Friday, July 17, 2015

(192) Queen Harley + links

By Sati. Friday, July 17, 2015
  • Suicide Squad trailer is obviously the biggest deal for me this week. Damn, I might not have got Stoneheart (let it go people, we are never getting anything good out of Thrones again) but look, I'm finally getting Harley
  • The marketing branch director of WB released a statement about how this footage was just intended for the people in the room and that someone recorded it is a breach of trust. My advice to that woman? Change your job, because you suck at this.
  • It's bad enough that only the attendees there get to see the cast but the least you could do is release the footage shown there for everyone to enjoy without "poor us! it was meant to be exclusive!" statement. This is such a crock of shit and just a slap across the face for regular fans. If I could pay money to see great quality stream live, I would but you don't provide that option, so you know what? Shut up. Also what an idotic idea it would be to hide something that is not only the best out of Con's trailer this year but also gets people to stop bitching about the Joker, which we saw so much of after the first promo picture of him dropped.
  • The trailer is awesome and the best thing about it is Harley. I cannot believe there are still some people who manage to find something to complain about her - how Robbie didn't bother with Harley's voice. Harley's innocent, childlike voice would be a step too far now that they have her sporting ponytails with pink and blue dyed weaves.  Margot speaking in a sexy voice is so much more suitable for feature film Harley.
  • I just love all of the moments they featured - the bubble gum, the cell gymnastics, the madness in the Belle Reve, the sass in the car. I don't really give a fuck about all those other characters - Harley makes the movie for me. But no one looks bad. Even Jai Courtney looks all right. If you squint hard enough you can pretend it's Tom Hardy.
  • Leto as Joker, ridiculous green hair aside, was also fantastic. I really like how big of an applause he got from people during the panel. Also it looks like instead of getting Mad Love flashbacks Joker will just attack Harley and brainwash her - I'm 99% sure it's her he is speaking to in the end of the trailer.
  • So no jester hat and no Mad Love arc....but I am so psyched that I'm getting Harley, I'm able to embrace joy and not focus on what could have been. Yes, they went overboard with tattoos. Yes, Harley's costume is too loud. Yes, I wish Joker's hair weren't as green as if he was playing a guy cosplaying grunge Wylla Manderly. But these are details. The big picture looks terrific.
  • That trailer was really ridiculously well done - the song was cool, everything was well shot and saving Joker for the last few moments was a stroke of genius. And they are still shooting, yet they had so much footage to show us already!
  • Batman v Superman trailer was decent but really comparing to Suicide Squad constipated Affleck and slightly - only slightly - less constipated Cavill don't leave much impression.  Also - oh my God, Eisenberg....what were they thinking?
  • Even worse than his involvement were his words about Comic Con. There are people having the audacity to say he has dry sense of humor and he was going for hyperbole. Forget about him making a stupid joke and using a comparison that just makes him look stupid. What is really awful is how much disrespect he has shown to the people who are fans of the franchise and the attendees. I hope Con nerds destroy him. If anyone deserves the love, it's the nerds.
  • Just stop talking.
  • Deadpool trailer looked all right, but I think the promo pics were more fun than the actual footage.
  • There is a photo of Jennifer Lawrence and Sophie Turner together. I shall not link it, it. Yes, this monstrosity exists. Imagine them giggling together. Gross.
  • Actually they weren't the worst thing about X Men panel. Olivia Munn being all around awkward and saying she can deep throat a hot dog was new levels of vulgar. JLaw couldn't handle the attention going to her and started going 'what did she say'? Pathetic.
  • I still haven't see GoT CC panel. Not interested in it enough and if I finally get to see it, it will be purely because Conan is having the cast over in his show because of the Con. This is the least I ever cared about freaking Thrones.
  • Meanwhile, Richard Armitage was adorably confused during Hannibal panel.
  • The Revenant trailer is here and it looks absolutely fucking stunning!
  • Just give DiCaprio that Oscar. Otherwise he is gonna kill himself trying.
  • Have you guys seen those fucking Emmy nominations?!
  • They have finally became more ridiculous than Oscars.
  •  No Kemper makes them a joke - Kimmy Schmidt gets 7 nominations yet the heart of the show doesn't. Kemper's charm totally managed to ground the show and save it from being over the top or annoying. What the hell is wrong with these people?
  • The cherry on top of this shit is that Clarke and Dinklage got nominated for seemingly just showing up this season because really, did they do much if anything? Headey is probably gonna win which is gonna be hilarious because you know 90% of the voters don't realize that it wasn't Headey who was naked and they will reward her for her "bravery".
  • Thrones getting writing and directing nomination for the most pathetic episode in entire series is a travesty
  • I saw This is 40. It wasn't bad, but man was it long. Still, the film was worth seeing just for these 2 Melissa McCarthy's scenes and that gag reel at the end of the movie. She is the best.
  • A real gold from Ant-Man imdb board -  thread title -"Paul Rudd in maximum security prison" post -"There's nothing that hardcore Mexican, black, and Aryan nation murderers and rapists love more than doing LIGHT COMEDY WITH PAUL RUDD in prison."
  • Let me tell you how shallow I am. Since always I wanted to hug Paul Rudd. But now... I'd climb that like a tree. I want him to talk to me dirty like he did to those kittens when he was taking pictures in Anchorman 2. I want him to do that mirror scene with me in mind.
  • Why?
  • Good God.
  • Let me tell you how tired I am today - I was supposed to wait an hour and go see Ant-Man but after 40 hours of work this week once the moment to just hang out and wait an hour came and then go see 2-hour long movie I decided I'll slip into a coma there even if it was Rudd being naked for those 2 hours.I'm currently operating on 3h of sleep per day and 5 black coffees. I have my week off in a month. Let's just hope I won't have a heart attack before this happens.
  • I hope I'll have enough energy to see it next week. I'm definitely gonna see it in 3D. I want to see the abs in 3D.
  • I have very tiring and difficult job, damn it, I deserve it.
  • Lilly, you lucky gal:
  • I've been watching a lot of his movies this week including the rewatch of Wanderlust (that mirror scene!) and I Love You, Man. He has also been everywhere including Buzzfeed, Late Night Show, Tonight Show, Conan's show and so many other things. What a beautiful week.
  • Ruth asks about our favorite directing duos
  • Brittani saw Misery for the very first time
  • Andrew shares a lot of Oscar predictions
  • m.brown reviews Terminator: Genisys


