Friday, March 20, 2015

(175) Thrones fever + links

By Sati. Friday, March 20, 2015
  • After such a long drought we have been getting so much GoT goodies lately. STANNIS!
  • Seriously look at Harington's face. This guy is such a source of joy for me.
  • Liam Cunningham and Carice van Houten give the best interviews together. I just wish Stephen tagged along with them. 
  • And here's Kit explaining the series:
  •  I saw the AP livestream of GoT London premiere and it was just horrible. My God, not only did we not get a new trailer and Stephen was not there but the whole thing was shot so poorly and we were basically treated to 90 minutes of the reporter chasing the actors trying to get them to say something
  • Harington looked so mellow I feared he was going to fall asleep standing up. We found out absolutely nothing and Selyse was there, Shireen was there, Davos was there, Stannis' entire goddamn family was there. Stephen, for the Love of God. are you kidding me?! Can you maybe just once emerge from your cave/forest hut/secluded lighthouse/the other dimension where beauty such as you lives and just give us a bit of joy at staring at you?
  • You know what love is? Love is when you watch a crappy coverage of Game of Thrones premiere for 2h on Wednesday evening even if you know Stephen won't be there.
  • But you have hope. YOU HAVE HOPE!
  • I made this this week. Oh yeah.
  •  OK so we got a detailed summary of premiere episode from those who have seen it and guess what? The prophecy scene with Cersei does not mention the last part of it. It doesn't even mention valonqar! But the funniest part is that the prophecy implies that Cersei and Robert won't have kids of their own and YET back in season 1 we had Cersei talk about black-haired boy she had with Robert.
  • you know what it means, right?
  • D&D forgot. They just forgot it was there.
  • I'm 99% sure they also forgot Balon is still alive. I bet in season 7 he is the only king left and takes the throne by default.
  • Wait, that's not all!
  •  Loras has a birthmark in the shape of Dorne and he is explaining geography to some dude in a gay sex scene in 5x01.
  •  ....from the minds that brought you such hits as burping whore, who is Tysha?, who is Arianne? what is this Riverlands you speak of? and we do not have the time for Lady Stoneheart.
  • And who can forget such classic as firecracker throwing magical children?
  • In the premiere Melisandre asks Jon if he is a virgin. Imagine Harington's face.
  • Sweet Lord, they will hear my laughter in space.
  • I finally saw Mommy. It was really great but I don't think I'll review it - it's Thrones season so I'm kinda preoccupied with that, also it would be really hard to gather all my thoughts about that one and I'm really exhausted lately. It's a really excellent movie, though.
  • I also saw Focus. The only good thing I can say about it - Margot, you are gorgeous and you deserve so much better.
  •  My apologizes for not posting anything new for the entire week. I wish I could say I was doing something...well other than what I was actually doing which was....
  • ...this week I made attempts to try and learn how to do some new hair styles. Let me ask you just one thing - how do people braid their hair?! I can barely braid a regular one, but a French one? on the back of my head? How does one do that? It's too hard. I get to braid my hair maybe 10 times since it's not that long and I already lose my way after the third one. I just wanted to have Catelyn's hair :/
  • And finally it worked. Only took....several hours...over few days:
  •  Here's the full effect with my new dress. RAWR!
  • (yes I know I've gotta tidy my room at some point)
  •  I was supposed to see It Follows but the only showing is at 3 pm - when I'm at work - and 9.30 pm - when I'm at home and I have no energy to go across the city to the movie theater. This sucks. 
  •  Next week I'm going with my mom to see that new Cinderella movie. All I had to do was show her the picture of Madden and say "look, this guy is in it".
  •  Meanwhile, the saga of Madden being adorable continues.
  •  Kingsman earned more than 250 million worldwide. I hope it means they will do a sequel. Unbelievable that I'm actually rooting for Matthew Vaughn to make more movies. That's how great Kingsman is.
  • I am dying to see Spy. The reviews from SXSW festival are fantastic. I love Melissa McCarthy and I adored both Bridesmaids and The Heat. But the biggest draw for me is Jason Statham finally in a comedy again. He starred in my favorite - Snatch - and the word is he steals the show in Spy. I see everything for this guy and apparently for the first time in a long time, he is actually in a movie that is worth seeing!
  • I finished Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Titus needs that Emmy. I laughed so hard when this happened:
  • Ruth chooses 5 movies set in Ireland in celebration of St. Patrick's Day
  • m.brown reviews  White Bird in a Blizzard
  • Fisti celebrates his 30th birthday
  • Brittani writes about Laggies
  • Irene reviews Sharp Objects
  • Jack lists best and worst of 2014
  • Alex reviews Wild Tales
  •  Kevin and MettelRay review Cinderella


    1. Thanks for the link, Margaret!

      Hey last night my hubby and I actually saw the GoT trailer on our flat screen TV downstairs and it looks absolutely breathtaking! Not sure when we’ll ever get around to watching it but it was so tempting! But we’d need like a year to be able to catch up on all the seasons, ahah.

