Friday, December 12, 2014

(161) Double Fluffalo* + links

By Sati. Friday, December 12, 2014
  • *this kinda sounds like ice cream flavor.
  • Yeah, let's drop that thought before it gets filthy.
  •  The above set by yours truly comes from What Doesn't Kill You. It was quite good. Mark was fantastic in that and it was so much fun seeing him on screen with Ethan Hawke, who also gave a strong performance. This was something really new from Mark as he was playing someone completely out of control and violent. He actually managed to be dangerous in one scene where I thought he was going to hit his wife, which I'm so glad he didn't do.
  • Mark was shirtless in that one as well. Oh, Jesus. 
  • I get that the no curls thing in Foxcatcher is inevitable and necessary because Mark is playing a real person, but my God, this should be illegal. I call it curls assassination. God bless the moments in this film where Mark is wearing a hat.
  • However, would you look at that ass!?
  • I wish he would win just one award this season. I'm sure JK Simmons is wonderful but come on he is winning the Oscar so can the other people just get something, anything?
  • I just noticed Melanie Laurent is not in Now You See Me 2. This is not good. Who will agent Rhodes bang?!
  •  *raises hand* *Puss in Boots eyes* *please?*
  • But ladies and gentlemen...the scruff is back! YES! Is he gonna be on the run or something in the sequel? That sounds so hot.
  • You need to see this. I've been laughing at this for a whole week now.
  • <------- It happened again
  • Apparently the picture at the top of the set is from last year but I've never seen the pic of Stephen before. I'm not sure what exactly happened and if it's really from last year but I think it may be new?
  • And he's smiling!
  • Kit Harington is gonna be in new Xavier Dolan movie. I haven't actually seen any of Dolan's films but I keep hearing how great they are and this one will have Chastain as some wicked bitch which sounds absolutely fantastic but what the hell with Harington casting. He was great in season 4 of Thrones but this is like a different league all together. Chastain is gonna swallow him and spit out his chewed out bones.
  • Join me in admiring Emily Blunt's Into the Woods premiere dress:
  • This award season is - other than Ruffalo love as Mark is 2014 DOUBLE SAG and DOUBLE GOLDEN GLOBE nominee - disappointing and boring. We pretty much already know the big 6 winners at the Oscars, surprisingly the actress appears to be more unknown than others as quite rightfully Cotillard is kicking Moore's ass at critics awards. But what is extremely disappointing is that where they went with someone other than Moore they didn't go with Pike. The most disappointing thing however is that we are still not sure if Steve Carell is getting that Oscar nomination after all. Foxcatcher has less buzz than it should (6 minute long Cannes standing ovation yet in America it doesn't make most of critics' top 10s? What?). Shouldn't movies be winning because they are great in spite of them being cold? Why does everything has to be heartwarming and can't be realistic and hard? LIFE IS HARD. I do realize those who vote for Oscars probably don't know it, though.
  • I'm always rooting for this guy. He's nice, he's talented and he has such a happy laugh (The Office bloopers are the best). Here's his reaction to GG nomination. So many points for Mark mention - "I found out when I went online this morning and was greeted with this information! This is all very gratifying and I am so thankful for Bennett specifically for thinking of me for the role. It’s just so exciting that any of this is happening. It’s been a long journey – like 8 years – for this movie to get to this stage. I’m also so happy for Mark who is truly one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He is so deserving of all this attention.
  • on a related note I've been rewatching The Office lately and he is so fantastic.Out of all the snubs in the world, him not getting a single Emmy has gotta be in top 3 of the worst ones.
  • I saw one of my favorite episodes this week, Fun Run and the whole sequence where Michael is listing the animals they should sacrifice to 'get rid of the curse that hit Meredith with his car' is unreal:
  •  Everything has been hell this week. Work is the worst. It just gets more difficult with every day. I am constantly tired and disenchanted. That is just not the way to make people feel right before Christmas. I've actually been bringing stuff home with me to do because otherwise I'm just completely lost. Nobody teaches me anything, the only way I learn is through mistakes, when they yell at me in disproportional matter. It's kinda as if I was a school kid and they told me to write the test without giving me the time to prepare, paper and pen and then proceeded to yell at me for not passing it. And as I am a grown woman with a master's degree in law, so you can imagine how schizophrenic this whole situation is. Yeah I have money thanks to it, but I still think of quitting at least three times a week.
  • The way I deal is telling myself it's temporary and I'll find something else. It's a lie, but we all have to lie to ourselves to survive, don't we?
  • Oh and there is an upside - I have no appetite and I'm super stressed out so I'm losing so much weight just by not offing myself and staying somewhat alive.
  • Another thing I'm coming to realize is that women really are bitches. I think men are awful in general too, but my God I feel bad for you guys having to deal with our species. I have yet to have an unpleasant scene with any of the men I work with (and I doubt they are nice to me just because I'm hot, I'm not THAT hot) while at the same time every day brings a new female drama. I think it's because women are more complex and generally think and worry more than men. And you know what? I think that this is nothing good or anything to be proud of. I can be awful too but at least I hide it and try to behave, be polite and not go in hysterics in the middle of the office. That art of hiding cuntiness is a rare skill, apparently.
  • I'm just gonna shut up and drink my vodka martini now.
  • So yeah to sum up I only saw one movie this week and I've been keeping myself distracted with The Office.
  • Oh no wait, I saw something else! a movie so dumb and forgettable it actually eluded my memory for a moment there.
  • Rumor Has it. What the fuck. Mark played Jennifer Aniston's fiance and get this - she was the world's craziest person. She wouldn't wear the engagement ring (when Mark Ruffalo gives you an engagement ring you wear it), she wouldn't bang him in the plane's toilet (when Mark Ruffalo is kissing you you bang him, what the fuck, do I actually need to spell it out?) and she cheated on him with Kevin Costner (?!). I was appalled.
  • This is awesome:
  • Gone Girl leaked online. Ben Affleck's penis is everywhere now. I've actually been tweeting it to people too. Hey, it's Christmas time.
  • On a related note congratulations to Rosamund Pike, she gave birth to a baby boy!
  • Irene writes about American Psycho
  • Brittani, Fisti, Keith and Alex write about Golden Globes Nominations
  • m.brown writes about Maleficent
  • Ruth asks what directors should take a break from making movies
  • Katy reviews Nightcrawler



