Friday, December 5, 2014

(160) Distress call + links

By Sati. Friday, December 5, 2014
  • Sweet Jesus. The Supporting Actors THR roundtable will be a laugh riot.
  • No, no, bear with me here - imagine Mark in his Detective Toschi get up, all that curls, that sweet teddy bear look, being in despair, sending e-mails to people, probably hiding in the corner somewhere, because Fincher is being Fincher.  Perhaps also waving an upside down Avengers flag as a distress call to RDJ? This is priceless. I love this.
  • Can I hold him, please?
  • I finally rewatched My Life Without Me:
  •  The list of absolutely UNACCEPTABLE things Mark was doing in this movie includes - watching a woman sleep, giving that woman his coat because it's cold outside and 'he likes the idea of her wearing it', dancing with her on a cliff after he tells her he was scared she won't come and his "body was hurting" because of that fear, reading to her while he is being shirtless and giving her a long speech about how much he loves her. 
  •  Wait, how did I not pass out watching this?
  • So is that what some women actually have? Because all I've got this week was my boss yelling at me so bad that I cried after I got home. Then 2 days later she was nice to me. Christ, you can make a remake of Girl, Interrupted right where I work, with absolutely no preparation whatsoever. Just shoot this shit and it's there.
  • I have to go to work in 6h. And then tomorrow on Saturday I am working too, just to have Christmas Eve free. I can't believe I have 16 more hours of work this week. Have I died? Is this Hell? Please tell me it's purgatory and in the end I get Ruffalo.
  • You know what? They should just clone Mark Ruffalo and give him to every good woman out there. We deserve this ladies!
  • Check out this photo from Cannes. Oh, Mark.
  • There's more adorable for you on the left there. I can't take this.
  • Tomorrow I'm gonna see What Doesn't Kill You where Mark plays a criminal. That's all I need to know to watch it. Also what a fitting title for a movie with Ruffs in it.
  • I saw 9 movies since last RF. This is some sort of record. And I'm not counting rewatching some of Now You See Me scenes a bunch of times. Like, really, a bunch of times.
  • I've been watching these Oscar movies this week and I think that perhaps the entire space of my heart has been sucked up by all those Ruffalo gifs you see here because I wasn't moved at all by either Still Alice or Boyhood. They weren't bad but they were forgettable. Nothing was especially awful it was just...there. Moore was good but, fuck, this isn't even in her top 5 best performances. Boyhood was interesting but it didn't have the charm and poignancy of Before trilogy where you went 'Yes! I feel that too!" I had no moments like that in any of 165 minutes of this.
  •  You know what it is this season? All those films are fucking anemic. There are no explosions, outbursts, things that grab you. Gone Girl had the energy, even damn Interstellar woke up from slumber for some real emotions there. Stuff that really made you pay attention like Amy's reveal or things that really moved you like 'Because my dad promised me'. Theory of Everything, Boyhood and Still Alice had none of that for me.
  • But I also saw two movies I actually liked this weekend - Babadook and Nightcrawler
  • First one was really interesting, well made and clever but yet again it was a horror movie where the dog dies. Can we just maybe ban dogs from appearing in horror movies completely so that their dog characters wouldn't die? It's the movie cliche I hate the most The whole time I was like "kill the kid, just don't kill the dog". But other than that the script was very well written and Essie Davis' performance was really good.
  • Nightcrawler was excellent - this is the kind of movie I like - exciting, dynamic, relentless. I always said my favorite Gyllenhaal's performance was in Brokebnack Mountain but he was even better here. Just a thrill to see that film and his work in it. 
  •  And check out that pic on the right from his next film. Dude is seriously not fucking around:
  • I also saw The Immigrant which was almost impossibly stupid. Joaquin Phoenix's and Jeremy Renner's characters were so terribly written, Phoenix's pimp who would get mad whenever someone touched his hookers was so unreal it actually made me laugh. Cotillard was excellent, she was better in first minutes of the movie than Julianne Moore in entirety of Still Alice.
  • I saw Obvious Child and it was fantastic, such a great little movie. This is the kind of stuff that they should be nominating in comedy categories. 
  • This movie was more open minded than I am. I cannot imagine the guy actually accompanying his girlfriend to a procedure like that. Personally for me that would be way too traumatic to even continue with this person, if it happened at such an early stage of relationship. Like years later what if you have kids and then you would always go 'we could have had one more'. I'm one of those people who is very pro choice, I actually don't think a man should have any say in this. Many men are wonderful parents, I'm sure they are supportive through pregnancy and all of this but the simple fact is that it's the women who go through 9 months of medical hell, labor and a lifetime of responsibility. It's their lives. I don't think it's remotely fine to go 'but we created a life, so just wreck the rest of yours and do something you are not ready to do because through this coincidence we created life". Every woman should have a right to abortion. But I'm so very grateful I never actually had to exercise this right. Hell, in my country I don't even have that right. 
  • I also saw The Blind Side because it was on TV. In light of some of the performances I've seen for Fisti's Twice a Best Actress I can say that I've seen performances far less worthy than Bullock for the Oscar. But what the hell with the best picture nomination? 
  • Here's an incredible photo of Amy Adams from her recent Annie Leibovitz shoot.
  • And here are Lana Del Rey's gorgeous new tracks for The Big Eyes
  • Let's talk about NBR, NYFCC and  Satellite Awards nominations for a second.
  • You know if you are nominating things and Lost Stars is not among the things that you nominated, your nominations ain't worth shit.
  • I just want Mark to win something. For fuck sake, split everywhere and my favorites didn't get anything. Yes, yes, it's only 2 out of countless to come but can they really make this one exciting? 2 surprising wins in acting categories would go a long way, although I sense these surprises won't be where I would be most glad to see them - Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor.
  • The way I look at those nominations is just searching for Ruffalo finding out he is in and doing this:
  •  then I'm out.
  • Speaking of - Parks and Recreation is coming back in January! 
  • And Nick Offerman may be joining Fargo in second season!
  • Wonderful news - Lars von Trier claims he will no longer make films. Apparently von Trier can only make movies when he is drunk out of his ass (to surprise of no one) and now he is going through rehab for his alcohol and drugs addiction. He says that since he is clean he can't make films. Well this is great because if he really drunk a bottle of vodka a day rehab does seem like a good idea. Also no more crappy, women-hating movies from this creep.
  • Holy shit have you guys seen that Terminator: Genisys trailer? It looks so bad. Somewhere Jorah is seriously embarrassed.
  • In other news the next Bond movie is gonna be called Spectre. It's gonna feature Monica Bellucci and in the least surprising casting news in the history - Christoph Waltz as the villain. An European actor with an Oscar (actually two). Of course he gets cast in this role. 
  • Helena Bonham Carter and Rebecca Hall joined the cast of that TV series Steve Mcqueen is making for HBO. This is great news.
  • Alex and Ruth review Foxcatcher
  • FeelingFuzzier, m.brown, MettelRay and MrsMariah review Nightcrawler
  • Keith writes about Only Lovers Left Alive
  • Courtney reviews Whiplash


