Friday, October 24, 2014

(154) Just as you are + links

By Sati. Friday, October 24, 2014
  • Oh sweet Lord.
  • Haven was not good but it was worth seeing. Oh yes it was.
  • At one point this week I was googling Stephen's pictures, you know as one does at some point of their day, and I found this --->
  • *gasping*
  • I just want this beard situation in season 5. Good God.
  • *gasping and clawing the walls*
  • Some new promo stills from The Tunnel showed up. That's right, they don't even make that show anymore and new promo stills still show up, meanwhile I still have fuck all from Belfast where Stephen is currently filming Thrones.
  • Anyways, I'm so jealous of Clemence in this picture:
  •  This showed up on my tumblr dash this week:
  •  To those of you know don't know it's from Texas - In Demand music video aka the hottest video ever made. So many thoughts - I love Alan Rickman, I  miss the 90's, if I'd get to do what is in this video with Stephen I could die. I mean it - nothing in my life could top that. I really, really miss the 90's.
  • Speaking of Alan Rickman, check out Kate Winslet adorably fangirling over him
  • What we did get from the set of Thrones this week is this picture. SPOILERS, BEWARE! I mean HBO doesn't bother preventing the leaks so fuck them I'm just gonna spread this around:
  • Perhaps Dinklage is  just chilling nearby Emilia - or from the looks of it, taking a dump? OK that's a lie, this is totally them being in a scene together. I cannot fucking believe that I don't get a single photo of Stephen in costume, having a coffee or just chilling with a frowny look on his face but they let THIS get photographed. There are also photos of Jorah killing people and this is Dany's second wedding so yeah....Jorah graduated to Wedding Crasher now.
  • Emilia Clarke celebrated her birthday on the set this week. That's an awesome cake!
  • OK here is the who gives a fuck because it's not me the first photo of Sand Snakes. I think I'm just gonna assign random numbers to them for my recap purposes for next year because I really don't care what happens to them. The cute one who was actually really crafty underneath all the innocence was interesting in the book but they cast some chick who looks nothing like the book counterpart therefore NOMFP
  • I've seen Calvary. I have no idea how this movie is getting so much praise. Not going into the detail about the horrific dog scene - why, for the love of God, WHY? - the whole thing was just so boring and Aiden Gillen should never be allowed to act. Apparently he uses his Batman's voice everywhere now, not just on Thrones. Brendan Gleeson was very good and the music was stunning but this was just such a waste of time. Next McDomagh movie? I'm not watching.
  • Even more of a waste of time was The Other Woman. There was another Thrones actor there and the feelings of embarrassment though unlike with Gillen I wasn't embarrassed for him but for the writers and felt bad for the sake of poor Jaime. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau... at least he tried. Leslie Mann is usually so lovely but here she was just irritating. And Cameron Diaz? She's just not funny! She has more warning signs than Amy Dunne - there is just something so evil and life-sucking in her eyes. She seems crazy. And that's not even taking talking to your pubes on talk shows into account.
  • Another movie I saw was The Last Seduction - this movie is so little known and it is so much fun. Linda Fiorentino plays such an amazing femme fatale. To be honest though, people surrounding her are so stupid, it would be a piece of cake to fool them.
  • Here's new look at Into the Woods and Johnny Depp doing his old shtick coming for your money this Christmas:
  •  I'm assuming everyone saw new pictures of Renee Zellweger, yes? What the hell has she done to herself? She looks like melted Naomi Watts...I mean I'm not even gonna link the pics of her here, some of you may be having dinner right now.
  • According to the perpetually outraged youth of tumblr or as I'd like to call them please find a fucking job and stop defending pathetic women on the Internet and lecturing grown ups, I am supposed to feel for her because people complained about her appearance and she made herself into a freak show with all those surgeries. Are you kidding? So many people get rude comments about their appearance but you have to be mentally unstable if you decide to have a bunch of surgeries, 3 of those on your eyes. Nobody put a gun to her head. She is not a victim, she is just a very sad person who is insecure and who is now going to be known for this not her roles. Tons of actresses get criticism but seriously how weak do you have to be to do this?