      WHOAH, that’s an awesome gif set you made of Stephen, very nice!

      Ahah, that’s kind of how I think about FOCUS when I saw the trailer, Margot is so gorgeous & talented, she should get better movies!

      Love your braided hair, man you have thick hair and a lot of it to be able to do that. I was wondering if Chris Pratt helped braid your hair ;-)

      Hope you enjoy Cinderella! I finally will have time to write a review of it this weekend. I actually rewatched the trailer just to ogle Madden, he..he..

      1. You're welcome!

        It's so addictive - once you start you'll just binge watch the whole thing :) And it has tons of actors that are easy on the eyes....:)

        Focus was so disappointing, the script was rubbish and the direction was just maddening

        If I don't braid my hair or do something with it, it just looks like a lighting stroke me. So it's not always good having thick hair :)

        Madden's bulge is just obscene in that thing :)

    2. Your hair looks wonderful! And your work with images continues to blow me away every time I see it. It's shockingly good.

      You should make the effort to see It Follows! Plan out a day where you can keep your energy up - you'll be glad you did, I'm sure of it. And then go read my review =)

      1. Thank you! I am pretty good - modesty alert! - but seriously some of the stuff people do on tumblr is just mesmerizing. I just try to cater to Dillane fanbase, because it's small but passionate :)

        It's impossible to keep energy up when one deals with judges 8h a day :)

    3. I'm sort of excited to see GOT again, though I'm not reminded that I'm still way way behind with the reading. Though I'm most interested to know if Gendry ever returns? Seriously, where is he?!

      PS: Braiding, just, practice practice practice. I can now pretty much do a milkmade braid on my head without a mirror because I just practiced my ass off for quite some time. It's the same with winged eye-liner.. it takes me like a minute to do both eyes because I have been doing that shit for 1,5 years every time I exit the house. :D

      1. I heard a rumour today he does this season, so fingers crossed!

        I have been doing winged eyeliner for a decade now so it's mastered top perfection :) But this is so damn hard :P

    4. At this point, I'm totally going in blind for Thrones. No trailers, clips, or set pictures. Just the occasional interview or two but nothing more. I've been consistently spoiled about the show every season and I will try to avoid any/all sources till I see each and every episode after my A Level exams end on June 10. So very limited internet surfing time and soul-crushing studying for me for the next two months :'(

      That is some amazing work you did there with the braid and you look especially stunning in that dress.

      Got a looong list of films I can't see right now but will in the future. Spy looks so fun and I've heard so much about Mommy. I recently watched '71 and that, for me, was one of the best thrillers out there. Very well-balanced on the issue of 'The Troubles'. I'd definitely recommend it whenever you get the chance to see it.

      1. My life is constant studying and I also have a job, so yeah.....Thrones makes me neglect everything, really :)

        Thank you so much! I try to at least look good, since I'm not very good at my job :)

        I did hear about that one, I will try to see it!

      2. It's not like I don't do that for Thrones every year but this is my final year before uni. and A Levels is pretty tough course, especially considering I have a mix between the sciences and Literature. They say what I'm studying right now, for sciences, is studied in the second year for uni. in almost any America university and I have loads of revision and work to go through. Thrones will have to wait till they're done :'(

        I salute anyone who goes through and successfully completes a Law program, I can't even imagine how grueling and competitive it is. Especially considering you're still dishing out great content with your graphics and manage to look good at it too.

      3. Yeah and I'm not even finished with my law education yet, but at least I finished enough of it to have a stable job. Still, it's a pretty miserable profession.

    5. Okay, I hate Melissa McCarthy but that gif legit made me laugh.

      WAIT you heard a rumor Gendry might return? I would love that, actually.

      They don't even mention the valonqar? Good lord isn't that the point? I suppose she'll still be paranoid without it.

      I don't know how people braid their own hair either to be honest. I can barely manage a normal braid. I have four hair styles. Pony tail, bun, down with my natural waves, and down and straightened. No one ever taught me how to do anything else and I've tried teaching myself. I suck.

      Thanks for the link! :) That dress is gorgeous.

      1. I really hope Gendry is back, he is sure missed!

        I really don't know anymore wtf are they doing, it's such a mess

        They really should have classes in primary school about that or something. I wasn't taught by my mother any of this nor how to walk on stilettos. Now I'm 25 years old and catching up :)

        You're welcome and thank you!

    6. Everyone who has been working with Will Smith and his idiotic family deserve better.

    7. Love the gif set! Though it's incredibly stupid that they would leave out valonqar. Hoping that isn't what will happen in the end.

      You look lovely in that pic! I once tried braiding my little second cousin's hair, it went terribly.

      Bridesmaids and The Heat were amazing, so I am naturally excited for Spy. Have you seen Gilmore Girls? Because if you haven't and you love McCarthy, you should, she's great on it!

