Friday, September 26, 2014

(150) Technically, Missing + links

By Sati. Friday, September 26, 2014
  • Another horrid week and I'm publishing this on midnight on Thursday which means it's now 5 hours until I need to be up again and then it's 8 more hours of work this week for me.
  • I mean seriously - I'm taking few days off for the first time in 5 months (!) in 2 weeks. And it's not to chill - it's to go across the country to take an exam which I'm almost sure I'm going to fail.  I've been learning for months but this thing is impossible - you have to get 120 out of 150 answers right, there are 4 options, only one is correct and sometimes they differ with one word. And then if by some miracle I pass there is the second stage which is writing a ruling on whatever horrible legal cases they will sadistically think of this year. And the thing is that because of my 3 days off I now have 5 days - not 8 - to finish 17 cases for the judge next week. And then I'm back home studying for the exam. I'm gonna cry blood, you guys. Because my brain will be leaking.
  • Yes, I do need that hug.
  • I saw Parole Office this week. Steve Coogan was in it and he is always funny but as usual there was only one reason for me seeing the movie. The one true King.
  • Stephen played a villain - this time a bad cop. And he kept a guy's head in his freezer. *giggling happily because Stephen is so versatile* *and hot* *so hot*
  • Lena Headey is in this movie. At one point Stephen comes on to her and she rejects him. 
  • I knew she was fucking crazy.
  •  You know what I realized this week while in the middle of another Moore/Pike Oscar race rant? That no matter who wins Oscar for Best Actress this year they are already too lucky. They both played Stephen's wives. They both had sex scenes with him. That's like riding on your personal unicorn and winning a lottery. 
  • Only hotter.
  • I'd trade hundreds of Oscars and my own soul to do what she got to do on the right ------>
  • Someone made a gifset of Stannis' sassy lines that didn't make it/probably won't make it to the show:
  • Those dumb as fuck showrunners, oh my God.
  • They deprive me of Stannis' sass and Dillane's nudity. The audacity!
  • Gone Girl reviews are wonderful. Save for Indiewire and Buzzfeed, the sites which hire, apparently, illiterate simpletons. Their reviews are not only terribly written but these people have completely misunderstood the whole story. These reviews were worse to read than 'the ending was bad' comments. Also from Buzzfeed - "Pike is good, but she’s a little too aristocratic for the role." What the fuck does this even mean? 
  • Why are they publishing a review anyways? Shouldn't they post pictures of Gosling with the sticker Hot slapped on them?
  • Word is Tyler Perry is amazing in the movie. I knew it. He is already hilarious in the promos with his mixture of pity/amusement over Affleck:
  • Boom, lawyered. 
  • God, Nick, you're such an idiot.
  • I wish I got to laugh at peasants with my lawyering. All I do is sitting behind the desk and writing things wondering whether to use 'nonetheless' or 'however'. Or checking if I put commas in the right places because if not, my boss will call me to tell me to print it again because the comma was missing. Because God knows the convicts who read those rulings in their shit stained cells care about commas. 
  • Thank God the money is good.
  • Oh yeah I finally bought a curling iron. How do you use it with your left hand? I'm practicing bravely but my hair looked super insane this week. I'm again horrified that birds will randomly fly in to start a nest there.
  • Getting back to the world that is happier - because anything is happier than my job and my hair even the world of Gone Girl - They finally started doing something inspired with marketing and that is them releasing Amy's clues on the film's twitter account.
  • There's a new TV spot with foreign critics opinions, it's notable because with each of those promos we see more and more of Gone Girl's own 'what's in the box' scene with Nick discovering the shed. Affleck's acting looks fantastic.
  •  Meanwhile terrific "Time" TV spot is finally available in HQ. The climax of this one is so awesome, with Rhonda quoting Amy's diary and then Amy herself saying the words and then again with the shed moment but the most intense part is Margo's frightened 'Nick!' scream as she is being taken away by the cops. Where did they find this Carrie Coon girl? She seems fantastic in her role here.
  • You can listen to entire soundtrack here - it's easily my favorite soundtrack of the year and my favorite out of Fincher's movies soundtracks. There are so many amazing tracks - Sugar Storm, Appearances, Like Home, Technically, Missing. SPOILER I thought the music during the montage scene revealing Amy's brilliance, freedom and master plan was going to be 'The way he looks at me' but now it's kinda obvious it's Technically, Missing. I love that track, the electric guitar and the cool very elegant vibe this track has suit Amy so well. It's gonna be such an amazing scene oh my God I'm gonna crap my pants you guys. END OF SPOILERS
  • There's also the first clip from the movie which they showed during Rosamund Pike's visit on Today show. She is such a trooper - 7 months pregnant and promoting the film. She's gonna be (along with Chris Pratt) on Tonight Show tonight! Anyways the chemistry between her and Affleck looks awesome, I'm already buying their romance more than in the book because the entire book I was like 'what does she see in this spineless twit?!'
  • On a related note Pike is truly impossibly gorgeous. And her voice! Oh my God. I want to be in threesome with her and Stephen.
  • Can someone  stop that idiot who is attacking celebrities? Grabbing a woman like that without her permission. I wish Kanye would kick him in the nuts.
  • Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn are going to be in season 2 of True Detective. It sounds awesome. I love Farrell - he is a very good actor and he was so fantastic in last year's Saving Mr. Banks. Hell, he even managed not to embarrass himself in Winter's Tale. Now that's an accomplishment.
  • Godzilla honest trailer is pure gold. I laughed so hard during Watanabe montage.
  • Maps to the Stars was the only movie without Stephen in it I saw this week. It was pretty awesome actually and Julianne Moore absolutely owned it. But how many times are we going to have to witness Mia Wasikowska being odd and feral in films?
  • I didn't have time to see anything this week other than that. I did catch new episodes of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon swallowing the spit ball was so freaking hilarious.
  • Alex features fantastic Kevin Bacon in his In Character series
  • Ruth reviews The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them
  • m.brown reviews They Came Together
  • Nika writes about Honeymoon
  • Fisti is back and he is shitting all over Transcendence