  • I'd like to have bigger eyes too. You know what I do? I use an eyeliner. Problem solved. If it was good enough for Brigitte Bardot, hey, it's good enough for me. And you know what else? I have a gap between my front teeth. Vanessa Paradis has one too - much larger than mine too (actually mine is much like Bardot's but she had it fixed). Did I do something about it? Did I go to the dentist so that he would replace my natural, healthy teeth with some sort of fake abomination? Did I spent years wearing braces for no other reason than this? No. Did Vanessa did? No. And you know what? She is pretty. And Johnny Depp used to hit that. I mean he may be world's laziest actor but who would kick him out of bed? So yeah. 
  • I think imperfect celebrities rock and great for them and all of you out there who think the way we should all think - perfect is subjective and sometimes things that you could see as flaws, actually give us more charm, character. They are parts of us.
  • That does not apply to gross narcissists who just have to take their clothes off and show their neglected body in every episode of their shitty show because they are so in love with themselves FYI.
  •  On RZ news related note - why do black women feel it is remotely OK to write shit like 'white women this' 'white women that'? Apparently 'white women are defending Zellweger', well as a white woman let me tell you I'm not. So stop generalizing and putting your offensive little 'white women' comment in the middle of the paragraphs in articles that have nothing to do with race. Imagine a writer saying 'most black women' in an article like that. Oh, the outrage that would come. You call yourselves feminists but you imply white women are some elitist, out of touch, let's get plastic surgery all the time group.  Shove that stereotype down your ignorant ass.
  • Meanwhile, I'm still not particularly hyped for Interstellar. I am however very jealous of these two ladies when it comes to those pictures:
  •  Lets talk about that bitchin Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer:
  • I  noticed some complaints about that trailer, are you kidding? It is awesome! The song choice along with the whole Pinocchio metaphor is brilliant and the whole thing looks darker than the first movie. Also the shot of ballerinas! Are we getting Natasha's backstory at last?
  •  *Thor drops the hammer and the hammer bounces off* millions of nerds all over the world - WHAT IS HAPPENING?! ------>
  • There aren't many actors out there who can make a robot charismatic just with their voice but James Spader is one of those actors. I love this guy - I even sat through all those awful latter seasons of The Office because of his badass character. That episode where he got wasted, shut down the branch, came to work and puked into a trash bin? Role model.
  •  Check out Brad Pitt being a great dude and a good sport on Between two Ferns. That Friends moment. Priceless.
  •  Have you guys seen that wax figure of Benedict Cumberbatch? Yeah, if anyone ever makes one this accurate of Stephen I'm....gonna take it with me.
  •   I started watching Scandal - I'd say it's about as pathetically stupid as Grey's Anatomy was. I only saw 2 episodes so far so I'm not sure how many I'll endure. Probably not many.
  • American Horror Story was fantastic this week. I was initially worried about Lange singing Lana Del Rey's Gods and Monsters but it was awesome and the scene was intercut with Wes Bentley appearing as new villain and it was all done in such a surreal, exciting way.
  • Gustav has been terrorizing me this week. Every morning at 6:25 I go to wake him up - he is obviously sleeping on the pillow on the bed. And every time he sees me, he rolls on his back in his fuck off pose (pictured below; he also does this whenever it's time for me to clean his eyes) and I have to carry him to the hallway where he contemplates escape. Few times he actually did mange to run and hide under the bed. And as I was trying to get him out, he even growled at me! I'm not the only one who was the target of the wrath - this week was his vet appointment and everyone who worked there had to held him down to give him the pill. I felt like Cartman's mom.
  • Alex reviews Birdman
  • MettelRay writers about the great new show The Affair
  • Mariah reviews Fury
  • Brittani shares a wonderful post in which she included brilliant acting defined by one look
  • Angela reminds us of the beauty of Amelie
  • Head over to Fisti's blog - today we are talking about the Oscar wins of Jane Fonda
  • m.brown gives us hilarious review of Horde



