Saturday, November 15, 2014

(157) How can anyone not love Oscar season? + links

By Sati. Saturday, November 15, 2014

  •  I rewatched Shutter Island. I still think the film is so-so but I've gotta thank Martin Scorsese for all of this. Shirtless Mark. Wet Mark. Smoking Mark. Mark going all sensitive doctor over DiCaprio. Oh, Jesus.
  • I was watching this and I'm like halfway through and i think 'oh well he's not gonna be shirtless in this one'. And then they got caught in the rain.
  • I love the rain so much. 
  • I've got a bunch of reblogs with 'oh god I forgot how he was in Shutter Island' tags. Well, now everyone will remember.
  • I also noticed - and gifed - this which is so cool. Also - adorable.
  • Yeah, I've seen In the Cut.
  • You know these kinds of movies should come with warning.
  • How can anyone be irresponsible enough to let Mark do this kind of stuff on camera?
  • No, no, wait - how can anyone be irresponsible enough to actually gif it and upload it on tumblr?
  • I AM *raises her hand*
  • I actually did crop the image a bit because it would be too much. Yes, my concern for mental health of tumblr users is so great I did crop the full frontal nudity. 
  • Oh God, I think I'll go to hell just for that. 
  • Let's talk about the movie. It was not bad! Yeah the intrigue was a bit simple but the atmosphere was amazing. The film looked gorgeous, the score was great and the acting was so good. I cannot believe how low imdb rating is.
  • Just when I thought that Begin Again ending could not get any more depressing I find out that these sadistic bastards actually shot the version where they kiss and Dan straight up asks her to run away with him and she still leaves.
  • What is wrong with that woman?!
  • There are actual pictures to make me more depressed:
  • Seriously, what is wrong with that woman?!
  • John Carney is a SADIST. 
  •  To paraphrase Tropic Thunder I need you to strap me to a fucking tree. I cannot look at those behind the scenes photos. They are even more romantic than what was in the actual movie.

  • I don't accept the film's ending. I don't. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna pretend they stayed together in the end. Yep. That's what I will do. I choose delusion because that ending was crap. And to all of you 'oh but that was courageous! any other way is cliche!' you know what when I fucking sit down to watch a movie after 40h work week in the pits of the perversion known as justice system filled with bitter, angry people who yell at me for no good reason and 95% of  the film has crazy romantic chemistry and then in the last 5% the girl does not get Ruffalo? It makes me DIE inside.
  • Mark will be part of THR Roundatable. RDJ will be there too but they made a split between supporting and leading so there won't be any of this going on. But - 2x Sherlock, 2x Hulk.
  • Meanwhile Variety is doing this whole Actors on Actors conversation thing which will air sometime near the end of November and Mark was paired up with Jessica Chastain. So cute!
  • He's also gonna be on Tonight Show on Thursday. How can anyone not love Oscar season?
  • Getting back to Normal Heart and Just Like Heaven, because I promised to write about those this week.
  • Let's go over some stuff Mark does in Just Like Heaven - he cries because his wife is dead and he couldn't help her, he freaks out adorably because he has to save guy's life, he builds Reese Witherspoon a garden on the rooftop and finally he brings her back to life with a kiss. Yeah. I gifed that last one. That movie was beyond stupid but wow was it entertaining.
  • The Normal Heart was fantastic. His character was kinda a douchebag but the movie was so well acted, everyone got a chance to shine. For me Jim Parsons was a stand out - he was absolutely brilliant. I always thought he was a tremendous talent but he was just so incredible here - loved his character, never losing hope, always being there for others. I may try and review this film - it's so good and important. It was also  surprisingly coherent for Ryan Murphy's movie.
  • Here's Mark answering if Matt Bomer is a good kisser:
  • I cannot believe his wife doesn't like the scruff! The scruff is LIFE.
  • Tonight? Avengers and Now you see me again. He has a gun. A scruff. And a suit. And I've had a long week.
  • Mark's birthday is next week. We all know what's gonna happen here on the site, don't we?
  • I've been gifing Interstellar just to fuck with my followers and make them cry. I call this one the tear explosion. 
  • I actually saw the movie today with truly heroic efforts and 5 gigantic cups of black coffee - I even had to ride extra 15 mins to another theater.
  • It was so not worth it.
  •  I really wanted to like it. Trust me. I could have bought myself a new lipstick for that money that I work hard for so yeah, I spend money I want to like the film.
  • Oh my God. You know I may think that most of Nolan's movies are incredibly overrated, Inception being the prime example, but if given a choice of sitting through Interstellar again or watching Inception three times in a row, I'd gladly choose the later.
  • It was so bad - the dialogue was ridiculous, the movie was so boring, there were literally 5 good scenes in the entire thing - with only one being a thing you need to see at the theater - the docking of spiraling Endurance. That whole Matt Damon thing, are they kidding? When he was docking? How it looked like a penis looking for a vagina using space ships spoof they would have done on something like South Park? I couldn't believe my eyes.
  • But then, then the bookshelves came. And then the watch came. And then the forced happy ending came. I did cry, though. To be fair - I cry during baby diapers commercials too.
  • And Zimmer's score? It was so one note! It was just one organ theme over and over again. I swear it's like Nolan and Zimmer got high and one ended up in the desert doing peyote writing a script and the other dropping acid in a church.
  •  And I will never forgive these hacks for removing zero gravity sex scene from the original script. How dare you. This may be the first movie McConaughey is not shirtless in. How dare you disrupt that grand tradition.
  • To prevent the C word comments - I did like some elements of it. Matt's acting, the very ending,the core of the movie being father/daughter bond, Anne Hathaway's character. I'm giving it 5/10 and I am being very generous. Look for my review next week.
  • Margot Robbie is gonna play one of my all time favorite characters - Harley Quinn (who is the heroine of rating systerm here on the blog) in Suicide Squad. This is fantastic.
  • There are some people comparing the garbage that is new Taylor Swift video to Gone girl. In the name of decency - stop. 
  •  Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play Bruce's dad in that Snyder's Batman abomination. Well, hat's one reason to see it.
  • Fisti is sharing some awesome fellow bloggers appreciation on his blog
  • Also there we discuss the two Oscar wins for Elizabeth Taylor
  • Alex, Brittani and Ruth review Interstellar
  • Alex also writes about awesome Kevin Dunn aka my favorite Ben from Veep
  • Katy talks about splitting the final movie into two parts trend
  • This is so great - Nostra shares the many faces of the one and only, the sexy, the cuddly and hotter than hell Mark Ruffalo
  • Josh reviews Birdman
  • Jack is back and he is ranking all the characters in The Office