    1. I hope life gets easier for you soon! Sending you a long distance hug.

    2. Thanks for the link! I love those Honest Trailers - so damn priceless. And I love hearing that you dig the True Detective casting. It's ballsy casting, but I have hope that they can pull it off.

      1. You're welcome! At least once a month I try to find time and watch a bunch of those, they are so funny.

        I think it's gonna be good. They are both talented actors, they just need a good material.

    3. Well, I just posted a comment or attempted to and then my page crashed so I'm not sure if it went through to moderation...but here it is again.

      GONE GIRL!!! UGH!!! I couldn't be more excited. That score, those reviews!!! I'm also really excited to see Farrell and Vaughn get the TD gig. I may even need to watch season one now.

      And thanks for the link, duh!

      1. You guys are so lucky I have to wait an extra week at least to see it, I'm gonna be in extra hell I haven't been this excited for a movie since Black Swan for God's sake!

        You do need to watch season 1! It's awesome!

        You're welcome, good to have you back!

    4. I'll hug you. I'm totally stoked for Gone Girl. I have seen Parole Officer, I thought it was pretty good.

      1. Thanks! :) I'm loving that everyone is so excited for GG!

    5. Wow that's tough stuff Sati. I hope things get better soon. I don't know whether I've mentioned it before I'm studying law. I really admire you for being able to maintain such a beautiful blog whilst working in the law industry. On a different note, so excited for Gone Girl!

