Friday, February 6, 2015

(169) Please don't lie to me + links

By Sati. Friday, February 6, 2015
  • The media is lying to you. Let me just say - real prosecutors do not look like that, kids. Not even close. I'm not sure they're even the same species as what is pictured above, cause that is clearly some sort of better, more gorgeous, superior species...
  • ...that I want to climb like a tree.
  • Oh God if they did look like that my job would immediately turn from hell into best gig ever.
  • Though it was not a bad week. For example today I'm reading a lawsuit and there's this - 'Crap is falling down from court's ceiling and the judges call it rain!'. 
  • You gotta love the poetry of convicts.
  • The Good Wife is fun! Though let's face it I'm only watching this for Goode. Alan Cumming is a a laugh riot on the show, though.
  • Alica is so tightly wound, I hope she bangs Finn and chills out soon, she is like a rubber band that is about to snap soon. So I guess they do portray lawyers accurately at least in this regard...
  • They really should light Margulies differently by the way, she is gorgeous but in most scenes she looks like she was up for 4 days straight.. The 12 years age gap is really apparent between these two, especially that Alicia is so serious all the time. Meanwhile Matthew plays this sweet, kind guy. He actually plays the PERFECT guy. I wish they gave him more to do, he basically just interacts with Alicia. I keep waiting for a twist he is a ghost only she sees.
  • Also is she gonna stay married to her cheating husband forever?! I saw that episode last night when she comes over to Finn's office and he puts his hand on her hand and she storms out. Just do it, woman! He's literally the PERFECT guy!
  • I rewatched Stoker, obviously.
  •  *LIFE GOAL*
  • I'm not equipped to handle any of this. 
  • I cannot believe she offed him in the end. This is why I can never really like Mia Wasikowska. First leaving Fassbender in Jane Eyre, now this. So what if he had a crazy wife hidden in attic? So what if he was slightly psychotic and killed his bother when they were kids? Good God, woman, everyone has problems! And this one could cook!
  • The Imitation Game won HRC award this week and Matthew was on stage being seriously adorable. 
  • There's this thing Variety did with British actors which is kinda a good idea that could have been made into a far better video, but still, it's worth checking out.As usual, Keira rocks.
  • Why couldn't they get Goode and Hiddles to reenact Brokeback Mountain?
  • And why is Sophie Turner there? She's like the JLaw of Thrones. 
  • I saw The Lookout. Good God, that was practically unwatchable. The beginning and the premise were all right, as was Goode's acting and that nice shot of his ass (yey) but what they did with that story was really a let down, as was Levitt' acting(he was so annoying here) and the whole message of the story which was kinda appalling, like, really, people die because of you but let's pat you on the back in the end and there is no real consequences for your actions? What a waste of a movie and there they were on such a good track with that ass shot.
  • I saw no movies sans Goode this week. I also been kinda falling asleep around 7 pm and did most of the blog reading today because I only have the time to do that either at 6 am or right before writing my own posts. Review for Birdman and Visual Parallels are still in progress, which sounds hopeful but that progress is very slow due to the lack of time and dexterity sufficent to write with my misshaped claws from all the work typing.
  • How do you like new Stoker header on the blog? For me it's the hottest moment of the movie.
  • This week in absent Ruffalo series - he has not shown up for Oscar nominees photo. But Ros did. Let us play where is Waldo Amazing Amy?
  • Let's take a look at those pics on the right.
  • Isn't Cotillard supposed to be some sort of fashion icon? Jesus, this is the worst outfit I've seen in a while. And what the hell is Felicity Jones wearing?
  • Redmayne's uncontrollable and so pathetic that it is annoying award thirst strikes again.
  • OK so apparently Richard Armitage's hair is not naturally black - he stopped dying it and has facial hair situation now for his Hannibal gig.
  • This week in Thrones trauma....
  • Yes, imdb is as reliable as I am on Thursday and Friday evening (wine is usually drunk in large quantities) but let me just say one thing - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP FUCKING WITH US!!!
  • I feel like D&D have trapped me in my own personal hell where every year for two months I live on pure hope and then they just take everything away from me. And yet it's year 3 of waiting and I'm still here. Waiting. 
  • I need help but I have so many problems it would never solve even half of them.
  • Meanwhile the publisher for ASOIAF tweeted the original outline of the story by Martin. I
  • I've never seen any of Fast and Furious movies but this new one has Jason Statham and that is enough for me.
  • Kathryn Hahn's character on Parks and Rec is my Queen:
  • I actually say things like that to people with kids. A lot. You know every day I remain unmurdered, I'm kinda surprised.
  • John Wick is getting a sequel! This is great news but please no more dead dogs!
  • Reeves has also joined that new Refn movie. Let's hope it's gonna be better than Only God Forgives - then again most things are and that includes diarrhea - especially that it also features Jena Malone, Christina Hendricks and Elle Fanning, playing the lead.
  • For some reason they remade Poltergeist and Sam Rockwell is in it. It looks's the first trailer.
  • Johnny Depp got married. I feel if he does a sex tape with his new wife this can literally be the best thing performance and movie-wise he would do in the last several years. My heart goes to Vanessa Paradis. Why were people so upset about Pitt dumping Aniston and they are not upset about this? This is so much worse.
  • And finally, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. David Fincher:
  • Katy wrote a beautiful review for Wild
  • Josh chooses top 25 movie songs of 2014
  • Brittani reviews The Skeleton Twins
  • Tom reviews Mortdecai
  • Sinekdoks lists best soundtracks and scores of 2014
  • Thaddeus reviews The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Ruth shares her favorite Superbowl 2015 ads
  • Andrew really didn't like Sin City 2. Not even Eva saved it for him.
  • and finally, m.brown reviewed The Interview and as usual his review is bitchin'


