Friday, October 31, 2014

(155) Spooky* + links

By Sati. Friday, October 31, 2014
* in honor of Dusty Springfield's song which I always listen to on Halloween
  • This is gonna get dirty. Fast.
  • I've been weekend-movie watching, gif-making, iris-heart-shaped-turning hardcore cheating on Stephen this week. Ever since I saw that Avengers 2 trailer I've had the biggest crush on Mark Ruffalo.
  • I have a very important question - what is up with Hulk's pants? Why do they not rip to pieces so that when he shrinks back they are gone? I mean I know Disney owns the franchise (they do, right?) but...this is bullshit! Or in Avengers - he wakes up among the rubble right? And the PANTS are waiting for him. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? 
  • Word is he is getting ScarJo in the sequel. As in Widow/Bruce romance. As in oh my God YES.
  • This is extremely important.
  • I saw Now You See Me, which was ridiculous but thankfully wasn't boring. The suit - scruff combination is the second only to armor - scruff combination. Why would men ever shave?
  •  I don't have the time to brush my hair but I made two gifsets. This is really serious. I both want to do things to this man and cuddle him. He's like a sexy koala bear.
  • I also rewatched The Kids are All Right.What an important, IMPORTANT movie.
  • But seriously - good God, those bitches. I remember seeing it for the first time and just feeling so bad for his character who was essentially left with nothing and was surrounded with all those selfish people. Sure he didn't have to bang Moore but she acted so awful to everyone, her partner included. So it wasn't all on him.
  • The only time I related to Moore's character was this:
  • Let's talk about my shit luck and magical powers, guys.
  • About my shit luck - look what they did to Mark's curls in Foxcatcher. I swear this is just barbaric.
  • And to those of you who know the true story the movie is based on? Fuck my life.
  • This poster is all kinds of hilarious - Carrel looks like a Death Eater, Tatum looks like Shrek and there is an EAGLE coming out of Mark's head.
  • My magical powers? Every year I am rooting for someone ferociously and they win. Wink wink, nudge nudge, let's do this baby.
  • Of course this year my magical powers will be diminished because as I am working now I won't be able to watch the ceremony live. That probably means JK Simmons wins. 
  • If I start doing crack cocaine I'll have the energy to watch it after work on Monday and bring you coverage of all the ceremonies like last year, so never fear.
  • Meanwhile in GoT news, there are finally photos from Ireland. Look what they took the picture of instead of Stephen:
  • Are you kidding me with this?
  • Obviously EVERYONE in Spain is getting their pictures taken left and right. It looks like Iain Glenn even crushed a wedding.
  • And here's George R.R. Martin hard at work on the next book and Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor. Awful stuff, for many different reasons:
  • Let's talk about my Tuesday night. I'm exhausted. 2 days to send Fisti stuff for Hilary Swank issue of Twice a Best Actress. So I saw both movies in one evening. Oh that was such a bad idea.
  • I went on full on rant in what I wrote about Million Dollar Baby and it should be up on Fisti's blog tomorrow so go and read it. My brakes went off. I usually try to tone it down but I've been so tired lately what you've been getting here on the blog, my twitter and generally in every single one of my words is 100% unfiltered, I don't give a fuck because I'm exhausted honesty. Watch out. I'm unleashed.
  • I was contemplating making a separate post here but I had to finish this RF post and I'm announcing a new blogathon on Saturday. It's now Thursday, my back hurts, my fingers are numb, I have a headache from working and my blogathon post so far just has rules and a chart I made to help you guys out participate. So I have a shitload to write with numb fingers. I'm in so much pain you'd think I work in a mine. What they say about working 40h a week while seated at almost all times is true - it's the fucking worst.
  • I mean I know even Mona Lisa is falling apart but lately I've been falling apart like dried shit.
  • Oh yeah on a related note - I found third grey hair. At 25. This is just wonderful. See I do not need scary things for Halloween. I'm living in a horror movie.
  • When guys get grey hair they look so sexy. When women get grey hair? We feel we are about to die. In my case it also means I'm gonna need to spend 1/10 of my paycheck a month to have that taken care of (my hairdresser is expensive, but hey it's my hair we're talking about here). It's great being female, am I right ladies?
  • Also I read this week that women in my country earn 53% of what men make in same profession.
  • Go on. Talk to me about MRA. I fucking dare you.
  • Have you guys seen that parody of McConaughey's car commercials Jim Carrey did on SNL? It's amazing:
  • Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are no longer an item. Good for him. Run, Chris and in the meantime drop your phone in acid, just in case.
  • Apparently, Interstellar is no good. At least not 100% on RT Oh my God Christ is back in the form of a movie and Nolan cured cancer with his film good. Meltdown all over the web from Nolan fans. I kinda lost interest in seeing that in theaters. That movie is 3h hours long. Add commercials to that and it's 3,5h. It's not the question of my attention span but do I really wanna spend a day's worth of sleep-time for a Nolan movie? With my fucked up back and three grey hair I'm practically an elderly person so I'm thinking no.
  • Lily Rabe is coming back to American Horror Story! And you'll never guess who she is going to play. Again. 
  • John Cusack has been saying fascinating things lately. This dude should write a book or something.
  • Who the hell is James Ellroy and how dare he trash The Ruff and RDJ in Zodiac?
  • What is everyone's costume for Halloween? I'm going as Scarlet Witch. So basically what I'm saying is I'm wearing a black dress and red jacket. I need energy to actually celebrate that day which is my favorite day of the year. Fuck my birthday or Christmas, Halloween is the most important.
  • Just in time for Halloween Alex writes about Child's Play franchise
  • Irene reviews Gone Girl
  • Brittani give us Halloween Edition of her favorite movie titles
  • Anna reviews Imitation Game
  • Anna is currently in NYC and she is posting some brilliant, movie related photos
  • Katy came up with an inspiring casting for possible Birds remake
  • Nathaniel has some great ideas for Halloween costumes
  • Inspired by Brittani's awesome idea Ruth shares 10 great acting moments defined by one look. I'm gonna try to do a post on this too. I'll even try it to manage to post it in this year.



