Friday, April 3, 2015

(177) Ritualistic hamster sacrifices + links

By Sati. Friday, April 3, 2015

  • We got new promo still of Stannis!
  • Oh God, look how beautiful.
  •  Kerry Ingram, who plays Stannis' daughter Shireen, said that Stephen Dillane "stays in character" on set and that she doesn't talk to him between takes and only does when they're in the car being driven away from set and then he's "lovely". 
  • I'm having so many feels my heart is gonna explode.
  • I really want Stannis to have a scene with Shireen again.They are both so precious. Melisandre you stay away from that child!
  • Carice and Liam keep giving interviews and apparently Davos may or may not be in a 'shocking scene' this year and Melisandre is up to no good. I really hope it's not Davos or Shireen who die but I can easily imagine a scenario where Davos dies protecting Shireen from those crazy bitches. Don't take Davos away from Stannis for the love of God!
  • Ah, the gems one finds on tumblr:
  • I'm not gonna sit here and pretend I haven't drooled a little bit at 'quiet, strong man' thing.
  • Those who were lucky to see the screeners of first four episodes shared a bit of info and apparently the show included the moment where a ten year old girl tells Stannis to fuck off in a letter. 
  • Here's how it goes in the book:

  • “How old is this wretched girl child?”
    Jon had to think a moment. “Ten. Or near enough to make no matter. Might I know how she has offended Your Grace?”
    Stannis read from the letter. “Bear Island knows no king but the King in the North, whose name is STARK." A girl of ten, you say, and she presumes to scold her lawful king.

  • Imagine, imagine his fabulous expression!
  •  the owners of asoiaf.westeros who are quite critical of the show changing things said this - "our favorite scene in first 4 eps involves Stannis.brand new, not from the books scene. Beautifully written and acted." IT'S OUR TIME STANNIS FANS!
  • And he is in all four episodes.
  • And the NOD is in!!!
  • I'm gonna die and go to Stannis Heaven.
  • One week until new Thrones! One week after I do absolutely nothing else on Mondays except for watching it, gifing it, bitching about, writing recap about it and looking at Stannis after coming from work! One week till my borderline psychotic recaps return! ONE MOTHERFUCKING WEEK!!!
  • I've been facing a lot of personal attacks this week because I believe Stoneheart can show up. I decided to give up hoping for her return. I will not be named "probably insecure and fat" by middle aged guys with small dicks living in their parents' basements .I have a law degree, well paying job, awesome clothes, good looks, great friends and an independent movie site approaching 1,500,000 views. What have you ever accomplished? Jerking off in the corner afterwards having a career by deliver newspapers on your bike?
  • We know that in episode 4 Brienne and Pod are heading North. Yeah, it doesn't look good.
  • Here's the thing that is the most shocking Hibberd of EW actually posted something useful - this new GRRM interview and I quote - “In one intriguing new wrinkle, Martin says he just came up with a big, revealing twist on a long-time character that he never previously considered. This is going to drive your readers crazy, he teases, but I love it. I'm still weighing whether to go that direction or not. Its a great twist. Its easy to do things that are shocking or unexpected, but they have to grow out of characters. They have to grow out of situations. Otherwise, its just being shocking for being shocking. But this is something that seems very organic and natural, and I could see how it would happen. And with the various three, four characters involved it all makes sense. But its nothing Ive ever thought of before. And its nothing they can do in the show, because the show has already on this particular character made a couple decisions that will preclude it, where in my case I have not made those decisions.” 
  • this? this is me now ------------------->
  • Is he talking about her? If he is to me It means 1. she is not on the show 2. Martin doesn't know if she is on the show and assumes she isn't and either way yet another sweet revenge on D&D. I love you George.
  • Of course he could be talking about a number of changes D&D made. Aegon,. Jeyne Westerling. Jeyne Poole. Victation. Euron....goddammit, somebody stop these people.
  • GRRM in what I interpret as "Fuck you D&D I am not letting you spoil my readers" released new Sansa chapter this week,. It was pretty good, for the first time when I read Sansa chapter I didn't find her stupid and boring. But just imagine how D&D will alter that. Sansa and Ramsay dancing and joking around. Ah, stupidity we have no time writing but we show so many whores the fanbase explosion.
  • Seriously if Sansa marries Ramsay - and it looks she may - there will be worse reaction than when Jaime raped Cersei.
  • I saw The Gathering. It was so bad, it was so very bad. But it had plenty of Stephen which still places it above most other films.
  • I also saw Cinderella. It was so lovely! It didn't have any flying trolls, atrocious colors and money grabbing quality written all over it like Maleficent, Oz or Alice in Wonderland, it had so much charm and heart. I was smiling like crazy throughout the entire film. Oh God I also cried when her dress was transforming and then when she was dancing with the Prince. I'm so old and sentimental.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Rosamund Pike finally won an award for Gone Girl! At Empire awards and here's her speech:
  •  They released some new pictures from Dark Places where we finally see Christina Hendricks as Libby's plain mother. This is so ridiculous. Nothing about this woman is plain. She does has a wonderful role to play here, though so I'm hoping at least the film didn't waste her.
  • Speaking of Hendricks have you guys seen that sick poster for Gosling's pretentious directorial debut Lost River? The one with the scissors (scroll this page) What the hell? Is that what happens in this movie? I mean....what the hell?
  • My mom is away on the 3-week long trip which means me and Gustav have to get by on our own. It's tough. I'm pretty sure the department of sanitation is gonna bust in here. I keep putting dirty clothes in a bucket. I think I need to take those to the river bank and wash them.
  • Yep, this is how busy I was. Forgot Matthew Goode's birthday :/
  • I've been kinda exhausted this week - work, tracking GoT rumours - hey you laugh, but March-June is the time for me to be excited and fall into pure escapism, dealing with human resources department - I had to take one day off on the day my old contract was expiring and they kept ringing me on my day off,  I warned my boss I won't be in last week but apparently HR thinks they should be informed too, shall I also give them my freaking pin number and bra size? - dealing with crying Gustav - after my mom left he cried for an hour - managing the house, shopping etc. I managed to rewatch The Heat - I don't care what people say this movie is hysterical and U Turn which is so underrated. The aesthetic in this movie is what I absolutely adore:
  • Christopher Nolan says that you should see Interstellar more than once to appreciate its science. I laughed for 5 minutes after I saw that and then I just asked "why the fuck would anyone do that to themselves?
  • also....what "science"?
  • They made honest trailer for it and it's just brilliant:
  •  m.brown managed the impossible - he wrote hilarious review of last year's bleakest movie, Foxcatcher
  • Andrew finally read Gone Girl
  • Anna shares the posts she liked in March
  • Brittani reviews It Follows
  • Ruth chooses perfect cinematic moments for Andrew's blogathon
  • Alex lists 15 best movies of 2010's so far