    1. I love that David Fincher "Go Fuck Yourselves" deal. So awesome!

      1. He's a badass :) I really love his commentaries, so informative an really fun to listen to, he is a bit....intense but he really knows his stuff.

    2. Oohh I like your new banner. Love Stoker, but I will never be able to look at Matthew Goode and not see Ozymandias from The Watchmen.

      Now You See Me 2 must be running a tight shift if they won't let Ruffalo do anything. Dude got an Oscar nom, let him have fun.

      I'm bummed you didn't like The Lookout more. I really enjoyed it.

      LOL at that Fincher gif. I need to buy that dvd.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I blocked the image of him In that terrible movie out :)

        It's seriously so lame. It makes him look really bad that he is not attending anything, I mean this is the time to show gratitude.

        I did like parts with Goode in them....:)

        GG commentary is on ITunes and it's really worth checking out, I feel Fincher should have his own show where he just talks about filmmaking.

    3. I liked Only God Forgives! Besides, I'm excited about the next film... that was until I heard my darling Jena got cast as it made jizz my pants.

      Hey, I like Marion's dress. Plus, I like that pic of all 5 Best Actress nods as they're all trying to be the Spice Girls

      Stoker is awesome and I do love Mia Wasikowska.

      BTW, did you ever see that clip of Mark Ruffalo making out with Meryl Streep?

      1. Yeah I thought you'd like those casting news :) BTW Jena is also starring in a new movie from the director of Teeth where she is playing a woman who has to remain celibate and stars having creepy visions... :)

        They really do look like Spice Girls!

        I did, it's featured in one of the recent RF issues, the whole Graham Norton episode with them was terrific.

      2. Yeah, I saw the trailer for Angelica... I'm eager to see it. She puts my ass in the seat!

        BTW, I too pity Vanessa Paradis. She has two kids with Depp and they never get married only to be dumped by some fish.

      3. It's really such a low thing for him to do, cliche too. He is definition of the midlife crisis now.

    4. Fincher is THE FUCKING MAN.

      Redmayne is THE FUCKING WORST.

