look how hot and scruffy too.
  • I just cannot believe we finally have a picture of Stephen while filming Thrones - well not filming it per se, just at the time of filming of season 5. I'm actually glad no one took a pic while he was in costume because when I saw the above photo I just sat in front of the screen nodding and sighing, thanking the gods for creating him and as a result I was almost late for work (how am I not employee of the month yet?). Show me him in armor and I'm catatonic for a week.
  • What's even more unbelievable is that he is socializing. And smiling. *breathes into a paper bag*
  • Why the fuck did I become a lawyer I should have been a waitress in Belfast.
  • Good lord, he's already so scruffy. Will it become scruffier? Ah, the mystery. He just gets hotter and hotter season after season. At this rate if Stannis is gonna make it till the last season I'm not gonna - I will spontaneously combust one of these days while staring at him.
  • This picture is so much gold. John Bradley looks so lost and obviously there is Harington so it means it's hilarious by default but there are at least 3 awesome things here. First of all, look at his hair. I think he is trying to be more manly. By wearing a ponytail. So yeah he is failing. Second of all, any attempts are just so sad because hey, Kit, there's One True King in the photo with you. Also Thorne is there and he is badass. But the best part, good God, he cannot even figure out where to look. Everyone is looking at the camera, even Stephen who probably lives in a cave (in Sexual Paradise) or an abandoned lighthouse (in Sexual Paradise) but not Kit. No, not Kit. Kit is gonna look AT THE WALL.
  • If he gets any more helpless he is just gonna start randomly falling on the ground. In slight slow motion. Like Gustav when we walk inside the house and he suddenly sees a bike, gets startled, falls down and looks at me to pick him up:
  • Seriously.
  • Oh Kit, that ponytail so isn't going to help.
  •  So I was rewatching Sex and the City and this happened:
  • Naturally I repurposed my gifs and made this set:
  •  *nods aggressively* *makes a lot of indecent noises*
  • I think he should publicly apologize for ruining all other men for me.
  • Stephen Dillane fandom is  a very starved group. He doesn't give many interviews, he doesn't do promo tours, there are barely any pics of him outside of the set, hell, even on the set. We got what 5 promo pics last season? We see a tweet that he is riding trains and we go insane. And then the first pic like this shows up and it's escalation. Long story short this ice bucket thing made its way to GoT cast...
  • now, naturally, we want, we really really want wet shirtless Stephen.
  • I haven't even talked about Savage Grace. I only saw bits and pieces of it so far and it looks so bad but the full frontal...I think I'm about to pass out.
  • Lovely Elina of Films and Coke is my star this week:
  • That's right. She watched it. She liked it. She saw that sex scene. She witnessed the divine.

