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(188) Goodbye, my King, F U Thrones + links

By Sati. Friday, June 19, 2015
  • Do you see what happens when Stoneheart is not on the show?! Do you see?!
  • I made three different Stannis gifsets (1,2,3). Because everything hurts and they took him from me. I'm having an emotional and mental breakdown of massive proportions.
  • Well, it finally happened. GoT has finally reached the bottom and became disgrace.
  • They killed him. They killed my King.
  • First they killed his characterization and now they took Stephen in armor from me. They never gave me Stoneheart. I have nothing to enjoy in this show anymore.
  •  RIP Stannis of the House Baratheon, the First of His Name, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm. The One True King and The Only King I've Ever Loved (2x01-5x07,5x10)
  • I'm in such pain. I'm in such pain. What was done to Stannis in the last two episodes was just painful to witness. Not even because he was suffering - but because how terrible the writing was.
  • The audience may be watching, giving the show millions of viewers, but I have never seen more vitriol against the show than directed at that finale. I haven't had the time to read a lot about it - nor do the show presently interests me enough to do so - but according to the news sites I visit people are pissed off. 
  • Good.
  • The thing that repulsed me the most was as I was reading some article and it said people won't really miss or mourn Stannis because he burned his daughter. D&D took everything, everything from Stannis' fans. They disgraced him. They humiliated him. They had fucking Brienne call Renly a "rightful" king to his face.
  • I'll not forget that. I will not forgive that. The show cannot even be described as guilty pleasure anymore, because there is no pleasure. The writers have taken everything from Stannis and from his fans. They couldn't even have him die an honorable death because after he sentenced Shireen to die there was no honor. They showed his downfall in the series of rushed, horribly set up scenes. He was such a good man and they wrecked everything. All there is left for me now is hatewatching and ridiculing the show. What they have done to Stannis fanbase is unforgivable. They have tainted everything because there is nothing that can erase the memory of broken Stannis from my mind.
  • I've seen so many wonderful fans of the show dropping it this season. So many Stannis fans, from both here and tumblr and people who weren't even fans of the show in general, but they decided not to watch. I myself am fast crossing from anger to what gets you to stop watching - indifference. I visit the boards less, I no longer make episode gifs from the show. It's like I'm shell shocked from witnessing just how much crap was done on source material and Stannis' character. 
  • You know how if you ate a really bad chicken and it gave you diarrhea and food poisoning and then you couldn't ever even look at that chicken anymore? 5x09 and 5x10 Stannis arc choices are my Thrones bad chicken.
  • I listed some of the things which make what happened in 5x09 and 5x10 so dumb in comment section under my recap today:
  • You know it's not about the series changing events from the books. I liked the books, but come on, it's not some sort of great literature. If the series actually replaced the book plots with something else that was entertaining and better than what was in the books, while at least staying true to the characters, it would be fine. But how the hell are some people defending Jaime in Dorne over Jaime in Riverlands? Brienne's dumbass plot over Brienne in Riverlands? Sansa in Winterfell and two servants over the great Northern Conspiracy, a brilliant plot in book 5? It's just unbelievable.
  • Oh God, the stupidity this year. Thorne lets in the wildlings and Jon, makes a big deal out of Jon having a good heart and then stabs him doing a whole character reversal an episode later. Same with Selyse - hates her child for 2 seasons but when Shireen burns she feels so guilty that she hangs herself. Same with Stannis who loves his daughter yet burns her even though there are dozens of other options. Same with Brienne who chooses selfishness over her oath to Catelyn. Not only is the writing terrible, it's just inconsistent all around. The characters don't make sense. 
  • Not that the show does - Stannis doesn't hear half his army left in the night. He, the greatest military commander in Westeros, walks on foot to WF. He doesn't send the scouts, the army doesn't walk in formation. Suddenly out of nowhere Boltons show up with gigantic army. Where did they get it? Especially that Roose made such a big deal about being safer in the castle? Why the fuck give the order to get out and meet Stannis in the field? And where was Roose anyways? D&D didn't give a fuck about Stannis vs Boltons enough to even show Roose in the finale at all!
  • And the logic? What logic?! Stannis walks to WF from Wall for half the season, Melisandre gets from close to WF to Wall in less than one episode.
  • Ramsay and 20 good men. Bad Pussy. Slapping game between Tyene and Nym - which is apparently something that D&D did with Jason Momoa, ohhhh nostalgia. Ellaria poisoning Myrcella because Ellaria in the show is Cruella de Vill and apparently doesn't care that Doran will kill her for that. The whole North Remembers plot is 2 servants in the show. There are no Northern Lords, in fact it looks like the entire north is just Winterfell and the big fucking field with Stannis standing on it.
  • Where were the Tyrells? Where did Olenna and Littlefinger go? Where was Pod when Brienne was committing this atrocity? Where the fuck were Melisandre, Davos, the giant and Tormund during the For the Watch scene? AND WHERE IN SEVEN HELLS WAS GHOST?!
  • Seriously, Ghost was in two scenes this season and one of those was cameo.
  • Also what the fuck with the budget - the allocation of where the money is going to is awful - did anyone actually saw that Winterfell's direwolf statues have been sewed off? Or that each of those 600 faces Arya was looking at in House of Black and white was different? And why the hell hire Lolys and show her castle if that was for one scene?
  • They really did hate Stannis. No one will ever convince me otherwise. They could have easily show the battle, but no. Also - there is no way Stannis burns Shireen in the books and very little chance he loses Winterfell battle. It was all 11 year olds trapped in hack bodies imagination. 