      Goode, in Stoker, is THE FUCKING BOMB.

      Thanks for the link.

      1. Well said!

        You're welcome, sorry you didn't like the movie more!

    5. Your new banner is beautiful. I loved Stoker.

      1. Thank you! The film is seriously gorgeous looking, one of my favorite uses of cinematography ever but that moment I chose for the banner image is really the most mesmerizing.

    6. Yes to John Wick getting a sequel, I unexpectedly liked the movie. Directors can't please everyone, but some of the known directors are very meticulous about their work. I would rather have David Fincher shoot scenes repeatedly until he liked an end result rather than begrudgingly approving a scene just so they can movie faster. It shows dedication to his work, and if people complain about him he wouldn't have actors working for him or backers to finance his projects.

      1. I respect Fincher's approach as I'm kinda an obsessive perfectionist too but I still feel a bit sorry for all those poor actors who have to repeat the same lines dozens of times :)

    7. Mark? Cotillard and Jones both have on some hideous outfits in those pics. Love the Fincher quote and the tweet by NPH. And yup, Sin City 2 sucked.

      1. Mark is a no show lately due to his commitment to Now You See Me 2 :) Ah, I actually liked Sin City 2 hell a lot more than some stuff people praise like Selma and Calvary, I mean unlike these two at least it didn't bore me half to death.

    8. I'll join the Matthew Goode club if I can please. I'd seen him before in Match Point, A Single Man and the Imitation Game not long ago but Stoker really did it for me. I watched it two nights ago and I'm sold. I cannot believe that film didn't get more attention! The cinematography for one, the intriguing story, Wasikowska on point as usual and the glorious Goode.

      On another note, looking forward to the new GoT season and your incredible reviews!

      1. Oh yeah Stoker, despite a bit of a simplistic script that really needed more work, is fantastic. The atmosphere, the cinematography, the score and the acting are all incredible. So glad you liked it!

        Yeah I'm definitely gonna be recapping the new season, I just hope this one will piss me off less than the last one :)

    9. I'm so happy you're in the Matthew Goode fangirl club. I need to rewatch Stoker now. My hottest moment was when he puts her foot in the shoe. Good(e) god.
      Have you watched that interview yet? You must!

      Idk if John Wick getting a sequel is a good thing or not. It worked so well as a standalone film but at the same time I loved the whole mob crowd. They were like a dysfunctional family.

      I loved the Vanity Fair videos. I wish Goode and Jamie Dornan had speaking parts though.

      Fincher is the bomb. I need people to like export his movies to me because the DVDs here don't have his commentary. It's awful.

      1. I'm waiting for the wine to hit me a bit more before I watch it. I am a bit fearful of what it will do to me :)

        I loved that hotel idea, really hope it's gonna return in next one along with McShane and Reddick.

        Oh damn :/ It's online somewhere I'm sure/

    10. OH, Goode.. mmm. I agree on the comments about The Good Wife because that woman needs to get laid and fast! Did you watch the episodes where Will got shot and all? Because I thought it was a very nice way the handled that departure, besides, every departure is good when you have Goode to soften the blow.

      The Stoker header looks nice.. I also kind of gasped in that moment in the movie and secretly wish there were more scenes between them.

      The Fincher image is priceless.. and he should be a perfectionist, and he should own it.. so many actors get big pay checks for mediocre performances, so it's good for Fincher to push people to their limits with limitless takes.

      1. I did, I started watching from that episode :) It was really good and I liked the following ep with Alicia trying to figure out what Will wanted to say to her when he called.

        Fincher is obviously a great director but I think sometimes this may be a bit much of repeating. It could drive person crazy to repeat the same lines over and over again. Even Ruffalo was on the verge of losing it and he's a sweetheart.