    1. Rumor Has It sucked. Mark Ruffalo should never be engaged to Bore-niston. I'm not surprised the film was terrible considering that Rob Reiner hasn't made a good film since A Few Good Men and continuously has made crap film after crap film.

      I like Emily Blunt's dress. Jessica Chastain vs. Aniston... Chastain easily.

      Is that Lizzy Caplan between Dave Franco and the Ruffalo?

      1. It was honestly so terrible. I only made it to the end for eye candy.

        Yep! I think she is playing Mark's love interest.

    2. OMG, your Fluffalo obsession is rubbing off on me. It's gotta be the scruff, right. A girl just has to respect the scruff.

      So sorry to hear about work treating you like shit. I totally agree that women can be more evil than men sometimes. They seem to be the hardest people to get along with, especially at school. Not all women, but too many can kill you with one look, let alone whatever attitude they take out on you. When I'm stressed out, I listen to Gordon Ramsay cursing people out. He says some ridiculously horrible and also hilarious stuff when he's pissed. I'm sending this your way. It's not safe for work, but I hope it helps. :D

      I totally love Emily Blunt's dress. The award show season is hanging on by a thread for me, I'm considering throwing some money at Into the Woods just to see her.

      How did I miss that EPIX Hollywood series? *Hunts down video*

      1. Oh thanks so much for that link! I love Gordon, he is such an inspiration :)

        I'm pretty sure she's gonna be the highlight of the film. I really hope she finally gets some award love this year.

