Friday, March 13, 2015

(174) Your Grace!!! + links

By Sati. Friday, March 13, 2015
  •  Engaging in annual Stannis frenzy in 3...2...1....and....
  • AND YOU HAVE!!!!!
  • Oh, BTW - thanks HBO. Thanks for making me crazy horny for the entire month. This has been/is/is gonna be a great atmosphere to learn and work in. 
  • Oh God, my ovaries.
  • He is back! he is back! My precious king is back!!!!!! Oh God, he is so beautiful. THE CLOAK THE SCRUFF SWEET JESUS
  • Seriously, that trailer:
  •  Those above gifs come from the set I made this week which got so many notes. I've also got 300 new tumblr followers. I hope they are ready to read my downright disturbing personal posts about how much I love a certain British gentleman nearing 60.
  • I got in such a frenzy because of Stannis I haven't even raised some issues that this trailer suggested will be happening, because you know, D&D
  • there is a shot in the camp with Stannis and Melisandre. Is it possible that Melisandre travels South with Stannis? There is a popular theory including Melisandre and one of the main characters for what is happening in the next book and if she is not where she is in the book now...huh.
  • We'll visit Volantis. So you're telling me that not only did we have to suffer Talisa but now we are probably going to meet someone connected to her? And, and you dare telling me 'there is no time'? Fuck you.
  • It looks like Littlefinger accompanies Sansa to Winterfell. Can you please tell me how this bland little girl and mister twirling his imaginary mustache Batman will outsmart Roose Bolton? He's gonna eat them up and shit them up. I'd love to see that. 
  • EW sent Hibberd to do the article this year. Yes, bravo, for sending the biggest attention grabbing hack you have. I actually suffered through this entire article today and have I got a disappointing scoop for you - that's right, this guy spent 10 days on the set and this is all I learned from his 'piece' - 1. Ramsay has a new person to torture 2. someone who is not dead in the books dies this season and apparently had they been alive they would have a lot to do as they are featured prominently in the book 3. Dorne joins opening credits 4. Ellaria got some of Arianne's lines 5. They yet again confirm Stoneheart won't be in (I swear to fucking God this better be a smoke screen) 6. Nikolaj got harassed by girls everywhere he went in Spain 
  • 7. Two cast members woke up drunk and naked after partying hard. 
  • Just let me imagine it was Stephen. 
  • Just give me this dream.
  • Seriously.
  • At least the photoshoot is great and the best part is Arya's new look which is 1. stunning 2. something I'd want to wear (seriously going shopping for that) 3. more ladylike than that rag Sansa wore last time we saw her.
  • We also got 4 covers of EW featuring Arya, Jon, Dany and Tyrion. Because God forbid we feature Stannis. But honestly maybe it would actually kill me, those 5 seconds in the trailer came damn close...
  • Also in the other corner of my perversions - you guys! I have actual magical powers!
  • I tweeted this:
  • And then, as I do at some point of my day, I started going through Matthew Goode tag on tumblr (shut up, I have a difficult life)
  • And this! this is what I found!:
  • I haven't seen the episode yet, but I hear it's a daydream?
  • What is wrong with this woman ? You are working in the same building as this guy and yet you still haven't ripped off his clothes? I don't like Alicia. That she is stuck up is one thing. But she is also clearly batshit insane and not in a fun way.
  • I saw Before I go to Sleep. It was not good. What is up with Kidman's eyes? They were so bloodashot, they looked like she was injecting herself with heroin in the eyeballs. I kept hoping Mark Strong will bang her, giving this movie at least one lively scene, but no such lack.
  • Then I saw Mindscape which was really good, the ending was really silly but up until that point it was solid flick. Taissa Farmiga was pretty great in the film and the whole idea was cool - Strong played a memory detective who looks for answers in the protagonist's memory. Also good news - Strong was shirtless in the shower. Bad news is that during this moment he had a hallucination of his dead wife and child. 
  • Why can't I have nice things?
  •  I've been rewatching the second funniest show of all time (after the Thick of it) The It Crowd. If you guys haven't seen it yet, do. It's so fantastic
  • Have you guys heard of this movie The Lobster? The plot is that in the future "single people are obliged to find mates within 45 days or else be turned into animals and set loose in the wild". 
  • I've just seen my own future and in it I'm a squirrel.
