Friday, June 26, 2015

(189) Post Mortem + links

By Sati. Friday, June 26, 2015
  •  Week 2. I am still at the anger phase about my King dying. Actually depression, bargaining and denial are happening to me too. But there shall never be acceptance. As God is my witness, there shall be none.
  • So Thrones is getting a panel on Comic Con this year again and D&D won't be there. That's too bad, I was hoping someone is gonna ring that bell and yell "shame!" at them throughout that thing.
  • Liam Cunningham and Carice van Houten will be there. Stephen is not gonna be there. 
  • He is still in his cave. 
  • Distancing himself from that shit.
  • Martin is doing the same. Not in his cave but a mansion both by the money earned from our tears.
  • Why, George? Why out of so many writers in the world you had to chose these ones?
  • I had so much fun adding some of those. If this mess gets any Emmy nominations for writing I'm gonna laugh my ass off. 
  •  Iain Glen is gonna be on CC too, but not SD one, Tampa one. This is great. I don't think he was there before and I bet every single female who gets to that microphone is gonna beg him to call her 'Khaleesi'.
  • I actually had a dream last week that I met GoT cast and Michelle Fairley was busy taking pictures with cast mates but Iain and Emilia took pictures with me. 
  • God, I'm messed up.
  • BOOK SPOILERS It''s really mesmerizing how they are trolling people with that whole 'Kit is not coming back' thing. I believe some of the actors are genuinely clueless about the theories. It's also possible that given how D&D love to shit all over the source material they will actually not bring him back. Hey, just look what they did with Winterfell this year. These people are dangerous. END OF BOOK SPOILERS
  •  I just hope someone took Stephen out for a drink. Good Lord, after 3 years they finally let him play in the Sun and this is what happens. These fucks.
  • I know I was supposed to review Spy but I had really awful week at work again and I'm exhausted. Few times I actually passed out on the bed right after coming home.
  •  The person I work with this month (each month I get two different people who assign me stuff to do) has been super mean to me. Seriously it's like the rendition of Miranda Priestly asking Andie if she fell and smack her little head on the pavement (implying she is a moron) all month long.
  • You know, my dog's hairdresser earns more than me and I am a law graduate. I don't think I'm gonna try any harder at this job. No respect, no trying hard is my motto.
  • So I did the only thing I could do. 
  • I took a day off today. 
  • That's right no more going to Satan's butthole my office this week.

  • While I've been having a shit week, Gustav was enjoying his and got a haircut today. He also has a new girlfriend. Her name is Luna.
  • My dog has better love life than I do.
  • No wait. My dog has better life, period, than I do.
  • I saw Jurassic World and I legit cared more about CGI dinosaurs than people in this movie. Those poor guys were just chillin' on that meadow and that hybrid dino killed them! It was so sad. The film was actually pretty scary for children, I think. I'm still baffled how it earned so much money.
  • Pratt was good but his character was so cliched. Howard was lovely, I wish she was the one given badass stuff to do. I liked her running in these heels. Girl power! The kiss between her and Chris was super cute but overall the film was forgettable. I need to get my hair color to be like hers. Mine is more 'angry carrot' right now.
  • I saw Dark Places this week. It was a very faithful adaptation, which after seeing the crap show that was season 5 of Thrones I really appreciated. In spite of being miscast Theron was really excellent. The movie needed better production design and bigger scale but it wasn't a disaster. It's worth seeing if you like Theron and Flynn's books.
  • I also saw Identity Thief. It was so-so. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't really anywhere near Melissa's other comedies. But I did love her performance - it was so heartfelt and she had incredible moment during the dinner scene.