    1. LOL.... love that Amazing Amy picture. I wonder what the Joker and Ra's Al Ghul would think of Amazing Amy?

      Mark Ruffalo is quite attractive and has the butt to prove it. I'm for a Dr. Banner/Natasha relationship as well.

      That is exactly why I didn't enjoy The Kids Are All Right because I really liked Mark's character and he wasn't a bad guy. He tried to apologize but no, that bitch Annette Bening refused to do that and shut him out.

      I heard the reason Chris Martin broke up w/ J-Law is because he refuses to watch the Kartrashians TV program that J-Law loves. Despite the crap music he makes, I have to give him kudos for at least having some standards of entertainment no matter how boring he is.

      1. I think they would like her and fear her :)

        His butt is gorgeous. They really used him well in The Kids are All Right :)

        Bening was so cold and Moore's character was such a whiny mess, I think in the end the fact they shut him out might have been a blessing, he deserved someone sweet not a bitch.

        Wow, she is even worse than I thought.

    2. I've never really been a big fan of Ruffalos' but he was really good in Now You See Me...which was all kinds of entertaining but also boring.

      Nolan have mercy, I'm going to see Interstellar in Imax...and my mom and sister are coming along too - so I hope it's worth it.

      OMG. I LOVED that spoof on McConaughey's Lincoln commercial. I could not stop laughing. Do you know where those gifs are from? I've been dying to reblog them.
      Thank you for the link! <3

      1. I wasn't bored during it but that's probably because I was entertained by being on the look out for whenever he showed up in it :) here they are :)

    3. I'm not that surprised by the mixed (well, mixed by Nolan standards) reviews for Interstellar. That said, I've still booked Gold Class tickets for Day 1! :) I don't expect it to be up there with Inception or TDK (thinking of doing a Rank the Films post after Interstellar) but it'll be ten times better than half the other crap in cinemas right now.

      Honestly, I think the issue is that people hype movies like this so much (OMGGG NOLAN!!) and then get disappointed when it isn't A Space Odyssey 2.0. What I don't want to see is everyone jumping on the "pan Interstellar" bandwagon to bring down the RT score when its actually going to be pretty amazing.

      1. I think I'm gonna see Nightcrawler instead, it got stellar reviews and it's more up my alley. I'm just not that into Nolan's scripts - they are so heavy handed. I don't think either of his movies is bad but his mediocre writing always brings his movies down.

