Friday, April 24, 2015

(180) FOXy + links

By s. Friday, April 24, 2015
  • Oh my God. Veep!
  •  I love the show so much but this is the first time the writing has been almost at the level of The Thick of It - it was both funny and biting at the same time. Amazing acting from both Julia and Tony here.
  • I saw Mortdecai and to my gigantic surprise it was not terrible. Actually I rated it 7/10. It was funny, I laughed, the actors delivered good performances, the movie looked nice and the score was good. Why did everyone hate it this much? It's like The Rum Diary all over again, where the majority hated it and I enjoyed it.
  • I mean, screw you it was funny! The banter between Depp and Bettany? "'Have you lost your bearings man! Shellfish at a catered affair?". I liked it! 
  • I saw that Batman v Superman trailer and I don't get the hate here either. It's Snyder so of course there is no way this is gonna be a great movie, but the trailer was decent.
  • I also saw Jupiter Ascending and thought it was about 10x better than Cloud Atlas because at least I wasn't afraid I'll slip into a coma due to boredom. Yeah, it was ridiculous ("bees are genetically designed to recognize royalty" - oh poor Sean Bean) and Eddie Redmayne was insanely bad ("I CREATE LIFE!" give that Oscar back right now) but at least it was entertaining. And I really like the kiss between Mila and Channing. What? Good movie kisses are hard to come by nowadays.
  • Before you ask - no, I did not hit my head and lost my movie taste. But when  you worry about Mannis everything seems beautiful comparing to the dark pits of depression I'd fall into if they deprive me of my Stephen love. This is all I have.
  • I also saw Clouds of Sils Maria and it was good, but it might have been a bit too metaphoric at times. The performances were great, though, well Moretz was just good but for her that's still an accomplishment. 
  • Another thing I saw this week was a fox. I was walking home from work in the center of the city, right next to the bus stop and parking lot and there it was. Like, seriously, in the middle of the city. I hope nothing happened to the poor guy, I have no idea where he came from as there were no woods nearby. I felt like in that scene from Wild.
  • I swear to God, I'm not hallucinating, though you may probably most definitely think that I am.
  • Was it a sign?
  • In another spectrum of crazy, apparently Lars Von Trier is hitting the bottle again so that he can work. This guy is such a mess. He should be locked up for his own - and our - protection. 
  • What's new with me? Well I have a new dress and Gustav has a scarf in the same color. Also he got a haircut. And that thing on the balcony that looks like grass. Gustav Antoinette!
  • Oh my God have you guys heard what happened on Grey's Anatomy?! i haven't watched the show in years, but damn, that is Thrones levels of cruel. 
  • Attention! Mark Ruffalo is on Graham Norton tonight and next week? Kit Harington, Matt LeBlanc and Rebel Wilson. Cannot wait for Rebel to make fun of Jon.
  • Also f the new royal baby is a girl I'm gonna lose my shit so bad. What? I care!
  • Brittani recaps the recent Game of Thrones episode
  • Anna shares her thoughts on Interstellar
  • Meanwhile Andrew finally reviews it!
  • Courtney reviews A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
  • Alex lists 97 things he loves about Thin Red Line
  • Flixchatter reviews Jean Dujardin's latest - The Connection
  • Thaddeus celebrates his 6th blog anniversary
  • m.brown reviews Wolfcop


    1. I'm just indifferent about the new Batman vs. Superman trailer while I haven't been catching up with Veep though I did see that scene. That is incredible. Give JLD and Gary their Emmys.

      I'm not surprised Lars is back on the bottle. Maybe that was why I didn't enjoy the second half of Nymphomaniac and why I don't rate it highly as his other films. I think he's done now.

      1. He says that he drinks a bottle of vodka a day or something? He is gonna be dead soon if it's true

    2. I love all those Thrones scenes you giffed. They are so perfect.

      I about died during that argument between Selina and Gary. I felt like I was going to cry one minute, then I laughed the next.

      Alan Rickman dancing in that video is still hot AF.

      Seeing wild animals like that in the middle of town is so jarring. I had a beaver crawl out from under my car once in town. I screamed. Those things are fucking massive.

      I love the new dress!

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Thanks!

        That was such an amazing scene! i think it was the best acting on the show so far

        I love that video so damn much >3333

        Oh my God! I'd have shit my pants if I saw it.

        Thank you and you're welcome! :)

    3. Are you going to review Age of Ultron soon?

      1. When I see it, yes :) I should be seeing it soon

    4. These GoT gifs are so cool and spot on!

      When I watched the trailer of Jupiter Ascending I was sure I won't even download it because it will just fill the space of my PC and I would not watch it anyway.