    1. Glad to see Pike finally win something. She was phenomenal in GG. Her quote is hilarious, too. And yes, U Turn is very underrated.

      1. U Turn is really great, I want to write something about it to spread to word about how unique this movie is

    2. Glad you liked Cinderella. I was a little underwhelmed by it, but I did enjoy it overall.

      Oh, The Heat is, indeed, hysterical! I liked it a lot. I haven't seen U Turn, though.

      Haha, the Interstellar honest trailer is hilarious!

      1. You should definitely see U Turn! It's odd, but it's really good!

    3. Finally! Rosamund wins something.

      U-Turn is underrated. It's trashy but fun. Everything Savages wanted to be but without the humor. That is why Oliver Stone should just retire.

      1. Yeah his good movies ended before 2000 :/

    4. The Onion SleightApril 4, 2015 at 2:15 AM

      Hey, sati, it's me, The Onion Sleight (from / A Forum of Ice and Fire)!

      I don't have a tumblr account, so I thought I could write to you here (which I actually already wanted to do a long time ago, since I love your articles so much); I already mourned about your banning so much in the newest volume of the "Casting, News and Speculation" threads - with REALLY many :crying: and :bawl: emoticons - but 3/4 of my missing-sati-posts got deleted there :-(
      I really miss you, and your gifs, and Stannis love and the fangirling and drooling together!

      Kind regards (full of mourning),
      The Onion Sleight / Becca

      1. I saw they were being deleted, thank you so much for your kind words, I was lucky enough to see them before the gurus running this place disposed them like they did of me. I'll be posting all my GoT feels here so I hope you visit! :)

      2. The Onion SleightApril 4, 2015 at 2:53 AM

        I'll still visit cinematiccorner and your tumblr site as often as possible, of course! I couldn't survive the next season(s) without hearing about your feels in your always very hilarious and great articles and y'know that everybody loves your gifs and pics and edits ^^
        It's good to know there are still other ways to get my daily/weekly dose of Stannis love from you <3

      3. Thank you so much, this is so lovely! I couldn't even login to read the messages, I'm banned from the forum all together.

    5. It's about dam time Pike won something for that role. She should've won the Oscar.

      I'm so excited for all this Stannis goodness in GoT, but after reading all those spoilers today, I'm a little freaked out too. (and fuck those douchey posters on WotW)

      Everytime I see a still of Charlize Theron in Dark Places I get annoyed all over again. She's so wrong for the part.

      Over a million page views is awesome! I jumped for joy when I crossed 100,000....years after starting it. lol

      Thanks for the link :)

      1. Theron is all kinds of wrong really, but from what I read she gives good performance in the movie, so maybe it won't be a total disaster after all :D

    6. I am glad you enjoyed Cinderella. I absolutely loved it. Such a well done movie.
      I am seeing the spoilers for GoT that you posted on your tumblr and I am just so angry that the show is doing this. One hand, I am thrilled for some great Stannis scenes but the other is Ramsey Snow and I hate everything there is about him and his father and their scenes that the only thing I want to see if their horrible deaths. I guess I can watch the show and watch the parts I like and fast forward through the rest. Sorry that Westeros banned you, it's their loss.