  • Veep! The first trailer is out as is the poster for the show. I just cannot wait, there are other funny shows out there nowadays like It's Always Sunny and Archer (cannot believe I still haven't seen the last 2 seasons) but Veep is from the creator of The Thick of It which automatically makes it my favorite. Also Kent, Ben and Jonah are all back!
  • I saw Predestination which was basically one gigantic plot hole made into a movie. But it was interesting. For me all those time travel/paradox movies will always fall apart because either I determine they are impossible after thinking about them for a while or I give up thinking about them because it gives me headache. But the film was quite entertaining and Sarah Snook's performance was really fantastic. 
  • As a lot of you I have been watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and it's just lovely. Funny, witty and so uplifting. That show is really pure girl power. And I have to say Ellie Kemper is one hell of an actress - she was so sweet in the Office, fearless in Bridesmaids, the worst human being ever in Laggies and here as Kimmy she is just the cutest thing.
  • I notice Jane Krakowski is getting a lot of praise. Don't get me wrong, she is great comedic actress, but here she essentially plays less dumb version of Jenna from 30 Rock. You know the performance she should be getting all the praise and awards was Elaine in Ally McBeal. That was really so much better than her playing these caricatures, as entertaining as she is.
  • But the real star of the show is Tituss Burgess:
  • He is so fucking amazing. His delivery of " and then he gets on stage and shouts "'Oh my God....they shot Versace!" - so rude!" made me watch this moment 5 times and I've been laughing so hard. The guy is a revelation. I'm not surprised - I loved Queen of Jordan episodes of 30 Rock and he was hysterical in those.
  • Have you guys seen what Chloe Sevigny said about Lawrence? I love you Chloe! And for you guys bringing up Brown Bunny - I have more respect for a woman giving her boyfriend oral sex in a film than white trash with tons of naked, crude and degrading pics of herself on her phone, flipping a bird at the backstage of the Oscars and puking on Madonna's yard.
  • So Chris Hemsworth hosted SNL last Saturday. I can't really discuss this as I haven't seen it BUT there was a rumour that Jane and Thor, my favorite Marvel couple, are no longer together in Avengers: Age of Ultron. And during SNL this happened:
  •  Really? You give the official scoop on this in SNL sketch? If Natalie Portman haven't told Marvel to fuck off yet I hope she did after this.
  • Hey, I bet you thought to yourself "You know I don't think Tim Burton can become a bigger whore". WRONG! Apparently Burton is set to butcher yet another classic story for children. Prepare to read the most horrific sentence of the week. Ready? Here it goes: 
  • Tim Burton is going to make live action version of Dumbo.
  • I seriously wonder if Depp is going to play the part. No, I actually do. What would be a ridiculous thought 15 years ago is now a pretty possible option.
  • Why is Disney set on destroying their own classic? Dumbo live action? Tim Burton? Shit CGI and awful colors which are seriously guaranteed with these movies? Here we go, to traumatize new generations of viewers.
  • Look I have no kids and I don't watch animated movies because I'm always the one in the theater sobbing the loudest, but holy hell can they just stop destroying kids' childhoods? What the hell is wrong with these people? Has greed no limits? Well, of course it doesn't, but here greed meets a complete lack of self awareness and dignity. Speaking of - maybe Depp will actually play multiple parts? Kinda like those Tyler Perry movies?
  • Meanwhile Johnny is already on the set of Pirates 6, phoning it in working hard to earn money for his islands and his starlet wife, and this is btw the nicest way I can possibly describe her. And he has been injured! 
  • He was even flown to US for a surgery! 
  • My Goodness!
  • Guess what happened?
  • ...
  • ... 
  • ....
  • He hurt his hand.
  • He really lives in a bubble, doesn't he?
  • I've been enjoying Richard Madden's tour of all kinds of talks shows thanks to Cinderella release. Apparently he is close friends with Kit Harington and Harington continuously spoils the show for Madden. Richard shares all kinds of fun Thrones stories and also there's this:
  • My God!
  • FeelingFuzzier reviews Focus
  • Andrew discusses interesting movie news from this week
  • m.brown reviews Fury
  • Brittani and Kevin share their favorite live action fairy tales
  • Anna reviews From Hell 
  • Ryan shares a trailer for Self/Less which stars Matthew Goode. I'm sold.
  • Ruth reviews Lucy
  • Wendell reviews Enemy
  • Leopard shares a great post and in it some incredible songs from the 90's. In case you didn't know - I fucking love 90's and everything about that time.