    1. Margot as Harley.... she looks gorgeous.

      The Revenant looks great. Chivo shot that. He'll win another Oscar because he's fucking awesome.

      I didn't like This is 40 at all. I actually felt sorry for Melissa McCarthy's character in that film as she was the only thing that was any good. The length of the film is why I'm avoiding Trainwreck as I heard it's over 2 hours. Judd Apatow really needs to get a new editor to tell him what to cut out. Not all comedies can be over 2 hours. Shit....

      So J-Law got upset because Olivia Munn is getting attention? What a bitch. OK, let's call Scar-Jo 3:16, Jen-Pac motherfucker, and Catwoman so they can find J-Law and beat the shit out of her.

      Scar-Jo will open a factory load of whoop-ass on J-Law. She will give J-Law a Scar-Jo stunner. And then another. And another. And another. After 30 of those plus some Scarweisers for the Scar-Jo as she will give Katniss one more stunner. That's the bottom line cause Scar-Jo says so!

      1. Yeah Apatow cannot pull a comedy this long off. Paul Feig can, but Apatow throws in way too much preachy stuff and it becomes tiresome after a while.

        I really cannot wait for the X Men and Hunger Games franchise to be over so we wouldn't need to see JLaw's antics everywhere

    2. How are studios still surprised when things leak from SDCC? They ALWAYS do unless you're Marvel because I'm assuming they put red sniper dots on everyone's chests during their trailers.

      Harley is going to be the best part of Suicide Squad, and you're right about her baby voice. It would be too much. Joker though, still can't get behind it lol.

      Dinklage and Clarke over Glen, Harington, Allen, or Turner is digusting. The were not outstanding this season. Poor Melissa McBride is schooling everyone on TWD and she'll never get an Emmy because she's on that show, but inconsistent Clarke gets one here.

      Yeeesssssss to that Revenant trailer!

      Thanks for the link :)

      1. Yeah though that Marvel trailer for Ultron leaked recently, not from Con but from somewhere. I bet the person responsible is no longer among the living :)

        I still cannot believe Clarke is now two time Emmy nominee. What the fuck is this

        So psyched you love The Revenant trailer this much!

    3. Hey thanks for the link Margaret!

      I’m not as enthused as you about Suicide Squad, yet, but I do think Margot looks cool as Harley!

      As for Eisenberg, his comment just is poor taste and idiotic, heh it’s not like anyone at the panel was rooting for him anyway.

      Richard was adorable in the Hannibal panel, glad to see he’s getting more roles now in Hollywood.

      Ahah, poor Leo. But given how ridiculous the Oscars is, he shouldn’t bother anyway. Same w/ the Emmys. Someone commented that people ought to make good shows to tell good stories, not to get awards. How very true, more people in Hollywood should abide by that.

      1. You're welcome!

        Haha yeah Eisenberg was not someone the crowd was dying to see. He really sounds like an ungrateful, elitist little shit.

