Friday, March 27, 2015

(176) Will SHE rise? + links

By Sati. Friday, March 27, 2015
  • I can't. I can't.
  • It's not okay that the one in the middle turns me on.
  • I saw only 2 movies this last week. I haven't actually seen Twenty8K from which the above gifs are from, just, you know, gifed it for the ladies, but I did see Welcome to Sarajevo. All I wanted to see was Stephen in unbuttoned shirt (which I did). Unfortunately, I also got to see heartbreaking scenes of soldiers taking infants away from their families...Man, am I glad there was all this shirtlessness going on.
  • So there is this really long interview from Oxford with Kit Harington and John Bradley which I couldn't watch yet because D&D were there (ew) and I need some sort of liquor to get through this, but apparently this adorable moment happened:
  • In this week's entry of D&D suck - an actor wrote an letter after the showrunners told him/her they are killing off the character, stating the reasons why he/she thinks it's a bad idea. The showrunners, in front of that audience, in that video which is online now, said it only made them want to kill that character off more. What a dick move to say such a thing.
  •  And people are actually blaming the actor here? This isn't just a show, but a source of livelihood for these people. What's wrong in writing a letter trying to defend your character and trying to stay in the show? And they use it as an anecdote and ridicule it. These people are the worst.
  • The premiere in San Francisco was infinitely better than that fiasco in London. Look who was there:
  • Almost entire freaking cast wast there, even Hodor who is not in this season was there, but was Stephen there?
  • And why is no one playing with the Stannis doll?! 
  • The answer to the question - who would you bring back? from the London premiere:
  • Let me tell you about my Wednesday. So I sit there, in my office , refreshing asoiaf.westeros board as one does and then I see these tidbits 1. Gwendoline Christie said Bri's storyline this season is her favorite by far. 2. a rumor from someone claiming to have seen screener of episode 2 that Bri says to Sansa that she looks like her mother to which Sansa replies 'my mother is dead' and then after Brienne and Pod escape Vale guards they...hear scary noises in the forest. 
  • So naturally I jump all over it. 
  • Then on imdb this news shows up - in short there is this actress Stella McCusker who looks a lot like Michele Fairley and she appears for the first time in episode 3 which is said to have an ending that will freak book readers out and is credited as 'old woman'. 
  • Also at the same time another post by Hibberd showed up, claiming that he has some answers about "LS being cut" when as usual he had fuck all.
  • I went on a total Internet rampage, spreading these rumours everywhere to read other people's opinion.
  • My conclusion?
  • It makes perfect sense in my life if I get Stoneheart but she is not played by Michelle. It's kinda like 'yes, Sati, you get Stannis in the armor and winning the battle....but he will arrive in the next episode'. 'Yes, Sati, you get Stoneheart...but it's not Michelle'. Yes, sure, with make up, you can do it. But the thing is we will know it's not her!
  • Then there is another info saying that this actress plays someone in Winterfell. 
  • Then there is a part of an old woman who helps Brienne who appears in few episodes which is apparently not the same old woman.
  • In short - it's a total clusterfuck. It's like trying to figure out that third Matrix movie
  •  The noises in the forest info seems legit, though. There better be the pay off there I've been waiting three fucking years for.
  • As usual George R.R. Martin is working hard on writing the books. "George R.R. Martin recently caught up on AMC’s The Walking Dead. The Game of Thrones author tells us he binged about 14 episodes in a row". My God. When I was watching Kimmy Schmidt I managed to find time to watch 1,5 episode a day. And it's only 20 minutes for one episode.
  • I know some of you are fans of Girls and Lena Dunham so I highly encourage you to see the recent vile thing she did. Come on, you cannot defend this stuff. 
  • Meanwhile, Vin Diesel said some stuff that is have to read it for yourselves.
  • So Matthew Goode joined Downton Abbey and now Downton Abbey is ending? Oh, for fuck's sake.
  • Meanwhile I now only watch his scenes in The Good Wife because I cannot stand Alicia anymore. She is so boring, rigid and joyless. Also Margulies portrayal of her is more overrated than most of Meryl Streep's work.
  • I've seen Wild Tales which was really fun. The wedding story was my favorite and the actress playing the bride was so fantastic!
  • I had a hellish week at work this week. My contract expires on Tuesday and they didn't inform me what's next for this whole week. So today I got pissed off and just asked my boss if I still will have a job and it turns out that yes and he totally forgot that he was supposed to tell me what's happening. I work at a freaking courthouse, shouldn't it be a serious place?
  • Anyways I'm glad, because I cannot be unemployed and Thrones obsessed. Both of those combined would be just...sad.
  • Michael Keaton will host SNL on April 4th. I'm definitely going to see that one.
  • Gillian Flynn will write script for that Steve McQueen's movie. Why can't she just focus on Sharp Objects adaptation so we don't have another Dark Places fiasco on our hands?
  • sinekdoks chooses best films of 2014
  • Brittani and Kevin participate in Fisti's brilliant Perfect cinematic moments blogathon
  • m.brown reviews Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good and very bad day
  • MettelRay writes about the new show Hindsight
  • Ruth reviews Cinderella