      1. Thanks you! Good luck with the studies, I wish I could say it gets easier...well, it doesn't but at least it's easier to find a job than it is after other studies. But it's a very long way to becoming a judge or a lawyer in your own right, I'm still not there I'll probably be 35 by the time I'm actually there :)

    6. I've heard that Tyler Perry is quite good in the film, which frankly surprises me. I'm not a fan of his, but I have to give him credit where credit is due. Perry's scenes with Affleck in the trialers are just so good. I can only imagine how good the film will be.

      I'm with you on Buzzfeed articles. I avoid those at all costs. Most of them are very poorly written, with content that looks like it came out of a teenager's dream journal.

      1. I think he is very well cast, his lines in the trailers are so faithful to the book and he looks like he really nailed the character, I'm sure I'm gonna love Tanner Bolt, I love cynical lawyers in movies :D

        They are just the worst.

    7. OMG that honest trailer. Even though I actually liked Godzilla, that trailer is pretty sure, especially the Wantanabe montage.

      I'm excited for the True Detective casting too. I see a lot aren't sold on Vince Vaughn, but I think he's going to do well.

      And I love those Stannis lines. :)

      1. I laughed so hard at that bit because it was so true. He was hysterical in the movie. The binoculars bit in that trailer almost killed me :)

        Stannis's sass <3333

    8. *Hug* I'm sure you'll be fine :)

      I haven't seen Godzilla yet, but the honest trailer was awesome!

      I was reading all of the raves for Gone Girl... and then I came across Buzzfeed's review. I haven't seen it yet, and yet I still disagree with it.

      Also, I just read the first Twice a Best Actress post. I loved it, and I agree with you on Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?, it's a great film and Hepburn is really good in it. I haven't seen Morning Glory yet, and I don't think I will anytime soon.

      1. Thank you! :)

        Godzilla is such a bore but at least that trailer came out of it :)

        It's just so unfair that shit site like that gets to contribute and then the rating goes down because someone can't even grasp two complex characters and understand their actions. Oh, the humanity.

        Morning Glory is not really worth anyone's time :)

    9. Perhaps those Buzzfeed writers just write random words no one understands to sound smart, but in reality it mean nothing.
      I am getting more and more impatient as it comes to 'GG' movie, it has been some time since I've watched a psychologically advanced movie.
      Holly shit, being part of the judiciary seems fun in movies, but to get to that fun one has to go through what seems like hell. And I thought high school was hard.
      To end on a wishful note, I hope things happen to be easier than you expect.

      1. I think they just do what they can to be contrary. Same for indiewire. It's just so childish. If I liked the movie I'm not gonna shit on it in my review to get some traffic. I am honest to the point that it's making my life difficult.

        It's actually never fun, what they show in movies is basically a fantasy movie compared to reality. The money is good but you can't really buy more hours a day and more energy with money. Well you could buy crack I guess that would be more energy but I don't think that's the way to go :)

      2. Maybe they try to look things from all perspectives, but perhaps they shouldn't try as hard.
        Oh yes, being honest can be hard sometimes, even if it is about stupid things that don't really matter.
        Drink green tea and eat at least 2 fruits a day. I know, time is usually a problem but trust me, when you start eating healthier food you should feel better. Although drugs crossed my mind too. If only they didn't turn people into zombies or corpses. :)

      3. I don't think they even have more than one perspective :)

        I barely have the time to eat though, but I do drink lots of green tea :)

    10. LOL I don't know how to explain to you how to use a curling iron, but there's a ridiculous amount of youtube tutorials on that subject. I've seen some but all I got was "point the tip down". So your arm kind of goes above your head... yeah. It works, though.

      Buzzfeed has articles??! I go there for the quizzes, they're magically useless.

      Oh gosh, what a week you had! I know I'm gonna die when I actually have to get up early and deal with people and their issues. But yeah it's worth the effort, so hang in there and go for it. What whatever other motivational saying is appropriate :P

      1. Arm goes above head? I could be like this for 30 seconds and then I'm in pain :) I'm so weak.

        'Articles' may be a stretch - they are more or less words following words without a coherent thought or understating the thing they talk about.

