Friday, September 19, 2014

(149) Wedding invite with a hot tub photo? Amy! That's a no-no! + links

By Sati. Friday, September 19, 2014
  • A new picture of Stephen emerged on tumblr this week. He is wearing his 'I'm homeless' clothes again. 
  • I don't even know where the jacket ends and the suit begins.
  • I think I have a new idea for a perfect job - undressing him and then dressing him. In actual sexy clothes. Oh that would be fantastic.
  • this week Carice Van Houten tweeted that there was a fire drill at her hotel in the morning. What if she is where Stephen is. What if he run out…naked?
  • This is what happens with my brain when all I get is one picture of him during the filming of the show. It wonders. It goes beyond usual heights. It's pervy in an imaginative 'fire drill, you say?' way.
  • That's not good.
  • Anyways, a girl who looked exactly like Sansa sat in the streetcar right in front of me this week. Why God, why couldn’t it be someone who looks like Stannis? Seriously, that chick even had red hair. I was stunned. No way it could be Sophie Turner, though, because 1. it was on the streetcar 2. it was in my country (which is closer to a shithole than an actual civilized country like England or USA; we're also kinda trapped in the olden days, I mean I have a fucking VCR in my room) 3. she got off in my neighborhood and I live in the place that is basically on the edge of society.
  • It's not like I live in the ghetto - there's the beach and pretty woods and there's always a lot of tourists everywhere here, so it's kinda a place that's picturesque. 
  • Even though they do find a lot of severed body parts in these woods. 
  • Seriously. It happens.
  • Anyways...
  • I had a tough week. Had barely any time for movies, but I did start watching Secret State and Stephen was in about 3 scenes so far. Jesus, it's like a repeat of Thrones. Charles Dance and Edmure Tully are in it too so it's even more like a repeat of Thrones. Plus side? Stephen wears a suit. And he is playing a villain. Naturally I root for him. And that smile!
  • I desperately need to chill and watch something with Stephen tonight. I don't care how awful the movie I just need this man on my screen. Between all the work in the hellhole and all the studying of the world's most boring legal acts and all the annoying people I dealt with this week - including IT folk which to me is what Library folk is to Leslie Knope - I'm exhausted. I'm just so fucking exhausted. Here comes the weekend during which I sleep 20hours in 2 days which is more than I sleep during weekdays...combined.
  • This week I read that Joe Wright dumped Rosamund Pike right before their wedding because she sent out wedding invites with the pic of them in a hot tub. What the fuck? I mean the man made some wonderful films but I always suspected someone who also made The Soloist must have some serious issues. Yep, I was proved right.
  • Good God, if she sent an invite with a pic of his dick, but this, seriously? This woman is gorgeous and her voice is super hot. She also appears to be very smart, articulate and evidently has a sense of humour. So he can go to a strip club (apparently he frequents those) but she can't send an invite she wants?  Men *snort of disdain* - am I right?
  • More screenings for Gone Girl were held. The common opinion seems to be that 1. the movie is good 2. Affleck is very good 3. Rosamund really embodied Amy. People keep saying how this isn't the kind of role Academy awards go to but as Amy she gets to show every single emotion there is. SPOILERS It's only halfway through that people realize most of them were faked. But the actress still gets to do those things! END OF SPOILERS So I'm so hoping the film is indeed a success and makes a splash during award season.
  • New sorta poster was released and it's a slight improvement but did they seriously just slapped the word "loveless" in the middle of it? Wow, that's inspired. It's as if I took a pic of myself right now with word 'tired' written on my forehead. 
  • Wait there is another one - that one is actually slightly better because at least they figured to highlight the word 'LIE' so that's something.
  • And why are these posters so dark? It's bad enough you can't see shit in trailers but do posters also have to be shot looking as if it's the end of the world and darkness is all that is left?
  • There is a terrific interview with Fincher in Playboy magazine. Seriously, go read it, it's hugely entertaining and so informative. David had this to say about Rosamund -   "I wanted Faye Dunaway in Chinatown, where you think, This person has experienced avenues of pain that no one can articulate. Or Faye in Network, where it’s, You’re never going to get to the bottom of this, so just stop. It’s crazy how much Rosamund reminds me of Faye." Well, this is awesome.
  • Meanwhile, while the marketing has been embarrassing themselves (though these are not the worst posters this week, more on that later) at least one thing came handy here - that above image of Rosamund as Amy from Loveless poster. I cropped it out and I conjured this. Then I figured it looks good so I started making avatars that kinda look like posters, it was  quite a bit of coloring because I usually make this stuff up as I go along:
  • You know what? it took me about an hour to make all of these, so how much time did it take for marketing team to make their poster? 5 minutes?
  • You will probably have to wait for my review of the movie for several weeks cause I plan on filling it up with graphics, just like with Under the Skin review.
  • Word is that the final Interstellar trailer will be attached to Gone Girl. Meanwhile, here are the new posters. The one with McConaughey is so bad. I never thought the poster with some random space thing would be better than the poster actually featuring him.
  • In another bad news, Matthew will not be in Magic Mike sequel. So I'm probably never going to watch it. This is so stupid, he was the best thing about the first film.
  • Big Eyes trailer wasn't as awful as I thought it would be. The music was though, what the hell was that? Anyways it looks like one of those mediocre biopics we get every year - not horrible, but not great. And mediocre is the most forgettable. Though you gotta feel the relief of no 1. crappy CGI 2. Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's movie for once.
  • But in the absence of shit fake looking aesthetic in the movie by Tim Burton we get all of that in Into the Woods this year which wins 'worst poster' title this week. It's Meryl coming for your potential Golden Globes and Oscars.
  • Ryan Gosling is a father. Here comes a flood of buzzfeed 'articles' with him looking all hipster pushing a stroller.
  • Idris Elba’s new movie features him as an“unstable escaped convict”. Well, here come fucked up and inappropriate thoughts one more time.
  • I saw Honeymoon, about which I wrote on Sunday. It was really great and I hope Rose Leslie gets to do many more good movies like this one.
  • I also saw The Other Guys. At first I was like 'so how is this funny?' but then it really got funny. I laughed so hard when Ferrel asked for his gun back. Keaton's reaction - or a lack of one - was priceless. Walhberg was actually really funny too.
  • Check out another nightmarish trailer for AHS: Freakshow.
  • The quick snippet with actual footage from the episode 1 was released and you can see fabulous Jessica Lange in it:
  • There's also more hype around the main villain this season - Twisty the Clown
  • And then there are these gorgeous cast photos:
  • Elina reviews Lucy
  • Alex writes about the director Andrea Arnold
  • Jack writes about Obvious Child
  • James reviews Honeymoon
  • Brittani participated in Back to School blogathon
  • Wendell writes about Desolation of Smaug