    1. I really hope Stoneheart is coming and they don't do a actress switch with it.. like seriously, this show has the highest production ever and they aren't willing to make the best and most possibly the coolest decision ever?! I mean, sure, I can live with the fact that this show is changing things up but now they are killing characters who are not yet dead in the books and not bringing back characters that are important for the whole storyline?

      Has there been like a comment from G.R.R.Martin yet? Like, what he thinks about this D&D duo changing things so drastically and so on?

      Anyway, if this is a marketing giving the book readers something to be shocked with, instead just the show watchers, then my god, it's been the longest and most horrendous trick ever.. if not.. they are really butchering the books, aren't they?

      PS: Thanks for the link! :)

      1. Yeah they are really changing a lot of things this season. They claim it only matters that the end result is the same as in the books but it's not true - the journey is important too.

        Well he said he understands why they are changing things but I think he is annoyed - he made a comment on comic con that the prologue of Winds of Winter includes Robb's wife who in the show is dead. He also didn't write an episode for the show this season claiming he is busy writing, but come on, he is not busy writing :)

        I think they are butchering them, because the time they saved making the cuts would be better cut elsewhere. But it's still a fun shot and it has Dillane so that is a huge advantage over all the other shows :)

        You're welcome!

    2. Lena Dunham should get the ass-kicking of a lifetime for being a fucking moron.

      So what you think of Welcome to Sarajevo? I liked it of course as I think it's one of Michael Winterbottom's finest films.

      1. She should be just shot into space. She is despicable.

        It was good! The acting was really great other than Marisa Tomei who wasn't really as committed to the part as she should be

    3. I am very much turned on by the third row of the Thrones actors. Thanks for that, Margaret :P

      1. Oh God. No, not Littlefinger! :D

      2. Actually I think Aidan Gillan/Littlefinger could be quite sexy, but that ubiquitous smirk ruins it. :-)

      3. Oh guys... I love Littlefinger! Smirk and all.. I just.. the scene where he pushes Lysa to death is still lodged in my brain, I just.. Team Littlefinger for some odd reason. :D

      4. Oh God, girls! I think Gillen is gross in general but LF?! No, no :)

    4. Lady Stoneheart played by someone other than Michelle Fairley? But… no. I can't.

      That 'anecdote' by D&D was awful. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to actually get a good role on one of the most popular TV shows, but then to be told that you're being killed off, and then publicly ridiculed for trying to keep the job? That's terrible.

      The wedding segment was my favourite part of Wild Tales too! Loved it so much.

      1. They suck. They suck so hard.

        It was so entertaining! Really fun movie and the actors were awesome.

    5. I'm so torn about that LS thing. Yes, I'd love her to be in the show, but another actress? The fuck is that. Michelle Fairley can't be that busy! That kind of ruins it a bit.

      That's shitty about the actor that wrote the letter. Hell, Melissa McBride (Carol on TWD) was originally supposed to die in S3, and when they asked her what she thought about that, she told them how much she loved her character and how great she thought she could be, and the writers kept her. It's perfectly okay for actors to state their opinion. I'm assuming I'm going to be pissed at whoever they kill.

      Lena Dunham just needs to shut the fuck up. I don't get how she has so many followers. She's vile and not even in the amusing way.

