Friday, July 3, 2015

(190) Greed in their Eyes + links

By Sati. Friday, July 3, 2015
  • What the hell, America?!
  • I'm not, on principal, against remakes. Sometimes they are really good like Vanilla Sky, which is actually in my top 20 favorite films of all time. But the upcoming Secret in their Eyes just looks like a fucking travesty.
  • The original is Argentinian Oscar winner for Best Foreign film a few years back, only 6 years to be exact. It has great writing and acting, really cool lawyer lady character, very powerful story of revenge and awesome twist.
  • The remake appears to have Julia Roberts, looking like shit and begging to be Oscar nominated again, probably even more so than Hugh Jackman was, while yelling and wrecking sinks with hammers in that crap known as Prisoners.
  • That they remade it alone is upsetting, but what the hell was done with the story? The key character of the widower - who is smartly in the background for a lot of the movie - and the partner cop roles have been merged? Into a woman? To give Roberts baity edgy material so she can rough up some guys, drink, yell and smash mirrors? 
  • How cheap. How pathetic. How predictable.
  • The fact that they changed the part of a husband to mother just messes up the entire dynamic in the story. Also the bad guy just looks like some typical loon instead of sad, lonely and pathetic killer in the original version. Not that by writing 'sad' I mean you should be feeling for him but my God was that guy a gigantic loser. This one is less than a loser. It's just a cliché. A forgettable one.
  • And who did they cast to play charismatic, fiery, lively district attorney lady? Freaking porcelain botox doll Kidman. Not that Kidman cannot act, because she can. But she is so miscast here.
  • Eijofor is all right but the whole trio is so mismatched. The trailer looks like every single character was taken from another film and digitally pasted onto this one.
  • Also I hear that instead of rich corruption story from the original the backdrop here is 9/11.
  • So... Ben Affleck is apparently a gambling, drunken mess? At least that is being cited as the reason for him and his wife splitting up. Maybe he just went method with the whole Batman thing.
  • Penny Dreadful was on fire in the last few episodes. Who knew Billie Piper could act? I certainly didn't. Her big scene in episode 8 was amazing.
  • was that kiss between Ethan and Vanessa in episode 7.
  • So I finally started watching True Detective 2. I managed to see 1,5 episode. Why is Taylor Kitsch there? and why is Adams trying so hard? Am I supposed to be rooting for anyone there? I liked the main duo in season 1 but this is just an assembly of human garbage.
  • Terminator: Genisys is getting owned by Magic Mike XXL in American cinemas. Everyone knew that this new Terminator would suck but man, this is embarrassing. Also seriously what were they thinking casting Emilia Clarke? Not only is she limited actress at best but she looks nothing like Sarah Connor should look like. Also Emilia is really not looking great in that one. You take make up, dresses and the blonde wig...and she is just a plain girl. Ladies we all could look majestic if we had this type of resources.
  • So I started watching Outlander, but the only days I actually have the time to sit back and see anything is the weekends, so it's going as speedy as my viewing of Daredevil. Which is to say it's snail's pace. 
  • It's not a bad show! There is this whole celtic vibe, especially in landscapes, music and general way everyone talks I enjoy. Also while no one will ever come close to my lady Cat, in the first three episodes, the main character has more agency (read it and weep!) than every single GoT female character had this entire season. 
  • Combined.
  • You know you branch out, you start watching stuff like Penny Dreadful and Outlander with those rich female characters, actually doing stuff, being given screen time and you just have one question - why do David Benioff and Dan Weiss hate women so very much? Because when you compare how women are treated on Penny Dreadful with the pointless abuse, lack of characterization and simplification of Thrones, you must be blind not to see the rampart misogyny that has been sneaking up on us every since Cat died and so did Cersei - via whitewashing - the moment Margaery smirked at her and we felt bad for poor Cersei. Dany is being saved by Tyrion, Ellaria is a psychopath and Sansa gets rape in her big 'empowering' storyline in which all she does is 1. picking a lock 2. telling someone she wants to die 3. gets rescued by Theon.
  • Empowerment.
  • Meanwhile on Penny Dreadful you have Vanessa making hard, conscious choices, standing up to assholes and witches and consoling poor souls. That hasn't happened on GoT since Brienne's storyline in season 3.
  • Steve Jobs trailer! Well, Fassbender is back and looking fine as ever (except for the glasses and turtleneck, unless you are Statham in Spy, don't wear that guys). Winslet is almost recognizable and I'm so psyched that Seth Rogen is there! I hope he gets the Jonah Hill Oscar buzz/praise treatment.
  • I finally got a chance to start watching Conan again - I have so many episodes to see, some of them from a year ago. I watched Nick Offerman's episode from October and Bill Hader's, back when he was promoting Skeleton Twins and they were both so funny. Offerman was talking about his gig called "Full Bush" and started talking about how people should leave their pubic hair alone, in his typical awesome voice and sophisticated language and it was so hysterical. Hader did baby Arnold Schwarzenegger impression which made him crack up which is always the best thing to see.
  • Also I saw Nicole Kidman episode and I thought it was super rude that she kissed Conan but didn't even shake hands with Andy. It reminded me of that time Seth Rogen was on some talk show and Megan Fox was the second guest - he leaned in to give her a kiss and she just turned his face away from him. Yeah I get that women have the right to chose who is kissing them on the cheek but come on, it was a greeting. It just made her look like a bitch. Rogen is adorable, damn it!
  • How was my week? It was shit. It was so bad, I didn't even online shop anything, which is the highest form of being upset. I even took a nap. I once went 50h without sleep and now with this job, at the age of 25, I'm napping. I heard more crap from my boss this week - she couldn't even say she liked one of the 5 things I wrote for her - the phrasing she used was "this is the one I disliked least". She's on vacation now. It's against Wiccan code to wish misfortune on anyone so I shan't.
  • We have the most experienced assistants leaving us this month which makes me and a colleague who worked 3 months longer than me, the assistants with longest experience there. And everyone is expecting us to be as good as the girls who are leaving (who studied longer, passed the bar and worked there 5+ years). I still know nothing. I'd be cool if someone gave me 5 minutes, guided me somehow, told me what I should write about specifically about the case - since all I did for 5 years of colleague was studying theory - and then when I fucked up they would get mad. But handing me a verdict to write when I have no idea what I'm doing and then yelling at me for 5 minutes daily is really not cool. It makes me feel like a moron, even if there is no reason I should because how can you know things like that? To give you the idea - it's as if I studied human biology for 5 years, graduated, went to work and was given a scalpel to cut out someone's appendix.
  • All I can say is - thank God for the one judge (out of 12) who actually thanked me for doing things in advance for him. He even says hello and goodbye. Others just shut the door in front of you when you are carrying legal acts. 
  • And Stannis is still dead.
  • But at least Gustav had a good week again. And I got hit on about 5 times this week by guys who go 'oh what a beautiful dog!' and then to me 'what a beautiful lady!' when I walk him. And Gustav is such a whore he is continuously wiggling his tail and playing while I'm getting hit on. 
  • Silver linings, people.
  • Mariah reviews Terminator: Genisys
  • m.brown writes about Whiplash
  • Wendell reviews Mommy
  • Brittani reviews A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night 
  • Alex writes about Magic Mike XXL
  • Andrew reviews American Sniper