    1. Another of your extraordinarily fun posts, Margaret. So happy to be included! Definitely catch up to that last ep of THE GOOD WIFE. Not a daydream, but for sure you're unquestionably in Alicia's head. And what fun that was! Many thanks.

      1. You're welcome! I really need to check out that episode this weekend

    2. The Lobster I'll keep an eye out for that one. If Thor & Jane are no longer together, I'm assuming it's a setup for a reconciliation in Thor 3, so I'm guessing Portman will still be around.

      To be honest, I'm kind of a Tim Burton apologist, but even I'm skeptical about a live-action Dumbo. This just sounds...weird...even for him. And I wouldn't be surprised if Depp provided the voice for our hero.

      Thanks for the link...but "review" might be a bit strong for what I posted...more like scratched my head over "Enemy." lol.

      1. You're welcome! I really hope Jane stays, Portman is really cute in the role and she has great chemistry with Hemsworth

    3. Stannis pops a million ovaries.... draws billions of dollars.

      Roman Reigns throws a thousand superman punches.... never drew a dime!

      I had to let that out as it relates to the lack of interest towards this year's WrestleMania.

      I'm excited for Veep. I love that show. I'll definitely see The Lobster since it's from the guy who did Dogtooth.

      I should note that Vincent Gallo's dick in The Brown Bunny was fake. How dare people judge Chloe Sevigny? At least she has the decency to not post naked photos of herself and have them leaked to the public. What a bunch of fucking hypocrites.

      I liked that SNL sketch Chris Hemsworth did but I heard that the whole thing w/ Jane was just a joke.

      Tim Burton doing Dumbo.... That's it. I'm out. Fuck Johnny Depp too. He's a whore now and not the good kind.

      1. I'm really shocked Sevigny is getting hate while Lawrence always gets defended. Seriously she has no class at all, who the hell shows middle finger while posing with an Oscar?

        I really hope it is a joke, but I heard some rumours that it's really happening :/

    4. Stop it, Richard Madden! Stop being so adorable!

      I'm loving all these Stannis gifs. I wish he would've gotten an EW cover. They should switch out which characters they use every year instead of just using Dany/Tyrion/Jon. Speaking of EW, I haven't read the article I'm even more curious about this dead character. So they had a big part in S3?

      I cannot wait for Veep! I'm going to go hunt down the trailer now.

      And you know Depp will PLAY Dumbo. Motion capture, my friend. ;)

      Thanks for the link!

      1. He's just too much ^^

        I think the actor assumed he will have more to do...maybe it's Barristan? i hope it's not Bronn

    5. Holy shit that Richard Madden gif was adorable. I don't really know who the Hell that guy is, but well played, good sir. Start the slow clap now.

      Very psyched to be nearing the start of VEEP. It's the only show I really watch, and it's routinely hysterical. I gave The IT Crowd a shot, and I liked it...but I never went back. Gotta fire that one up again.

      That's unbelievable about Burton tackling Dumbo. And I will literally shit my pants and throw it at the nearest person if Depp gets attached to it. I'm 99% certain he will, but still. He can't. He mustn't. I mean...will that delay the start of filming for Pirates of the Caribbean seven...teen.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I hope he has great career - he was really wonderful on game of Thrones and he is seriously great looking. Really nice guy too

        Oh you watch Veep! That's awesome, if you ever manage to find it try The Thick of It - it's the same creator and it's my all time favorite show. No matter how many times I rewatch it, I'm gasping for breath from laughing so hard

        I'm 99% certain Depp will be in this too. Carter may not be in it, since her and Burton split up, but who knows.

        You're welcome! :)

    6. Chloe Sevigny finally said it. It will be really cool if she doesn't get a lot of hate for it, but in stead cheering.

      So what will they change about this new Dumbo movie? I know that remakes are usually offensive in comparison to the original, but with a ton of CGI and one Depp won't kids also have fun?