      Vin Diesel....LOL

      The reason no one played with a Stannis doll is because Funko hasn't made a Stannis doll yet. Renly and Greyworm have one, but god forbid Stannis does. They do have concept art for him, so I'm hoping that means a summer release, because I will be buying him. (He's the only king fit to stand next to my queen Carol Funko doll.) lmao

      1. I really think she returns. I really really really hope so :lol:

        Yeah it was such an awful thing for them to mock this person. All we know is that this is someone who has read the books and is still alive in them.

        She's the worst. She's worse than D&D :D

        Really? I must have seen concept art then :)

    6. And thanks for the link! (hit enter too soon)

    7. Beautiful post as always! Like Michael Scott, my desperation is palpable as my wife and I await the new GoT.

      I read the Lena Dunham piece. I don't see what's so bad about it. It's odd, New Yorker-style literature. Not everything she does always works and Girls has gone a bit down hills, although the latest season was better than the last. I like her.

      Thanks so much for the link!

      1. Yeah it's so soon and yet I cannot wait!

        It's antisemitic. I honestly think she is a total human garbage and he show is just an abomination

        You're welcome!

    8. Thanks for the link!

      I'm really excited that Flynn is scripting that McQueen film since it's a strong feminine storyline apparently, and she obviously knows how to write that...and with the right script McQueen can work wonders.

      Who is Vin Diesel and why is he talking? Like...what the fuck?

      I'm sorry, but I don't even understand what Lena Dunham is saying. Why would anyone write that? I'm indifferent to her, to be honest, since I know very little about her except how hideous she is, and I've never seen Girls, but like...what the fuck?

      1. You're welcome!

        Vin Diesel is Groot :D

        She's a despicable person and an attention whore. She keeps writing offensive and racist stuff like this all the time, actually :/

    9. Thanks for the link!

      I’m not too sad Downton is ending as then I’d be able to finally catch up w/ the show. It’s too bad that Goode is only gonna be there for one season, but I’m still hoping he’d get his own show.

      Keaton is hosting SNL? Very cool, about darn time!

      1. You're welcome!

        At least DA is giving Goode something to do, I'm not sure what the hell the writers of The Good Wife are doing, he is so underused there :/

    10. Unbreakable Kimmy is such a smart and a little odd show! I wouldn't have found it if it weren't for you, thanks!

      Lol you've done a lot of research about Thrones ;d. At least they should finally give us the character.

      Haxhah, Diesel is a joker indeed! Of the serious ones.

      1. Glad you enjoy it! It's really a very positive and warm show, really loved watching it.

        Yeah, this is what happens between March and June :D

    11. If they bring LS on the show, she should be played by no one else other than Michelle Fairley. But I could see D&D doing this and saying, well we never said we cut LS, just Michelle Fairley. I think GRRM is over the changes the showrunners make (or publicly pretends to be). He had his little freakout about the older Tyrell brothers being cut and then just said the show is the show and the books are the books at SDCC. And I really think David and Dan should have kept their mouths shut about the actor. I can't believe people blaming him or her for writing the letter.

      1. David and Dan should imho never give interviews. They come across as self obsessed assholes and the selectiveness of what they address and what they don't talk about makes everything worse.

    12. "It's not okay that the one in the middle turns me on." You and me both. Goodness.

      Thanks for the link, Sati, as I appreciate anyone still reading what's left of my blog. I can't seem to update the damn thing with any kind of regularity. Summer's coming, though. At least, I think it is...

      Vin Diesel is hysterical. Good for him for being cool with saying something like that. I'm not even a fan of those movies...but at least he believes. (I'm not saying I won't see know me).

      The Good Wife. Watched the first episode and thought that JM was asleep at the wheel. I'm sure it's decent, but not for me.

      Congrats on the extension....right?

      1. You're welcome :D Oh same here, I even have some ideas about what to write but I'm too exhausted to actually write it :/

        I'm gonna see the new one, it has Statham, so I'm there :D

        She is so overrated :/

        Oh man, it's kinda like having extended stay in hell where you trade your soul and happiness for money to buy pretty clothes and not live under the bridge...

    13. Congrats on the good news at work! :)

      LOL. Seriously? Vin Diesel is delusional.

      Oh, I'm dying to see Wild Tales! Glad to hear good things.

      1. Thank you! Wild Tales is really worth seeing!