Friday, May 29, 2015

(185) Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in + links

By Sati. Friday, May 29, 2015
  • I'm referring, of course, to the annual Stoneheart hype.
  • Casting news for season 6 were released on Tuesday and while most fans basically almost shat themselves because Euron Greyjoy (who most assumed was cut) apparently is gonna show up in sixth season. But another tidbit leads me and the others to believe Septon Meribald is gonna be in the show.
  • He is in Riverlands in the books.
  • Walder Frey was rumored to be returning a while back.
  • SHE is in Riverlands....
  • Daniel Portman, who plays Pod of all people, mentioned that finale this year breaks the Internet
  • We know from the showurrnes that the last scene of the season is from the published books
  • What broke the Internet last year? The lack of Stoneheart. What can break the Internet now? Stoneheart!
  • But wait! It gets worse.
  • The title for the finale was released and it's "Mother's Mercy". Now, this is the wording straight out of Cersei's chapter that is covered in finale, also it may relate to Selyse but while one of Stoneheart's names is also Mother Merciless...:
  •  "Per AFFC’s appendix: LADY STONEHEART, a hooded woman, sometimes called MOTHER MERCY, THE SILENT SISTER, and THE HANGWOMAN" 
  • There is more - the title for the finale was released later than usual, we are no longer getting 'previously on' clips on GoT Youtube channel before the episode airs and most interestingly for the first time in the history the score is not released in June around finale BUT a whole month later and tracklist always gave us hints to what will happen in the last episode.
  • Look what I made.
  • I'm telling you this will go on till the end - they will dangle Stoneheart hope in front of me to get me to watch no matter what happens. It's like torture or something.
  • I have now decided to just assume everyone I love dies this season of Thrones.
  • With a bunch of new characters coming, they need to make a room. I think something very tragic and bloody is gonna go down in our Northern storyline. In fact the only one who is safe is Brienne. Everyone else? I see the darkness coming....
  • I now believe everything is gonna go to shit but it's all gonna be fine as long that after 3 years of waiting and pleading and deciphering insane rumours and  fanfic and set info and fucking reading between the lines of every single interview Michelle Fairley has given you will feature the epilogue scene as the end of season 5. Do it and I don't care what amount of pointless Dornish boobs, Jaime's personality changes or the lines cut/changed from the book counterpart for absolutely - I repeat - absolutely no reason you include.
  • However, how fantastic was this, huh?:
  • Good God all the Stannis in last ep:
  • She didn't bang him. AND people wonder why I consider Melisandre to be batshit crazy?! Seriously?
  • Of course I made an episode gifset:
  • JESUS CHRIST the one in the middle.
  • I loved how he told that psychotic bitch with horrible taste in men to get out
  • I also made a separate one for his tongue and smile:
  • Don't you dare fucking judge me.
  • There was such sad finality in the last moment we saw Stannis in this episode. I have such horrible feeling this may be it for him this year. I have preemptively and subconsciously chose a back up reason to live.
  • His name is Tom Hardy.
  • I should have known I was in trouble when he spoke in Mad Max and a gigantic red alert signal appeared in my brain with the words "oh no, he is hot".
  • And then I saw this:
  • I'm doomed now.
  • I'm gonna see The Drop and Locke today. I was gonna see Locke on Tuesday but I figured I cannot take this much this early in a week.
  • Is Peaky Blinders and Wuthering Heights worth seeing for him? Recommend me stuff! Just not Bronson - I'm looking for hot versions of Tom, preferably unshaven.
  • Oh God. My life is so sad, isn't it?
  • Work is ridiculous because the judges are on their holiday vacation so I have literally almost nothing to do. So I read up Esquire interview with Tom. He seems so cool! And what is it about him choking Inarittu when he was being a dick? I like you, sir!
  • I have very little to no idea who the hell those people who won in Cannes are, however, YAY Rooney!
  • That's it. This is all I can tell you from the news this week because I've been on board of Stoneheart hype train. Choo fucking choo.  And yes, that's The Thick of it reference
  • Andrew blogs about Cannes Film Festival
  • Ruth writes about Mad Max: Fury Road 
  • Brittani recaps recent episode of Game of Thrones
  • Anna writes about Shame
  • Irene reviews Every Secret Thing
  • Alex wrote a post about all the films of Alfred Hitchcock
  • m.brown reviews Pitch Perfect 2


    1. I have to rewatch everything with Hardy in it. My realization of Hardy being hot came with Locke and yeah. Also, I don't like dogs but somehow Hardy makes them look cute I don't understand.

      I hope for your sake that Stoneheart comes to GoT.

      1. Yeah we shall all hope for my sake! :D

    2. That Oprah gif makes me laugh so hard. I could only imagine how much you want that character to be in, but it is so much fun when you see a good representation of the hope. ;d

      Those lines between Danny and Tyrion seem just like out of a book. Though I don't think the name Lannister will offer much help to Tyrion, maybe only his first name?

      Enjoy your free of work time! :) I haven't been to school in like 2 weeks for a various range of reasons but I have a few more so I will be chilling on Monday as well. And it's not like I'm wasting my time, I'd waste it if I go to school (at the end of the school year we literally do nothing).

      1. I wish I had Mondays off, I'm gonna need to stay away from the internet for the entire day on 15th not to spoil anything for myself about Got finale :/

    3. Lol the hype! I'm prepared to be let down again, but I really hope I'm not.

      I don't think Stannis is dying either, I actually think Brienne has a better chance if someone from the Northern story actually goes.