    1. I saw bits of Normal Heart and the scene where Mark looks into mirror to see how he good he looks as he is about to have dinner with Matt Bomer. Damn, he is good-lookin'. They did choose the wrong Avenger.

      The new Terminator trailer does have some moments such as Arnold but... Jai Courtney ruins it for me. That guy sucks. I only liked him in Spartacus: Blood & Sand but that is it.

      1. He is extremely good looking and I'd say The Normal Heart is far from the best look he had in films, foxy :)

        It looks like it's going to be a disaster.

    2. That's seriously my favourite picture of Jeremy Renner ever.

      I'm so glad you liked Obvious Child and The Babadook. Films like that should get nominations other than obvious Oscar baits.

      1. Renner's pictures from the set of these movies are all around amazing :)

        Oh, absolutely. Such good stuff, genuinely entertaining films and highly original too.

    3. Hey, if you ever feel like you are actually in Hell...well, we just might be co-workers. Honestly. I'm going to start rooting against these kids real soon.

      Nine movies? I'm impressed! I don't think I've watched nine movies in the last few months. Very impressive. All these RFs have got me convinced that my next film has to feature Ruffalo. Is that weird?

      Are you shitting me about LVT? Would he really walk away? No, please don't Lars. I hoping to see another film where someone gets their boner smashed in. Say it ain't so...

      (thanks for the link...that movie was f--king great)

      1. I don't know how you do it. i have few adults to deal with in my job but if i had to deal with a bunch of kids? no, no way.

        I simply need to wash my brain after coming home so I just sit - or fall - on the chair and keep watching stuff to get distracted. You should watch Begin Again!

        I just hope Von Trier never touches the camera again.

    4. Once again you and I are in complete agreement about Boyhood. Everyone is hailing it as "the movie of our generation" ....and I'm just not getting it. Good movie, but nothing substantial enough to make me remember quotes or scenes from the movie...nor would I ever watch it again!

      Glad you liked Nightcrawler! I think it may be Gyllenhaal's best performance to date...possibly the best of the year, but I have the suspicion he'll get snubbed.

