Friday, August 29, 2014

(146) Okay, that was a little too inside + links

By Sati. Friday, August 29, 2014
  • Do you know what the sweetest words in any movie are?
  • ....even if the film is shit and they show me Spacey's ass and chest. That's not the ass and chest I spend 2h to see.
  • I saw Ordinary Decent Criminal. Kevin Spacey was in it doing the worst Irish accent ever. The film was quite bad but Stephen played a cop in it so he was wearing a suit and that's always awesome. I saw that this film had quite decent ratings, then Colin Farrel and Christoph Waltz showed up in it, so I thought maybe it won't be bad, but holy hell if it wasn't for my One True King I wouldn't be able to finish it. Yet again it's a proof I sit through anything for this man. I'd sit through 6h Lars Von Trier movie for him. But, please, please, don't star in that psycho's films.
  • I finally gifed that incredible scene from The Greatest Game Ever Played. Damn your perfect face and beautiful acting skills. 
  • I also made this Jon/Stannis gifset and it turned out a little too much like Brokeback Westeros but still, I think it turned out nicely. I used scenes of them looking sad next to the gif of the Others army marching. Because if they win everyone is fucked.
  • This week I accidentally found this interview with Stephen while he was promoting Fugitive Pieces. I seriously needed to lie down after seeing that because I could barely breathe. He is so adorable. He is smiling. He is laughing. He is smiling and laughing while talking about his leading ladies. His goddamn shirt is unbuttoned. Even the interviewer could barely keep it together. How are you even real?
  • I need to lie down again.
  • Oh yeah I also found this.
  • [lying down again] 
  • Control your face, sir. 
  • Is he not familiar with the concept of glasses btw? As in... where they should be? I'm sorry I just ------------------------->>> 
  • I'm sorry, I had a long, hard week. I carried what felt like 30 pounds of legal acts (after actually reading all of that first and writing a whole bunch of stuff). To the second floor. And there is no elevator.  That's seriously gotta be a violation of some kind. I'm just one tiny person. And I wear heels. You know if I trip when I'm on the stairs carrying this shit I won't be there to see Stannis in season 5. 
  • Because I'll be dead.
  • Or possibly on the run - aka meanwhile on tumblr...
  • I think I'm gonna see Firelight again. Better go like this than by falling off the stairs.
  • Let me copy and paste my thoughts on Allen's newest movie - Colin Firth was wonderful in Magic in the Moonlight, so hilarious! He also played a Stannis-type character. This is the world we live in, though - the romance was not very convincing and not romantic but people take issue with age difference instead of how weak the script was in this matter, it only worked because of Firth and Stone’s performances. He was playing a highly unpleasant guy but it was still plausible for Stone to have feelings for him, the problem was that the story didn’t really capture the moments they started to look at each other differently - in a real way - and it all felt jarring.
  • I couldn’t believe that in the scene the film took its title from nothing happened. If I saw a night sky like that and Colin Firth was standing next to me I would have banged him into oblivion. Here - nothing. Where is the romance, Woody? The man was Mark Darcy. Twice. That was just implausible. Why have such a romantic scene if there is no conclusion or even some development for the romance? He took a nap for the love of God! 
  • On the other hand the ukulele playing idiot was so awful in comparison no matter how weak the romance, the ending worked. I judged Stone’s character for not taking that ukulele and killing him with it.
  • And the theater was actually full for this movie - I'm not sure if it's our Europeans, the ones who don't have glamorous Paris or Rome in their countries, fondness for his films, ladies' fondness for Colin or guys' fondness for Emma but yeah the cinema was full.
  • I was tweeting with Alex lately and I thought to myself  'Am I the only person in the world who actually loves Anything Else?". I'm starting to think that the first guy I meet who loves that movie I should marry because that appears to be bordering on the miracle. You know how people meet and then they decide they are perfect for each other because they want the same amount of kids or live in same neighborhood etc I feel for me it's going to be 'Oh you love Anything Else too?". No seriously, what is wrong with that movie? It's funny, it's modern, it's entertaining. What am I missing? Am I mad?
  • No, don't answer the second question. It's rhetorical. 
  • Check out new Interstellar poster.
  • That new Gone Girl TV spot. Oh my God.
  • I have been making gifsets out of that like crazy. This is my favorite of the ones I made:
  • That scene in the snow! You guys who read the book know what it is!
  • SPOILERS Make his pay. Make the bastard pay END OF SPOILERS
  • I think Affleck may be scoring the nomination for this one. He is very well cast. As for Rosamund I'm so rooting for her, even in that short TV spot she showed such a range. I already have a very exciting post prepared about, among others, her character but I cannot publish it yet because you guys need to know the story first. The movie cannot come soon enough.
  • I read the script for the movie yesterday - or to be more accurate, one of the drafts of the script as already from the trailers it looks like some things were changed. The good news is that the story is very much like in the book. The bad news is that if it's the ending that is in fact in the movie it drastically changes the tone of the whole story and I really like the tone of the book story. So I'm hoping the ending stayed just as it was in the book.
  •  So apparently Tyler Perry didn't know who David Fincher was when he agreed to star in Gone Girl. You know, it would be pretty bad for an ordinary person to not know who Fincher is but for someone who for some reason is in AMPAS that is just a little but too embarrassing to be funny. Also apparently Jelly Beans are a no-no around new Batman's face. On the other hand let's not judge him too harshly - he had some great things to say too and he seems honestly excited about being a part of the movie.
  • Check out new poster for American Horror Story: Freak Show. The poster is fantastic, let's just hope the new season is going to have a better script than the last one.
  • No, I did not watch the Emmys.  I may try to see it this weekend, but I've been trying to watch Noah for 3 weeks now and so far I've seen the first 10 minutes so I wouldn't count on me actually managing to watch any of that this weekend. I have actual films that I may like - Calvary and Boyhood - to watch and I can't find the energy to see those.
  • Hey, speaking of the Emmys:
  • Here's the link.
  • I ask you - what the fuck?
  • I saw a dead rat on the middle of the road this week and I'm not sure which was more disturbing - this or Lena Dunham at her newest level of horrid.
  •  I did see Matt and Woody presenting the award, though. They're the best:
  • There's more.
  • Can they get their own talk show or something?
  • Puppy face was at the Emmys too:
  • I direct you to that Gosling laughing gif at the top of the post. 
  • You have one job Kit. To tell Stephen to make it up to women for wearing a coat in his sex scene and getting him to take his clothes off (in the name of equality, obviously...). Stop taking off your pants and creeping people who happen to be near the water out.
  • Guys, look - this is Al Pacino's new girlfriend. The great thing? It is possible for a bigger age difference out there than the girl of 25 (more on that next Friday, the actual day of my birthday) and the God of 58.  
  • Look at the comments under the article. Why are people always assuming that it's about the money? You know some women have their own money.  I think it's horribly small minded and sexist to assume that a woman going out with an older man is doing this for money. Some of us just don't want to sleep with young, immature guys and we don't find them attractive. 
  • And we probably earn more than them too.
  • Oh, was that cruel?
  •  Idris Elba took the ice bucket challenge. While wearing a suit. It's like they are competing in who makes more women faint contest.
  • Fisti celebrates David Fincher's birthday. I'm a shit blogger. I have 2 month long Fincher event happening now and I didn't even know it was the man's birthday.
  • Elina reviews Fugitive Pieces and several other movies. But nothing matters comparing to Stephen. Naked. Worshiping the woman he is with. I've gotta finish this post I cannot keep lying down, dammit.
  • MettelRay chooses 10 actors she would see in just about anything 
  • Alex reviews Calvary 
  • Jack writes about Two Days, One Night, new movie with Marion Cotillard
  • Ruth reviews Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
  • Brittani writes about True Blood series finale.
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    1. Ha! I love that your litmus test for finding Mr. Right is whether or not they love Anything Else. Hey, whatever works, right? Thanks so much for the link! I hope you like Calvary.

