Friday, November 21, 2014

(158) Hey, they chose the wrong Avenger + links

By Sati. Friday, November 21, 2014
  • I rewatched Avengers and Now You See Me, for obvious reasons. God, I just love Mark's character in the latter, he is so freaking hot. I really hope they do make a sequel to this one. Look at him go with that gun! And that pout in the first one. Oh, Jesus.
  • I finally gifed him in Just Like Heaven:
  •  It's like I'm subconsciously trying to kill my followers.  
  • I'm not exactly sure where my weekend went. This is what happens when you finally go to sleep and wake up after 11 hours. I seriously didn't see sunlight because when I woke up it was after sunset. Come to think of it since I go to work and it's dark and get home and it's dark and sleep through day on weekends....what is this sun you people speak of?
  • Tonight I'm gonna rewatch my favorite Mark movie - My Life Without Me
  • Also I'm gonna rewatch Zodiac and imagine feeding him animal crackers.
  • As usual - I had a long hard week.
  • And there's something happening tomorrow on the blog. Oh it's gonna explode.
  • I also rewatched Guardians of the Galaxy this week, it's so crazy fun!
  • Get this - apparently Kevin Bacon is friends with the film's director. Oh please give him a cameo in the sequel!
  • While we're on the subject of Guardians, many thought that Chris Pratt will be People's Sexiest Man Alive this year, but they went with Chris Hemsworth.
  • Two things about that - first of all, clearly they chose the wrong Avenger:
  • Ladies, let's make this post extra special, shall we:
  • The thing number 2 is that Hemsworth is a nice dude but come on - Chris Pratt braids women's hair. My point is that I wish they would actually hand it to a legitimately nice guy who is known for being a legitimately nice guy so that guys realize that women do find that sexy. I'm not saying we like sissies - I'm talking about someone who is both sweet and know what, let's switch topic to JLaw bashing before this gets more frank.
  • Jennifer Lawrence insisted that her cameo in Dumb and Dumber To was cut out of the film. Why, because that would be embarrassing? Unlike, you know, taking hundreds of pics of yourself naked? That's some fucked up hierarchy of what's embarrassing right there.
  • Come to think of it had I seen that movie instead of Interstellar last Friday I would probably end up having a better time.
  • I've gotta say I'm enjoying all those videos and gifs from Mockingjay press tour showing up on my tumbr dashboard - comparing to Natalie Dormer we all sound dumb, really, but JLaw is coming across even more like a total hick than usual next to her.
  • I forgot to tell you last week just how awful the trailers before Interstellar were. I mean I thought at the very least they'll show Avengers 2 trailer with those epic 'Mark wrapped up in a blanket'/'Mark falling shirtless on the snow' moments. But fuck no, I couldn't even get 15 seconds of my Fluffy Ruffy. Instead they bombarded me with awful shit, the worst of which was Horrible Bosses 2 trailer. The first one was actually on TV on Saturday and I had it on in the background, wow that was so bad. What a waste of Kevin Spacey. Bunk from The Wire was the only person with funny scenes. 
  • Anyways that shot of Mark in Avengers trailer. Tumblr is already super protective and scared. There's this. And more importantly - this.
  • Please don't hurt him :(
  • Matthew McConaughey got his star on Walk of Fame and they turned it into little Intestellar party. I cannot stop laughing at this:
  • Every single day there is a new interview with one of Nolan brothers trying to 'explain' Interstellar. And amazingly every day they actually make me detest that movie's script more.
  • Anyways the real outrage is that they released 2 versions of the soundtrack and docking music is nowhere to be found. Zimmer declared that he will do whatever he can to release it but I just find it fucking disgusting how they had the audacity to release 2 versions and not include the movie's most memorable track there. Thank God for people recording in cinema. At least until some vague feeling of basic decency gets them to release it we can listen to it on youtube.
  • So two good things are coming from Big Eyes - this photoshoot you can see on the right and two new Lana Del Rey's songs that she recorded for the movie.
  • Lana also did something awful this week. No, just no.
  • The godless American station known as FOX is remaking Luther. This is absolutely insane.
  • There's more - "Idris Elba will reprise his role as Luther in two hour-long specials for BBC One." So let's get it straight - not only is the show getting a remake (translation - shat on) they will also destroy the original's ending by continuing the story.
  • Just leave Luther and Alice alone.
  • And for the love of God, whatever you do do not cast Chloe Moretz as Phoenix in the next X Men movie.
  • Elina reviews Trash
  • Anna writes about Magic in the Moonlight
  • Katy, Sinekdoks and Ruth review Begin Again
  • MrsMariah writes about Interstellar trying to make sense out of it. Spoiler alert - it can't be done.
  • Brittani reviews Birdman
  • Candice writes about Foxcatcher


    1. Omg that Inception meme.

      I think Hemsworth is a fine choice for sexiest man alive :P Pratt would've been good too.

      Ohh wtf Eli Roth? I like him...why?!?!

      I knew you'd say something about Lawrence pulling her cameo. Lol but I am loving all this Dormer coverage too.

      I'm trying to throw together a post on why Stannis is actually the funniest dude in Westeros. There's not enough Stannis love.

      Thanks for the link! I hope you can see Birdman soon.

      1. That whole Roth/Lana/Manson thing is...disturbing and kinda sickening to be honest.

        Oh God I cannot wait for this post! Sadly the show has taken out so many of his classic, awesome and hilarious lines :/

        I think I'll see it in January, really can't wait for it!

    2. I'm with you on the fact that Chris Pratt should be the sexiest man alive rather than Chris Hemsworth. No offense to Hemsworth but Pratt has it going on. You're right. They chose the wrong Avenger. I like Ruffalo in Now You See Me. I bet you wish you could be Melanie Laurent and make out with that hunky-hunky manly-manly-man.