  • I'm not sure what Legend is but I will sure as shit see it  ----->
  • Hannibal got canceled and people are disgruntled. I find it very amusing - it was a miracle the show went on as long as it did on NBC. And honestly, it's probably the most overrated series on TV now - last year the atrocious acting of Michael Pitt and the finale that just kept bringing dead people back to life, this year there is barely any plot just Dancy walking around having his bizarre visions. Add to that Gillian Anderson, looking like she is heavily sedated (how is she getting praised for her performance?) and it's truly no wonder there was so little audience tuning in. Memory palace? Abigail showing up to have her throat slit again? Will 'forgiving' Hannibal? It's just so stupid.
  • Apparently the fans of the show are actually calling Netflix begging them to pick up the show...
  • I'm not here to judge.
  • I don't much care, give how Armitage is only gonna be in few episodes and that's it.
  • Oh him and Dancy are gonna be on Comic Con too.
  • I'll tell you what is a good show - Penny Dreadful. It took me several months but I finally caught up (seriously if I manage to find one day I'm not tired enough/have the time to watch anything these days it's a miracle - I started watching Daredevil back when it premiered and I am still on episode 6 and it's not because I don't like the show - I really do - but I work 8h a day, study for 2h, play with Gustav whenever I can and collapse and nap for several hours so it's really hard to watch anything other than 1 honest trailer and few scenes with Stephen per evening). 
  • The show is so well written, it actually keeps getting better and better. The performances are so good, the music and the production design are wonderful. 
  • It's also fucking edgy as hell - they killed a newborn, ripped out his heart and put it inside a doll. 
  • The first season's antagonist was kinda weak but season 2 has witches and the main one is played by Helen McCrory who is seriously killing it in everything I saw her in, she is also excellent on Peaky Blinders.
  • Can Stephen please get on either of those shows?
  • I haven't seen the premiere of True Detective yet, but surely this can't be as bad as people are saying...yes?
  • Brittani writes about Veep season finale and the season premiere of True Detective
  • m.brown and Steven review Spy
  • Alex writes about fantastic scene from Begin Again
  • Thaddeus wrote a great post about Gone Girl
  • Andrew shares his screenplay!


    1. I loved 'Penny Dreadful' season 1. I'm glad you're catching up. I am still on season 2 ep 1, so I haven't seen much of season 2, but if season 1 was any indication, I'm looking forward to finishing it.

      I would disagree about Anderson's that I think that's the direction she's been given. She is giving a very nuanced "subdued" performance as Bedelia. I think it's purposeful. However, I completely agree that Hannibal season 3 has been extremely disappointing. The first ep of season 3 was good, but the last two eps have been terrible. I really have no idea what's going on? But overall I'm disappointed that Hannibal has been cancelled, if only b/c they were finally going to get to Clarice Starling and Richard Armitage is guest starring this season, but I can understand why it was cancelled. I recently binged the first 2 seasons so I can definitely see what the complaints are.

      I like to call it workplace schizophrenia. They tell you one thing, while expecting you to do another. The only thing we can hope for is that it gets better as time goes on.

      I consider myself to be all about women's empowerment, but sometimes there is way too much drama with too many women. I'm sorry to say that, but it's least it was true for me in a former job. Unfortunately, some women have this "queen bee" syndrome-- they love to shove other women to the ground so they can look good. They reinforce the boys club and don't want any other woman to do well. And then you have those people who are just mean and miserable and who want to make other people mean and miserable. That seems to filter across gender lines.

      1. Season 2 is, I think, even better than season 1 mostly because the antagonists are so much more interesting and threating than some nameless Vampire master

        I don't think they were gonna feature Clarice, they don't have the rights to Silence of the Lambs, or at least from what I heard they would be unable to feature her because of copyright issue. The 3rd season is such a mess, this show is really coming off as pretentious - there is more artsy fartsy crap in it than actual substance and plot.

        I work in the place where 3/4 of the employees are women. It's absolutely hell. There are basically maybe 2 or 3 girls who don't gossip. The bosses gossip with employees about other employees which is just the most unprofessional thing ever. I have never had any issues with men so it really shows that perhaps women's worst enemy are other women.