      Thanks for the link :D

      1. Yeah I was watching it and sorta going 'but so what?' over and over again.

        I think he is actually gaining some momentum, it seems the movie got attention of many critics and who knows, maybe he will get in :)

        You're welcome!

    5. I watched Still Alice and liked it a little but I had the fortune to see You're Not You before, and those two movies are pretty much carved out of the same tree.. different decease, same outcome.
      Boyhood, in the long run, isn't memorable enough to be great this year.. but, a movie that took 12 years to film could go against a movie that was made in 19 days - Whiplash! That would be an interesting showdown.
      Don't even get me started on Jake.. my god.. I'm such a big fan now because I kept reading about his role in Nightcrawler and what he put himself through.. he needs to get an award! But.. as history has shown.. true winners never win.

      1. Honestly I think the time put in never matters if the outcome is that....forgettable. It really had no impact on me whatsoever. I think I'm really going to like Whiplash.

        Jake is on fire lately!

    6. Glad we agree Nightcrawler is excellent, it's in my top 3 of the year so far.
      I agree Before trilogy is better. I know some viewers found Boyhood forgettable and even dull. If I had to defend Linklater, I think he wanted the film to be closer to real life than a movie usually is. The director is quoted as saying "life never pays off in a perfect, three-act structure". For me, the film is a reminder that the smaller moments of our lives also make us who we are.
      Thanks for sharing info on Lana, once again you got there first!

      1. I just didn't feel anything because of this movie :/

        Excellent songs from her again, she's dominating movie songs :)

    7. The Babadook, Nightcrawler and Obvious Child were all such wonderful films! I really loved them, and I feel like those are the films that should be paid attention to come awards season, not those Oscar films like The Imitation Game, Theory of Everything (which I like a lot less the more I think about it), and others of the sort.

      1. Absolutely, unfortunately Academy is so set in their ways. I think if someone like Keaton wins it's still out of the box for them, so it's not gonna be a surprise to me if Cumberbatch and Knightley win :/

    8. Lars Von Trier isn't making movies anymore? Yaaassss! He should've stopped a long time ago.

      I love that Hemsworth/Ruffalo gif.

      Aww, I actually liked the immigrant, Marion Cotillard was fascinating. I also watched it at 3 in the morning, that could've had something to do with it.

      I'm glad you liked Nightcrawler though, that's one of my favorites of this year.

      Gotta love how NBR is continuing their Eastwood boner.

      Have you watched Blindness yet? That's one Ruffalo movie I never got around to seeing.

      1. He should have never started imho :)

        Oh, Mark.... :)

        I really was so bored during this. And the script was just so awful :/

        The hell is up with them and east wood? They even nominated Fury which has his son in it or something?

        I did and I hate it as much as I do von Trier's movies - it could have just as easily been his movie it's this boring and offensive to women but Mark has a beard in that and he shows his ass so I'm definitely seeing it again :P

    9. Thanks for the link Sati! Glad you liked my review of Nightcrawler btw ;)

    10. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Always appreciate the link.

      The Lars von Trier bit was hilarious. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who doesn't find his work attractive or entertaining!

      And The Blind Side? Terribly overrated movie and it's ridiculous that Bullock won an Oscar for that performance.

      1. You're very welcome!

        Oh no, he makes major shit. Which is offensive on multiple levels not to mention insanely boring at the same time.

        Well Bullock's win is not as bad as that BP nomination imho :)

    11. THANKS for the link love! Hope you’ll see Foxcatcher soon.

      Oooh more adorable Mark. What’s ‘My Life Without Me’ about? He’s such a great romantic lead isn’t he? So soulful and charming.

      Glad you think Bullock’s performance was decent in The Blind Side, I have no problem w/ her winning but yeah the film itself doesn’t really deserve a Best Picture nom though.

      I love that gif of him cuddling up to Hemsworth!! He definitely is a major cuddler!!

      WOW, 9 movies since last RF?? Most of them involving Mark surely :D Bummer about The Immigrant, that’s on my Netflix queue and I was hoping it’d be good!

      1. You're welcome! In month's time, tops!

        It's about this married girl with 3 kids who finds out she has 3 months to live. He decides to do some stuff before she dies including having sex with someone other than her husband. Enter Mark :P

        Yeah she was not half as forgettable as some of other Actress winners.

        I envy the people who get to cuddle him! :(

        No, actually none with Mark - the ones with him are extra ones I usually see on Fridays:)

      2. Ahah, I guess if she has only 3 months to live, she can get a pass :P "I envy the people who get to cuddle him!" Hey I heard Mark is super sweet and nice w/ his fans, maybe one day you get to meet him and he'd most likely be willing to cuddle you [for now you can just do that in your dreams right, ha!]