    4. GoT was not worthy of the 24 nods it received this year. The sad thing is that out of the nominees for Best Drama, GoT actually has a good shot of winning for what is it's worst season!
      I cannot believe Emilia Clarke was nominated...I could think of several actresses who deserved a nomination over her. Dinklage had nothing to do this season and Iain Glen, Alfie Allen and Stephen Dillane were much better than him and worthier of a nomination. I would have rather seen either one of those guys get a nod or Tobias Menzies, who is the best actor on Outlander by far.
      I was glad to see Tatiana Maslany finally get a nomination. Lorraine Toussant deserved a supporting actress in a drama nod for OITNB (much more deserving than Clarke) and I cannot get over Ellie Kempler not getting nomination.
      Jesse Eisenberg is a douche. He knew exactly what he was saying. How hard would be to have just said, "I am happy our movie is getting so much love but Comic Con is an overwhelming place for me to be." It's honest and not offensive.
      I am glad people are coming around to Leto as the Joker. As good as Ledger was in the role...that's a different Joker and I can't wait to see what Leto does with the role. His makeup already gives me nightmares!

      1. I'm gonna vomit if Headey and GoT win. Headey was fine, but you just know 3/4 of the voters don't even know the body double was involved. She should have won for Blackwater and she wasn't even nominated for that.

        Leto is indeed really frightening as the Joker. I think him and Harley will easily steal the show, in fact I almost wish this was just a straight up Joker and Harley mess with Batman movie and not involve any of the other members of the Squad except for Harley. but who knows maybe they will be interesting too

    5. Haven't seen that Suicide Squad trailer yet, but I'm looking forward to that far more than Batman vs. Superman.

      1. Yeah B v Superman looks kinda meh, especially with Snyder directing

    6. Margot Robbie and Viola Davis were the only two good things about the Suicide Squad trailer for me.

      Those Emmy nominations… neither Emilia Clarke did anything this season to deserve their nominations, and what is worse is that there were so many other actors and actresses who had a chance of getting either of their spots and actually deserving it, like Allen, Turner or any of the women from OITNB just to name a few. I can't believe they snubbed Kemper either… what were they thinking?

      The Revenant looks stunning. Chivo for Oscar number 3 please.

      1. I am still shocked Kemper didn't get nominated when the show got so much love. What the hell?

    7. I literally cannot wait for Suicide Squad. It's my most anticipated of 2016! I, along with a million others I'm sure, am going to be Harley for Halloween >D

      1. Same here! Unless they move The Witch to 2016, then it's my second most anticipated :)

    8. Margot Robbie's performance in Suicide Squad, I'm not going to lie, is everything I'm anticipating as of now. like...I NEED IT!!!

      Also...Paul Rudd has always been yum.

      The Revenant looks AMAZING. DiCaprio is probably still going to lose to Redcarpet in drag, but MY GOD is he giving EVERYTHING in this performance.

      1. I hope even these out of touch fuckers know awarding Redmayne twice would wake up the Antichrist and lead to Apocalypse.

    9. Fantastic rambler. I am absolutely obsessed with Robbie as Harley. It's rare to see an actor so well cast. The music on the trailer was incredible. Probably one of the best trailers I've seen in a while. And yes, I agree. Why would they release at Comic Con if they didn't think it would get leaked? Someone needs to do something different with their careers if they don't understand how easily trailers are leaked at cons. I think it's "false anger" myself all to drum up publicity, which is equally stupid. Just release the trailer to everyone.

      1. Thank you! I'm just glad it eventually got online in high quality, it would be horrible just having this crappy quality of a trailer this excellent. I really hope they know what a gem they have with Margot as Harley but they featured her so prominently in the promo I think they will give her lots to do in the movie

    10. As I mentioned to you earlier, I'm so psyched for Suicide Squad. I thought that trailer came together perfectly.

      Rudd. Good God, that guy is getting it done. Ant-Man was a good time, as I've always been partial to the lighter side of the MCU. Hope you dig it, but with Now Even Sexier Paul Rudd, I'm sure you'll enjoy it on some level.

      That mirror scene in Wanderlust almost killed me. If I watched that back to back with MM in the principal's office, I'd likely asphyxiate.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I actually saw that principal office scene and Wanderlust mirror scene back to back! :D I'm still alive but God I laughed so hard.

        So glad you liked Ant-Man, it was so much fun!

    11. SS trailer was just awesome! And that music? So eerily creepy and beautiful. Very very excited.
      Little gutted about Kemper's snub too.

      1. I'm still astonished Kemper wasn't nominated. Like...what the hell?! Still GoT nominations are the biggest outrage for me

    12. I'd love to give Robbie a CinSpec win for Suicide Squad! Hope she SLAYS!

      Ugh, The Revenant looks amazing. Is it too much to ask for DiCaprio and Hardy to win Oscars for the same film? Fingers crossed!

      LOL, McCarthy is brilliant in This is 40, and that Wanderlust mirror scene is the best. ;)