    2. Thanks for the link love. Gustav has a bitch now? Damn... he's awesome.

      I heard Comic Con is coming to Tampa as I heard my darling Jena will be there but I don't have the money to go. Plus, I'm trying to save up for next month's Barnes & Nobles' Criterion sale.

      1. Gustav is the boss ^^

        I'd be so broke if I lived in US or UK where you can actually spend money and see people you adore. Nothing happens in Poland

    3. Forgettable is definitely the word that describes Jurassic showed much more mercy than I did in my review, but I was so let down by this movie.

      What is this show with my former beloved Josh Hartnett??? I thought he was retired somewhere in Minnesota doing a whole bunch of nothing? Guess not!

      I haven't watched the season premiere yet of True Detective either. I'm starting to think they should have just stuck to the one and done theory.

      1. Hartnett is a lead on Penny Dreadful and he is awesome in it! You should definitely check the show out

    4. Hi Margaret! Good that you took a day off today, sounds like you do need a break. Awww Gustav has a girlfriend... Luna... such a cute name, too!

      Yeah it's nuts how much people are going nuts about Jurassic World, I too cared about the dinos than the people, as they're actually more well-written, ahah.

      I've only seen two episodes of season 2 of Penny Dreadful but yeah it's very good. I'd have binged on if I had time, though I had to avert my eyes quite often in some really terrifying stuff. Of course having Dalton there and Eva Green is a big plus!

      1. I'm so shocked at that massive box office. I didn't think dinosaurs are still this popular and the trailers for this one were rather underwhelming. Still, good for Bryce and Chris!

        The show is really scary and creepy. Eva delivers her best work there and Dalton is really wonderful, he even had a sex scene in season 2 :)

    5. "angry carrot" might be the best hair color name I've ever heard.

      Your coworkers sound like assholes :( I never got the point of being rude to your coworkers when you have to deal with them everyday.

      D&D probably sat out SDCC because they didn't know how to answer the questions they were going to get asked about the stupid changes in the show.

      The dinosaurs in Jurassic World were way cooler than the humans. Especially the kids, fuck them.

      I'm jealous you got to see Dark Places already!! I can't wait.

      1. It's seriously what is happening on my head right now ^^

        Yep. On the plus side everyone in the workplace think this one is a major bitch.

        I think they might have been scared someone throws feces and rotting vegetable at them, WoS style. i swear I'd actually root for Lindaaa to go there and do that :)

        DarkP is on directTV but I think it's gonna be in theaters soon

    6. Love that your dog is getting some action!

      I don't even know the bitch you're working under right now, but I already hate her. Why do people in general just have to be so...bitchy? Fuck that.

      I try hard to skim your GoT talk because I don't want to have it spoiled, but I can't help but know who has died now and so I'm going to try and not get attached...but I'm sure I will.

      And Legend is going to be amazing. Hardy, playing twins...and one of them is 'allegedly' gay. Like, I think everyone in the theater will be cumming to that movie ;-)

      And thanks for the link! I hope you take the time to read it. I'd love your thoughts.

      1. At least someone is :D

        I think it's what the bitterness leads to. Still it's just such a shitty atmosphere to be working in. It accomplishes absolutely nothing.

        Stannis is a tough character to like but it will probably happen to you :)

        It looks like Hardy is gonna have some interesting scenes in this one :D

        I'll try to read it today!

    7. Ugh, your work sounds horrible right now! I really hope it gets better for you, there's nothing worse than having to spend so much time each day around toxic people like that.
      On a lighter note, your bit about the 'shame bell' absolutely made my day! Can't stop giggling to myself now.
      - Allie

      1. It is actually consistently horrible, hopefully I won't have to work there anymore next year :)

        D&D truly deserve to hear that bell for the rest of their days :)

    8. Season 2 of Penny Dreadful is wonderful. Helen McCrory, what an amazing actress.

      Sorry about your coworkers :/ they sound like some classmates I know.