    3. So I started going out with a girl a few weeks ago and suddenly she stopped talking to me, even though she was the one who wrote me first on Facebook, every day, and then ask me to go out with her. So I wondered what did I do wrong and I asked my sister and apparently the fact that she saw me walking with another girl (a classmate) and not type to her through Fb (that I rarely use, yes really do use it rarely) collectively contributed to that. I don't generalize but that point about women overthinking things is true.

      Emily Blunt is so beautiful...

      Why is Ben Afflek's penis everywhere after GG has leaked online? Did they show it on the movie because I don't recall such a thing.

      1. Yeah, women are weird. But men are seriously awful in general too. It's all bad.

        Emily is just gorgeous. She really deserves more award love too.

        They did, in the shower scene :)

      2. Yep. Cannot argue here.

        Now that I watched GG again (and still loved it, god that soundtrack where she is revealed to be alive and how she plotted it all is perfect) there are actually 2 dicks :D. Hadn't noticed either one, plus, the boobs of Nick's cool girl made up for that.

      3. NPH's? I wasn't that interested in that one so I didn't look where I was supposed to, not that I'm into Affleck but that was..surprisingly impressive for how puppy dog he looks :)

    4. Nothing puts a girl in the Christmas spirit quite like tweeting a penis. :-) BTW, I actually didn't look at Mark Ruffalo's ass until you directed me to. If that isn't proof I'm getting old, I don't know what is.

      Thanks for the list!

      1. I know, right?:D Everyone should look at Mark's ass at some point of their day :)

        You're welcome!

    5. It still makes me angry that Steve Carrell never won an Emmy for Michael Scott. He was great in that role. The Office is always a good for a re-watch and I am glad it's helping you through a tough week at work. Sorry work is sucking.
      I am glad Mark Ruffalo is really having a fantastic year. I hope to see at least him and Steve squeak a nomination for an Oscar. JK Simmons is probably going to win Best Supporting.
      You are right that Jessica Chastain will chew Kit Harington up and spit him out. I think he is a lovely guy but his acting does nothing for me. I saw online that supposedly people were tweeting Xavier Dolan and asking him what he was thinking with that casting. I guess we shall see. It would be nice to see him hold his own opposite Jessica.
      Love your gif set at the end with Jessica, Emily and Jennifer...I was laughing. Emily is the best. I adore her and John.

      1. Carell's Michael Scott is one of the most legendary characters ever, this is just the kind of thing that makes the award less relevant if that award didn't go to a person who so obviously deserved it.

        I think Dolan is quite vocal so perhaps he'll answer because whatever his thought process that ended with the decision to hire Kit was, it must be pretty interesting. Emily and John are the best! I hope they'll attend the Globes

    6. lol that last gif! Poor short Mark.

      I love that picture of Dilane, I don't even care if it's from last year.

      Xaiver Dolan's movies I've seen have both been wonderful. (I Killed my Mother and Laurence Anyways) I'm looking forward to Kit and Chastain in them. His puppy face might work there. lol

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I'm pretty short too so for me he is perfect *doodling hearts on the desk*

        He smiles more on those pics we've seen than in the entire show :) I really hope he does at least one interview for season 5

        You're welcome!

    7. Thanks for the link Sati! And also thanks for sending me the one thing I missed from GONE GIRL. I actually just saw it now as when you tweeted me I was still at work. OH WOW! That's all I can say for now :P

      Sorry to hear about your work situation girl, oh man that's bad if you lose your appetite and think about quitting constantly. Man I hope you can hang in there, at least until somehow you can find a much better job with people who can actually appreciate you.

      Oooh! Double Fluffalo sounds so sweet and dirty at the same time. Ahah, he does have a nicely-shaped behind and you'll see plenty of that to make up for the lack of curls in Foxcatcher. Glad he got nominated for both GG and SAG, he absolutely deserves it, more so than Tatum so I'm glad they got it right. I'm still hoping Carell will still get an Oscar nom and I'm with you, I really like that guy, he seems like a genuinely nice guy in person.