      1. Whatever Works...that's another one by Allen I seem to be alone in liking :)

    2. That scene in The Greatest Game Ever Played is definitely the best moment in that film all because of Dillane.

      That dress that Lena Duhnam wore.... if Al Bundy saw that, he would scream "I'm blind" as it would remind of him of mother-in-law.

      Interstellar and Gone Girl are among my most anticipated films of the year, other than Inherent Vice.

      1. Yes! So glad you liked it too. He was so amazing in this.

        Hahaha :D Yeah it's actually a miracle I'm not blind after seeing it.

    3. The Joaquin Phoenix forehead thing is the greatest thing ever.

      Oh Lena Dunham, you idiot. Whyyyy?

      I'M SO EXCITED FOR GONE GIRL OHMYGOSH!!!!!! I've decided not to watch any more clips or trailers though. I think the casting for the film is perfection.

      1. It's crazy. You can't unsee it :)

        The casting is amazing. i just hope they do the book justice.

    4. Thanks for the link! When I saw Dunham's dress, I immediately thought of you. I knew you'd hate it as much as I did. lol (And the E! Red Carpet girl's kept referring to Kit as "rocking the man bun." That cracked me up.

      I can't wait for Interstellar or Gone Girl! My expectations are so high.

      Tyler Perry is a moron. I hate that Fincher cast him in the first place.

      I hope you like Calvary and Boyhood! I want to see those too. Boyhood is here, but all their show times suck :(

      1. You're welcome! What the fuck - 'man bun'? The face they used the word 'man' is insulting to actual men :) He looks awful with his hair like that.

        I actually think Perry may be good in the role. He is playing such a fun character, well at least I liked him when I read the book. I love his 'are you fucking this stupid?' looks he is continuously throwing at Affleck in all the trailers.

    5. That dress... yikes. And this is coming from someone who likes Lena Dunham and thinks that Girls is a great show (but I can understand why you don't like her or the show).

      I cannot wait for Gone Girl. I feel like I've said that like a billion times already, but I am so excited for it!!!