      I'm actually happy that D&D aren't going to Comic-Con this year. I don't think they can even begin to comprehend how annoyed viewers are with them. Shame.

      I have my exams coming up, so I'm probably not going to be seeing any new movies soon. I'm glad you enjoyed Dark Places though!

      1. McCrory is really stealing the show in that one. I love how they are not trying to put some tragic backstory for her, she is just evil.

        D&D are in such denial. They think what they write is gold and people who disagree are idiots.

    9. The True Detective premiere wasn't THAT bad. I at least liked it more than the last few episodes of the first season.

      1. Yeah I find it hard to believe that the premiere was awful. The cast alone should save it

    10. Identity Thief wasn't a bad movie, but it wasn't a good one either. Meh.

      There's something about Howard that I really like. I am not sure what is it.

      I remember watching the first 3 episodes of Hannibal and then stopped. Good visuals but it was just too boring for me. Glad I made that decision.

      So basically I've run out of shows. Except for two: Penny Dreadful and Daredevil. I will watch PD first.

      I've noticed that whenever people work at the public sector they're usually the ones treated terribly. My mother used to work in a public hospital, she's worked in many throughout the years, and only one she'd recommend to people as the conditions, the doctors and the nurses are all deplorable. Now my mother works in a private hospital where the sick actually go out alive and receive something in return for what they pay. Private sector>public sector. Always, whether you look at healthcare, education or wealth creation, regardless of which nation you compare. The government will always be worse.
      I know you've said before that you don't want to work for the private sector (I think there is not anything wrong with that), but if people make you hate your job, and it seems that it is anyway very hard, I think for your own sake you should try to find a better one - even if that means working in a private company or something. I don't judge or anything though, your life, your choice.

      1. I think Howard depicts her characters' emotions so well. She was in this movie Hereafter which was so awful but her scene in it was so good it totally made it worth watching.

        Peaky Blinders is also a good show to watch. I really need to find time to finish DD.

        I agree, it's probably tied to the fact that people in private sector tend to earn more money. It doesn't really apply to my situation because the judges do earn a lot, they are just bitter and treat people terribly. There are many nice ones too, who are really helpful, so it's more of individual thing. However you can work with 10 good people and 1 that makes your life hell and it still clouds all the good things that happen to you. The issue is that it's really hard to find job here, even with my education. I am trying every year to pass the exam to have more options but so far it's not been going too well.

      2. I'd you're right about her.

        My god! Peaky Blinders is set in 1919! My favorite history period is late 19th and early 20th century so it is a must watch for me!

        Who knows? 'the exam' sounds scary, but from what I see on your blog and the way you are able to assess movies and news in general I am not worried about you. :)

        By the way, I watched Mad Max and I loved the movie and the review, which was yet again, profound and true to the story!

      3. So glad you loved Mad Max! Hope you'll get to see PeakyB soon, it's very well made, it has modern music on the soundtrack but everything else is really faithful to the era

    11. Gustav remains impeccably adorable! And Luna is, of course, a great name.

      If I may: sometimes these disagreeable women bosses are just handing down to others what was given to them. A lot of women had a very, very sh--ty climb up their career path, with (usually, I'm sure) men being dismissive, insulting, and making them feel objectified. Once they get to a position of powwe, the damage has been done, and they lash out at others as was done to them.

      Or, they may be mean-spirited a-holes. You may never know.

      I'm sorry that's what you have to deal with, anywhere, much less your place of work. Please try to tune out the invective and the lack of professional help. Persevere, set your own plans, and do what you can to use these people to your advantage.

      It's not easy, but you can find a way through it.

      And thanks for the link! I really enjoyed collating all your various Gone Girl posts so I could link to (like, just a fraction of) them.