    1. Jennifer Garner is a lucky woman. She is married to the Battfleck.

      Isn't Haven that movie w/ Orlando Bloom? I think I saw it a long time ago. I didn't like it. I don't remember much about it at all other than Bloom being bland.

      I want some of that GoT cake.

      Alan Rickman has that effect on the ladies. Popping ovaries!!!

      I have no interest in seeing The Other Woman while The Last Seduction I think is one of the most underrated films of the past 25 years. Where is Linda Fiorentino?

      Johnny Depp sucks now. Remember when he used to care about being a good actor?

      I wish I was in the middle of that Anne-Jessica sandwich. Hell, I wouldn't mind sharing that middle with McConaughey that handsomely-handsome beefcake.

      The new Avengers trailer... YES.... Renee Zelwegger... uh.... what did she do to herself?

      1. Yep, Bloom is in that. Saldana and some other people too, it's kinda like a mix of different characters and stories.

        I don't know where Fiorentino is either, it's such a shame since she was a very talented actress. It's like she disappeared off the face of the planet.

    2. I LOVE The Last Seduction. Linda Fiorentino would've been a lock for an Oscar nomination, but the movie aired on HBO first, and it was disqualified from competition. A shame. I really wish she was still acting.

      Thanks so much for the link!

      1. I had a feeling you're a fan of this movie! I read about the HBO thing, that is such a bullshit situation, she was fabulous :/

    3. So both videos you linked, I watched them, and they made my night. Avengers 2 looks awesome!

      BUT man. Between Two Ferns. Holy jesus. I woke the entire house up with laughing so loud.

      1. Pitt is such a good sport, ain't he? Love this guy. 20 years being a super famous celebrity and he still acts like a guy you'd love to hang out with.

    4. Sorry for two comments...I don't know if my computer sent the first and it cut me off anyway...stupid computer...I'd love to know what happened to Linda Fiorentino. I remember when she was considered an up and coming actress. The Avengers trailer looks great and Spader is in top form. I cannot even explain what Renee did to herself...

      1. It's ok, blogger is freaking out sometimes. Fiorentino kinda disappeared, which is such a shame, she had incredible charisma!


      What if Stephen is even sexier in the Battle of Ice (if it happens) than in Blackwater?

      1. He will be, he gets sexier every year! He was already so much hotter in season 4 finale.

        Oh, God. I'm gonna dehydrate.

    6. That's a good pictures of Stephen! I too hope there's Stannis scruff in season 5. There better be, what the hell are they doing in Mereen?

      I LOVE the Age of Ultron trailer. I can't stop watching it, I honestly don't know what anyone could be complaining about, it was perfect.

      At first I think Zellweger looked different because her eyebrows look horrid, but no. She had work done, and I have no idea why. There was nothing wrong with it in the first place.

      Thank you for the link!

      1. I have absolutely no idea what the hell is up with Meereen. If they make Tyrion Dany's flower girl, at this point, I won't be surprised.

        It's such a good trailer, really clever and it has all those awesome moments to keep you waiting and not spoiling anything major.

        You're welcome!

    7. Many thanks for the link Sati! Great rambler today as usual. I've seen most of the Stephen Dillane films, but I haven't seen 'Haven' yet, but if you say it's not so good I'll probably skip it.

      Yes, like you I'm surprised HBO hasn't shut down the pics of the set, but I say post them! We will see them online somewhere else anyway. HBO isn't my favorite place these days. I only watch GoTs on that channel. Hopefully since Littlefinger is on the run, there won't be a whorehouse scene in every episode. I'm sure it won't stop the boobs from overflowing though.

      I think I'll skip 'Calvary.' I don't watch films with animal or child abuse. I just can't take it.

      Yes, I thought you were referring to the Cameron Diaz version of 'The Other Woman.' Natalie Portman did a wonderful little independent film of the same title a few years ago.

      'The Last Seduction' is one of those great underrated, under recognized femme fatale films. Like 'Gone Girl,' I think these films tend to scare men away from them. I like to think of Linda Fiorentino's character as Amy Dunne's predecessor.

      AHS is so flipping good this year. I almost can't believe it. Ryan Murphy is hit or miss for me. So I'm actually floored on how brilliant this season is. I'm going to have to start reviewing the episodes. Last week's ep was so wonderful. Loved the Wes Bentley guest role. And I was surprised to admit Lange's version of Lana Del Rey's song was quite good.

      Great pic of Affleck and Garner. They are a sweet couple. I think Affleck is really underrated. He's a much better actor than people give him credit for.

      1. You're welcome

        Well a lot of his films are awful but they are still worth seeing for all the...visual stuff :)

        Oh I'm positive there will be boobs in Dorne in every other scene. Jaime and Bronn are probably gonna have an orgy there or something.

        Yeah Calvary is really nothing special :/

        I wonder if Rosamund watched the movie when preparing for the role. I think Amy would have liked Bridget :)

        I don't think it's brilliant yet, there are still some major problems - the strongman character is so boring, Bassett doesn't have much to do, Elsa's character is all over the place and kinda like Fiona in Coven. But the season is good so far, I just hope it won't collapse on itself in the end like Coven did.