  • So they released those portraits of the characters in season 4. Obviously Stannis is not there because I cannot have nice things. What the fuck with all the Melisandre focus on promo material. If Stannis was a hot girl he'd be there instead of her. But, no, no, why give Sati nice things to look at.
  • Meanwhile, in Belfast Roose Bolton, Littlefinger and Varys are enjoying ice cream (and they look seriously high) and Sansa, Roose and Theon attended the Killers concert. Roose is very hip, apparently.
  • There's this gem on Playlist. I laughed so hard I almost cried - "I don’t think (graphic scenes) have ever been without any purpose"; "Dan and Dave are two very sober, thoughtful men.". What's next? Are they are going to tell us cutting Arianne Martell out of the show is 'empowering'? Cause that's seems like the ludicrous thing they'd say.
  • It looks like Chris Martin has seriously unfortunate taste. Years being married to Gwyneth Paltrow, whose disconnect from the actual real world borders on some sci-fi concept of alien coming over to Earth from her home planet of doing nothing and acting pompous and wiping your ass with money to live among us and marvel at the peasants who actually work for a living while she hosts garden parties and makes pizzas outside in some fancy ovens and wonders how on Earth people can work 8 hours a day and eat actual food instead of whatever that birdfeed crap she eats is. Unbelievably, or perhaps amazingly, now he actually found someone worse. Yes, he is dating JLaw. Chris, you're British. How dare you. You people are supposed to have class. She's gonna puke on you, man.
  • On a related note, do you guys think if Gwyneth and Blake Lively were in one room the world would explode due to so much of deluded self-importance based on meaningless crap? I think so. It's not gonna be the rapture or plague, it's gonna be this. The end of all things.
  • Rumor has it that JLaw may be in Quentin Tarantino's new movie. Et tu, Quentin?
  •  With each clip I see from Doctor Who it looks more and more as if it was simply Malcolm Tucker in space, so I'm delighted.
  • Back to the ice bucket challenge, this week Tom Hiddleston attempted to kill the entire womankind:
  • I'm gonna rant about Sex and the City now. I'm at this point where Aidan took Carrie back. You know, they should be together because they are both so selfish. I'd dump Aidan right there when he went all 'you smoke?!' on their first date when Carrie lit a cigarette. His outrage was so bad as if she stabbed a puppy in front of him. What the fuck. A person shouldn't stop smoking because some guy doesn't like it, it's your own personal choice. Carrie, as she does all for dick, of course did. And then it gets hilarious - she is dating him, then she fucks Big for three weeks, Aidan leaves her when she tells him, then after some time she figures she wants him again (after he lost some weight and cut his hair and became an owner of a bar btw), yells in front of his window at night that she misses him, he takes her back (have some pride, my God, man) and then she invites Big over to Aidan's country house and then she pukes when she is snooping around his stuff and finds an engagement ring from him, complains about how ugly the ring is to her friends and then says yes to him while he proposes in the street (what the fuck) obviously after buying her clearly a much more expensive ring, but then obviously she changes her mind and leaves him again. Oh my God. And she's not even the worst person on the show! Charlotte can't get pregnant and Miranda got knocked up by Steve completely by accident and then Charlotte goes 'How could you do that to me?'. Jesus, I'd slap that spoiled bitch right there.
  • Anyways, the show is so insightful and funny I still love it. Even though it has things I hate the most - entitled bitches who emasculate men and men who judge women for what they do even though it's none of their fucking business.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Shower Thoughts with Nick Offerman.
  • This week I experienced that moment when you’re reading Gillian Flynn’s novel and she throws in a paragraph about farm animals that makes you want to have a lobotomy just so you could forget you read that. Good Lord. It was in Sharp Objects which is full of moments like that - suddenly there is a paragraph about something and it's so messed up. The book was really fantastic, though, although I wish the main guy was a bigger man in the end. The heroine of the story was probably the first truly good person among Flynn's heroines. I cannot wait for the adaptation of this one, which is rumoured to be a TV series. It's gonna be like darker, gorier, more complex Twin Peaks.
  • I'm gonna see Magic in the Moonlight this weekend. Did you guys see it? Is it good? Is Colin Firth at least shirtless in it?
  • I saw Director's Cut of Zodiac. It didn't make me like the movie more. It's a great film, but the third act is, for me, much worse than the first 2/3 of the movie. I was gonna write more about it here but it quickly turned into 'Se7en vs Zodiac' rant so expect my article on that next week in another installment of David Fincher Blog Event.
  • Hey, speaking of Blog Events I'm gonna be a part of Fisti's Twice a Best Actress blogathon. That's right. Me, a person who sees maybe 6 movies a month, most featuring Stephen, has roughly, what 20? 25? movies to watch now. Well, this will be interesting.
  • This week was weird. On one hand they renewed my contract so it means I'm gonna continue to have money to buy myself cute outfits and treats for Gustav. But the other thing is that my 25th birthday is coming up and the department of health figured it's appropriate to send me the info on all the tests women should start doing once they turn 25. 'Happy Birthday, may we have a piece of your uterus tissue?' - I'm paraphrasing but that was the gist of it. My reaction:
  • Josh writes about Emma Stone in Magic in the Moonlight
  • Alex writes about his upcoming movie Wait
  • Dan reviews Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
  • Irene reviews Fincher's Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • MettelRay reviews Guardians of the Galaxy
  •  Ruth shares some tracks from Tron: Legacy OST which was so brilliantly used in GoT season 3 trailer - 1:09. All other men - ruined.



    1. "I saw Director's Cut of Zodiac. It didn't make me like the movie more. It's a great film, but the third act is, for me, much worse than the first 2/3 of the movie. I was gonna write more about it here but it quickly turned into 'Se7en vs Zodiac' rant so expect my article on that next week in another installment of David Fincher Blog Event." - god darn it, I'm team Zodiac, you're team Se7en.. hopefully we'll be on the same side with Gone Girl. :D

      Tom Hiddleston is.. god, I can't focus, This IceBucket thing has brought me so much joy this week, it's hard to focus.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Hopefully! I just cannot wait for this movie, any of Flynn's books on screen really. I think she is my favorite writer now.

        You're welcome! :)

      2. Should pick like up one of her other books as well, Gone Girl was good but I wasn't a fan of the last third of the book as much.

        Though, I have GOT to finish, and Maze Runner.. and I have work. Man, this adult life is really difficult to multitask. :D

      3. Oh ... my ... God -- that Tom Hiddleston gif. Whew! Enough said.

        Gillian Flynn ... I've only read Gone Girl. Sharp Objects is on my to-read list. Your comment on farm animals and lobotomies either put me off wanting to read it or exponentially increased my interest. I'm not sure which.