  • - if you want to read how badly the show fucked up, read this. It's an excellent breakdown on how rich, powerful source material was adapted into bad pussy.
  • There are people actually enjoying and defending that show and I just have one question - how the hell did Brienne just chose revenge over protecting that girl? That whole plot was idiotic with Brienne standing around WAITING FOR A CANDLE SIGN but honestly leaving that post and then conveniently running into know what I just cannot talk about this anymore.
  • There is nothing positive in the show now. Before you had Catelyn loving her children. Before you had Stannis love Shireen before they crapped on it. You had Jon and Ygritte, You had Brienne's loyalty to Cat (seriously Brienne you truly should hang for abandoning your post). You had the Northerners and others respect the Starks (that amazing 1x04 ending). You had the Watchers really focused on the threat - the cold, the Walkers. Now all there is in the show is just shock chasing shock, death and shit. The showrunners even said Arya's sword Needle is her symbol of revenge. It's not, it shows her bond with Jon. There is no longer a sense of these people thinking of others (except for Jon and Davos) - they are just serving their own selfish needs. Cersei cares about her children?! Is that why she does what she does to Margaery even though it hurts Tommen? This whole show is an unfunny joke.
  • There is a difference between a complex character and shit writing. And the latter is now in the show. In the past it was much better - you had Stannis go to Davos because he instinctively knew that sacrificing Gendry would be wrong. What happens this season? Stannis burns his daughter alive, something he would never do in a million years and the D&D still want to go 'we are such smart writers and our characters are complex" route and they give him that moment, born out of ridiculousness when he takes out his sword to fight for the last time all heroic.
  • This is a good way of showing what is essentially happening here - Martin told D&D the ending and they only care about the ending, not the destination which is actually what's important here. So even though we had fantastic Stannis moment in finale the road to that and the series of scenes given to him in episode 9 and episode 10 was stupidity, travesty and an absolute disgrace.
  • And they insulted us further by now condemning us to 10 month long debate over 'is he really dead?' because they didn't even show it on screen.
  • It can get worse. The Boltons can find him and flay his corpse. It revolts me how possible it is in that show. My only hope is that if they send that script to Stephen he tells them to go fuck themselves.
  • A big part of me is happy because Stephen doesn't need to struggle with this show anymore. And the show didn't deserve him. So many wonderful actors there, just stuck. Jesus Christ, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is so great and he is stuck with such crap material 2 years in the row. 
  • I hoped a bit Brienne would kill him but not after a series of humiliating scenes and not after he lost the battle. Are you fucking kidding me with that battle?! I hoped Stannis will win, redeem himself and fight the Walkers like he intended to. Oh God Brienne. How could you?
  • And for what? For that asshole Renly?!
  • Oh God, I'm so disgusted.
  • The show's directors continue to embarrass themselves. David Nutter came close to Alex Graves' level when he told the interviewer that the moment Stannis dies wasn't show because it would be gratuitous. He said that about the episode where Arya stabs out Merryn Trant's eyes and then repeatedly keeps stabbing him. I just can't. I can't.
  • We had some lovely things said about Stephen from his co-stars. Stephen of course said nothing. He gives interviews if he has to or really wants to and I can definitely see why he doesn't want to this time. God, they did it to him just as he finally started hanging around with the cast. I can't. I seriously can't.
  • "“He’s not a movie star, he’s not a film star, he’s a f**king actor and he’s absolutely magnificent to work with and I shall hugely, hugely miss the scenes that I’ve had with him because he’s a master of the truth,” Liam continued. “He just digs and digs and digs. You can see it on the screen. There’s just no bulls**t when you’re working with that man. He’s a joy to work with and it’s all about the writing, servicing the writing, servicing the story. There’s absolutely no ego at work there and I think that’s one of the reasons he’s as wonderful as he is. He’s an extraordinary actor. I miss him. I miss him hugely.”"
  • Oh God. There will be no more tongue action. Seriously, God, the tongue action. No more expressions. No more Stannis using the words "my lady". No more armor. No more out of character but much appreciated Stannis is really horny moments. No more moments like this. No more Stannis being outraged. No more Stannis smiling
  • No more Stannis.
  •  My only consolation is that hopefully the show will give Stephen exposure and he will be in more things I can watch, thank God there is the Tunnel 2 to look forward to otherwise I'd just go to London and lie on the pavement in front of his house  begging him to hold me. I think I may actually do that anyways.
  • There are people out there who took their hatred and crafted hilarious things from it - this recap and this recap are just absolutely brilliant.
  • Thank God for Spy. At least this made me laugh. Statham was just beyond brilliant and I cried because I laughed so hard during coat/doorknob moment. I'm really bitter and tired and disenchanted and in no mood to do anything but I'll try to review this one next week. Definitely my favorite McCarthy comedy. 
  • Sicario first trailer is pretty dope!
  • Get that Oscar nomination Emily! 
  • I've tried making myself feel better this week so behold my new bag, dress and haircut - that's right no more braids. It's inspired by Bryce Dallas Howard's hairstyle in Jurassic World but it came off a bit like Amy Dunne too.Yeah, I don't think that is a coincidence.
  • Brittani recaps this abomination
  • Jack and m.brown review Spy
  • Andrew wonders about Inside Out Oscar chances
  • Ruth, MettelRay and Courtney review Jurassic World