      1. It is their loss, the mods there are scumbags but I did enjoy many people who post in the show subforum.

        I want the Boltons to die too and also Littlefinger also because it would mean Gillen's shitty acting is no longer gonna be ruining the show

    7. I still haven't had time to read Dark Places, but I have a feeling that the film is going to go terribly wrong.

      Yay Rosamund!

      I really want to watch Cinderella soon.

      Stannis in the first 4 episodes!! So excited.

      I've never heard about U-Turn, I'll check it out soon.

      1. It's actually getting decent reviews in France!

        U Turn is...bizarre, but it's also very entertaining. The last great Oliver Stone movie

    8. I am so glad you liked Cinderella! I am planning one of my rare trips to the theater to take my 11 y/o daughter to that movie. And congratulations to Rosamund Pike. What is wrong with the universe? She should've been showered with awards for her work in Gone Girl.

      1. Oh God do it! I think you're both love it, it's such a nice movie with a good message.

        She really should have been :/ That was so unfair.

    9. Thanks for the link, Margaret, always appreciate the share!

      Oooh, I can feel your excitement that GoT season is about to start! Go Stannis! :D

      Thrilled that you love Cinderella too. I definitely love this most amongst all the other fairy tale live-action adaptations, I LOVE that scene of Ella and Kit (love that name), and that moment on the swing after the dance is lovely, too.

      YAY for Rosamund, so sad that she’s only won ONE for that role.

      Ahah, that Interstellar’s honest trailer is hilarious. Mr Baked Potato, LOL! Well of course Nolan said we should see it more than once to comprehend it, that means ka-ching to him. Nah, there are too many other things I’d rather watch.

      1. You're welcome!

        Oh the swing scene was so lovely!

        Yeah I'd rather lie on nails than see this snoozefest again :D

    10. Glad you liked Cinderella.. the more I think about it, the prettier it is in my head.

      Also, you're happy that GOT will be back, hell, one week until you start writing GOT recaps and I'll be able to follow them which means I'll be able understand what's going on a lot better because of your informed recaps! Now that's like a double event for me, so I'm super happy. :D

      And also, I'm excited to see Littlefinger again..... his voice just gets me. Plus, I read this: and I mean.. hell yes!!

      1. Oh, God, that moment she walked into the hall and took a bow and that dress did that thing, it just moved so gracefully. Lovely movie.

        No worries, we are all in the dark! The show is taking such detours this year I didn't even do what I always do before the new season - read the book it is based on - because one can get paranoia from trying to figure out what was in the show and what was in the books.

        Well I'm sure that audiobook will have better acting than his work in Thrones :D

      2. Hey, I think he's fine in Thrones.. then again, I guess the voice is 80% of the appeal to me. :D

      3. Well he is gonna do so much dumb shit in season 5 :D But at least he will be present :)

    11. Thanks for the link!

      I really can't believe that I haven't seen Cinderella! I mean, I have two little girls and yet they went with someone else...and I wanted to see it!!!!

      I still haven't seen Interstellar...once :-P

      1. You're welcome! Oh man! Did they like it?

        You're really not missing much :P

      2. They loved it, so I'm sure I'll wind up buying it when it hits DVD...and I'll see it then :-P

      3. It's a shame you won't see it on the big screen, it looks lovely!

    12. 'I have a law degree, well paying job, awesome clothes, good looks, great friends and an independent movie site approaching 1,500,000 views. What have you ever accomplished? Jerking off in the corner afterwards having a career by deliver newspapers on your bike?' Oh my god, Sati, you have no idea how much I've missed your blog!

      1. You need to come around more often :)

    13. I don't have the slightest idea what Lost River is about, but the cinematography of those stills, and the design of that poster, definitely have me sold. Thanks so much for the link!

      1. You're welcome! I'm gonna see it just for Hendricks this week

    14. Holy shit. I don't know what to make of Lost River in the least. I have only one question about it: Is anyone allowed to blink?

      Good luck washing your clothes at the river bank. When my wife leaves town for a week, I generally end up living like a caveman. It's fantastic.

      Oh, man. Nolan is going to be pissed at me. I haven't even seen Interstellar once. Twice? At 169 minutes? I have a better chance of making out with plain ol' Hendricks.

      Thank you soooo much for the link. That movie still creeps me out, and it's been a few weeks.

      1. I managed to watch half of last night. It's so seriously bizarre. I think Gosling was high as fuck while making this

        Yeah my house looks like a cave now too :D

        Haha, it's really hard to sit through this one but I cannot wait for your review of it and its ridiculous bookshelves sequence

        You're welcome!

    15. Thanks for the link Sati! :D Just had a serious LOL at "I shall take no ho".

      I'm not going to read that silly Sansa chapter, I'm only reading that book when GRRM gets it together and finishes the whole thing!

      1. You're welcome! :)

        Oh man, this may be a bit of wait then ^^