    1. YAAYYY OUTLANDER LOVE! Claire is such a great character. On the whole, I do love the women of GoT more than the men but you're right. They need to really rethink the shit they've been doing lately. And yes, Penny Dreadful is on fire this season. Billie Piper's speech was INSANE! I had *no* idea she could act that well. Chills! Also yep, Vanessa and Ethan kiss was great. They have amazing chemistry.
      I did not like the Secret in their Eyes trailer either. *Maybe* it will be a half-decent movie because of the talent in the cast but the original was so surprising and unpredictable and perfect. Sadness.
      And haha, I was totally into Fassy during the Steve Jobs trailer, turtlenecks and all. I don't think I can find Fassy unattractive ever (this made 12 Years A Slave a v. uncomfortable viewing). I really hope it's a good film.

      1. I have yet to see the finale for PennyD but I cannot wait to see what happens, that show is insane!

        I found Fassbender hugely unattractive in The Counselor. but he looks a lot better in Jobs

    2. Nice rambler today Sati! Thank you for the link! I'm sorry you'r having a difficult time at work. I can sympathize. It's no fun to hate having to get up every day and go to a place like that. It takes a lot of perseverance.

      I couldn't agree more with your comments about GoTs and their treatment of women. You make such a good point about Penny Dreadful and Outlander, both of which I've been watching. I never thought about it that way, but it's true. When you see shows like that...then when you watch GoTs it's hard to swallow.

      I thought Emilia did a good job with what she had. Had the script been better I think Emilia could have been great. However, I do agree that she was miscast, but I think she made the most of it. My least favorite Sarah Connor over all.

      1. Thank you and you're welcome!

        Yeah it's a huge shock because I've pretty much just been watching GoT for the last few years and various comedy shows and now seeing Vanessa and Lilly in PennyD is such a change from how I'm used to women being written on fantasy shows

    3. Haven't seen Terminator Genisys or MMXXL yet, but I'm not surprised the latter is winning. Just from personal research, by which I mean talking to people I know and overhearing their conversations, ladies were much more excited for the new MM than guys were for the new Terminator. I mean, the selling point for that was the return of a geriatric action hero turned politician as a machine that shouldn't age, but somehow looks old. Sigh. Thanks for the link!

      1. I read Arnie is actually good in the movie but the film itself sucks ass :/ it did look terrible just from the trailers

    4. I haven't seen the original The Secret in Their Eyes as it's one of those films I want to see so I want to avoid the remake despite its cast.

      I'm sad that Ben and Jennifer Garner split up. I guess it was success that killed them.