    11. If Redmanye wins the Oscar, I will throw up. Ugh, the levels of thirst he has for it is just so off putting. When I saw him in the Vanity Fair issue and video, I was like God, no! Outside of that, I liked it. Sophie Turner should have had the reaction face and Sam Clafin should have had the line. Sophie is a hit or miss actress at best. I absolutely loved Richard Madden as Clark Gable and Keira was terrific acting out Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally.
      So glad GRRM did not do half of that outline he initially proposed. I have things I don't like about his books but if he kept those storylines, I never would have read anything past the first one.
      I will have to listen to Fincher's commentary, sounds hilarious and informative.

      1. Fincher's commentaries are really the best, he is such an interesting guy and he really explains the process of movie making so well. Turner is fine for me whenever she has to act with her expression but the second she opens her mouth....she is annoying me so bad recently.

    12. I love Stoker! That was my first time seeing Goode in anything and I was blown away. That piano scene is so creepy and sexy at the same time. I can't wait for Wentworth Miller's next movie, The Disappointments Room. Hopefully it's as good.

      The second pic of all the best actress nominees is so cute. I was also confused by Marion's dress though.

      Love Fincher! Is that from the Gone Girl commentary? I need to watch that ASAP.

      1. Miller's script for Stoker had so many awesome ideas but it was kinda evident it's his first time. Still, the execution really elevated the script and the film is really amazing, Goode was just fantastic there.

        It is, the entire commentary is terrific!

    13. Hello hello, happy Friday Sati. Thanks for the link!

      Oh my… Goode is one gorgeous human being, wish he got as many roles that Hiddles get. I think he’s a better actor than ppl give him credit for. Ahah yeah, if only real life prosecutors looked like THAT, we’d all clamoring to go into law :P

      That scene in Stoker is brimming w/ so much sexual tension it practically ricochet through the roof of the theater! OMG to swap places w/ Mia Wasikowska… damn that girl sure gets some hot co-stars!

      You already know I LOVE your blog header, sooo jealous of Mia in that flick!

      Ahah, what the heck was Cotillard wearing?? That is hideous!!

      As for Redmayne, well he must be thanking his lucky stars Jupiter Ascending was delayed until AFTER the Oscar ballot as he’d wish none of the voters saw him in it. OMG, he ought to win a Razzie hands down!

      1. You're welcome!

        Well he is getting plenty of roles actually and it's usually in those movies that get award consideration, hope there are many more of those for him in the future. He is a really good actor, his work in Stoker is such superb.

        She really does :) I loved that scene so much, it's one of the hottest scenes I've ever seen.

        Actually Redmayne can still suffer from the release of the film, they're still voting :) Did you see the film? Is it really that bad?

      2. I'd love to see Goode get his own tv series but I'll take anything really, he's so good for the senses as I like his voice, too :P

        It's crazy how sensual that scene is w/ BOTH actors being fully clothed!

        Jupiter Ascending is really awful IMO, plot is rehashed from stuff the Wachowkis themselves have done + a bunch of other sci-fi, and acting is just blah all around w/ Redmayne topping them all. I've started drafting my review for Monday, suffice to say it'll probably end up in my worst list of the year.

      3. I already hated Cloud Atlas and this seems just as stupid and boring, poor Mila Kunis :/

    14. Thank you for the link! <3

      I have heard nothing but good things about The Good Wife. Is it something I should get into? Obviously, Matthew Goode is a good enough reason to watch anything. haha

      The photos for the British Invasion shoot was gorgeous, but the videos I wasn't crazy about. Keira's was by far the best.

      1. You're welcome!

        Well I cannot speak for the whole show because I watched a bit of s1 and now am watching from the point Matthew joined - which is somewhere near the end of s5 - but it's really entertaining although the characters aren't easy to like apart from few instances - mostly Cunning and Goode's characters who are really entertaining/goodhearted.

    15. Lol, as a usual RF, I loved it.
      Kathryn Hahn is my queen as well. I was shocked when a teacher asked us in class how many of us are planning to have children, and only me and one girl didn't raise hands. Like, what the fuck And most of us're 17 and they want to hate their lives.