    1. Remind me never to piss you off, and congrats on the haircut!

      Also, I'm really happy that Statham is good at comedy. I'd like to see him show off his range a little...

      1. He was so hilarious in Spy, hope you'll get to see it soon!

    2. Lovely hairstyle! The brown bag and the strip on the waist fits very well with the blue dress!

      I read that article that listed the top 10 butchered story lines, and there're so many things wrong with GoT that it's exhausting to even think about how much better it would have been had they stuck with books. Perhaps only Danny's diarrhea excluded.

      1. Thank you!

        I really don't know what Martin was thinking when he agreed on those showrunners but I bet he is regretting this decision now

    3. I like your new hairstyle. Sciario looks awesome.

      Wow, you went Kermode on that show. Did you hear his review on Entourage? It was like his infamous rant on Sex & the City 2.

      1. Thank you!

        I really need to check this out, I heard he destroyed that movie :)

    4. LOL the way you linked me. What they did to Stannis is unforgivable. I tried to defend this show for the longest time, but I cannot defend this. 5x9 and 5x10 sucked. I hope D&D get a ton of shit for how they handled this. There was no logic here. I'm not going to quit watching, I'm in too deep, but this season will probably be my least favorite for sure. I'm still shocked over this shit.

      1. Yeah I'm never defending this morons anymore. Even Cogman....God he said they wanted to include Sansa in that travesty of a storyline since season 2. What is wrong with these people?!

    5. I still haven't watched half of this season of GOT because I keep hearing bad things and I don't really want to watch bad things. I get enough of stress from work, and stressing over GOT isn't on my priority list and by the looks of it... it sure would be stressful and no enjoyment at all.

      Oh god, I remember when the show was good and every death felt like it meant something, like it tore your heart out to see Khal Drogo slowly die or Robb, it was heart breaking.. and by the looks of it, now death is treated as if it's nothing, and it doesn't matter..

      1. I'd say that they just seek reaction. Half the stuff they did are unnecessary - from replacing Sansa with another character, because 'Oh, they will care more' to Stannis's handling of character. The deaths used to be a natural ending to different stories: how long do you think Robb could live with his decision making? They didn't kill him off because of the shock effect, but rather because this was his organic end (even if he did try to take Casterly Rock chances are he'd still die).