      1. You really should check this one out, such an excellent film!

    5. I really want to watch Penny Dreadful.

      You know, D&D do some misogynistic shit, but I don't think they're the worst at it. The female characters on GoT are way more developed than some other shows. But you're right about Sansa's "empowerment" arc falling flat on its face.

      Outlander was decent from the episodes I saw, but it was kind of rapey. Or at least it's threatened so much.

      I hope your coworkers get nicer. I hate that. It's hell working with shitty people.

      I'm still pretending Stannis is alive lol

      Thanks for the link! :)

      1. I really think you'd love Penny Dreadful, it's such a wonderful show!

        I really cannot think about Stannis....the show ripped my heart out :/

    6. So far I'm on episode 5 of Peaky Blinder and I'm glad I started watching this show. I'm loving it! It has some great music too! And that song that Grace sang in episode 5? It was really beautiful.

      When I'm done with it I will start Penny Dreadful.

      I just cannot imagine Clarke as Sarah Connor.

      1. So glad you like PeakyB!

        I think you'll like Penny Dreadful even more :)

      2. I just watched Ex Machina. You must watch it.

        It is one of the best artificial intelligence movies I've watched. There's whole who is tricking who thing going on. Great atmosphere! And an interesting ending that I predicted! I love how psychological it is and if you watch carefully enough you will see who's telling the truth and who not quite, if any.

        It really plays with the idea of asking the question if whether or not AI deserves a life or not. And what makes you a human, which is what gives you the right to your own life. Loved it!

      3. I saw it a while back, it was good but I thought it was a bit over hyped. It's a well done movie but I thought there was not much of originality there, all those themes were shown a lot of times before

      4. True that. I like it a lot, but that's what happens when you don't watch these movies often (or any movies at all but a few).

      5. I used to watch 10x more films than I do nowadays so even if I barely manage to see 50 new releases a year, there is always some sort of blast from the past in them

    7. I did not like the Secret in Their Eyes trailer at all. The cast is definitely talented, but I don't think any of them will be able to get over the miscasting. Hopefully they do.

      Urgh that's awful about your coworkers :/ hopefully your work situation gets better.

      I really enjoyed the Steve Jobs trailer. Fassy looks great, and it's great seeing Kate Winslet in what looks like a great role for her.

      1. Winslet is really unrecognizable, it really took me a second to recognize her. Really great casting there

    8. I recently watched the original The Secret in Their Eyes. Thought it was great. Really, a solid film. This remake....well...who knows?...I appreciate your feelings towards Julia Roberts. I've never been a fan and don't understand the appeal. The only movie in which I've ever been the least bit charmed by her is Ocean's Twelve, when she played a character playing Julia Roberts. This movie is a casting debacle.

      Steve Jobs looks badass!

      1. I think Roberts is fine but really what is pissing me off here is how they changed the roles so much and made hers so big just because it's Julia freaking Roberts

    9. I'm sorry you had such a shitty week. And I'll have to recommend to my single friends that they get a dog. :-)

      1. They need to get one that is an attention whore, though :)

    10. "more so than Hugh Jackman was, while yelling and wrecking sinks with hammers in that crap known as Prisoners." Oh my God. I just had a moment, because I blocked out how dreadfully awful that movie was/is/will be/forever.

      Season 2 of True Detective is absolute rubbish. Vince Vaughn is the MVP of overacting in this show, but everyone else falls closely behind it. The plot and tone is just so all over the place that I'm really given no fucks to care about. Who cares!? Absolute waste of time.

      1. I haven't seen beyond 1,5 episode. It's just so slow and everyone is trying so hard :/

    11. I'm not ok with remaking that mediocre Oscar winning shit that was Secret in Their Eyes and then changing it so much that it's not even the same movie just some more mediocre shit. SPARE US!!!

      LOL, Prisoners. HATE that movie so much.

      I'm all here for Rogen and Winslet getting Oscar noms!

      Thanks for the link love :-D

    12. Thanks for the link! Yeah... I can't get on board with that Secret in their Eyes trailer. I'm not on principle against remakes either, but that one seems doomed.

      1. You're welcome! It just seems like Julia Roberts misery show

    13. Oh, Vanilla Sky is terrific, though I haven't seen Open Your Eyes.

      I loved the original version, but the Secret in Their Eyes remake does look dicey. Oh well. At least Prisoners was great. :P

      Doing my best to ignore reviews on True Detective season 2. Hoping I'll love it.

      Seth Rogen Oscar buzz would be awesome! I just hope Fassy gets a second nom!

      1. I see such buzz for Fassy it almost makes me think he may be the frontrunner. But God, give it to Leo already

    14. I haven't seen the original Secret In Their Eyes, but the remake looks pretty anemic. It looks like a Lifetime movie and Julia Roberts seems to be begging for an Oscar nom.

      But I am pumped for Steve Jobs. Oscar for Fassy!!!!!