        I don't think anyone is bringing down the score, the movie simply has flaws and to be honest the worst thing about it all is Nolan fanboys' attitude which are not doing anyone any favors, just look at imdb score it';s so funny :)

    4. Mark.. oh Mark.. I love him too. He is such a sweetheart and having no interest in the Hulk prior to the Avengers and now being a huge fan, means Mark is god!

      I get the pay difference thing.. I mean. if you're speaking of the same data that was published this week, Estonia is a shitty country for women. Like.. we are pretty much last in Europe when it comes to equal rights, equal paychecks and number of women in the government. My mom jokes a lot about the fact that I should be a politician.. because I'm apolitical and she thinks it's funny. But even if I wanted to be in politics.. I would be a woman and that's not good.

      The final image cracks me up every time I see it! :D

      1. He is so adorable and hot <333 Hulk movies were always atrocious but he brought so much sensitivity to Bruce Banner, it's such a cool idea that the sweetest of them can turn into most dangerous.

        Damn, how is it possible? 21th century and Europe is still stuck in Middle Ages :/

    5. Ha! I love that little cartoon at the bottom.If Batman thought the Joker liked watching the world burn...

      I love the Age of Ultron trailer,but I'm not so sure about the Hulk/Widow romance. I always thought Clint/Natasha had a thing. Especially after she was wearing the arrow necklace in The Winder Solider. Meh, I'm still interested.

      I remember feeling kind of bad for Ruffalo's character in The Kids Are All Right Too. He kind of just got shoved aside.

      I didn't know Interstellar was going to top 3 hours. I'm becoming such a bitch about long movies lately.

      That SNL spoof was great, that was the best part of the episode. "Whose kids are these?"

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Amy would take everyone in Gotham down :)

        I find the whole Bruce/Nat thing to be a bit better because they already established her understanding him and wanting to help in Avengers. She is also the one who inconvenienced him to join them. Hawkeye and Nat would be predictable but sweet Bruce and a master assassin? That's interesting.

        These bitches, seriously :/ Wasikowska pisses me off so bad in some movies she is in too.

        Honestly, I don't mind long movies but nowadays it's like every other one is 2,5h-3h long. They're overdoing it.

        The "Whose kids are these?" line made me laugh out loud :)

    6. I hope you have a fun halloween Sati--grey hair and and all! I'm about 10 years older than you, so I have found quite a few more than 3 on my head, but I know how pissed off I am about it! I really really don't want to have to start dyeing my hair, but it's inevitable.

      I am seriously scared about how atrocious 'Terminator Genisys' is going to be. If the spoilers and promos are any indication, it's going to be bad. I never thought Emilia was a good casting choice as Sarah Connor. Likewise, I think Jai Courtney as Reese is a really really bad idea. Emilia is beautiful and a decent actress, although her performance in S4 of GoTs let something to be desired, I just don't see her as Sarah Connor. I'll wait for the reviews on that one. I hope I'm wrong. Please let me be wrong.

      Geez, 'Interstellar' is 3 hrs. Have mercy on my back and tailbone. I injured my tailbone some years ago so two hours is cutting it close for me. I may not be able to do 3 hrs. I really want to see this one in the theater b/c of the visuals, so I may have to bring a pillow or something.

      I'm with you on the meltdown people are having over "how good" a movie is. I felt this way with the 'Dark Knight Rises.' I know some people really loved that movie (I think you did as well), but I just thought it was ok. But heaven forbid anyone every have a contrary opinion about a "perfect" film. I got trolled for that.

      Last thing, did you see Jake Gyllenhaal's AMA on reddit? Evidently Jake and Ruffalo didn't get along b/c Ruffalo farts in the middle of their scenes together, which I thought was hilarious. Although I would probably have an issue with it if I was on the receiving end.

      1. I like dying my hair but the time it takes, the money and all of that is annoying. Still at least it's an excuse to go to hairdresser so that an actual professional does my hair at least once a month and i don't look homeless:)

        I initially liked the idea of Em as Sarah but her look in the movie is ridiculous. This looks so bad :/

        They are really pushing it with duration. I'm 99% sure Nolan didn't need freaking 3 hours for cheesy family movie which apparently it is.

        Actually a whole bunch of people hates TDKR which is the only Nolan movie I rate 10/10 :) But yeah his fanboys are the worst.

        Oh my god, what?:D Maybe it was done deliberately as an acting technique to make Gyllenhaal uncomfortable which he actually looks for an entire movie :P

    7. I thought you were going to bash the ever loving shit out of Swank's Million Dollar Baby performance, but I thought your comment was really quite good. Sorry you're so damn exhausted, that's just the fucking worst.