    1. I'm So. Bummed. that Matt Mc isn't in Magic Mike 2. I know he's super busy now, but I really wish they could've made that work. I wonder if money was an issue... I suppose it isn't fair to speculate about that, I just wish it could've worked out.

      I'm definitely more cautious about Big Eyes since you tweeted me. That one should be... interesting.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I think if he wanted to do it, he would find the time.....or maybe his new projects really are too exhausting - that Sea of Trees movie looks intense.

        Big Eyes is probably gonna be better than Burton's recent failures but that's not saying much :/

    2. Totally like the Believe poster than the Loveless one. I didn't notice the problem with the latter til you pointed it out. Network is one of my all-time favorite movies, and Faye plays one of my all-time favorite characters. For Fincher to compare Pike to her, that's so freaking awesome; makes me even more excited! :)

      Not really going to miss McConaughey in the second Magic Mike. Apparently it's supposed to be a road trip movie? o_O

      Big Eyes surprised me. The first half of the trailer looked awkward but then it really improved. Adams and Waltz look great.

      1. I love Network too, Dunaway was just amazing there!

        Road trip movie? When are they going to strip?:D

    3. Matthew McConaughey isn't in Magic Mike 2? BOO!!!!! I'm out.

      Amy Adams looks like she's going to knock it out of the park as does Christoph Waltz but I don't think I'm going to see Big Eyes. It looks too Oscar-baity for me. The music is terrible.

      I like The Other Guys. I'M A PEACOCK, YOU GOTTA LET ME FLY!!!! It has some great one-liners and Michael Keaton quoting TLC with no clue of who they are.

      1. Waltz is apparently horrible in the movie :/

        The peacock line was hilarious! Keaton was very funny too


      3. *looks around the drawers*
        *hands a gun*


    4. Gone Girl promotional stuff has been so underwhelming it is actually depressing. If the name behind it wasn't Fincher, I would actually give it a second thought before I buy the tickets. But I trust David so I'm going right away!

      1. Well the trailers have been terrific, but the poster art is so uninspired, it's like something a person make do in 5 minutes while having a hangover.

    5. I prefer the Believe poster to the Loveless one, but neither of them are particularly great.

      I was hoping that Matthew would be in Magic Mike 2, but I'm ok with it I guess :/

      You saw my thoughts about Big Eyes on Twitter, and I'm hoping for the best.