    1. Thank you for the link, hon! :D

      Hoping to see Begin Again soon - it's killing me! I totally love your Shutter Island gif set. The movie is okay, but I feel like it's insanely re-watchable for the small things that can be picked up on. That scene is one of my favorites!

      Sorry to hear you didn't like Interstellar! Going to the movies is not affordable these days, and to feel cheated out of one totally sucks. I loved Interstellar (and Inception) but I can see its problems and why it's receiving poor reviews.

      1. You're welcome!

        I love spending money on films but seriously this didn't even have visual side worthy of my money.

    2. I like the Ruffalo scruff. Plus, the man has a nice ass for a dude. Besides, he and Scarlett are the reasons I'm excited for Avengers 2.

      Sorry you didn't enjoy Interstellar as I had a few issues with the film such as Matt Damon's character arc as well. I felt that belonged in another film.

      Who compares Taylor Swift to Gone Girl? Taylor is a fucking cockroach compared to the awesomeness that is Amazing Amy.

      Well, at least you and I have a reason to watch Batman vs. Superman. For you, it's Jeffrey Dean Morgan. For me, it's Jena (though I have no clue what the hell she's playing).

      1. He has a very nice ass :)

        Damon's plot was just such a waste of time.

        Some people on tumblr, it's just disgusting....

        So she's officially in the movie? I thought maybe she was just visiting the set. It would be awesome if she was Harley Quinn

      2. I don't know if she is officially. She could be Harley Quinn or Robin.

      3. Robin?:D I hope she is Harley Quinn, she would be the perfect choice for the role!

    3. I'm going to see it tomorrow. I've been preparing my tailbone for the 3 hour sit. It's disappointing b/c 'Interstellar' probably had the best trailers this year. Oy vey, if only movies could match their trailers. I may review it. I haven't decided yet.

      I think Robbie is a good choice for Harley Quinn. Hmmmm how is Morgan going to be Affleck's dad? There must be some timey wimey stuff happening in the 'Batman/Superman' film--flashbacks. The only thing I'm looking forward to is Wonder Woman. I only wish that Synder wasn't directing.