      The blue dress and the red hair make a great combination!

      Did you watch that interview with Downey Jr where he was promoting Age of Ultron until the interviewer started asking him very personal question? Man, good thing he left.

      1. I watched it online via streaming site, it was honestly more engaging than some of the Oscar nominees last year :)

        Thank you! House Tully ^^

        I did! That interviewer was really awful.

    5. Those GoT gifs are astounding, great work!

      Oh, Veep. That was fucking beautiful. JLD and Tony Hale should just be given their Emmys now.

      Oh, that dress is so pretty! You and Gustav look amazing.

      I like Lars (his films anyway), but I don't think he's ever going to make another good film again.

      I don't watch Grey's anymore either, but I watched this episode after I heard what happened and omfg that was brutal as fuck. Still, I was more sad when Cristina left to be honest.

      1. Thank you! :)

        I think Von Trier really needs some sort of intervention. It's so sad he cannot work unless he is on something.

        I loved Cristina! I'm glad they didn't kill her off at least :)

    6. Glad you enjoyed Jupiter Ascending, which was fun even if it was a mess. I haven't seen Mortdecai yet, but I love The Rum Diary. ;)

      Can't wait for Clouds of Sils Maria!

      1. I hope you'll enjoy Mortdecai and I'm sure you'll enjoy Sils Maria ^^

    7. Thanks for including Josh’s review, Margaret, hope you get to see Dujardin’s latest film soon!

      I love all your fangirl-ing comments on Dillane, and I can totally relate :P I never find that Jon Snow guy attractive though, but in one of the pics above he kinda resembles Charlie Cox a bit. Veep sounds like a hoot! I should take up comedy shows after watching BORGIA.

      Glad you saw Clouds of Sils Maria. I haven’t mustered enough interest to see Mortdecai but glad to hear it wasn’t abominable.

      1. Veep is so funny, I think it's the most hilarious show on television at the moment!

        It's really not bad, I don't know why people hated it so much.

    8. Lars Von Trier hitting the bottle...oh Lord...but I loved Melancholia. Thanks for the linkage!

      1. You're welcome! Melancholia was legit the only one of his movies I did not find appalling

    9. Thanks for the link!

      Maybe I will see Mortdecai...I can't make up my mind. LOL...Depp...I wish I was still a fan.

      I don't really get the hate on the BvS trailer either. It looks decent, but there has been so much hate showered over the Affleck casting that it makes me want to root for this movie more and more just because I wholly support the idea of Affleck as Bruce Wayne.

      LOL...Redmaybe...GIVE THAT OSCAR BACK!!!

      1. You're welcome!

        Watch it, it's seriously not bad. But drink lots of wine like I did while watching it :) Won't hurt! :)

        I really think Affleck looks all right in the part. It's Snyder that people should be worried about.

        You've gotta see Jupiter. It's unreal!

    10. Ha! You are crazy if you think Jupiter Ascending was better than Cloud Atlas! CRAZY! Redmayne alone is worse than anything Cloud Atlas had to offer. Not to mention all the ice skating in the sky....

      Veep is so sad so far. I feel like I wanna just hug Gary in every scene. He's like a lost puppy times 1,000,000. And what's with Patton Oswalt?

      Gotta run! Thanks for the link!!!! you are the best (computer dying)

      1. But it's so surreal it's entertaining, Cloud Atlas almost put me to sleep ^^

        Patton Oswalt is so funny but my God I feel bad for Jonah

    11. That was definitely one of my favorite Veep scenes ever. They both totally went for it there. Thanks so much for the link and comment!

      1. You're welcome! That was really Emmy win quality acting there, so good. This season the acting is even better than usual

    12. Thank you for the link Sati! I am absolutely loving that gif of Jon - "hoe don't do it", so funny.

      I kind of really want to see Jupiter Ascending. The response was so universally terrible but from what I could see in the trailer it looked like a cinematography lover's dream.

      1. You're welcome! Jon is such a good subject for funny gifs ^^

        It really wasn't bad. Redmayne was awful but to the point he was hilarious.

    13. Glad you liked Clouds of Sils Maria, I thought everyone was really good in it. I didn't hate Moretz either, her usual techniques and self-awareness actually benefited her in this role.

      Interesting that you liked Mortedecai, I might watch because I like Paltrow as an actress.

      1. Mortdecai was really decent fun! I have no idea why it's so hated