      Thanks for the link, really glad you dug that post.

      1. I really liked Swank's work there,even though she was a bit lost at times.

        You're welcome! :)

    8. Hey thanks for the linkage! Can't wait to see YOUR picks, it'll be epic w/ all the gifs :D

      Oooo... I got it wrong, I thought it was Jake Gyllenhaal, ahah. I like Ruffalo too, more so lately as before I never noticed him. He's such a likable guy but yeah, EVERYONE is so ugly in FoxCatcher, EVERYONE! It's kind of a drab film too despite the intensity and fantastic performances all around. But Mark is fantastic, you have to see it if you're crushing on him.

      Ahah, your agony over the lack of Stephen always gets me. I TOTALLY get how you feel! I was crushing a bit on this young actor I met but it went by quick as he's just even more obscure than Toby and it's already painful enough being so deprived of him!

      "Look what they took the picture of instead of Stephen" Yep that's how I feel every time I see everyone else getting cast in this and that and NOTHING for Toby :(

      Oh that Lincoln McConaughey spoof is brilliant & hilarious, absolutely spot on!!

      1. You're welcome! Yeah, it's coming along extremely slowly.

        Oh, ew. No, not Jake :) Oh I had no idea you saw Foxcatcher already! It's my most anticipated of the year.

      2. Ahah, poor Jake but yeah he doesn't do anything for me either. I do think he's a good actor tho, but he seems to like those really bizarre roles. Foxcatcher is a very good film, most people there are so unrecognizable and I was quite absorbed by the roles they're playing.

      3. I really loved Moneyball and Bennett is such a good director, so I have very high hopes for this. I like dark movies and the cast looks so good although it's gonna be an intense movie to sit through.

    9. I don't get Hollywood's fascination with Emilia Clarke, other than she is pretty and a nice person, her acting leaves a lot to be desired in GoT. I read somewhere that Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black was up for the role, I think she would have been a better choice but I think she dodged a bullet with this one. The movie doesn't sound good and the EW spread is awful.
      I'm one of those who knows the true Foxcatcher story, I was reared in the area where it occurred and I remember the crime happening. Carrell and Ruffalo look very much like their real life counterparts. I am sorry to see the curls go on Mark, but it was necessary for the part. I think Ruffalo is just so darn likable and he is very under appreciated by Hollywood.
      They've really been covering the GoT cast hard in Spain. I am guessing it's part of the deal of filming there. I've never seen so many GoT filming photos and pics of cast out and about outside of Belfast.

      1. EW is basically plummeting to some shitty magazine standards so quickly and yeah the movie looks awful. i don't think any kind of casting could have saved it.

        I think Mark is about to get 2 if not 3 GG nominations next year and get an Oscar nom so hopefully he will be more appreciated, he is just so adorable and I love the roles he chooses for himself.

    10. I'll keep in mind to read Fisti's post then.

      It's so much fun to see you fan all those hot men. Makes me happy to see that kind of enthusiasm.

      I love your links this week, too, Anna's On Location is awesome, I would've missed that without you linking it!

      Also, Sati, I love you & I had a girl in class dress up as Harley Quinn and immediately thought of you & PLEASE don't post less. You are the one ray of sun in my life, I swear to god.

      1. Yeah it's one of the few things that makes me feel not dead these days.

        It's a huge undertaking and it's just really disenchanting to see that people who even get linked here cannot be bothered to drop by.

    11. LOL. I haven't seen Avengers 2 trailer, but in Begin Again, Ruffalo was a mess. Do you love the movie? Love the blog header.

      I also didn't like Lawrence dating Chris. I mean, compared to Paltrow???

      1. I really liked Begin Again and the chemistry between the leads. Oh but Mark was a beautiful mess! I loved his energy in the role and he was such a sweet guy. Flawed sure, but so so cool.

    12. Ha, I don't know what's funnier: that Foxcatcher poster or the Jim Carrey parody commercial.

      Interstellar was my most anticipated movie of the year, but I'm more interested in seeing Birdman now. I'm hoping to see both of them soon, though. :)

      1. Seriously that poster is just all kinds of crazy :)

        Birdman does look very interesting, all the reviews kinda killed my anticipation for Interstellar