      I'm starting to have less and less respect for J-Law. She's letting fame get into her head. Besides, I heard they replaced J-Law with Mama June from Honey Boo-Boo which only made things worse. That just wants me to stay away from that awful film even more.

      Marilyn Manson was once shocking and cool but.... that was 18 years ago when I saw him onstage at the age of 15 and got spat in the face by Twiggy Ramirez which I thought was cool. Now he's a fucking joke who needs to do some exercise and stay off the fucking drugs. If he dies within the next year. I wouldn't be surprised at all.

      1. Melanie Laurent was so freaking lucky in that movie :D

        I haven't heard any Manson's songs in the last few years or even saw what he looks like right now. I used to really like his music when I was a teenager but it seems like he seriously burned out.

    3. Lol, on your JLaw stuff. How bad could either the movie or her cameo be that it was more embarrassing than pics of with "stuff" all over her face. Wow. Btw, I actually like Chloe Grace Moretz, but you had me laughing about her. And, um..."Erection," nice.

      1. I'm sure comparing to her character and the amount of dignity she has which is zero the movie is a masterpiece :)

    4. I didn't know Lana Del Rey was recording music for Big Eyes, if tracks are anything close to Young & Beautiful song from Gatsby, then it will be worth the wait. Ruffalo is great in My Life Without Me-I love that film.

      1. Yeah I'm so happy we are getting new songs from her!

        He really is, such a beautiful film too, glad you are a fellow fan!

    5. Natalie Dormer looks so much hotter with her hair grown back. And clever words come from her about new Hunger Games movie. So it will definitely be worth the watch (even just for her).

      J Law really has some issues. You were first to notice though. :D

      1. I think Gwendoline Christie is somewhere in the movie too :)

        Oh no, many on tumblr noticed before me. But I wasn't the least surprised when it turned out she is the kind of a person who takes hundreds of pictures of herself and makes jokes about rape.

    6. OMG, that Inception gif is hilarious!

      Thank you for the link! Wow, two weeks in a row! :D

      I'm not quite sure where the pick for Chris Hemsworth came from this year - like there wasn't a Thor 2 or another Avengers. It's not to say he isn't totally irrelevant but usually those covers have something to do with the It boy or girl. I would've gone for Chris Pratt. He is the man of the year. Or at least Chris Evans or Benedict Cumberbatch - those guys had a lot of stuff going on this year too.

      In this day and age of technology, I love how the U.S. thinks that our remakes are totally new ideas. Like people can't go online and see that most of our shit is originally from Britain. I guess I should watch Luther on Netflix before it's removed because of the new show...

      1. You're welcome, so glad you finally had the chance to see the movie!

        Yeah I don't know what's up either, maybe it's anticipatory for that Moby Dick movie he has coming up and Avengers 2. But dammit, Chris Pratt really became an A lister this year and Mark has 3 movies out this year.

        It is so ridiculous, especially when the original is so good it borders on madness to remake it. And it's even more ridiculous because Elba is actually really popular in US so I'm sure many people over there already saw the show

    7. Hey thanks for the link!! Your RF is up early, I'm curious what you've got planned for tomorrow ;-)

      I don't care for Now You See Me but yeah Mark looks cool holding that gun, phwrroarrr! I might rent Just Like Heaven though I'm not fond of Reese but hey Mark looks good there so it doesn't matter.

      I NEVER ever get People's mag's choices for Sexiest Man Alive, none of 'em ever does anything for me. Hemsworth has a ridiculous body but he doesn't do anything for me either. Y'know another Avenger I'd choose (well technically not an Avenger yet)... Anthony Mackie! I'd also choose Chris Pratt over Hemsworth as his sense of humor is sexy.

      I've pretty much stopped reading anything on Interstellar... bored already, moving on...

      1. You're welcome! Oh, it's...special :)

        Mark is such a cutie pie in that movie, Reese is...watchable :)

        Mackie would be a far more interesting choice. Really loved him in Winter Soldier, glad his character will be in Age of Ultron!

      2. I'm just not fond of Reese anymore, esp after seeing WILD, ugh. But I'll watch Just Like Heaven solely for Mark and will try to ignore her, ahah.

        I REALLY like Mackie, he's just so charming and gorgeous! I'd say he deserves his own spin-off just like Hiddles as Loki!

      3. Oh was she bad in Wild? Just like Heaven is really lovely, it's very cute - it's not original at all but it's such a sweet film and Mark...oh, Mark! :)

        He was so much fun in WS definitely added a lot of charm to the movie!

    8. An American remake of Luther? Really? That is the most depressing news I've heard all week. That final gif is hilarious.

      1. They really have no respect for anything in American media :/

    9. Hi there! I left a comment thanking you for the link and other stuff! It may not have gone through.

      1. Fucking blogger :/ This website is such a mess lately.

    10. Haha, when I heard the rumor of Moretz possibily joining X-Men I did actually think of you and how pissed you'd be. She'd be a horrid choice though. It's time for her to go.

      Glad you liked Guardians of the Galaxy - it is so much fun. I loved the soundtrack too.

      1. She's everywhere and she is always the weak link. Jesus Christ, she needs to go away already.

        That was such an entertaining movie, loved the music! Very catchy choices.

    11. I still need to check out Luther, but I'll be sure to avoid the American version at all costs. ;)

      I'm surprised McConaughey didn't have a star on the Walk of Fame already. It just seems like a very late invitation. Johnny Depp, for instance, had one BEFORE Pirates of the Caribbean and his Oscar nominations.

      1. It is kinda odd how these things go, I read somewhere you actually buy a spot there to have a star? Seems like it's more the kind of a thing studio does as a promo for a film that features a certain actor nowadays.