      Ah, the Hooded lady. I will laugh so hard if for a third time I click on the recap for the 10th episode after they fail you again ;d. Then I will be mad as well. But what did her body do for 2 years? Shouldn't it all be bones and a little flesh?

      Fincher is an amazing director, so people better not bitch about his way of directing!

      So I remember that Sansa is said to be using her body in the next season? Let's hope that's all she uses since her voice really is annoying (now that you mentioned it).

      1. Thank you!

        I'd want children if I actually had someone I wanted to have children with but I'm definitely not one of these women who feel empty and think having a child on their own is a good idea to give a purpose to their lives.

        Well the whole idea is that we would meet her after she rose 3 days after her death a while back, so when we see her it doesn't matter because she was brought back after 3 days. I really think I'm gonna have a stroke if she's not in this season.

        Yeah I really don't care for Sansa but the actress made a character I simply didn't care about a character that now legitimately annoys me.

    16. Digging the new Stoker header! I noticed that's on HBO Go so I've been thinking about giving it another watch. Such a great movie.

      Hahaha that Fincher quote. Awesome.

      1. Thank you! Love that film.

        Fincher should have his own show where he just sits and talks :)

    17. Hi Sati! I hope you're doing well. I love that gif of Kathryn Hahn's character. As mother to a toddler, I can say that gif is accurate. Although children do bring so many other wonderful things to ones life, but free time is not one of them.

      Depp is very close to Nick Cage territory. I can't bear to watch any of his films anymore. They're just so terrible. I of course don't know anything about his relationship with Amber Heard, but Paradis was such a classy lady and the mother of his children. He basically just traded her in for a younger model. What the heck? It just seems like a real trashy move on his part.

      As for Matthew Goode, I could watch him all day. I went on a Matthew Goode fest a few years ago and saw everything with him in it, Stoker included. Not a big fan of Mia though. I liked him in 'Cemetery Man,' I think that's what it was called. I also liked him in Brideshead Revisited. I didn't much care for the films themselves, but I liked Goode.

      1. It sad that Depp, someone who used to be a cool outsider, is now such a cliche. The money and fame really went to his head and at least Cage's movies are so damn terrible their funny, Depp just seems oblivious as to what kind of crap he is actually starring in.

        I'm gonna be watching Brideshed Revisited very soon :P

    18. That Fincher quote is fucking perfect. If only I had time to watch a director's commentary. Oh, wait. I have kids. So, my life is pretty much under their control. As for you? 'Unmurdered' or not, enjoy doing whatever the fuck you want for as long as you can. I hardly remember it.

      John Wick part 2? You know I loved the first one....but...I don't know. Is he going to get a cat? 'Cause no one would give a shit if they killed it. Honestly.

      Refn gets to make another movie? OGF was so bad. Diarrhea is way better than that flick. At least something actually happens when you can't stop shitting.
      I hope Keanu has practiced remaining motionless for five-minute intervals. That shit's pretty hard.

      (thanks for the link!!!!)

      1. Oh come, cat killing would be bad too, that moment in Grand Budapest for example was still horrid and it was mandatory for Anderson's psycho killing pets obsession I'm not sue the guys behind John Wick 2 would be this sick :P

    19. Thanks for the link!

      I liked Stoker, but I really need to rewatch it. Love the new banner by the way!

      I finally saw John Wick, and I'm looking forward to the sequel. Keanu is back, it seems.

    20. Loved Stoker and The Fincher. I guess this from from the Gone Girl commentary?

      1. It is, it's really worth listening to, very informative and entertaining

    21. "John Wick is getting a sequel! This is great news but please no more dead dogs!" Thats a wow news read here but totally agree for your second point.

    22. I have heard nothing but good things about The Good Wife. Is it something I should get into? Obviously, Matthew Goode is a good enough reason to watch anything. haha