      1. Oh I so absolutely loathe that show :/ I think it's offensive to young women everywhere.

        One more month! :)

    6. Elba is always such a great guest, and for some reason I love seeing him on Kimmel, they work together. There should be a link to the video on that gif set, people need the sound of him! I wonder if Prince Harry is going to do it.

      1. I think Idris would have a fanboy moment if Prince Harry did :)

    7. The final video is a bit scary and hilarious at the same time! Dunham's outfit is just scary, one should not even call it an outfit because it is not suitable to go out in.. like, why is she still a thing.. even I can dress better and I don't have the best taste. :D

      I'm with Nikhat with the Gone Girl trailer though, I haven't watched it because I'm trying to keep the knowledge of the movie to a minimum now.. and since I've read the book I hope the ending is actually different because I didn't like the ending. Don't know what kind of ending I would've liked though, but something a little different would be nice.

      Oh, I miss Woody and Matthew together.. I wish they collaborate again soon.

      PS: Thanks for the link! ;)

      1. Honestly she is just so gross. I respect the woman's right to dress however she likes but she is just this gross, overweight, nasty, sloppy, stupid person. She just looks so unhealthy and disgusting at all times.

        I think any other ending would make no sense but I'd have more respect for Amy if she just sent this bastard to jail instead of wasting more of her time with this arrogant douchebag.

      2. I feel as if Amy herself is sort of addicted to Nick just the way Nick finds her compelling and scary at the same time. They are the sort of opposites who can't be with each other but can't seem to see themselves with anybody else either. Or it's sort of poison. I don't know, this movie is going to be epic if Fincher explores the characters as he usually does because there's so much under the surface, hidden in Amy as well as Nick.

      3. I think Amy settled for Nick. She was getting older so she decided she is just gonna stick with this guy and remodel him until he starts being the guy she wants. I could never do that, be with a man weak enough to get programmed like this. Also - once a cheater, always a cheater.

    8. Thanks for the link! Your two month Fincher orgasm totally made me want to play along. And PLEASE, let my Affleck intuition be correct. That role is perfect for him, and judging from the script I read, total Oscar bait!

      1. you're welcome! I think he has a very good shot, but I'm mostly limiting my rooting for activity to Pike and Carrel this year :)

    9. Thank you for the link kind lady! Ooooh I like that Jon/Stannis gifset, tho Jon doesn't do it for me. I LOVE your fangirling over Stephen as I know EXACTLY how you feel, you just express it in so much more fun way than I do!

      Oh dear, Lena Dunham clearly has no taste in fashion, or in anything for that matter, that dress is horrid!

      Oh all those ALS ice bucket challenge has been a godsend, LOVE Idris dancing right after they poured it on him. Darn charming sexy boy! But... where is Stephen and Toby?? Heh, the agony of loving such underrated actors :(

      The Emmy's just lame, though I enjoyed looking at Matt & Woody boy they need to work together more often!

      1. You're welcome! Jon looks like a stray dog.

        I cannot believe she is still getting nominated and invited to those things.

        I think even if Stephen was superfamous he wouldn't do the bucket thing, unless someone got him drunk or just surprised him :)

      2. Yeah it seems that Stephen is the kind of actor who doesn't crave attention, he seems to only be interested in the craft of acting. I respect such actors but of course it's so frustrating as we rarely get to see pics of them :(

      3. It is :( I'm hoping he does a new series soon, at least he was the lead in The Tunnel so there was plenty of him in the season unlike in GoT :/

    10. Wow, I thought Dilane was a more dire person, as I've never seen him smile, except for that slight smile on GoT.
      That forehead thing would be amazing (or hilarious) if you're high.
      Is there a supernatural element to Gone Girl? Will I have to pay attention to details to grasp the story?

      1. He is very polite and friendly :)

        I think it would freak me out to watch it high ^^

        Nope, no supernatural element. Just people being people :)
        As for the details, there are many details in the story but Fincher will definitely make it all clear. What's tricky is the psychology of the characters and understanding why they do what they do.

      2. Okay, I am definitely watching this one, especially since you liked the book so much.

      3. YAY! Hope you'll like it. The book is absolutely phenomenal.

    11. Can I sneak a peek at your Gone Girl post?! I'm almost done reading it, and am planning one for myself...I don't know about yet, still formulating my fangirl thoughts. Ben and Rosamund were perfectly cast, I hope some nominations go their way. :)

      1. Sure, I don't think there are spoilers there :) Glad you read the book, isn't it fantastic? The psychology of characters and the way Flynn structured the story was so amazing

    12. Hey, sorry I haven't been around lately. Now that I'm catching up on blogs I read (post-CinSpec's), I should be commenting regularly again. :)

      Glad you enjoyed Magic in the Moonlight. Firth and Stone really were the highlights. I like Anything Else, by the way. I even own it. ;)

      That Tyler Perry didn't know who Fincher was is insulting. How can you be in the industry and not know a director THAT big?!

      1. That's cool, awesome to see you around here again!

        That's so great, I feel like cinematic pariah with my love for Anything Else :)

        I think or at least hope he really was just joking :)