      1. Unfortunately this is confirmed info :/

        Thank you! Yeah it's hard as hell! i don't know how these chicks on youtube do it so effortlessly

        I haven't but I did hear she is great there before, I really need to check it out

    8. Woohooo, Game of Thrones season is here! I can't believe Stephen never leaves his cave. It would be cool to get some kind of press interview with him in it because I can only anticipate the amazing gifs you would make. Plus I'm really psyched that Stannis is finally having some kind of role in these trailers. So good!

      Also that braid is lovely! I do one big braid often because my hair is ridiculously long but I could never fold it up like that. I tried doing a hair tutorial from Youtube but the struggle was real.

      1. I just wish he did one video interview a year. Just one :(

        Thank you! Actually the folding wasn't that hard, but I can only imagine how difficult it would be with really long hair :/

    9. I am so disappointed. As someone who has not read the books now I will definitely not experience the awesomeness that book readers of A Song of Ice and Fire enjoyed because of these morons. I remember that they once said that their wives complain a lot about them doing so much work and being away so much. While this may be true, then why not hire a little more people and produce a little more episodes following the original more interesting story??? Why HBO, why? Weren't you supposed to make a lot of money as every company must? Because with a secured popularity and a following, people will watch it if there were 13 episodes and it won't get boring as the story always develops. Just some questions that remain unanswered.

      I should totally send them that message.

      Good lord, you should ask someone to help you with that braid, it should be easier. Right? I've no idea.

      1. Yeah I really don't understand why HBO is not looking to hire more people and more competent people to begin with. It's such a cash cow for them, they even said they would like more than 7 seasons. If they bring in someone new to do those I'm sure no one will miss D&D

        The problem is that I get ready for work at 5.30 am so I don't have the heart to wake up anyone to help :)

      2. Yeah, but even if they do more than 7 how will they bring up all the characters that should already have been introduced? It will be a problem, I think, although as someone who has not read the books I am not quite sure. If they replace D&D I might as well pay to watch GoT so as to salute them for their decision.

        Oh, I got it. Maybe it will get easier? As Kim Jong-un once said 'Practice makes perfect' ;d.

      3. Well it's all hypothetical because these morons will be in charge till the end :/

    10. I cannot braid to save my life, I have naturally curly hair so I applaud you for trying and yours looks good.
      I am trying hard to remain optimistic about GoT season 5 but it is so hard. From the talks of Melisandre/Jon, omitting part of the Cersei prophecy (which DRIVES her character choices especially with Tyrion), omitting key characters (Arianne), and doing nonsense with others (Loras)...I am really trying hard here but they are making it difficult for me. I hope if Gendry does come back, I hope it is a good storyline. I don't care that they stick to the books but I feel like they go for shock and awe over a good story.
      Madden's world tour of cute should never end. I'll miss seeing him charm the world when he's done promoting Cinderella. Good God, that man is unfairly gorgeous. Seeing the way he looks at Jenna Coleman at the various premieres (and the way she looks at him too)...oh these two got it going on. I saw Cinderella and loved it. Madden's bulge is distracting, but I did not mind. I'll happily ogle him anytime!

      1. Mostly what's annoying is how they just insist on changing things - would adding the two lines about valonqar to the prophecy scene really hurt? They just insist on doing what they want and not being faithful to the books, for whatever reason. It's so annoying.

        I really hope I'll find the time to see it this week, it looks like a charming movie

    11. I cannot wait to see Spy! It looks effing hilarious, and the rise of Rose Byrne as some kind of comedy queen is one of my favorite things about movies right now!

      I absolutely cannot wait to finish Downton so I can Netflix every season of Thrones! My buddy owns them all, so I may just make it a weekly visit to his house instead :-P

      I haven't read the books, so I think I'll be spared your annoyance with things.

      My heart skips a beat when I think of the fact that you really liked Mommy!

      1. You won't leave that house once you start watching :) Oh man not reading the books is a blessing here. The books are far richer than the show but it's so fucking irritating to see what they changed in tv series.

        Owww :) I'm gonna try to see more of Dolan's films soon!

    12. Damn it. I already have more T.V. series on my list than I could possibly watch, and now I HAVE to check out Spy. That limp dick unicorn bit is priceless.

      The hairstyle is gorgeous, and -- while I think I've said it before -- I LOVE your hair color.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. It's really a golden line :D

        Thanks so much! going to refresh it a bit tomorrow, yey 1h with dye on my hair :/

        You're welcome!

    13. Hope you're still going to check out some more of Xavier Dolan's films. Though, I'd say Mommy is easily his best. ;)

      Margot Robbie is amazing. I'm still bummed that she wasn't nominated for The Wolf of Wall Street.

      Spy looks like a lot of fun. That cast alone has me intrigued.

      1. Definitely, when I have some time I'll see his other films :)

        Margot really should have been nominated :(