      2. I would have agreed had I not seen this past week's episode, "Edward Mordrake.' The background on Kathy Bates' character and Dell (strongman) was wonderful. Although I wish it had been a little longer. But Angela Bassett's character needs some serious fleshing out. I'm hoping they get around to that soon. I feel like there's something brooding under the surface of the strongman character that they're about to get to. I think the Bassett/Chiklis scene in the trailer hinted to things to come. I've heard that Chiklis has some great scenes with future guest star Matt Boomer, so I remain hopeful that the show will continue to improve. But so far, I've been really impressed. More so than with 'Coven.'

      3. Boomer is gonna be on the show? That's a another huge male crush from Murphy, it seems :) I really hope Bassett is gonna have more to do, she singlehandedly saved Coven and is my favorite actress on the show along with Rabe, who is sadly not in this season :/

    8. Funny stuff, as usual. Solid trailer for Avengers 2. Lol about "Scandal." My wife loves that show...and "How to Get Away with Murder." She can't get enough of them. Every now and again I'll watch with her. I guess they're okay, but I wouldn't really call myself a fan of those or any TV shows, so I'm not sure my opinion counts.

      Renee Zellwegger...ugh. Why? There was nothing wrong with her. Hardly ever read anything about celebrities so I hadn't seen any of the comments about "white women" that you referenced.

      Battfleck? Wow, the dude looks swollen. Glad to see he's all in even though I'm not particularly anxious for that movie. Nearly everything I've heard about it sounds so dreadful.

      1. They are written by the same chick and she really writes such implausible and ridiculous storylines....thank God at least they don't give those shows serious awards.

        It's all over the place especially from black women who blog. It's horribly offensive. They act so high and mighty which only makes them look more pathetic.

        I think Snyder's involvement is enough for me to know that movie is gonna be a disaster.

    9. God Cumberbatch looked so good in that interview. He's secretly Dorian Gray, I'm telling you.

      I didn't actually love the Avengers 2 trailer at first but it's grown on me. Still, I'm trying not to expect too much because I *will* probably go mad because of this film in the upcoming months.

      I wasn't that excited for Interstellar but then two of my favourite directors- Edgar Wright and Brad Bird fangirled about it and I'm considerably more intrigued. Lessee.

      1. I don't like straightforward stories - Gravity being the exception - and Interstellar's story seems incredibly flat, still I'll probably see it in cinemas, because there is nothing for 2 months later until they graciously release Foxcatcher and Imitation Game.

    10. Replies
      1. You should! It's so good and Stephen is amazing in it :)

    11. So, I've been thinking about it...and I think Alan Rickman is my favorite person alive. That video is awesome.

      And I couldn't agree more. I miss the 90s. Those were certainly the days...Back then, Affleck was just a kid. Now, he's a f--king monster. Damn, dude. DAMN. He could probably bench Matt Damon.

      Thanks for the link! You are the best.

      1. Rickman is so brilliant. I actually feel Winslet is more human for letting out a genuine and super accurate emotion like in that gifset.

        Affleck still would lose to Amazing Amy :)

    12. Hello Sati! Hey that's always an awesome feeling to see a new pic of your crush you haven't seen before, as I'm sure you've scoured the interweb looking for ANY pic of him, as I did w/ Toby :D

      Well, as I was covering the local film fest, I kind of had a crush on a young actor I met there that made me forget Toby a bit, ahah. He's way too young for me tho, but oh he's so dreamy!

      Oh I did see The Last Seduction and yeah, wish Linda Fiorentino didn't suddenly vanish without a trace!

      Anyway, I miss my blog friends, hope you'll stop by again soon :)

      1. For me too young is always a deal breaker :) I kinda am cheating on Stephen a bit this week too but more on that on Friday :)

        Fiorentino is so talented, a real shame how some actors vanish.

        I'll try, busy week :(

    13. Sorry you didn't like Calvary, but I agree The Other Woman was awful. Just... blah.

      Glad you watched The Last Seduction. Fiorentino is AMAZING in that film.

      It's a shame Zellweger spoiled her looks. She was beautiful the way she was.

      1. Renee really looked very nice, cute. Now she looks worse and the fact she has done it to herself makes her look pathetic