      3. If I ever meet him I'm so getting arrested so this is a bad idea :)

    12. Holy shit, that description of Mark in My Life Without Me. *adds to movies to watch over Christmas break*
      I thought 2013 was a boring year for movies, but 2014 takes the cake. Sorry to say even though I really liked Gone Girl and Interstellar, there's barely any memorable movies.
      Nothing beats Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. The new installment looks terrible - except Emilia Clarke; she doesn't look bad.

      1. Oh yes, watch it! :)

        Well I'm still hopeful - I'm sure I'll like Foxcatcher, Whiplash and Birdman.

    13. Waltz in the next Bond is no surprise at all, but if its anywhere near as good as Skyfall I'll be happy.

      I have to ask this. Is Stephen jealous of all the love you've been giving Mark, lately? Lol. Fun post, as always.

      1. I don't think he would care, he is very zen about everything :P

    14. Hi Sati, many thanks for the link! Mark is so adorable. I've been avoiding the terminator trailer because I've been fearful that it's bad. All of the promotional material just looks so bad. It doesn't surprise me that the trailer isn't good.

      Thank goodness Von Trier can't do movies sober. Thank goodness for small favors. I have to see this 'Babdook,' I keep hearing wonderful things about it. But you're so right I'm tired of the "killing the dog" cliche in horror movies. It's time for a new cliche please.

      1. You're welcome! Oh that trailer is all kinds of horrible.

        It's just so awful. I wish just once that the dog was the final survivor in horror :P

    15. Hey Sati, great work this Friday. Love that pic of Jeremy. :)
      Are you planning to write a separate review for Nightcrawler? I just watched it and it was amazing. Gyllenhaal was nothing short of phenomenal as Lou. Very intense and creepy. Clear cut definition of a sociopath. Loved how it mocked the news industry and the themes and messages did not get in the way of the ride.

      1. Thanks!

        No, I'm not gonna review this one, there are already so many reviews out there and I don't have anything new to say about the movie. I pretty much agree with all the glowing reviews and what was stated in them :)

    16. O.K. ... I need to check out My Life Without Me.

      Although I was surprised that she won Best Actress, I liked Bullock's performance in The Blind Side. The family of the woman she portrayed said she *nailed* it. But the movie itself? Meh.

      1. Everyone needs to do that :)

        She was very good I think, there are way way worse Best Actress winners out there

    17. The new terminator seems like a remake of the second one, but not quite. Yawn. Maybe if I were still a fifth grader I'd go and see it. I'm serious here.

      Skyfall didn't really impress me with its action, so hopefully they'll make the next one a tad more exciting.

      By the way, on that gifset you posted here where Jorah is speaking to Daenerys, doesn't he say 'Khaleesi, do not.' I really did notice it on my own. What can I say, I want to know what people are saying just from the movements of their lips, in that way I'd find out a lot of things :D.

      I'm against abortion though, if you've got a child even when it was because of the bad quiality of the used condom I don't think that anyone should decide whether a being lives or dies. Although it is more of an issue about when life begins. I think it begins the moment the child's DNA is created - it is really what he or she likes and hates, so there's person out there. He just needs some time.

      1. I thought the last hour of Skyfall was incredibly stupid but at least it was shot well.

        It's from the mocking 'khaleesi yes, khaleesi no' set, it's irrelevant what he is saying :)

        Well that situation involves actual grown ups not just something that hasn't even been born yet so I'd say they have full right to do what they want. You can't just imprison someone for 18 years to protect something that is just a mixture of cells and doesn't even have a brain yet.

      2. I guess you have quite a good point there. But we're all a mixture of cells. Plus, there're always nursery homes - I'd rather live than being removed from existence and never getting the chance of seeing the morning sky. Even if life is harder in the nursing homes than I can imagine, it is still better than nothing.

      3. Well in theory yes that is an option, but in reality those places have such horrible pathology happening in there, it's unspeakable.

    18. LOL. Given your reaction to Boyhood and The Immigrant (as well as Calvary and Interstellar), you're going to love my top 10 list. :P

      Seriously, "Lost Stars" should be nominated everywhere, if not win. I hope films like Nightcrawler and Obvious Child get a few more notices this awards season as well.

      Yeah, the Spectre casting seems predictable, but I can't wait to see it!

      1. Oh, it's OK I love how diverse people's lists are!

        Same here! Obvious Child was an especially delightful surprise