      1. I think it's just the mean spirited asshole thing :) I really hope I get to find a better job soon, it doesn't even have to pay better just have better atmosphere

    12. Oh, and bonus support: the time that Rosie O'Donnell told women to chill the f out about rape jokes, for no other reason than that she herself had to hear that sort of stuff when she was a "nobody":

      1. Oh God what a mess :/ I think rape should never be the subject of very rarely works, lately in Neighbors and This is the End and those were pretty tame jokes

    13. Love that GoT shame D&D joke. Laughed out loud for half a minute.

      I sooo badly want to see Dark Places but it won't come to my cinemas since it's not relatively big to say, Jurassic World or San Andreas. Ii really want to know more about what you thought about it. Are you doing a review for it?

      Glad you loved Penny Dreadful. horror is definitely one of my favorite genres and seeing Penny Dreadful presented to me in it's beautiful and lyrical dialogue and score, its impeccable production design and powerful performances, it easily became one of my favorite shows on air.

      hannibal kept me hooked for Mads Mikkelsen and it's lush visuals and nothing else. But a new show came out that absolutely blew my socks off. It's called Sense8 and I highly recommend watching it.

      1. Also, I'm sorry about the vicious people at your work. Karma works in most mysterious and often the best ways. I remember one time during school in my final year of A Level ( equivalent of secondary school) that this fellow debater on the school team looks down upon everyone else's failures and he would often gloat about his victories.
        Anyway, there was a debating competition out of city and he couldn't join the team going because he was stuck being the lead in our school's team for a drama competition. It was the first competition of the season where he wasn't part of the team and it was the only one where our team qualified for the quarter finals and won that competition. It was 6+ months ago and he's still incredibly salty about it.
        So don't worry, karma will work in your favor sooner than you think.

      2. I think I'll manage to write the review for next week, but it has been increasingly hard maintaining this site lately :/

        I saw some gifs from Sense8 and it does look interesting, hopefully I'll find the time to check it out soon

        I'm a huge believer in karma, so hopefully it works here too :P

    14. I am sorry if this comes through twice, my computer ate my response. Sorry your week at work was rough and you don't deserve to be treated that way. I am glad you took a day off. Gustav is adorable.
      Things have not changed with the Jurassic movies. I rooted for the dinosaurs to eat the people in the first movie and I imagine I will continue to do so in this one. My friend's 14 and 11 year old saw this and they found it scary.
      I know this won't happen, but I kind of hope they keep Jon dead. At least D&D can't screw up his character if he's dead.

      1. Yeah the only silver lining for Stannis fans is that if he is dead, the butchery of his character is over :/ But I'm sure Jon is gonna be back, Carice van Houten said some stuff that points to the popular theory being true and coming to life in next season on the show

    15. "So Thrones is getting a panel on Comic Con this year again and D&D won't be there. That's too bad, I was hoping someone is gonna ring that bell and yell "shame!" at them throughout that thing."

      Hooooly shit, that made me laugh out loud. Funniest thing ever. Haha damn. Thanks so much for the link!

      1. You're welcome! :D Seriously they should be hearing that septa's voice yelling "shame" for eternity as punishment

    16. Tell me more about Dark Places! How was the rest of the cast?

      1. I think I'll have the review up next week but the cast was actually all right, Stroll and that young kid who played Ben weren't spectacular but were alright. Matteo unfortunately wasn't given much to do, Moretz managed not to be annoying. Hoult was very good, Hendricks was great and it's a shame the movie wasn't stronger because we really could have her best work here but really, it's Theron's show

    17. I shamelessly loved Jurassic World, even if it is flawed. It was pure entertainment, and I loved Pratt and Howard together. Still, it's kind of ridiculous just how much money it's made.

      Really looking forward to Theron in Dark Places, as well as Hardy (and Hardy) in Legend.

      I wanted to watch the premiere of True Detective season 2, but I think I'm going to wait and binge watch the series again.

      1. I still cannot believe it made this much dope but I;m glad for Chris and Bryce