Friday, June 12, 2015

(187) I'm so conflicted + links

By s. Friday, June 12, 2015

  •  Thank God I found Hardy because if I 1. didn't 2. didn't know beforehand what kind of crap Thrones is gonna pull off in the recent episode, my heart would break so much harder than it did
  • Good Lord, Locke. I just want Hardy to be driving a car and talking in this accent forever. The only thing that would make it better is if he was shirtless
  • Also I saw most of Peaky Blinders. What a terrific show. Tom's character doesn't have enough scenes, though, he is only in 5 episodes so far and has about 1 scene per episode but...
  • ....he is so amazing in it. He's totally insane but in a sexy I wanna ride you but you are crazy kind of way not you burned your daughter and I cannot look at you anymore crazy kind of way. 
  • Also the soundtrack consists just out of Nick Cave and PJ Harvey's songs so it is absolutely divine.
  • I cannot even talk about that Stannis scene. In one episode he went from my fav character to me feeling like those women who write love letters to killers on death row. I love him so much, but he burned his child. BUT he burned her so that the world was saved. BUT he burned her. BUT he also probably saved thousands of other little girls. Oh Gods, what shall I do?
  •  This is so fucked up, so fucked up. The writing in this scene, the set up to it and its timing were so wrong. This could have been done and we would still root for him no question, if it was established properly this is his only choice and if Shireen doesn't die now, she will die with the entire world. But the way it was in the show, where the army was not on the brink of death yet, nor was Shireen, it is in direct contradiction with everything we know about the character - to the point that I myself, who know how crazy the writers can get, denied there is any chance, any chance Stannis would allow for Shireen to be burned.
  • There is a shot of Stannis taking out his sword in the promo:
  •  I'm so weak. He is too hot for me to abandon him.
  • Get this - spoilery screencaps from finale leaked. One deals with Cersei and the other one? HUGE SPOILERS shows Selyse hanging. She apparently commits suicide due to guilt. So Stannis is single now. A week ago I'd be like oh my God yes marry Sansa! It's gonna be awesome! Now? I'm dead inside but....Deep, deep down he is a good man. And he wouldn't have need to burn Sansa. Plus he is so handsome and they both went through hell. Unlike Ramsay at least he'd treat her like a lady. Which probably means that D&D won't make one good thing out of this hellhole of a plot - have Stephen show Stannis' guilt and grief over Shireen and have him killed by Brienne or something. Oh, Jesus. END OF SPOILERS
  • The biggest leaked thing is SPOILERS the shot of Jon seemingly dead and bleeding END OF SPOILERS I'm gonna be furious if this is what closes the episode and allegedly 'breaks the Internet'. I'm sure even the non book readers guessed something like this can happen.
  • The two reasons I watch the show is Stannis and possibility of Stoneheart. Where is she? I need her now more than ever.
  • I'm serious -
  • Where is she? 
  • Meanwhile, Kit Harington was hilarious on late night shows lately.
  • Moving on to more pleasant things, I'm seeing Spy tomorrow and I'm so psyched. Jason in the comedy for the first time in 15 years!
  • It looks hysterical!
  • I'm going with my friend who is also a big fan of Melissa but doesn't like Jason much. I keep telling him - it's better if he is in the movies they show on our TV stations, him not someone like Ryan Gosling. At least Statham looks like a man.
  • New Veep episode was so fantastic. Iannucci also did an episode like that in the final season of The Thick of It - just the deposition scenes, we didn't get to see anything outside the room. It was even more impressive with The Thick of It because the episode was an hour long, but Veep was great too, I particularly loved Mike and Gary being interviewed.
  • I haven't seen last episode yet but I finally finishes season 2 and I saw the new season premiere. Bedelia....Anderson still walking around as if she was heavily sedated. Thank God the show still has some amazing visuals.
  • m.brown reviews Max Mad: Fury Road 
  • MrRumsey wrtes about Tom Hardy's wonderful work in Locke
  • Andrew shares recent news and thoughts about movie world
  • Brittani recaps recent Game of Thrones episode
  • Ruth reviews Spy and Josh praises Jason Statham's performance
  • Alex features Benicio del Toro in his In Character series


    1. I saw those spoilers too. I don't know what D&D are planning to do, but that combined with the possibility of them leaving Stoneheart out YET AGAIN, it might be the first time I'm actually dreading watching a GoT episode. If they even have just a few seconds of Stoneheart in the finale, that would be enough. Prayer circles. As for Jon, I doubt that's where they'll leave him.

      Love the new header! Marion looks stunning.

      1. Yeah did you like the finale?:lol:

    2. I love Hardy, but I couldn't get with Locke. Not into watching other people talk on the phone...for like an hour and a half. It will be a while before I see Spy, but I'm looking forward to it. It does look hysterical. Love the dog getting in on the selfies, lol.

      1. Well it probably helped that I greatly enjoy looking at Hardy :) Do see Spy, it's hilarious!

    3. Stannis... bro... da fuck. So messed up. But I loved that final scene in the episode. Badass. Statham is great in Spy because he plays it so straight. Proof of what really good writing can achieve. Thanks so much for the link!

      1. Statham is so good with comedy, I hope he does more of it. You're welcome!

    4. I hope to see Spy this weekend. Largely because of Statham as I heard he sort of steals the film from everyone for being funny.

      I saw that scene with Stannis.... he let his child die... Unforgivable.

      BTW, did you hear Chris Hemsworth will be in the female-version of Ghostbusters as their receptionist?

      1. Everyone is excellent but he really is a standout :)

        He did, but it was the writer's fault :)

        I did! I'm not sure that movie is a good idea, though

    5. Hey thanks for the link Margaret! I think you'll have a blast w/ SPY!

      LOVE your Macbeth banner! Miss Cotillard is the reason for me to see it!

      Hardy is so crush-worthy! He’s so good in LOCKE, not my fave look but he’s great in it. Sorry to hear about Stannis… but it takes a good actor to portray such a convincing antihero/villain.

      Love your pics w/ Gustav photobombing you. You’ve got gorgeous cat eye!

      1. You're welcome! I just loved Spy!

        Thank you, I use A LOT of make up :D

    6. LOL those last gifs are so perfect. I understand your Stannis feelings. I'm so angry about Shireen, but I still don't want him to die tonight. It's weird.

      Gary's interview waa hysterical. Tony Hale is so good. I don't get the whole joke with Catherine and food all of a sudden. It seems kind of stupid.

      I, too will be drinking tonight during Thrones. Bring on the disappointment!

      Thanks for the link! :)

      1. Yeah I usually don't get Catherine related jokes, actually :)

        I'm gonna get so wasted this weekend...

        you're welcome!

    7. I'm so jealous of all the people seeing Spy over the weekend!

      Also, I have Locke in my Netflix soon! Is it just me (it's not) but does Hardy look so much better with the beard? Like...for real!

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I hope you'll get to see it, it's so funny!

        He does, he really does, he should never shave.

        You're welcome!

    8. Hi Sati! Thanks for the link! :)

      Hardy is so good in Locke. I've had Peaky Blinders in my queue since last year, so I really need to give it a look.

      Glad you finally saw Spy! Haha, those gifs are everything!

      1. You should definitely check Peaky Blinders, one of the better recent shows