      Arya's new look is fucking amazing. Usually I don't pay all that much attention to that kind of stuff but she looks like she's taken out of an action game in mid 18th century!

      1. JLaw fans are already trashing her for it, but they have as much class as their idol

        With Burton it may actually traumatize them - Alice in Wonderland had Alice jump on some decapitated heads, so who knows what he does here

        She really looks great, I wish all costumes were this awesome, the one Sansa had last season was so awful

    7. Thanks for the link!

      I have decided that once I finish Downton Abby, I'll be Netflixing all of Game of Thrones so that I can finally properly contribute to these posts.

      Chloe Sevigny is a hero for all mankind. In fact, I've been talking with some people over at AW about this, simply because I've loved Sevigny for years and she really deserves the success that JLaw currently has. UGH.

      Also, The Lobster is going to be amazing. That cast is ridiculously great and the director is the same fucked up dude behind should be GREAT!

      1. You're welcome!

        OH YEY! This is such awesome news! I hope you will like the show, the first season is one of the best ever in TV and the other ones are crazy fun, I imagine especially if one didn't read the books so it's not annoying how many changes and pointless fan fiction they put in the show

        It's so damn awful how someone like Lawrence has such a career and dozens of more talented actresses don't

        The premise is so insane, the cast also looks interesting, so definitely waiting for this one

    8. STANNIS. YES. The true king.

      I haven't watched The It Crowd, but I'll keep that on my watchlist.

      I gave up on Tim Burton a long time ago. It's sad how far good directors can fall :( and actors too (looking at you Johnny Depp).

      1. Watch it, it's so funny!

        I don't know what happened to this guy. He's such an embarrassment now

    9. Thanks for the link Margaret, curious what you think of Lucy.

      Oooh, Stannis is looking mighty good, loving the scruff.

      WHOAH! I’ll definitely have to search for that Goode Wife episode ;)

      Oh the IT Crowd is fantastic. Soooo hilarious, LOVE those three, thankfully the series is on Netflix!

      Hey, glad you saw Predestination. The time travel paradox is bonkers but I enjoyed it nonetheless thanks to Sarah Snook’s performance.

      Oy, I didn’t catch that part about Jane but heck, WTF w/ that spoiler Thor??!

      Richard Madden is perfection, sooooo gorgeous in Cinderella too. Awwwww he’s so sweet to that lil’ girl… swoon…

      1. You're welcome!

        He is so hot <3333

        Madden is always so sweet, really almost everyone on Thrones are such sweethearts. I really hope Madden gets a big break with that movie, he really deserves it

      2. Well it seems that both Lily James & Madden are famous now w/ the box office hit of Cinderella. He's almost TOO gorgeous in that film, but I really enjoyed it overall. Of course the great Cate is always perfection!

      3. Yeah I heard the movie is quite good! I think I'll see it this weekend. There's even some early award buzz for Blanchett

    10. Thank you so much for the link! I am so stoked about the new season of Game of Thrones, even if I don't feel quite as strongly about Stanis, physically, as you do. You are so right on about Kimmy Schmidt. It is lovely. Just so happy and fun. Titus is the best!

      1. You're welcome! Well I love love love Stephen Dillane so I automatically love Stannis too :)

        Titus is just incredible, hope that actor gets major award love

    11. I just adore Richard Madden. He has been killing this Cinderella press tour as has Lily James. I hope this does become a big break for him-besides being gorgeous, he is talented and seems like such a nice person. Jenna Coleman is lucky (as he is lucky to have her too).
      I just got my EW GOT issue, so I have to read that. Madden has been talking about a big season 5 death on the press tour as well and I never gave Barristan a thought. I could see Tyrion taking on that role though...
      The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is really good and you are right, Titus Burgess is the breakout star of that one. I could see him getting an Emmy nod. I can't get that theme song out of my head.

      1. Coleman and Madden are one of my favorite celebrity couples. They are just lovely separately and together.

        I think it's the Ides of March thing from the book death that Madden has been talking about.

        That theme song is so catchy!

    12. Kimmy was such a nice treat and well, I adore the IT Crowd. There are so many great episodes and I might want to revisit it soon because I really miss good old British humor.