      Btw, Ruffalo is in Rumor Has it too?? WOW he's really prolific isn't he? But seriously that's nuts about Aniston's character. Oh and what did you think about her getting a double nom in the same year as Mark?

      1. You're welcome!

        Oh really, there's a lot of that in Foxcatcher?:D Well that's good news :)

        I think Carell may still get nominated, I'd certainly rather have him nominated than see someone like Cumberbatch or Spall get in.

        He is, I just wish he was prolific in better films :) I'm so happy for his nominations but he really should get one for Begin Again too

      2. Yeah, I think you'd enjoy some of the wrestling stuff ;-)

        Ahah well, it seems now Mark's doing a lot less, how do I say it, fluffy films? But then again he's such a versatile actor so he's usually the best thing about a so-so or even bad movies.

      3. As much as I like seeing him as romantic lead, some of the romantic comedies he did are truly atrocious and ridiculous. I'm glad he is doing stuff like Now You See Me 2, his character there was awesome.

    8. Is that a real show (Blunt, Chastain and Anniston) or you just put the gifs together? Hilarious.

      If you're thinking of quitting, should find a better job soon!

      1. Yeah it's a show, I don't ever just doctor gifs like that. I think it's one of those roundtables that were posted lately.

    9. Rumour Has It was awful. I couldn't even finish the whole movie, I hated it that much.

      It is a travesty that Steve Carell has never won an Emmy for The Office. I need to rewatch it soon, it's been a while.

      It sucks that you have to go through so much crap at work :-/ Hang in there, I'm sure it'll get better soon.

      The look on Emily Blunt's face in that last gif is absolutely priceless!

      You should watch Dolan's films, he is a really great and visual director.

      1. I'd finish anything for Mark but yeah it was so bad.

        I don't think it will be better, people don't change, they only get worse, is my experience in general, but thanks! :)

        I'd love to but I have so much catching up to do with other films already

    10. Being able to share a little room with Ruffalo on CC is a big deal! Thanks for the link! :)

      Oh, and how on earth does Now You See Me have a sequel? I thought it was pretty terrible.

      1. You're welcome! :)

        I liked it, but then again it had Mark in a suit so I'm not objective :)

    11. Oh my god, that final series of gifs is adorable. Ruffalo is too cute.

      I have lots of ridiculously dramatic women at my workplace too. I just try to avoid eye contact with them though and call them moles when I'm at home, it's working for me so far! The struggle is real.

      1. He really is :)

        I really hate the atmosphere, it's so unpleasant. What is the most appalling is how these women treat each other and not stick together.

    12. Aw, I liked Laurent and Ruffalo together in Now You See Me, even if the film was pretty crap haha.
      As for Gone Girl leaking, I'm loving all the gifsets I see on tumblr. (Of the film - not Affleck's penis haha)

      1. Who cares about his plot, what matters is his ass when he run :)

        Yep, people are so creative!

    13. You...haven't seen any Dolan!?!?!?!

      I understand that, since US distribution for his films is abysmal, but Laurence Anyways and Heartbeats and I Killed My Mother are on Netflix, maybe even on instant. You need to see them. He's one of my favorite new voices in film, and he's like 25...and incredibly talented.

      And I'm all for that icecream.

      1. Well I'm in Europe and we actually get movies like that here sooner than some of the Oscar race stuff - Foxcatcher is 2 weeks away but Mommy was playing here like two months ago but I've been so busy :/ Also he makes long movies, doesn't he? I still have gone in the wind to go through so that may make it impossible for me to see anything near 3h soon

    14. I almost forgot Rumor Has It existed. The worst part is its loose connection to a classic.

      Haha, love that Chastain, Blunt and Aniston gif!

      I'll second the Dolan recommendation. Heartbeats (101 min) and I Killed My Mother (96 min) are pretty short if you're interested. I still haven't seen the latter though.

      1. It is so bad :/ And Aniston's character was crazy annoying.

        Oh really? I'm gonna need to see it during my current mini vacation then :)