      4. @MettelRay I actually really loved the last part, even though I think Flynn should think a bit more about the entire thing, the whole last part required some suspension of disbelief

        @Irene Well Sharp Objects it's definitely more disturbing than Gone Girl. The imagery is really strange and sometimes disgusting, it will make for wonderful adaptation. It's not as psychologically complex as GG, though.

    2. 25! I feel so old right now. And so unfulfilled. But YAY for Twice a Best happy you're on board. LOL, I totally thought of you when I saw that Chris Martin was dating JLaw, but if it is any consolation, the amount of Paltrow baggage he's carrying with him is bound to ruin the best years of her life, so hehehe.

      1. Unfulfilled? You're about to get me to watch 25 movies, that is a miracle. Martin has seriously lost his mind, but I'm not surprised, if I ate what he did for few years and dealt with this much of crazy on daily basis I'd be cuckoo too.

    3. Full-frontal Stephen Dillane.... child, you must've had a heart attack.

      Chris Martin does have bad taste in women. Then again, this is a guy who is probably one of the most insipid and uncharismatic people walking on the face of the Earth. His band is nothing more than a 3rd-rate version of U2, a 4th-rate version of Radiohead, and a 5th-rate version of Oasis. Anyone thinks Coldplay is the greatest thing ever is out of their fucking mind and should be forced to listen to Napalm Death at high volume.

      I don't know if I want J-Law in a QT film. There's better actresses that needs to be in that film. I can name a bunch of them.

      I think if Blake Lively and Gwyneth were in the same room all by themselves. Gwyneth would actually be alive since she can actually act.

      A wet Tom Hiddleston... out of the way bitches.... he's mine!

      1. I think I'm invincible after that Fugitive Pieces sex scene :) British men, from what I observed are....quite blessed.

        I like their older stuff, but yeah it's clearly far from being original.

        I'm sure they'd kill each other discussing some fancy gold toilet seats or whatever it is rich, insane people buy.

    4. Yeah, I should probably tell you this about Doctor Who before you start watching it: it gets very silly sometimes. It's a good silly, granted, but don't expect it to be this serious sci-fi TV show all of the time. Trust me, I should know. (Also expect moments where you'll just be going "what the hell?" because that happen a lot too.)

      1. Yeah I figured there won't be any poetry of swearing in that :)

    5. Good thing people in Belfast started realizing what was happening in their town. Lol, Littlefinger is totally high!
      I must admit it, I have watched Sex and the City and it was interesting, but its plots were incredibly dumb for the reasons you pointed up there.
      Ice bucket thing is all over the place now, I hope it gets forgotten soon as it is becoming annoying. I am interested in seeing Lena Headey doing the challenge though.

      1. I like seeing all those celebrities being all goofy. It's a bit in a bad taste that this is getting more notice than the actual reason for it happening, but it's better than nothing I suppose.

    6. Those Thrones pictures are making me geek out so hard. I can't wait for Stannis to give the approving nod. And my old man crush on Roose is still unhealthy.

      Tom Hiddleston is going to kill me with that wet t shirt.

      I'm glad you're on Fisti's panel! I can't wait to read that.

      1. My geeking out for Thrones has died this season but my geeking out for Stannis is going strong :)

        I'm sure there'll be a lot of bitching in that panel ^^

    7. Agreed, 3rd act of Zodiac is not good at all. It's like the whole movie slammed on the breaks. I look forward to seeing what you, Fisti, and co. come up with for Twice a Best Actress. I truly enjoyed the Twice a Best Actor series. Finally, I threw up in my mouth a little when I saw that Seth Rogen pic. Don't do that again!

      1. It's because of that protagonist, he was just so boring. It's noticeably weaker than the first 2/3 of the film.

        Oh come on, easy with the shallow thing. He has feelings.

    8. Finally the reclusive Stephen emerged from his actor's cave to be spotted in public in association with Game of Thrones! I am really excited about that and hopefully it's a sign of positive change. Plus that picture of Aidan Gillen with an ice cream is hilarious.

      When my partner and I watched SatC all the way through back in the day, we concluded that Carrie is probably the most annoying person on the show whenever she's in a relationship. She does and says so many stupid things. I think she hits the annoying peak when she hooks up with the writer guy in one of the later seasons! Always love Samantha though.

      God bless the ice bucket challenge. Hiddleston. Phew.

      1. I really hope there will be more pictues of him. He's so ridiculously hot, he should be getting photographed all the time!

        What's worse is that Carrie keeps compromising who she really is and keeps being so fake with her boyfriends. She is somewhat real with Big but she tries so hard to be perfect it's exhausting to watch. Jesus Christ, a relationship should be between two people who are comfortable with each other, here it's pretty much only Samantha who manages to achieve that.