      1. Yeah the trailers for it, hell even that short ' Countdown' spot were better than the actual movie.

    4. LOL. Nice Foxcatcher picture :P

      I'm sorry you didn't like Interstellar. I did, but it's definitely not Nolan's best. But I seriously laughed at Nolan and Zimmer doing peyote. I could see that happening. I was annoyed at the score when it drowned out the actors.

      They shot another ending to Begin Again? What the actual fuck I didn't know that!

      Jessica Chastain and Mark Ruffalo? Yes please! (and omg those gifs..)

      Thanks for the link. :

      1. I wish it drowned them out more :)

        Yeah they did and it is apparently even more stupid than the other one :/

    5. I love Oscar season but I can never get out and see the nominated movies (no babysitter and a spouse that only wants to see robots smacking people or each other around). I am dying to see Birdman and Foxcatcher. I'd love to see Carrell and Ruffalo get a nod for their roles, I believe Tatum is going to be an automatic nod. Hollywood loves that guy. Your review of Interstellar makes my decision easy for me, I'll wait for Netflix.

      1. I think Ruffalo may actually have the best shot - his category is not as competitive as best leading actor, he already been nominated once and he is getting the best reviews out of 3 :)

        I know there are people who liked it, but honestly for me only one scene was worthy of seeing it in theathre

    6. Hey thanks for the link Sati! The internet connection’s been horrible all day, so finally been able to stop by. Whoah, those gifs from In the Cut are super hot! I heard that Meg Ryan did full frontal nudity in that movie, I guess she had um, some good motivation, ahah.

      Finally saw Begin Again and loved it!! Ahah I was thinking the same too about the ending. Man, Keira didn’t end up w/ Mark… oooooh no!! I do like non-happy ending in romantic films though, and the whole thing feels refreshing and unconventional but I hear ya, I REALLY want those two to be together.

      Oooh I’d love to see Ruffalo and Chastain together, I think that’ll be a sweet pairing!

      Hey, looks like we share the same views about Interstellar. Oh I’d rather re-watch Inception over and over than Interstellar any day, at least there’s still Tom Hardy to keep me entertained ;-)

      Oooh Jeffrey Dean Morgan is gonna be in the Batman vs Superman movie? I sure hope he gets a decent screen time but given how we know what happens to him, I guess that’s unlikely :(

      1. Yeah she did full frontal, Mark did too :) His was far more...interesting :)

        So glad you loved it! It's just their chemistry was far too strong for them not to be together in the end. It just broke my heart.

        Yeah JDM is probably gonna be on screen for 5 minutes tops :P

    7. Nice to see you appreciating the Many Faces post I've made especially for you!

      1. Thanks so much for that post, it's lovely! :)

    8. I'm a fan of Shutter Island, I have to say. It had me gripped but I'm eager to watch it again to see if it stands up to a second viewing.

      Ruffalo's great in most things. Is it wrong that my favourite is probably 13 Going on 30?

      1. It's not, it's an insanely adorable film :)

    9. "To be fair - I cry during baby diapers commercials too." hahahahaha omg.

      I'm sad you didn't like Interstellar. I never talk about Nolan to anyone because I know they will lynch me for thinking he does boring shit, but I really loved this film! But I think I have daddy issues and that's why I liked it so much.

      Every time I come to your blog I don't understand how I can stay away from the film/blog world for as long periods as I do. It's so great!! I hate school. I wish I had silly coworkers and a shitty office if that meant I could go now.

      1. Well given my taste in men my daddy issues are of epic proportions and I still hated it :D

        Oh God no. School was terrible but being an employed adult actually sucks the life out you.

    10. I love movies connected to spaceships travelling in the cosmos, so I will probably like Instellar.

      I read on your twitter that you've seen about 20 movies from this year. Like, wow. This is probably a little more than me, and I started watching more movies after I started following your blog.

      Good lord, this is probably the third comment I post here. Damn google plus!

      1. I know some bloggers who watch 60 per month! So comparing to that I feel like I'm kinda lacking :) I'd see a hell a lot more if I didn't rewatch Veep constantly.

        Thanks so much for still commenting, i know blogger is insane :/

    11. Thanks again for the link!

      I loved Interstellar on a first viewing, but it's already fading from my memory a bit. I'm going to see it again, though I'm not sure it will hold up on a second watch.

      Ha, that Foxcatcher poster is brilliant. :)

      1. You're welcome!

        Interstellar is such an odd movie - it had some really great elements but some awful too