      Richard in Cinderella was my favorite thing in the world...which makes me miss the early seasons of GOT... and his beard.. mm.. beard.

      1. I'm gonna see Cinderella this weekend! his bulge is seriously obscene in that :)

    13. You chose the perfect images for the Dumbo announcement!

      My God, I love your website. I wanna marry it and have a thousand babies with it.

      1. Thank you! :P

        Maybe then there would be more updates....this week is just one post.

    14. Hmmm, for some reason it has me signed in as guest blogger?? The comment above is from Mariah over at ASpaceBlogyssey. :)

      1. I have no idea....blogger is fucked up a lot :/

    15. Hitting it out of the park with these fun gifs. I wished I knew how to design this original graphics like you. It's simply phenomenal. Any tips for someone who's even lesser than a newbie to this amazing stuff you do ?

      1. Thank you! Well first you need photoshop or other picture editing program. Then you should check out some tumblr blogs with resourced for photoshop and tutorials :)

    16. Oh man, so much to talk about!
      dfdfhsdhjfhdf GAME OF THRONES! Super excited.

      Loving that you're a fan of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I absolutely love it. Although, I do have to disagree on Jane Krakowski. I get the Jacqueline/Jenna comparison, but I don't think Krakowski is playing a Jenna 2.0. There’s a vulnerability to Jacqueline that Jenna never had an ounce of on 30 Rock. As Tina Fey said: "At her core, Jenna was a horrible person, and Jacqueline is not"

      No idea what is happening with Natalie Portman and Marvel, but she's contracted for three Thor films, so she'll probably make a cameo or something to wrap up her character's plot (assuming her and thor do split) and move onto better projects. It's a shame as I did like Thor and Jane together. Fucking Marvel.

      Super excited for Veep!

      1. Yeah that's definitely the difference, but there are moments where she is a lot like Jenna whereas there is really nothing similar about Kimmy and Erin from The Office. I really liked Krakowski's soulful moments, she is a very good actress and it's great that the show gave her more to do in terms of showing her versatility than 30 rock

        Yeah it sucks so much, I love Jane and Thor! i think Natalie is mad about that director dropping out of the second movie

    17. Whew, ok. Hopefully things are back to normal! I hope you're doing well. I had originally posted that I've been taking a break from the blogosphere due to class, work, and family, but I wanted to stop by your blog b/c I love it.

      More Matthew Goode...everywhere please.

      I'm glad someone is finally calling out JLaw on her crap. Thank you Chloe! I've always liked her b/c she's a serious dramatic actress and she's fearless.

      You know sometimes I'm not sure who I want to go into retirement more...Johnny Depp or Tim Burton?

      Oh and that gif set from Kimmy Schmidt is hilarious. I will be watching that show soon. I'm currently watching 'Red Road' on Netflix starring Khal Drogo.

      1. I'm fine, hope you're ok too!

        Yes, more Matthew, always! :)

        I'm glad as well, it's nice to know that other actors see how obnoxious she is.

        I think Burton, without him maybe Depp would finally come to his senses

        Hope you'll like Kimmy, it's really a great show!

    18. Thanks for the linkage Sati! I am seriously beside myself with happiness that Stannis is finally getting his time to shine. Fingers crossed they don't stuff it up!

      1. You're welcome! I am finally so happy with the trailers and promo stills this year :D

    19. By the way, I somehow forgot to comment on Predestination. It's amazing how much I like the movie's style, its visuals, and its premise. Unfortunately, yeah, it's got a plot hole that they run with - and run with way too far, at that. It's ambitiously senseless.

      However, Snook is really fantastic in this. I also love the fact that half the time she looks like Jodie Foster, and then when she has red hair, she looks like Emma Stone...

      1. She also looked a bit like young DiCaprio :) Really promising actress, hope to see her in more roles as interesting as this one

    20. I really need to watch The IT Crowd (and The Thick of It, of course). :)

      Predestination looks like a mess, but I'll probably give it a chance.

      I wish Tim Burton would go back to making films like Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood. *sigh*

      1. Yes! Both of those are so hilarious and rewatchable, honestly best comedy shows I've ever seen.

        It's worth seeing if only for Sarah Snook's performance