    9. Thanks so much for the link! It’s amazing that Daft Punk’s music also fits GOT perfectly.

      I love that Stephen is making you *high*… but I totally get it Sati, I really do. I really, really, really LOVE Toby right now too. In fact I’m rewatching Cambridge Spies and making incoherent inhuman fangirl noises as I’m writing this. I tried taking a week break from watching his movies/shows and I missed him so much it hurt, and I don’t just mean emotionally. I hope Stephen will get more scenes in the upcoming season than he has been in the past. Oh btw, looks like we’re both deprived of seeing our crush doing the whole ice bucket thing :(

      Heh, what’s up w/ Chris Martin! Midlife crisis of the worst kind apparently. Ahah, Gwyneth & Blake Lively in the same room would definitely be too much deluded self-importance based on meaningless crap for the entire universe & beyond. If you add Kim K in that, I think aliens have every right to destroy humanity for making these people famous.

      1. You're welcome!

        I would never give up Stephen for a week :) I have a friend who tries to quit smoking and he hasn't been smoking for a week. Well I'm not doing either one of those crazy things, though I'm fairly certain not sitting down on Friday evening to watch something with Stephen no matter how awful the movie, would be worse than not engaging in my poisonous habit of choice.

        Seriously these people. They should make a reality show where they unleash them in the real world. They would die just trying to buy a ticket for subway.

    10. Hahaha, Shower Thoughts is awesome. What is that from?

      Congrats on the new contract!

      1. I'm not sure, I found it on tumblr, I think it's some sort of satirical website doing that :)

        Thank you!

    11. I can't. I just can't take Hiddleston's ice bucket challenge. There's something so incredibly sexy about how he flips his shirt up slightly at the end.

      Dillane was the hottest Jefferson known to man. I'm seriously petitioning HBO to do a Jefferson series with Dillane.

      1. And it's a white shirt. The man has no mercy.

        I would have died if we actually saw scenes with Jefferson and his wife before she passed away. That is such a romantic story. I can barely keep it together when I see Stephen do regular, non romantic stuff.

    12. Sati, you are incredible. Your ramblers make my Fridays. I am so excited that you are a part of the Twice a Best Actress panel! I cannot wait to her your judgements on the performances! :P

      And I totally agree, Stephen Dillane is perfection.

      I cannot imagine staying in the same room as Gwyneth Paltrow for an hour, let alone being married to her. I know it's mean, but it's what I think :/

      I cannot wait for your next visual parallels! I especially loved the one you did about Black Swan and Shame, but really, I could pick any as my favourite!

      1. Thank you so much! :) It's fun to write them and be this honest :P

        I cannot wait for my judgments too, I have not seen most of these movies and I guess it's that final push I need to finally watch classic films. Or, you know, films without Stephen in them.

        She is just so weird. I get that people have different backgrounds but she literally seems oblivious to ordinary people's lives, problems and routines. She is the kind of person who I imagine gasps when she hears someone doesn't have different pairs of shoes for each item of clothing they own.

        Thank you! It should be published tomorrow :)

    13. I really hope Jlaw isn't cast in Tarantino's movie. Ughh.
      OT - You should watch The Fault in Our Stars, you'll have a glorious time laughing at how dumb some of the lines are. One of the worst lines is when Ansel Elgort ells the waiter that they are gonna need some more champagne, and the waiter says, "We have bottled all the stars for you tonight my friends"

      You'll have an amazing time making fun of it! I promise.
      Although Woodley is very good in it.

      1. That would be very hard to watch :/

        I love a bad movie every once in a while, I'm sure I'll see it one of these days! Sweet jesus that sounds like a fun movie :D

        My problems with Woodley don't have much to do with her acting it's more to do with her opinions, personality and general showing up on news sites where I inevitably catch a glimpse of the recent idiotic stuff she said.

      2. Did you ever see The Spectacular Now?

      3. No, I read some awful things about it and combined with the cast I decided not to even try with that one :)

    14. Laughed quite hard at this - "On a related note, do you guys think if Gwyneth and Blake Lively were in one room the world would explode due to so much of deluded self-importance based on meaningless crap? " I cannot stand Lively. I'm not 100% sure why my passion is so fierce but it's real.

      Also, that Drake/Seth tweet is hilarious.

      1. She is just so deluded, another Paltrow in the making.

        Rogen is the best :)

    15. Thanks again for the link! :)

      So glad you're participating in the Twice a Best Actress blogathon. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on those performances.

      1. You're welcome! I'm hoping I'll find the time to watch the films, so far I barely had any.