      Freak Show is going to be beast. I am so freakin' excited for it. Hopefully, Sarah Paulson will FINALLY win the Emmy she should have won for Asylum (but I doubt it, since it's the Emmys)

      Great rambler! :)

      1. Paulson may win this year - it seems like the character she plays has two very different personalities, so it's definitely going to be a great performance. But Lange is leaving after this season, if they would be in the same category they may give her a send off with an award.

        But if Sarah competes in supporting, I feel she may win.

    6. Thanks for the link! I hope you get to watch your Stephen movie tonight. You'd be proud of me, I was nerding out over Stannis all over a site I was on last night.

      I love The Other Guys, The Rock driving that double decker bus at the beginning was so ridiculously over the top.

      Your Gone Girl graphics are awesome. The more I look at Rosemund and Affleck, the more excited I get. They look perfect for Nick and Amy. I started Sharp Objects this week too, so hopefully that's as good as Dark Places and Gone Girl.

      1. You're welcome! I didn't get to do that because I kept rewatching The Thick of It, but I will see something tonight :) YEEYY Stannis love! :)

        So glad you liked Dark Places, I found the ending to be a bit ridiculous/cliche, but Sharp Objects is much better. It will make amazing TV series if they find the right Camille, Amma and Adora.

      2. That ending was kind of bat shit, but I only saw part of it coming, so I guess she wins there.

      3. That whole insurance thing made no sense and was such a lame plot device :/ It was a bigger let down than that cliched chase near the end with bad guys or in this case gals chasing the protagonist

    7. The Interstellar posters look great. Gone Girl, on the other hand not so much, though the Believe posters is much better than Loveless. For a film that's getting a lot of attention, their marketing isn't doing a good job selling it.

      Big Eyes trailer was all right, though it doesn't seem so Tim Burton-y (compared to his other works). I might not see that as soon as it hits cinemas, but I'd give it a chance.

      1. I'm actually glad it doesn't look like Burton's movie, his film were really quite awful lately :./

    8. So..I'm pretty sure we're neighbors, because I fully live at the edge of society. Aw, shit. We don't have beaches. Just gun shows EVERY weekend.

      Anyway, I'm really looking forward to Gone Girl, despite really not knowing much about it other than what is said here. Yeah, read that again. You are my sole information source about a huge release as I no longer use the internet for anything other than finding worksheets/and or new jobs.

      Oh, and that Into the Woods poster looks like a flyer for a haunted house held at a church. Hope that's what they were going for.

      1. Well as far as Gone Girl news are concerned I'm a pretty good source, but everything else? No. unless JLaw does something stupid, which is basically constant.

        Seriously that poster is awful. Streep looks ridiculous.

    9. Fun RF as always Sati!

      Ahah, Stephen doesn't look too bad, it's not a great outfit but it doesn't scream 'I'm homeless' to me. I'm still waiting for new pics of Toby, hopefully they'll resurface from NY Comic Con as he's supposed to be attending :D

      Oh you should work for those movie studios making movie posters! Yours are far more intriguing than anything they've done though that one w/ LIE on it is not as bad as others.

      Oh The Other Guys was pretty hilarious, I saw that on the big screen and LMAO a lot! Ahah, Neeson will be known more as Mr. Set of Special Skills than Schindler's now, but man he still looks good for being in his mid 60s!

      1. We in Dillane fandom call his clothes the homeless look, I even saw it described as 'hobo chic' :)

        I really don't understand how they could do such a bad job with such inspiring material. The film and people involved really deserved better posters.

        Those damn Brits.... :)

    10. Love these Rambling Fridays! It must be so nice to live near a beach, severed body parts or no. Meanwhile Stephen looks like he's been dressed by someone who had their eyeballs severed. He should stick to suits!! And maybe a nicer coat.

      I really love that colourful Interstellar poster. Really cannot wait for that film!

      1. Thank you! I would go there often but my dog freaks out when he sees the sand and he digs like crazy and then I have to carry him home - and he is heavy for a Yorkie :)

        He always dresses like that, how I cherish his performances when he is for once appropriately dressed :)

    11. Haha. What's wrong with VCRs? I still use mine. :)

      I might skip Magic Mike 2 now. McConaughey stole the first film, and I didn't really care for the other characters that much.

      Into the Woods kind of looks bad, but I'm hoping for a fun time. I even enjoyed Nine, so I'm sure I won't hate it.

      1. I think people think they belong in museums :)

        Yeah it's just no fun without him :/