        Well the motivational saying that works always is 'money'. And this week it\s '2 more weeks to Gone Girl' :)

    11. Hang in there Sati, boy sounds you desperately need a break pronto! Oh no, you'll do great at your exam... think positive girl... or if it fails, think of Stephen :D

      Just spent my morning at an Orthopedic center, turns out I have Plantar fasciitis!! :(

      Thanks so much for the link love, I really like that film despite its flaws & slow pacing. Hope you'll check it out. I remember you like Chastain right? And McAvoy is awesome as well.

      1. Yeah and there is no break on horizon. Oh, sorry 4 days in November thanks to national holiday but that's it. Yeah if I think of Stephen on that's not a good idea :)

        Oh god, what is that? Is that serious? My feet are basically dead because of my high heeled shoes so I basically don't even feel them anymore.

        You're welcome! I'll see it as soon as I can, it looks good. I like McAcvoy more than Chastain :)

      2. Oh Plantar fasciitis is just a fancy term for pain in the heel area :) I have low arch so sometimes my underfoot would be slightly swollen and painful when I put pressure on it :( Ha..ha.. yeah ok so don't think of Stephen DURING the study for your exam then, I know when I think of Toby it's tough to concentrate on anything else too!

        McAvoy is so gorgeous in Eleanor Rigby, I LOVE it when he plays just a regular guy, not a larger than life character like in X-Men though he's great in that too of course.

      3. Oh man it sounds bad. It's all because of those stupid high heels we have to wear :/

    12. A long distance hug to you and wishing you the best on your exam. Is it wrong of me to say that Tyler Perry is what I look forward to the most in Gone Girl? Rosamund looks great as Amy and I like the fact they casted her over Reese Witherspoon (too well known, I think). Isn't Amy supposed to be aristocratic? Weren't her parents wealthy off of the Amazing Amy series? People will complain just to complain.
      I read they offered the female lead in True Detective to Rachel Mc Adams. I think she's an interesting choice, out of all the ones mentioned I would have been happy with her, Elizabeth Moss or Rosario Dawson. I'll be curious to see how Vince Vaughan does as the bad guy.

      1. Thank you! He is getting universal praise and some say he is stealing the show, I just loved his character in the book so I'm also very much looking forward to seeing him play that part. Witherspoon would be a disaster. Exactly. Amy is supposed to be gorgeous and elegant. God, some of those reviewers are really grasping at straws.

        I'd love if they cast Emily Blunt. She is so fantastic

      2. I just read this now...and I LOVE EMILY BLUNT. I know she is not even in the running for the role but now I will be disappointed it won't be her. Plus, she has great taste in men ;)

      3. Emily is just the best. She is such a wonderful actress and her and John are one of my favorite real life couples :)

    13. "Pike is good, but she’s a little too aristocratic for the role." What the fuck does this even mean?

      You had me cracking up at that! I really cannot wait for Gone Girl now; my tweets have been incessant!

      1. My tweets on GG are bordering on psychotic, don't worry :)

    14. Thanks for the link, Sati. Awesome as always.

      I'm very much looking forward to Gone Girl, as not only will it be my first trip to the theater in a month and a half, but I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Quite possibly the lone benefit of being a bottom-feeding educator....I've essentially left society. Is that a Yay?

      True Detective 2 should totally f--king rule. Inspired casting without a doubt. I'm assuming Daddario is back, right?

      1. You're welcome!

        The not knowing anything part is a huge yay :) Although our society ain't that great so it may be a yay too :)

        I'm not sure, but it's HBO. Boobs are mandatory.

    15. I'm excited about the True Detective casting. As much as I want another season with Rust and Marty, I'm glad HBO is going in another direction.

      Haha, that Godzilla honest trailer is hilarious, and I actually liked the film! The Watanabe staring bit is genius.

      1. Watanabe bit was so funny I didn't even regret watching the movie :)