      2. The deaths are definitely played for shock now. Best example? Barristan. What the fuck was that?!

    6. You know my thoughts on the episode. I love your rant, and I agree with every aspect. They completely ruined Stannis.

      I love the haircut! And it's good you managed to distract yourself from the depressing GoT with Spy! I'm excited for that too. How's Miranda Hart in it? She's a favourite of mine, and I'm so happy to see her in a big Hollywood film.

      1. Hart was super funny in that one! I know a lot of people say she stole the show. The entire ensemble was really magnificent, hope you'll get to see it soon!

    7. That's a great haircut, and I still like the color. You look lovely. I have nothing to say about GoT -- I pretty much agree with everything you wrote. :-/

      1. Thank you!

        That show is dead to me after what they've done to my King :/

    8. Thanks for the link Margaret! Oh I love your fiery red bob haircut, suits you very well!

      Sorry to hear about Stannis... yeah like you said I think Stephen is better off on another show and film that utilize his talent more. What a great tribute you have for him here though, wow, those gifs are amazing!

      1. You're welcome and thank you!

        Thank you! I just wish I could still enjoy him wearing that armor :(

    9. I like the new look. I think my favorite thing about Jurassic World was Bryce's haircut. As for Stannis, I think D&D hated Stannis' character from the beginning. I remember reading an article (I wish I could find it) in which D&D were amazed that anyone liked Stannis. After all, he's not blonde and he doesn't have boobs. They thoroughly believed that Stannis was an unlikable character and didn't understand why he had a following at all. What they didn't anticipate was just how good Stephen Dillane was. Stephen spun gold out of yarn. I am convinced that this fandom was the reason they assassinated Stannis' character so that he would be easy to kill and he would finally become the unlikable character D&D always meant him to be.

      It's kind of what I've said earlier in the season-- from what I've read about this season (and I've now seen the first few eps), I've decided that the show really isn't enjoyable enough for me to keep watching.

      I'm really looking forward to catching up with Penny Dreadful and a few other shows this summer. Unfortunately the last few eps of Hannibal haven't been very good.

      1. Really it's such a travesty what was done here. There was no fucking segue between Stannis disagreeing with Melisandre in 5x07 to burning Shireen in 5x09. Burning her over Ramsay somehow destroying all the provisions for an army? And then killing of Selyse and fucking Stannis over in 15 minutes of screen time? It's an abomination.

    10. Amazing set of links, it's been ages since I've visited here. I'm sorry for my absence, it won't happen again. I love this site.

      1. It's OK I've been crazy busy myself, takes me a week to answer all the lovely comments here!

    11. I, too, am glad Stephen is out of GoT as he deserves so much better. Can't wait to see his other projects!

      Spy never came to my country so I'll have to wait for the DVD release but at least you had fun watching it.

      Sicario looks badass and I can't wait for another Dennis thriller. And it has Blunt too so that's like a major icing on a very delicious cake. here's hoping she's at the award's ceremony next year with that statuette next year. :')

      1. I hope he does TV/films and doesn't focus on theater. It's for selfish reasons - since I cannot see him in the theater :/

        Oh man, such a shame about Spy! I thought all those big American hits are released everywhere

      2. Big releases do come here but never raunchy comedies because we don't have the most 'liberal' censor boards :'(

      3. Oh that's sucks :/ Hopefully it gets released on DVD soon!

    12. This week we don't smile. Haha seriously. My boyfriend and I are just completely depressed over's losing the magical edge and treading over into major-depressive territory time and time again.

      Your new haircut looks great...very BDH in Jurassic World! Thanks for the link too :)

      1. Watching that show is like getting kicked in the vagina.

        Thank you and you're welcome! :)

    13. I really enjoyed Spy, especially Statham's brilliant performance.

      Yes, Emily Blunt needs that Oscar nom!! I'm not sure if Sicario will finally earn her a nom though.

      1. From what I read del Toro is really stealing the show from everyone in this

    14. Found this somehow from tumblr.

      Brilliantly written. It even made me laugh a few times, it was so poignant. So true.

      Even in butchering Stannis' character this last season, I felt the major inconsistencies in it. They made him a hard-ass, more than he needed to be, all along, but even so, IT STILL MAKES NO SENSE. It makes him look like a psychopath -- to be making nice with his little girl all season and then roast her for no reason. Or rather, stupid, pathetic reasons.

      BLESS you and this post.

      Long live the Book!Real!Stannis.

      Stephen, you are a god. You were brilliant. The script was crap.