      Next season though: Northern Bloodbath. And hopefully Jaime and Brienne reuniting in the Riverlands.

      Thanks for the link! :)

      1. You're welcome! Oh I cannot wait for Brienne and Jaime to meet again!

    4. I'm going to see Mad Max: Fury Road tomorrow and I will post my review later that day.

      1. I saw it today (w/ Aloha and I have to say that.... I don't like it at all.

        I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!! We got to campaign for Oscar nods for Tom and Charlize.

        As for Aloha.... one of the worst films.... EVER!!!!!

      2. Yeah I heard Aloha sucks...WTF happened to Cameron Crowe?

    5. Peaky Blinders is worth it. So worth it. Hardy comes on for season 2 as does his real life wife.
      The real star is Cillian Murphy.
      I am trying to keep cool about the possibility of Stoneheart. Fingers and toes crossed.

      1. Oh then I definitely gonna check it out, thank you!

    6. Locke was more suspenseful than I expected, since it's simply Hardy driving along talking on a phone. Worth seeing and hope you enjoy it too!

      1. I really liked it a lot, it was amazing how suspenseful it was given how the story was structured

    7. I need Stoneheart to be on the show so badly. I would forgive D&D for all the mistakes they made if they just put Stoneheart on.

      I really enjoyed that first meeting of Dany and Tyrion, I thought it was very well done. I don't think Stannis will die either, since due to the growing hate for Ramsay, lots of people want him to stay alive so he can take Winterfell.

      Locke was great! It really exceeded my expectations, I hope you enjoy it!

      1. I really think if in one season Ramsay rapes Sansa and kills Stannis people will riot in the street and rightfully so :/

        Locke was excellent!

    8. Thanks for the link love Margaret!

      Y’know, I was just reading this article that speculates which characters will die soon in GoT and one of them is Stannis. I immediately thought of you & how you’d feel. “I have now decided to just assume everyone I love dies this season of Thrones.” Well I suppose one must be prepared!

      Btw, out of the 3 gifs you put up where a woman is coming on to him (sorry I don’t know these characters’ names), I thought the third one where he said ‘Get out, Stephen looks super hot there, dayum!

      Ahah, so you’re crushing on Tom Hardy eh? Have you seen Rocknrolla? He’s soooo gorgeous in it and his scenes w/ Gerry Butler is hilarious! ;) Oh and Locke is excellent, worth seeing solely for Hardy's performance.

      1. You're welcome!

        Yeah it looks bad, But at least according to the description he is both in next episode and the finale.

        He did look hot also he was defending his daughter in that scene ^^

        I did, very funny movie shame there are no sequels to that one

    9. I hope you liked The Drop; it was one of the randoms I chose to see in theaters last year and actually enjoyed! Tom Hardy is the tits.

      You'll be proud to know that I'm about halfway through GoT season 4...hurrying to catchup so I can read your recaps!

      1. It was great and the dog! Adorable! :D

        Awesome, hope you'll catch up just in the time for finale!

    10. Ugh, Stephen was so sexy in that scene with Melisandre, too bad it was wasted on her crazy ass!
      Not even the hope of LS appearing can make me feel better about the last two episodes, the possibility of Stannis dying is too much to handle! Besides, I'll believe it when I see it,best not get excited,if last year taught us anything!
      I dont think Melisandre will burn Shireen to save Stannis since that burning thing is probably in the 9th episode and Stannis is probably fighting in the finale so I hope he stops it and banishes her. Sadly, I see Dumb&Dumber making it so Ramsay defeats and kills Stannis ,they do love sadistic psychos. Or, u know, something totally idiotic involving Brienne.
      Oh and I read Stephen might be in a play in November so yeah, not looking good, though I am at least hoping he lives for a few more eps,into season 6, I guess he could film for that.

      Oh u should totally watch Peaky Blinders, it is really good!

      1. Last I read was that Stephen's schedule is built around the show but I never found the source of that info :/ Who knows, tracking all those casting rumours drives me insane :/ I hope nothing happens to Stannis, Ramsay killing him would be awful

        I really need to see that show!

    11. Oscar campaign for Mad Max: Fury Road. It's so great. Better then the previous movies of the franchise.

    12. F--k my phone, right in its electronic ass, but I lost another comment on yet another sweet RF. That shit drives me crazy. Anyway...

      Thanks for the link. I hope you managed to see some more Hardy goodness, and I also hope you bang out Bronson sooner rather than later. That movie is incredibly interesting and Hardy f--king NAILS IT. Yes, he strips down naked, greases himself up, and fights everybody, but it's so sooooo good. And his insane ramblings into the camera are priceless!

      I'm avoiding your Mad Max review like the plague, only because I still haven't seen that f--king movie. I can't wait though. Not even a little bit.

      1. I'm not sure about Bronson....I'm trying to check the films I find him attractive in first...I have a very difficult job and I deserve happiness :D

    13. Thanks for the link! I'm bookmarking so many of your posts so I can reread them once I'm all caught up with GoT. Thanks for always encouraging me to watch the show, you were a big part of me getting into it!

      1. You're welcome! I'm so psyched you like the show!

    14. Hardy is becoming one of my favorite working actors. I was a little underwhelmed by some of his previous work, but I LOVE his performances in TDKR, Locke, The Drop, and Mad Max: Fury Road. Can't wait for The Revenant!

      1. Same here, The Revenant looks crazy intense

    15. Sati! Thank you for the link! Speaking of how hot Tom Hardy is, have you read the story about him and the kitten from Romania? Have a look here, my heart almost melted: